Dear Diary October...
This is my diary that I am about to share with you.
For those of you that have read my erotic stories
series entitled SWEETNESS, this will give you
more depth to my character from what I call the
"Beginning"(during the high school years; the year prior).
For those who have not yet read my erotic stories;
Start with my diary and I will lead you to my
journey of Sweetness.
October 1.

Dear Diary,
Hi Diary.  Its me, Megan. I know it has been a while
since we last spoke but I have a lot to tell you. Are
ready?? I just don't know where to start.   I don't
why I did it. The whole thing was so out of character
me.  It felt good being naughty for a change.

I didn't know anyone in  senior class that well except
Kimmie,and her current boyfriend, Tommy.
Almost everyone else formed their  own cliques.  
I am not that much of a clique type of person.
Kimmie and I  were getting together to go to
Tommy's birthday party. It wasn't my usual type of
crowd... too rowdy.

It didn't take long for me to get bored at the party,
Kimmie and Tommy had been locked up in his
room for over an hour.

I decided to take a walk over to the living room
sofa, where I watched TammiJohnson making
out with Jeffrey Simpson. Jeff was grabbing
her ass and trying to pull out her tits in public.
Tammi kept telling him to stop. How can you
stop a young teen-age boy's hormones?

I couldn't believe that they didn't even care
I was there watching. Tammi is  beautiful!
Her breast are so round and so full.
If only I had a body like her...

That's when I heard his voice... Brad .
He asked how was I doing, and I about jumped
out of my skin. Brad attends the boys school
across the street from mine.
But what was he doing here I thought?

He casually walked toward me. He was tall
and muscular, with olive skin.

But still, I just sat there staring at him.
He had the sexiest smile I've ever seen.
He must have thought I was a total weirdo.

He introduced himself, but I already knew
his namefor sure. He said he was just hanging
out and  that he had been friends  with Tommy
since elementary school.

He sat beside me. There was some silence. The
strange thing was that the silence didn't feel awkward
or uncomfortable. It was actually very nice. Peaceful.

It was kinda funny as we casually watched
Tammi and Jeff continue to make out.

After a while Brad told Tammi and Jeff  
"Why don't you two just get a room."
Jeff came up from air and said, "You know
what... that sounds like a great idea.
Which way to the master bed room?"

He picked up Tammi and carried her across
his shoulders like a cave man. Brad directed
Jeff to Tommy's parents' bedroom.

When Brad returned he immediately placed
his hand around my shoulders and turned to my
face and kissed me on the lips. My mouth became
occupied kissing him before I had the chance
to say anything.

When I was about to talk, he put his
fingers to my lips closing them shut, like he didn't
want me to talk.
He moved his hand  from my lips and brushed
the back of his fingers down my cheek. Then I
stopped thinking. Oh, my God!  He touched me! His
touch felt heaven!

He pulled me close and kissed me lightly on the lips.
And I kissed him back. He really knew
how to kiss. He didn't try to shove his tongue down
throat or slobber all over me ...like a lot of guys try
to do. His hand caressed the side of
my left arm. He held me tight as he nibbled my lips.

When I finally pulled away, He pulled me closer
to him, and his lips kissed me softly against mine,
Still he said nothing and neither did I.

I can't say I was wrong to do so, but I let
him squeeze  my butt and tits.

Then, his fingers started to work on the buttons
of my blouse. I sat back, allowing him to unbotton
blouse . He was so totally focused on my breast
that he didn't even ask me if he could kiss them,
he just did it. I didn't know what to say, or what to do.

My mind was saying one thing, my body another.
I reached for his belt, and grabbed his cock and
held it inside of his pants.

I get all hot and wet in my panties each time I
think about it. But I will tell you sweet diary
that I will see him again.

October 12,  

Dear Diary,
I can't believe what happened to me today. Brad
was waiting for me after school. Kimmie did not
come to school today because she was sick.
But the other girls in my class saw and was so
Brad, grabbed my hands and opened the door for
me to sit in the passenger seat.

When he got to the driver's side he got in and had
a great big smile. Brad is so amazing! And I can't
believe that he came to see me! We stopped at a
grocery store parking lot where we chatted. Then
he did it again, he kissed me! Th is time I was
not scared!!!!!

I was eager and ready.  This time, I grabbed for
his pants and pulled out his cock completely from
his pants it was fully erected.  I played with it
while we made out. That was actually the first
time I ever had a cock that close in my hands.

I wanted to taste it, but I didn't want him to
think I was easy, because I really like him.
I let him play with my tits and suck on my nipples.
If only the nuns at my school would have seen us.
I would have had to do ten Hail Marys and an
Our Father...

Finally after what seemed like an hour we finally
got our selves composed and started driving to
my house. When we got to my house, Brad said
he would call me. And guess what? He did,
Brad is an amazing guy!

October 24,

Dear Diary,
This was the best day of my life! I was walking out
from school with Kimmie,  when guess who I saw
again ...Brad.  Kimmie was surprised.  Brad offered
to drive both me and Kimmie home. We talked about
school and going to college. Kimmie said that she
know if she would got to college. Me and Brad said
we definitely would go.

Finally, Brad dropped Kimmie home and
it was just me and Brad alone!

Brad drove me to a deserted parking area. He
told me that he really liked me and that he wanted
to have sex with me. I was so shocked that I didn't
even say anything. He grabbed me by the waist and
began to caress my stomach, and breast.
My body felt all tingly inside.

I didn't have time to think or be scared, because
I was getting so wet in my panties. Brad took off
his uniform tie, and hopped over to the back seat
and I followed. He smiled at me with his sexy
smile . I couldn't believe what I was doing.

Then before I could say anything, I was in his arms.
His lips kissed mine, and I stopped thinking.
I was too busy enjoying the feel of him.

His hands seemed to be everywhere as he traced
my body with his hands. I pulled his shirt open,
needing to feel his bare skin. His skin was so hot
and sweaty.

Then, he opened my blouse and he pushed up my
bra .
His mouth was on my nipples sucking each one,
back and forth.

My body felt all tingly, My pussy was throbbing

I couldn't breathe, and I couldn't think.  Then
he was thrusting his finger  inside of my pussy,
but it felt so right!

He pulled up my uniform skirt,
and began kissing my thighs and wet pussy.
He didn't put his cock into my pussy that time,
but his tongue was just right for me.

He licked and licked and sucked and sucked
my pussy and clit until I came. His hand covered
my  mouth as I screamed from ecstasy. His mouth
was wet from my cum. And I was delerious...

He  kissed me gently on my lips and I could taste
my cum on his lips. He helped me get dress.  
And we both emerged back to the front seats and
Brad drove me home.

I hope I see him again. Because I would love to
feel his cock inside my wet pussy next time...

October 31,

Dear Diary,
Well, its Halloween!! Kimmie and I am going to
Tommy's house for a Halloween party! Kimmie says
he is planningto have a slamming party!! Wonder if
I will see Brad there??

Well, we will see dairy and I will talk to you soon.  

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