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A Girlfriend's Surprise
by Talley Witt

One Friday afternoon I was supposed to be picking up my girlfriend for
a “romantic” weekend at the beach. We tried to do this once a month or
so. I was running late because of a busy day at work and I knew she was
going to be angry with me.

I rushed into the house thinking that I was going to have to help her
finish packing so we could get to the hotel at a decent hour. To my
surprise Julie was sitting on the kitchen table in the sexiest outfit I
had ever seen in my life. She was wearing red pumps that were about
three inches high, accentuating and elongating her beautiful legs,
drawing my eyes up to her barely covered pussy. She had a pair of sheer
thigh highs that matched the cute nurse’s outfit she was wearing just
for me. The piece of cloth covering her body was white and buttoned in
the front, stopping just below her ass. She did not have it buttoned
and exposed her matching, sheer, red thong and a little peak at her
beautiful breasts.

I was totally shocked at the display in my kitchen. I ran towards her
to totally ravish her right there in the kitchen but she put up her
hand to stop me. Without saying a word, she grabbed me by the waistband
of my skirt and had me follow her back to our bedroom. With the wind
created by her movements her dress slid open exposing one of her
beautiful little breasts, adorned with the cutest little pink nipple
that was poking out towards me. I immediately felt a little tingle down

When we got to the bedroom she instructed me to remove all of my
clothing for an examination. She then instructed me to lie on the bed
with my legs spread and my arms above my head. She straddled me and her
dress spread open showing me both of her little breasts and her cute
tummy. She leaned over me and began lick my neck. She explained that
she was checking my temperature. My first instinct was to take my hand
and cup it over her breast, feeling her little nipple rubbing against
my palm but she took both of my hands and held them above my head.

She slowly moved her body across mine. I could feel her hard nipples
rubbing across my tits. It was so hard not to touch her. I could feel
the wetness from her pussy as she sat on my body. Then she moved upward
and dangled her breasts right in my face.

“Suck on my nipples”, she demanded of me. She lowered first her right
nipple to my mouth where I stuck out my tongue and brushed it back and
forth across her breast getting it shiny and wet. Then I placed her
whole nipple in my mouth and gave them a little such as I continued to
rub my tongue across her hard nipple. She let out a nice moan. Then she
lowered her left nipple for a repeat performance.

She kissed the center line of my body all the way down to my pussy that
was aching for her tongue. Finally the moment came. She started by
using her finger to massage my clitoris. She replaced her finger with
her tongue. The warmth and wetness of her tongue made me feel so good.
I couldn’t help but to run my fingers through her beautiful hair.
Fortunately, she let me. She then stuck her index and middle fingers
inside me as she continued to lick my clit. She knew this was the fast
track to get me to orgasms all over her face. I could feel the mix of
her saliva and the juice from my pussy dripping down to my ass hole.
Just as I was about to climax she stopped what she was doing and stood
up just teasing me a bit.

She held up the strap on we use on a regular basis and asked if I knew
how to use it with the most innocent expression on her face. I took the
strap on from her and adorned it for her. Finally she let me touch her.

I pulled off her dress and rubbed those breasts that I desired so much.
I squeezed her nipples and she whimpered with pleasure. Then I grabbed
the thong by the sides and guided them down her thighs all the way to
her red pumps. I took my hands back up her leg stopping at her inner
thigh where I gave her pussy a little tease. I took my finger and gave
her clit a gentle rub back and forth and I could feel her body tremble.
I slid my finger back a little and placed it inside her. It was so warm
and wet inside. I had to give my finger a little taste and it was

She crawled on the bed, still wearing her thigh highs and pumps. I was
expecting her to lie on her back but to my surprise she stayed on her
knees where she says, “I want it in my ass tonight baby”.

I stood there staring at the beautiful sight before me. I couldn’t help
but to give her ass a hard smack and she screamed with immense
pleasure. I spread her ass open and guided the strap on inside her. She
moaned with pleasure as I fucked her, until she came. “Thank you baby”
was her only response.

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A Girlfriend's Surprise
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