Dear Diary December...
This is my diary that I am about to share with you. For
those of you that have read my erotic stories series
entitled SWEETNESS, this will give you more depth to
my character from what I call the "Beginning"(during the
high school years; the year prior). For those who have
not yet read my erotic stories; Start with my diary and I
will lead you to my journey of Sweetness.

December 2,
Dear Diary,

As I shift my eyes open, I laid here thinking about
the mess I am involved with.  Tommy and
Brad….and poor Kimmie.  I close my eyes and
try to imagine that this is all a bad dream.  
Nothing seems to matter any more.
All I know is that I need to stay away from
Tommy for everyone’s sake and no one will ever
find out about me having sex with Tommy.

December 4,
Dear Diary,

I forgot to tell about what happened with Brad
the other day. Well as you know, he wanted to
see me. He planned a picnic in the park. He
arranged everything…food, drinks and a blanket.
We kissed and cuddled. After we
ate, I laid in his arms and felt so safe.

It turns out Brad wanted to ask me to be his girl.
And at that moment. I told him that I would have
to think about it. He seemed okay with my
decision. He hasn’t even pressured me to have
sex with him, but he has asked me to wear
his high school ring. I wonder if this unofficially
means that I am his girlfriend.

I am so horny. I guess I need to take care of my
horniess… its driving me crazy my fingers will
have to do. I was imagining hot sex…and
sudden memories of Tommy flashed into mind…
what am I saying? I should be thinking of Brad.

December 10
Dear Diary,

I have been concentrating on school and have
not been doing much of anything else. Today, I
spend the day with Brad at his parents’ house.
He had the house to himself and we were all
alone! His house was gorgeous!! He showed
me a tour of his entire home including his
parents room the dining area, and of course his
room. We decided to stay in Brad’s room for a
more intimate conversation.

We laid on his bed and just talked about our
lives and our dreams for the future. He told me
about his family and more about himself. Brad
and I are beginning to become very close.  He
wants me to be a part of his future.  

Suddenly, he got this mischievous look in his
eyes and came closer. He
dimmed the lights in his room and began to play
with my shirt collar. He pulled the top opening of
my blouse, one button at a time. Before I knew it,
he slid my bra strap down and began to warm
up my hard nipples with his tongue.
He kissed his way down my stomach and pulled
down my panties with his teeth. I was amazed. I
couldn’t believe that he was doing this. I
grabbed his head and pulled him closer into my
grind. And before I knew it…he was licking my
clit slowly and caressing my tits…”Oh God…it
felt so good.”  I
closed my eyes, and just wanted to scream!

He lifted my bottom up and spread my legs wide
and began to tease my clit with his tongue. I
pulled his head even deeper, down into my
moist pussy. I heard him fumbling with
something. He had taken out his hard dick and
stroking it gently as he licked me. He asked me if
I liked it.

I nodded yes.

His hands caressed my breast - feeling his way
around my shirt, caressing my exposed nipples.  

He just kept thrusting his tongue inside of me
while still stroking his cock. The sensations
were becoming intolerable. He put his hands
behind my ass and pulled me closer into his face
and began to taste more of my sweet juices
Oh it felt so good. It felt so raw. He asked me if I
was going to cum. And I nodded “Yes.”

Effortlessly, he raised my hips and began
sucking on my clit then fucking me with his
tongue….and it felt so good. I felt so alive….I
begged for him to fuck me….I wanted to feel his
cock inside me, but instead he kept on licking
me until I came.  He slurped up my juices and
kissed both of my sweaty thighs and rested his
head onto my right thigh. I caressed the top of
his head and watched him as he closed his eyes
to rest. His body felt so warm and I just
relaxed.  Just thinking of that moment makes me
feel so good inside.

I later asked him the reason he did not want to
make love to me or even let me give him oral
pleasure, and his reply was that he wanted our
first experience together to be “special.”

I know what your thinking…be careful right?  
You know diary what I always say about Brad,
He is so amazing. I promise that I won’t break
his heart…I promise cross my heart,

December 18,
Dear Diary,
I hung out with Kimmie at her house. She talked
about how she was so
happy that I was her best friend. Mostly we
talked about how much he loves Tommy and all
the crazy sex they have. Then after a while, our
conversation turned into just talking about
gibberish nonsense.  Finally, I asked her about
whether she was pregnant.  She was silent for a
while and I just sat there staring at her, looking
for clues for an answer.

“I don’t know, “she answered looking at her
hands then staring into my eyes.

Well why you don’t know... This is something
you should find out…right?”I asked

Yeah I know your right I am going to get a test
next week…I want you to be there with me
when I find out, cause I am scared okay?” She
answered “Okay…” I responded. I just put my
arms around her and hugged her tightly because
I knew that she was scared. Kimmie put her
head on my
shoulders and sort of snuggled closer to me.
And we just sat there on the floor with our
backs against her bed.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked after moments of

“What?” I asked surprised by her question."

Why would you ask me this?” I asked nervously,
pulling away from her.

Well, we are best friends, and I know that You
and Brad have been getting closer, I just wanted
to know if you and him went all the way yet?
That’s all” She asked

My mind stumbled for a moment, but then I
gathered my thoughts.

“Well, we had oral sex, but he has never been
inside me like that yet.” I said"

Okay…just curious...” She responded shrugging
her shoulders.

I kinda sat there with a smirk and my hands
folded in my lap. I couldn’t move, because I felt
that if I did anything out of the way, she would
know that I was lying to her, because we are
bests of friends.

