A Colourful
story codes:  MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

A Colourful Room
Chloe Blackwood

Standing in front of the hotel building she permitted herself a quiet “wow!” under
her breath. The simple glass doors allowed a glimpse of the geometric lines of
the internal features which were broken by curvaceous, surreal-style furniture
draped in swathes of sensuous fabrics. Raising her gaze higher to admire the
windows, a rainbow of blue, green, purple and red light.

“Thursday, 7pm at the hotel” was all his text had said.

She walked into the hotel lobby shaking the rain from her umbrella. It hadn’t
stopped raining all day. Moisture drenched the air with a close humidity that
made her thin cotton t-shirt cling uncomfortably. She checked in at reception
and gratefully took the room cardkey with thoughts of a refreshing shower at
the forefront of her mind. As she walked towards the lift her mobile beeped with
a new text message. Dipping into her handbag she pulled out the ‘phone and

“Black spiky heels, seamed stockings as instructed.”

She smiled inwardly. That had been straightforward. No issues there. She had
both natural and black stockings just in case. She knew he sometimes changed
his mind at the last minute.

Once on the second floor she clicked open the door to her room and switched
on the light. She lay down on the bed, on her back, arms and legs stretching
out attempting to fill the soft space. She closed her eyes, detected a faint smell
of vanilla pot pourri from the pillow and her nose wrinkled. The room was silent
except for the low undertone of the air-conditioning. Suddenly the quiet was cut
through with the high pitch of her mobile announcing another text message.

“I trust you are aroused and wet. I have your paddle and a blindfold ready.”

She turned over and buried her face in the duvet with a sigh. She always felt
the same heady mix of anticipation and restlessness. No need to reply, he’d
know she was more than stirred at the thought of this meeting. She pushed
herself up off the bed and headed for the shower.

The rain continued relentlessly as his Chrysler Crossfire swept into the car park
from the main road. Looking out of the window as he walked from the car, her
rose-pink lips smiled broadly. Should she go down to reception to meet him?
Would he come up to the room? He’d decide, so she stayed where she was and
finished getting dressed. She was adding a second layer of mascara when
another text message came through to her phone.

“Come down to the bar. We will have a drink”

“Ok, we’ll have a drink”, she thought as she left the room, pulling the door
closed behind her.

The bar was towards the back of the building, tucked behind the restaurant.
Low lighting and supple leather seating gave an intimate atmosphere, far
removed from the glass and art-gallery feel of the main hotel lobby. He was
sitting at one of the small side tables and stood up to catch her eye as she
negotiated the few steps down to the bar area. A quick, almost dismissive, kiss
and they sat down. There were already drinks on the table, a whisky and a
cloudy cocktail.

“Drink it”, he said, “you’ll like it”. She took some and the alcohol warmed the
back of her throat. She licked her lips and caught the salty taste from the rim of
the glass. He’d known she needed something with a forceful kick. They chatted
lightly, about nothing in particular, the rain and the ease of booking the room
online. Then, without warning, he moved his hand under the table and steadily
up her thigh, raising the hemline of her short dress. First he reached the tops of
her stockings and played with the suspenders for a moment. He went higher
and found she was not wearing panties and her pussy was wet, smooth and

“Good girl”, he murmured, smiling.

No matter how hard she tried to fight it those two words melted her inside. She
was immediately aware of the hot liquidity between her legs as he expertly used
his fingertips on her sex. Everyone else in the bar disappeared or became
willing voyeurs as he increased the pressure on her sensitive bud. She looked
straight into his velvet-brown eyes, her expression reflecting every movement of
his fingers. ”Can we go upstairs?” she asked breathlessly.

“Not until you come,” he said. She felt vulnerable and safe at the same time. His
fingers rubbed her juices into her responsive skin. He pushed inside her
sharply, with force. Looking into his eyes she fought against losing all control
but understood she’d no choice. She bit her lip as she fell over the tipping point
pushing hard into his hand as she came, thankful that new people had joined
the crowd in the corner and loud laughter filled the bar overpowering her own
low moan.

“Finish your drink and we’ll go upstairs”, he said removing his hand from
beneath the table.

“Yes”, was all she could reply as she shakily picked up her glass.

The cocktail had been particularly strong and made her lightheaded as they left
the bar. She leant against him for support, hands on his arm in the lift and
along the hallway. Opening the door, he quickly found the light controls and the
room filled with a purple haze. After retrieving some items from a sports bag and
laying them out, he put his jacket on the back of a chair. She picked up the
leather paddle from the bed. She brought it to him saying nothing at all. Her
eyes told him all he needed to know. She needed spanking. Her needs matched

“Take off the dress”, he instructed. She took off the dress without a sound. He
ran a hand over her firm arse as if moulding and sculpting the shape. She
stood by the wall, in black bra, seamed stockings and heels, arching her back
to offer herself to him. “In a moment”, he said going over to bed. He brought
over lubricant and a jewelled butt plug. Circling her clit with his fingers he
brought waves of electricity over her again. Easing the plug gently and slowly
inside her anus, she gasped. New sensations flooded over her, she felt full,
fuller than ever before. She then wondered if the plug was secure but it seemed
to stay in place.

