A Man's Attitude
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

A Man's Attitude
by Lacey Ashley

"Mac just because you have a man's name does not mean you have to act like one," my best
friend Tracy snapped at me as I stood up from the table in the club we were in. It was girls
night out. Tracy believed in forever after, white picket fences and the magic of falling in love. I
was her direct opposite, I did not believe in fairy tale, I believed white picket fences was a
complete waste of wood and love was an empty promise that always got broken. My mom
raised me to believe that do not ask questions that you did not want to know the answer too,
because ninety-nine per cent of the time the answer tore your heart out and your world
crashed around you.

  "Tracy I never blow smoke up your ass so try not to do it to me, I saw what I like, I plan to
check him out, if he wants to play it is only fair to give him the ground rules."

  'What that you treat men like sex toys, you line them up neatly on a shelf, you play with
them and when you become bored you toss them away like they are broken trash," Tracy
shook her head," That is a man's attitude about sex not a woman's we need the passion, the
desire and the emotional connection, if that is not there it is just sex."

  "Tracy I love you but you need to pull your pretty blonde head out of that fairy tale book," I
took a deep drink of my beer and sat the bottle down. 'I am horny plain and simple, I do not
want forever after, I do not want him to move in, what I want is to take his clothes off and see
if he looks that damn good naked, so save your lecture for your students,
now excuse me, this big girl wants some of that eye candy over there."

  He was about five ten to my five two, he has nice wide shoulder, brown hair and as I got
closer saw that his eyes were the color of chocolate. He was damn yummy in his tight faded
jeans and his plain white tee shirt. I slide into the stool next to him, he smiled at me and I
returned the smile., as my tongue slide along my top lip wickedly.

  "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked as he leaned closer into my space.  And I became
intoxicated by his male scent.  He was even more yummy up close.

  'No but you can take me home and fuck me," I said with a naughty girl smile. I saw no
reason to play any games. I knew what I wanted and I saw no point in playing cute and sassy.
'Unless you have a wife and if that is the case we can go to my place but you can not stay the
night once we are done you go home to the wife."   I knew I was not a ugly girl, I had long
thick golden brown hair, big green eyes and a sweet body I worked damn hard to keep.

  'Is this a joke, are you punking me?" he looked around, I laughed and he looked at me. "Ok
if this is a serious offer at least tell me your name, that way when I cum I call out the right
name," He downed his drink and stood, with this amazing smile on his lips.

  "Mac, you can just call me Mac," I said taking his hand he held out to me, I waved good bye
to my friends as they all stared open mouth at me as we made our way out of the crowded

  'Well Mac I have to admit this is a first for me, so please be gentle." He bent down and
brushed my lips with his. "I’m  Mark."

  "Mark if you want gentle go home to your wife, I want to be bent over and fucked hard," I
walked out of the club. He went to his car , I pointed out my car to him and told him to stay
close, if he did not want to lose me.

  Once the door to my house closed, I started to remove his clothing right there in the living
room by the front door. Kissing him, kissing his neck, biting his nipples and within in a matter
of seconds he stood before me naked and looking even better naked then he had dressed
and he looked damn good dressed.  His body was made up of sweet tight massive muscles.  
His abs were a full six pack and then some.

  His cock was well on it's way to rock hard. Not waiting for him to undress me I begun to
remove my own clothing but he caught on quickly and stepped in to help me remove what
was left of them on me. I pushed him over the arm of the sofa, he scooted so his body was
the length of the sofa, I climbed on him and slide his cock into my already very wet  pussy. I
leaned forward and pushed my nipple into his mouth," Bite it, make me cum Cowboy," I
ordered him as I begun to rock on his cock. It was buried deep inside of me and felt very nice
in my tight pussy.  

  He obeyed and started biting one nipple then the other as I rode him hard, I leaned even
more forward so that when I rocked on him my clit rubbed against his cock. I felt the warmth
slowly coming over me and I went into a faster pace. My pussy went into spasms as I rode out
the wave of my first orgasm. 'Bite them harder I want to keep cumming on your sweet ass
dick," I said as I rocked even faster, slamming my body against his. He pulled one nipple into
his mouth, he bit down hard and the pain shot through my entire body that rolled quickly into
pleasure. He saw the effected he was having on me by biting my nipple so hard, he bit down
again and this time he held it between his teeth as he put his hands on my hips and help rock
me back and forth even faster.  I felt him release the nipple and I leaned back and felt my
body shake with one climax after another, my body begun to tremble with each delightful

  He grabbed me around the waist and was up and behind me in a flash, he shoved my face
into the sofa cushion and slammed his cock back into my pussy, 'No honey if you want to fuck
like a man let me show you the best way," he grabbed my waist and slammed deep into me
pushing my face further into the pillow. "You have one tight sweet pussy," he said slamming
into me. He grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back and continued fucking me
deep and hard.

  He slide out, I felt his hand circle around his wet cock against my ass , his index finger of
his other hand slide into my tight asshole, "Virgin ass Mac?" he asked .

  'Yes," I answered knowing that would make him want it more.  I knew for some reason a
virgin ass was a total turn on for most men.  And if he wanted to think it was virgin territory,
who was I to destroy his fantasy.

  "Sweet, I love me some virgin ass," he did not work it in slowly, he pushed the head against
my tiny asshole and with one mighty shove his cock filled my ass. 'Jesus what a sweet tight
ass, now I am going to fill you with a lot of hot fucking cum," grabbing my waist with both his
hands, he fucked my ass. It hurt the first couple of strokes but now I was getting into it and it
felt pretty damn hot.

  His hand slide down between my legs from the front, he found what he was searching for,
pushing my face back into the sofa he rubbed my clit and continued his deep banging of my
tight ass. The warmth spread through me as I begun to ride the wave of another orgasm.
Sensing I was cumming back to back excited him and he slammed into me even harder.
Suddenly he stopped shoving his cock deeply into me, 'Fuck bitch I am cumming, you have
one damn sweet tight ass," he emptied into me.

  He rolled onto the sofa next to me, catching his breath as I laid there trying to catch mine. I
reached down and grabbed my shirt. Thinking to myself, he came that hard he would be no
use to me for a couple of hours.

  He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back down, 'Where you going I am hard again, I
want that pussy now," he climbed on top of me. 'Next time you suck me first." He smiled as he
begun to drive into me so hard my head hit the arm of the sofa.

  "Who said there would be a next time?" I asked as I wrapped my legs around his waist and
raised my ass up for each and every thrust of his cock.  Smiling to myself knowing I was not
about to let this sweet piece of ass go anywhere soon.

  'Because Baby you like my cock fucking you and we have the same damn attitude."

Copyright© 2010 Lacey Ashley