I didn’t’ want to tell her that I had in fact had sex,
and it was with Tommy. Oh what a web we
weave when we practice to deceive….

December 25,
Dear Diary,
Well, its Christmas…It just amazes me on how
much my mom thinks I am so innocent. I
remember hearing her tell her friend (Ms.
Thompson), over the phone about me being a
virgin…if she only knew that her little girl is no
longer a virgin, and has been so naughty.

Well, my Mom, Dad and sis spent Christmas with
my uncle Jr. and his six kids and his wife. They
were all at my parent’s house. Uncle Jr’s kids
are so bad, and he and his wife argue a lot about
nothing. I guess you would have to argue if you
have that many kids.

Around 6’o’clock there was a knock on the door.
Can you believe it? It was Tommy and his
parents. They had presents for my mom, dad,
my sis and me. As you know, Tommy’s mother
and my mother are like best friends. They
never came over for Christmas before, what
makes this Christmas any different?

We all had dinner at the dinner table. The
children had their own table separate from the

“So why did you all decide to come to our house
for Christmas?” I asked

“Well, you know, your mom and I are best
friends and I thought that we have never spent
Christmas day today with our families. And So I
thought it would be a great idea. Besides
Tommy insisted that we come. I think he has a
crush on you.” She said jokingly and nudging
him at the same time.

“What he did? Crush? Hmmm….” I responded
folding my arms and frowning at Tommy.

“Well I think that you’re much better for Tommy
then that Kim…she is such a hussy…” Tommy’s
mom roars.”

“Oh my God Mrs. Jacobs, but Kimmie is my best
friend.” I said

“Yeah mom, she's my girl…” Tommy chuckled

Tommy’s mom just rolled her eyes and swayed
the conversation onto another subject…herself
of course.

“Meg dear can you run over to the store and get
some mix to go in our sauce if you don’t mine. I
would just loves it….don’t you.” She said with a
““You and Tommy can take my car to the store.
“ She said looking at her husband then at
Tommy. Her husband just shrugged his
shoulders and Tommy nodded in agreement.

So I thought, what the hell, we are just going to
the store right?

Well on the way Tommy stops at a vacant lot
and starts playing with my hair.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“Just admiring your beauty.” He replied

“Okay…shouldn’t we be going to the store?” I

Well, I know for a fact all the stores in town are
closed early today, it being Christmas and all.
But I wanted to spend this time with you.” He

“But…”I responded

No…don’t say a word.” He said lightly pressing
his index finger against my lips.

“I just want you to know that I like you. And I
think I am falling for you Meg.” He said

“What?” I responded

“Don’t resist this chemistry we have…its feels
too real.” He said

“But what about Kimmie…” I asked

Let’s not talk about Kimmie right now. Let’s talk
about you and me. Let’s live in this moment. “He

Before I knew it, Tommy kissed me on the lips
and had parted my lips with his tongue. I wish I
could tell you that I stopped him, but I didn’t
because it felt too good.

He hooked his fingers around my waist, and
persuades me with his eyes and gestures to go
to the back seat with him. He guided me with his
hand and before I knew it we were kissing  each
other.  I kissed and licked his beautiful mouth
with my tongue, all the while looking him in the
eye. He opened his
mouth and my tongue gained entry, seeking his
tongue. Our lips met. I sucked his lower lip into
my mouth and bit it quickly. He groaned, as his
rolled back into his head and then closed. He
opened his eyes again then stared at me then
said "Damn, Meg, you get me so hard, so fast.
Kimmie has never made me cum just by kissing
me. Knowing also that he had the same effect
on me, I caressed his face, and he caressed
mine as we kissed
passionately. We were so lost in the moment. I
didn’t want it to end. We began undressing each
other, still kissing and licking each others skin.
My tongue began to explored the tender
underside of his cock , he kept a firm
grip on the back of my head to try to control my
moments and to ensure that I received every
ounce of his sweet juices. Each thrust became
more violent, until finally he exploded completely
into my mouth. “Oh God…what was I
doing…” There was no stopping us now….

Tommy laid me down onto the chair and rested
his nude body on top of mine. My hands felt so
clumsy. As I kissed his mouth and slid my
tongue into his mouth, he began to rub his wet
cock against my slit….this made me even
wetter. Before I knew it he had the tip in and
was easing himself inside me.
I kissed his neck and shoulder, then also kissed  
his sweaty chest and erect nipples.  My body
was so hungry for him. I wanted to be feed
every inch of him. My hands trembled as he
began to part my pussy with his huge cock…I
grabbed onto his hips and pressed him inside
me more. He felt so warm, so good inside me. It
hurt so bad but felt so good at the same time. I
wasin ecstasy.

Finally, I got to the point that I felt like I was
going to cum... I twitched and groaned. And I
could not stand it no longer. I screamed in
ecstasy. Tommy was still thrusting in and out
with such strive. I was delirious…Tommy
bucked and raised my legs over his shoulders.  I
held onto his back and
continued to milk him to make him cum even
harder. Tommy grinded his hips into me deeper
and relentlessly until he finally withdrawn his
throbbing cock from by pussy and released his
hot semen on top of my pussy. I was so sore,
and so swollen down there…We cleaned up
with paper towels and got dressed, then drove
back to my house and told our parents that all
the stores in town were closed.

Well what can I say...? I can see why Kimmie
loves Tommy so much…I think I Love him too…
Well, that’s all for now, Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!!!!!

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