November 3 .
Dear Diary,
I know that it has been a while since I last wrote
anything, but I have been busy with school.
Kimmie was driving her dad's car and picked me up at
my house for the Halloween party. Kimmie was looking
a little pale in the face. I asked her if she was alright.
"yeah," she said, and insisted that it was just the
Halloween make up that she had applied. She was
dressed as Jane from the show Tarzan, looking as
beautiful as ever; her breast perky and round; Her
dress fit her body so perfectly. She actually made the
dress herself because she is just so talented.  I was
dressed as Cher as in "Sonny and Cher," I bought my
long black Cher wig from the local costume store, and
stole one of my mom's dresses.  All I needed was for
Brad to be dressed as Sonny and it would be on for
Kimmie turned the music up and we listened to the local
radio station and sung along to the songs all the way to
the Halloween party.
When we got to Tommy's house, Kimmie and I hung
out in the kitchen, and drunk beer as we giggled and
gossiped about everyone else at the party. Then out of
no where came Tommy dressed as Tarzan.
"Oh you didn't tell me you and Tommy were going to
be matching couples." I said
"Oh, I mentioned it to him, but didn't think he would
actually do it..." She giggled as threw her arms around
him and they began making out.
I knew my time with Kimmie had ended. I casually
walked to the bathroom, to see if I could find a place to
hide. Unfortunately the bathroom had a long line down
the hall. I decided to wait in line anyway just to past
time. I never noticed how beautiful Tommy's parents'
house was until that moment as I stood waiting in line
for the bathroom...
Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice. And of course it was
Brad. Brad looked fine as ever. I'm not saying that just
because I like him, but because he is just so damn fine!
But I couldn't figure out who he was dressed as for
So I asked him.
"Well, I decided to be Austin Powers...'Groovey
Baby...can you dig it." He said jokingly as he shifted his
hips to me, and poorly imitating an Austin Power's
He asked why I was waiting to use bathroom, when I
could use the bathroom in Tommy's parents room. You
know, I never thought about that. Brad is so
smart...Brad grabbed my hand and guided me into
Tommy's parent's room. He stood with his hands in his
pockets while I went into the private bathroom. You
know, it never fails, everytime I go into a bathroom I
have to pee even if I didn't really intend on using it! (I
thought to myself)
When I return back from the rest room Brad was
already sitting on the bed looking at the palms of his
hands. I sat next to him and smiled. He brushed my hair
with his hands and rubbed my cheek. His hands felt so
soft and so comfortable. He felt so right for me.
"So I haven't heard from you since we last saw each
other....are you okay?" he asked
"Sure...I am okay,.. I just been busy with school and
all." I said
"Okay, I just hoped that I didn't scare you off after what
we did, the other day...I don't regret doing it, but I sure
hope that you don't regret it either."
My heart starting pounding in my chest because I was
searching for the right words to say,

"Of course" I was not scare of him, and no I did not
regret it, hell, I have never had a guy eat me out
before...I was of course saying this in my mind and did
not speak a word of this to Brad at the time. To him I
must have been in an endless stupid stare of some sort.
"Are you going to say something." Brad asked.
"Yeah, Brad...I loved made me feel...
so...good." I stuttered.
"Really, I had only done that with one other girl..and I
most definitely enjoyed doing it to you.." he said with a
Before I knew it Brad had me in his arms with my head
resting on his shoulder.
"I don't want to pressure you into doing anything..." he
said caressing my back gently.
" I sat up straight and looked him into his beautiful hazel
eyes and grabbed his neck to pull him in to kiss me
deeply. It was such a romantic moment. Our kiss
seemed to last for an hour. Then we layed on the bed
and just held each other. I placed my hand into his
pants and caressed his cock ever so gently. He was
almost fully erect and it even throbbed in my hands.
This felt so new and so good. That night we just held
each other and talked until around 12am. I got a call
from Kimmie on my cell phone. She was looking for
me and was ready to go. I kissed Brad good night. It
felt really good knowing that he likes me for more than
just my body. I keep thinking about the Halloween party
and about Brad. Thank God this is a private diary and I
don't have to worry about anyone reading it.

November 6
Dear Diary
I slept for about three hours. Strangely enough I feel
pretty good. I was trying to sleep, but just decided to
get up and write. I have to make this quick as it's late at
Kimmie came over to spend the afternoon at my
house. We spent some time trying on bras and
panties!!! The lucky bitch has such big boobs and she
kept trying on my bras even though she knew they
wouldn't fit... I acted like I did not notice how big her
breast was, but I think she kinda noticed me watching
because she kept swaying them at me as if her real
goal was to get me to suck on her hard red nipples!!!
Anyway, I was getting kinda horny but I didn't want
Kimmie to think I was a lesbian. I ended up joining in
and started playing with my cunt as she was playing
with hers.  We ended up having a masturbation
sessions in my room. She started playing with her big  
nipples and pink cunt. I just used one finger but not
Kimmie she used three!!!  I guess she wanted that
feeling of fullness, in her cunt!!! We came so many
times, I just lost count,  it was really great!!!
Afterward we went into the bathroom and took a
shower together. We both nearly laughed our butts off
at how we act like when we came. And we washed
each other real good in the shower. Well, it's time to go
to bed....Damn, now I know why I can't sleep, I forget
to do my math homework!! Talk to you later....bye

