A Day in Paradise
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism,

A Day in Paradise
by Ember Kline

The day couldn't have started more perfectly. Greg called and they had made plans to meet at her
favorite cafe for a late lunch. They sat outside eating sandwiches, sipping coffee, and basking in
the moderate weather. The plates had long since been cleared away, and yet Rachelle couldn't
bring herself to leave. She was enjoying Greg's company far too much.

As they sat and talked, neither of them could keep from touching the other. It started with a simple
brush across his forearm as she laughed at one of his jokes. Soon he was caressing her creamy
legs as she crossed and recrossed them, hinting at the nothingness beneath her skirt. With so
many eyes surrounding them, the only kisses they shared were the ones he placed on her hands.

"Come with me," he murmured into her palm. "There's a place I want to show you. If we hurry we
can catch the sunset."

Standing and helping her to her feet, he smiled. As she rose, a thought crossed her mind:
follow him just about anywhere for one of those smiles.
Linking her arm through his, she followed
him to his car. With her head floating somewhere above her shoulders, she was in no condition to
insist on driving. Sliding into the passenger's seat, she smiled up at him, giddy with expectation as
he shut the door.

As he drove, Rachelle found her mind wandering. She hadn't known Greg that long, but there was
just something about him that drove her crazy. He made her feel more beautiful than any other
man ever had, hands down. He treated her like a person, not just a sex object. He made and held
eye contact when he talked to her, something she was so unused to that it made her nervous at
times. All she knew is that whatever was happening, she didn't want it to end.

"Where'd you go, Beautiful?" His voice snapped her back from her mental retreat. Blinking she
focused on his smiling face and realized the car had stopped moving.

"Oh... I was just thinking."

"About what?" he asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Honestly?" His eyes stayed on hers as he nodded his consent. Taking a deep breath, she stared
at the dash, blushing with nervousness. "I was thinking about you, about us, and wondering how
today could get any better."

Leaning across the seat, Greg gently cupped her face in his hands. Tipping her chin up, he kissed
her. His lips, soft and light, danced across hers momentarily stealing her breath. Her brown eyes
fluttered open and focused slowly on his.
When did I close my eyes?

"Let me worry about making it better, Rachelle. All you need to do is enjoy." With that he opened
his door, leaving her in stunned silence, her lips still tingling.

Why couldn't I have found this man years ago? Her mind was reeling. She responded on
auto-pilot, stepping out as he opened her door. Pulling her into him with an arm around her waist,
he shut it and locked the car. Instinctively, Rachelle's hands clasped behind his head as she
pressed her lips to his.

The soft, spontaneous kiss quickly became more intense. She couldn't resist a soft nibble of his
bottom lip, tracing it with her tongue. Moaning softly, he took control, gently backing her against
the car as his tongue found hers. Rachelle clung to him, breathless. The combination of crashing
waves and her pounding heart drown out any thought except how she felt in his arms.

Taking a deep breath as he broke the kiss, Greg's lips brushed her nose. Pushing away from the
car he held out his hand. "Come on, beautiful. It's not far and if we don't start moving now, I'll just
be tempted to take you home."

Rachelle couldn't help grinning as she took his hand, pausing just long enough to kick off her
sandals. The warm sea breeze whipped her long skirt around her legs, making her grateful for the
thigh-high slit in each side. As they walked, she turned her face into the breeze. The salty spray
and the sun warmed sand under her feet always made her smile. The water was still too chilly for
the locals, and school was still in session so the tourists were almost non existent. They strolled
along in near solitude.

"That's where we're headed," he whispered leaning close to her ear and pointing to the long pier.

"What, are you taking me fishing?" Smiling she bumped him playfully knocking him off stride. She
laughed as he stumbled, running toward the pier while he playfully chased her. Rachelle didn't
think about where she was going until she ran into the railing at the end of the long wooden jetty.
She collapsed against the structure, out of breath from laughing through her sprint.

"Gottcha!" Greg yelled as he pinned her squealing between his arms. Laughing he pulled her
backwards against him and kissed her neck. "I'll have you for that," he whispered, giving her
goose bumps in spite of the warm breeze. Spinning her around to face him, he held her smiling
face in his hands for a moment before slowly exploring her mouth with his hot tongue.

"Greg!" she gasped, eyes wide open as she felt his hand under her skirt, skimming her bare
cheeks. The handful of lingering fishermen seemed unaware of their passion. "What if... if
someone sees us?" she stammered as he squeezed her ass.