He picked up the paddle and started gently. A few light hits which made her
pussy tingle with delight.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

Again, “yes”, was all she could reply.

Then with more strength he gave four strikes in quick succession which made
her fill the room with a short sharp scream and brought red heat to the cheeks
of her arse.

“Is that what you want?” he questioned, speaking straight into her ear. Not
waiting on an answer he started spanking her again. Four more times, another
brief scream, louder. She was beginning to feel the pain and wondered how
much more she could take. “Easy”, she managed to remember to say. He
rubbed the hot skin of her arse soothingly and the throbbing eased. Another
two hits, firm but with less force, below the others, at the undercurve of her

“I need to fuck you now,” he said with urgency, “Now!”

He threw the paddle on the floor, removed the butt plug tenderly with care, and
immediately entered her from behind, bending her over. She felt the strength in
his arms as he held her hips and pulled her towards him with each thrust. He
reached deep, deep inside her. His hard, strong cock penetrating her right up
to his balls.  She kept her hands on the wall, giving her purchase to meet his
body. Short staccato sounds came from her throat with each forceful drive. He
withdrew and came over her red-striped arse, the spunk trailing down the backs
of her thighs, moistening the lace tops of her stockings. He gave a groan,
kissed the nape of her neck and turned her round to kiss her firmly on the

“We’ve just started”, he whispered as he tidied himself and zipped up his
trousers, his erection still prominent. He scanned the room and took her short
blue raincoat from the hanger. “Put on your coat”, he said, handing it to her.
She knew better than to question him. “You might want to fasten it”, he grinned
when he noticed she’d left it open. He took her hand and practically marched
her out the door.

“Where are we going?” she asked, praying it at least wouldn’t be far.

“You’ll find out in a moment”, he replied.

Guiding her into the lift he pressed the first floor button. Another man was
already in the lift and she instantly became aware of his gaze and the brevity of
cover the raincoat afforded her. She self-consciously pulled at the belt in an
ineffective attempt to hide the exposed soft skin between her stocking tops and
pussy. She squirmed at the knowledge that the other man in the lift would be
enjoying her embarrassment and was relieved when the lift doors opened and
the stranger got out. They reached the first floor and he led her along the
hallway to a set of double doors on the right. The plate on the door said

Inside was almost completely dark with only small ceiling lights providing an
orange glow over a huge dark lacquer table surrounded by 10 chrome-edged
chairs with black mesh backs. He selected a chair and sat down. “Come here”,
he ordered. He pulled a pair of fine leather cuffs from her coat pocket. She had
no time to wonder how he had managed to put them there before he positioned
her hands behind her back and secured the cuffs. Directing her to the floor and
onto her knees with one hand he released his steadily growing cock from his
underwear with the other. He began to stroke his hard-on and she understood.
Now aching to please and satisfy him with every cell in her body she began
passionately licking and sucking him. Nothing else mattered but enclosing her
lips around his gorgeous cock and his pleasure feeding her desire. She licked
the length of his shaft again and again, maintaining eye contact as he watched
through blissful half-closed eyes. Initially taking the head in her mouth she
enveloped as much of his length as her position permitted, going further
towards his balls with each movement. He gave moans of encouragement and
delight as she continued. Building a rhythm she sucked and licked until she felt
familiar muscle twitches and hot spunk hit the back of her tongue. While his
breathing returned to something like a more usual rate she kissed away as
much of the liquid from his cock as she could. He stood, helped her to her feet
before releasing her from the cuffs. “Let’s go back to the room before we’re
discovered here and thrown out the hotel”, he said lightly. He opened the door
an inch or so, checked there was no one in the hallway and took her hand as
they headed for the lift.

Back in the room he changed the colour of the lighting to a deep blue,
surprisingly giving the bed a warmth which was inviting. “I think you deserve a
reward. What would you enjoy?” he asked, his eyes sparkling. He moved to the
bottom of the bed and she laughed softly, moving towards him on all fours.
Kissing all the way up his stomach, flicking at his nipples, she then straddled his
face, raising herself high. He held her thighs firm and caressed her arse while
he started slowly dragging his lips on her vulva. She begged him to continue.
Then with his tongue he teased all over her sopping wet pussy. It was now pitch
black outside and the floor-to-ceiling windows acted as a giant mirror reflecting
the tension in her body and then her ecstasy as he probed deep, fucking her
with his tongue. She screamed as she had earlier in the evening but this time
with an orgasmic release that forced her to collapse on the bed, falling at his
side, breathless, complete.

After breakfast of warm croissants and hot coffee in the white light of the dining
area, he checked out while she stood at his side.

“Same room booking next month sir?” smiled the young receptionist.

“Yes please”, he said with a wink walking out into the autumn sunshine.

© 2012 Chloe Blackwood