November 14
Dear Diary,
I spent the night at Kimmie's house. I had on my long
white t-shirt with no bra and panties, and Kimmie had
on only on her panties and a short t-shirt with no bra,
We sat up late and watched the movie Grease, our all
time favorite movie!! We danced on the bed sung and
danced along to the slumber party scene, and cried
during our favorite parts. And Just when it got to the
race scene, We heard a knock on the window. It turns
out that it was Tommy. I guess he can't get enough of
Kimmie, so we let him in through the window. Once
Tommy was inside of Kimmie's room, he grabbed hold
to Kimmie and laid a big kiss on her.
"Is it okay if he spends the night?" She asked
sheepishly while holding onto Tommy's arm.
"Its okay with me, but what about your parents, don't
you think they will mind.' I asked curiously.
"Oh hell, Tommy spends the night here all the time and
they never know because we are so know..."
She said nudging Tommy in the side. And he smiled
and nudged her back.
Before, I knew it Tommy stripped down to his
underwear!!! And was playing with Kimmie's big boobs,
as if he couldn't seem to get enough of them, And he
even sucked and licked them non stop right in front of
me, until Kimmie pushed him away and pulled him
down under her covers.
Thank God, Kimmie has two beds in her room!!
Tommy turned off the lights, but I could still see them
and hear them; the light from the street was shining  in
their direction, just like a spot light. I don't think that they
cared. I just couldn't believe what was happening right
before my very eyes.Kimmie started playing with
Tommy's cock under the covers. He moaned with
pleasure, and rolled his eyes in his head.  He pushed
her head deeper onto his cock as she sucked him off in
a bobbing motion. I could hear her slurping on his
cock.  They both started moving around the bed like
wild cats in heat. Then...I managed to see Tommy's
cock..Jesus he had a very large cock, much bigger and
more impressive than Brad's!!!
She couldn't wait to deep throat that monster into her
mouth...again!!! Its really amazing to me how Tommy
had no problem with me seeing his cock... as if he
really cared.
"Megan you better put your head under the covers."
Kimmie said
I motioned as if I was putting my head under the covers
but was peeking through the covers. Kimmie had
Tommy lie on his back and she straddled him !!! The
bed was squeaking softly and Tommy was moaning,
and so was Kimmie. Kimmie was riding him steady,
just like a horse. My cunt was getting so wet, and I
started playing with myself while they were having sex.
Anyways, Kimmie started riding his cock like a wild
stallion and her breast were bouncing up and down,
until she collapsed on top of Tommy!!! Afterwards they
seemed to be done but they were at it again. Tommy
pulled his cock out, and Kimmie then proceeded to
suck him off one more time!!! I managed to get wet
again and began masturbating again. I watched
Tommy on top with both of Kimmie's legs across his
broad shoulders!! Kimmie came over and over again
non stop and Tommy came.  They were at it again
after a few moments...I was so tired from masturbating
that I went to sleep... Heck I lost count on the amount
of times they did it. What a night, anyway, that's what
happened gotta go, bye!!!