"They won't care." His passion-laden voice tickled her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. "They
might be jealous is all." Guiding her leg up and around his waist, they kissed deeply, oblivious to
the outside world. With both hands under her skirt, Greg grabbed her ass and pulled her hard
against his growing erection. "All you have to say is 'no' and we can go."

Rachelle noted that he held his breath, waiting for her reply. Smiling coyly, she lowered her leg
and turned, facing the water. "What? And miss this sunset? Never!" She smiled as she ground
backwards into the bulge in his pants.

With a low growl, Greg pulled her hard against his erection as it pulsed noticeably against her lips.
Twisting her skirt, she moved the slit so he could more easily maneuver into her. The move was
not lost on Greg. As he traced the shape of her plump lips with his finger, she felt herself growing

Trying to remain discrete, Rachelle bit her lip to keep from crying out as he slowly explored her
slick folds with his finger. {i}He's still teasing me{/i}, she screamed in her mind as he slowly circled
her clit without making direct contact. She shifted slightly, spreading her legs a bit further apart as
he traced the edges of her molten opening. Pushing back from the railing slightly, she felt him
slide in. The wind muffled her soft moan.

Greg circled her waist with his free hand, leaning over her. "Rachelle, I want you, now," he
whispered, kissing her neck. His lips blended with the wind, tickling her skin delightfully, covering
her with a million kisses. All she could do was look over her shoulder and nod her consent.

Leaning forward slightly on her forearms, her heart-shaped bottom rose up as he worked his
zipper down. In one swift motion he removed his wiggling finger and replaced it with his rock hard
shaft. A loud moan escaped her lips before she could stop it.
Just right...

Greg held himself deep in her for a moment, unmoving except for the delectable pulse of his cock.
Rachelle's muscles contracted, squeezing him with each pulse. Slowly she felt him move in long,
fluid strokes. She could feel every inch of him as he alternately slid out and disappeared in her
depths. With every slow stroke, she could feel herself moving closer to the edge of her passion.

Oh my god! It has never been like this before! her mind screamed. The combination of the wind
and his hands caressing her had her skin tingling. She knew the fishermen on the pier knew what
they were doing, and yet she didn't care. The whole experience heightened her sensitivity to his
meticulous ministrations.

Teetering on the edge of climactic sanity, Rachelle stood as straight as she could, pressing her
back into Greg's chest. He responded as she had hoped. Stepping forward slightly, he pinned her
against the smooth wooden railing and began to pump into her faster. The crashing of the waves
vanished. The only thing she could hear was his breathing and whispers.

"They are watching, you know," he whispered as he nibbled her neck.

"Let them! I don't care!" Her breathy voice surprised her as she turned her head to kiss him. Her
lips hovered over his for a split second as she felt his head back all the way to her opening and
pause before slamming back into her heat.

As their tongues collided, her hands caressed his arms, following them as they wrapped around
her. She guided his left hand from her hip down to the slit that was now front and center of her
skirt. With her fingers on top, she led him to her stiff clit. Her hips rocked with each thrust as he
entered her and she used the same motion now to grind into his hand.

Her right hand now rested on his, helping him as he tweaked and rolled her nipples. Without a
word she showed him exactly what she needed. Greg didn't hesitate. He followed her silent
directions with ease and was soon rewarded. Rachelle felt her knees growing weak under his
guided assault. Gripping his wrists for support, she momentarily tried to hold back. Greg must
have sensed the subtle change and rolled her nipple as he grazed her clit with heavenly pressure.

"Oh!" she cried as her body lurched forward. Her tunnel shuddered and squeezed his length.
Greg responded in turn, pumping faster as his grip shifted to her hips. As Rachelle reached her
release, all she knew was the intense pleasure Greg was giving her. His grip on her hips, the tight
fit they shared, their combined passionate moans all contributed to the most earth shattering
orgasm she had ever known. A stream of honey poured over his balls and down her legs,
saturating them both.

"Oh damn, Baby," he panted, pumping into her deep as he came.

Rachelle shuddered in ecstasy as his hot seed flooded her, mixing with her still trickling river. Greg
leaned forward, bracing himself on the railing still deep in her. Flexing, she milked him as he
burned a trail across her neck and shoulders with his lips.

Greg bit her shoulder gently as he pulled out from her warmth. "Now what?" he murmured as he
tucked himself back in his pants.

"Now," she smiled as she straightened her skirt, "we go clean up. Care to join me at my place for a
shower, Lover?" As she turned, pulling him into a kiss, she couldn't resist a peek at the fishermen
on the dock. She knew by their red and smiling faces they wished they were Greg.
Mine, she
This one is all mine.

Copyright©2013 Ember Kline