November 17
Dear Diary
Well, my mom and Tommy's mom are like best friends.
My mom asked me to go to Tommy's mom's house to
pick up some recipes for Thanksgiving. And of course
she let me drive her car, and how can I turn down an
opportunity to drive mom's car, because she very
rarely lets me drive it because I just got my license six
months ago. Anyways, Tommy answered the door. He
had on a pair of  black shorts and no t-shirts. I was
shocked at first because I was not expecting to see
him and without a t-shirt  He looked at me confused
and with his eyebrows raised. and said "So what's up
My mom sent me over here to get two recipes from
your mom." I said casually.
"Well she didn't tell me anyone was coming over." He
said still looking confused "Well come in, she just
stepped out, but you are welcomed to check out her
recipe collection in the kitchen." He said guiding me
into the kitchen.
"You sure, she won't mind?" I asked
"Well, heck no!!" He said sarcastically
"Okay, cool." I said as I followed his lead.
I started looking through the recipe cards his mother
had so skillfully alphabetized in a small box on the
kitchen counter. And then found one recipe for stuffing.  
The other for pasta , I just couldn't find.
"Let me see if I can help you." Said Tommy, He was
right next to me, arm to arm, body to body...and oh
how he felt so warm, So good, and all I could think
about was how big his cock was and how Kimmie
seemed to enjoy it so much.
"So did you like the show?" he asked
"What show?" I asked
"The show that me and Kimmie gave you the other
day, I saw you playing with how many
times did we make you cum."
"What...I was sleep..." I said
"Yeah sleep with you fingers in you pussy...." he joked
"Your an know that." I yelled.
"I know.  But you like it don't you. I bet you want to feel
my cock don't you?" he said jokingly.
"Uh....No..." I stuttered.
"What are you scared now...want to see it..." He said
"No...No...uh...I don't know..." I said "I am just too
confused." I said taking a step back.
"How about I help you make up your mind..." he
suggested and pulled the monster out.
This time, It was in broad daylight and it was in eyes'
view. He was almost erect.
"Touch it." He said
Without thinking, I touched it. It felt so warm and wet at
the tip, and oh, did I want to feel it inside of me and
even taste it.
Before I knew it I started jerking him off, and we started
kissing right there in the kitchen. My pussy was so wet,
and I was squirming and felt all funny all over. Before I
knew it. Tommy had me on the counter and was licking
my clit and pussy and fingering me. I leaned back with
both of my hands on the counter and my head dropped
back and eyes closed shut.  His hands were all over my
breast and I could hear his mouth slurping my sweet
juicing. And then he pulled out his cock and tried to
stick it inside me but it could not fit, and I wondered
how Kimmie could take such a large monster of a cock.
I guess she was just used to it.
"Damn, it don't fit," He said.  Guess I have to make it
wetter, and he went down on me again, suck with a
furious thrust. His tongue was driving me crazy going in
and out of my pussy.  He started fingering me with two
fingers then three and before I knew it he had changed
up and was inserting his cock head inside me. And my
pussy was getting oh so wet with each inch going
deeper inside of me. I just couldn't help myself, I began
to moan..."Oh Yes..."
"Damn you feel so good." he moaned.
My hands grabbed onto the edged of counter with one
leg over his shoulder. He inched himself slowly into me,
deeper and deeper until I was able to feel him deep
inside my stomach... He was so deep, and felt so good
that I cried.  
He started thrusting himself slowly in and out and then
faster and deeper.  I started screaming, and he
covered my mouth with his hands. Before I knew it I felt
myself about to cum and I could feel his cock throbbing
inside of me and I knew he was about to cum....but he
continued thrusting and thrusting until I came, and he
whispers in my ears, "I have always wanted to make
you cum."
I closed my eyes in complete satisfaction as he then
kissed my cheek and licked the sweat from the side of
my neck.
I slid off the counter and knelt down and started sucking
him off until he came in my mouth. I could smell the
aroma of sex in the air and it was so hot. Then I drank
and swallowed his hot fluids, cleaning his shaft with my
tongue and carefully licking his balls. He tasted oh so
good to me.
I can't believe it... this was my first time actually having
real sex with a real cock inside of me, and it happened
to be with my best friend's boyfriend. Damn... That's
fucked up...but I loved ever minute of it. We cleaned up
the kitchen area that we occupied and Tommy helped
me find the pasta  recipe. For the  moments that
followed, it was actually silent, no words were
exchanged, just loving gestures of affection. He stood
behind me with his grind area snugged on my ass, and
rubbed against me gently. Then he kissed the back of
my neck and gently squeezed my ass.  Then he took
my hand and walked me to the front door.
Just as I grabbed for the door knob, Tommy grabbed
me by the waist turned my around and said..." I know I
was your first, because you were so tight..." and then
he kissed me again. "Just don't tell Kimmie, let this be
our secret okay. I would love to do this again some
time." He said with a grin, I smiled back at him and
responded with a kiss to his lips mmmmm, he made
my body feel so good. This is a day I will never forget.

November 21
Dear Diary,
Kimmie came over to my house to study for our Math
test. Kimmie is not only at hot girl, but is super smart.
That's why it amazes me why she doesn't want to go to
She giggled and jokingly said to me, "College is not my
thing, I am getting a job after 12 years of school." Then
she told me something that I still don't believe...
What I have to tell you tonight is too unreal to be true,
but let me assure you that every word is the absolute
truth, cross my heart!!! Kimmie told me that she thinks
that she is pregnant because she was late for her
"Were you and Tommie using condoms? I asked
No...No...not all the time..." She said holding back tears.
"Well, have you told Tommy yet." I asked
"No, I haven't told anyone , just you. Your my best
friend Meg...tell me what to do.?" she cried.
"I just held her in my arms real tight, and let her cry on
my shoulders as I rubbed the back of her head, and just
told her that everything was going to be okay. And in
the back of my mind, I was thinking...I was scared to
death for Kimmie, not only do we go to a catholic
school, but Kimmie's parents are so strict and when my
parents hear about this, they won't let me hang out with
Kimmie any more...and her life will be ruined.
Poor Kimmie...she cried so much that her eyes were
swollen, I kissed her on her cheek and told her again
that everything was going to be alright and that she
could call later today.
Oh diary, I keep thinking about what me and Tommy
did the other day. I just hope I don't get pregnant...but
he didn't cum inside me so I should be okay....right?

November 23
Dear Diary
I just got off the phone with Brad. He said that he was
thinking about me and just wanted to hear my voice. He
says that he has a surprise for me..wonder what it
is???.Brad is such an amazing guy... Anyways, nothing
else happened today.... Happy Thanksgivings and
Happy Holidays to you later, bye!!!
Dear Diary November...
This is my diary that I am about to share with you. For those of you that
have read my erotic stories series entitled SWEETNESS, this will give
you more depth to my character from what I call the "Beginning"
(during the high school years; the year prior). For those who have not
yet read my erotic stories; Start with my diary and I will lead you to my
journey of Sweetness.