Story Codes: FF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

by B. Mickey G

You can't begin to understand what it is like working directly across from Alexandria in an office
the size of a large kitchen. I could handle the smell of her sweet perfume, like Lilacs on a
breezy summer afternoon, if that were all that caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks
for a blissful moment. I could even handle her soft voice on the phone or the way she flips her
back and laughs one of the most intoxicating laughs I have ever heard. And, due to my sense
of professionalism, not to mention the current politically correct climate of sexual harassment
policies in the workplace, I might even manage to always contain myself when she bends over
to pick up a paper clip off the floor or fiddle with her shoe, revealing an abundance of cleavage
that she can not possibly contain in any one blouse.

  What is increasingly troublesome to deal with, when it comes to Alex, is the way she walks; by
me, towards me, away from me - whatever. Her curves are unreal, her gate producing the
perfect shake, and you know how it is said that "the woman makes the clothes, the clothes do
not make the woman", well, her clothes move on her body as though they are thrilled to be
along for the ride. I'd like to send her clothes flying and give her a ride...did I say that out loud?
Anyway, the whole alluring, fascinating, sensual, seductive, daily temptation of Alexandria
came to a head one afternoon, just after lunch, when she walked that walk from her desk to
mine, stopped in all of her clothed glory right there in front of me and, with one hand on one
sexy hip, softly asked me if I could give her a ride home after work. What? Me! Are you
kidding?! She said her boyfriend was out of town and she had been having trouble with her car
and didn't want to take the bus back again after work. She asked me if I wouldn't mind and that
she would pay me for any gas I would use. Would I mind? I thought I was dreaming or part of
some erotic storyline. Needless to say, I bravely took on the assignment, being the
humanitarian that I am.

  On the drive to her place, I'm pretty sure it wasn't my imagination that her hand twice touched
my body; once on the knee while she laughed out loud and once on my shoulder as she was
retelling a funny office story. For someone of her ilk, these momentary slight of hands surely
went unrecorded but to someone of my longing, and desires, and (let's call it what it really is)
lust, they were unforgettable interactions with perfection.

  Once we arrived at her place, she asked me inside to make her feel safe "with my boyfriend
being gone and all" and I duteously obliged. Alright, I was a hot, sweaty mess just thinking
about being alone with her for even a moment... in her place...without her boyfriend. If I had
even an ounce of decency or chivalry I would have quickly dismissed myself after clearing the
house of all, well, possible perverts like me. But, I don't and I didn't and as I was sitting on her
living room chair, petting her cat, Alex came out of her bedroom, shoes off, blouse half out of
her skirt, slowly unbuttoning her next two buttons.

  "Hey", she said, "Do you want anything to drink?" When she walked back into the living room
with two ice teas in her hand, her blouse was wide open, partially revealing possibly the two
single most amazing breasts I had ever almost seen.

  "You know", she continued, "I may be out of line here but I think I've noticed that you might
be interested in me" she shyly, tentatively, almost apologetically spoke in the softest of tones.

  I was out of my mind with excitement, at that point, and only managed a pathetic "Um, I, you
see..." type of response. Apparently it was all the confirmation Alex needed as she put down
the drinks and slowly straddled me in the chair, her beautiful, full lips just inches from mine.
And then it happened; the moment I had imagined a hundred times in my imagination, at work,
in various states of distraction over the months. Alexandra purposefully, gently touched her lips
to mine. We kissed slowly, deliberately, savoring every second and then her tongue circled my
mouth before engaging with my tongue in an almost exotic dance of turns and twists.
I couldn't help but almost attack her long neck with a series of nibbles. Involuntary sounds were
now coming from my person and were only drowned out with the louder moaning of Alex as I
pulled down one side of her bra and began to suck fervently on her nipple. When she couldn't
stand it anymore she reached back, undid her bra altogether and I helped to pull both it and
her blouse off of her body, all in one brilliant second of time. There, standing at attention right
before my very eyes, were the most incredible tits I had ever laid eyes on. I grabbed one and
squeezed it and caressed it even while filling my mouth with the other. She leaned back,
groaning in pleasure and then straightened up and blurted out: "My turn!"

  With that exclamation, Alex began to unbutton my blouse, revealing somewhat smaller but
perfectly shaped tits, if I do say so myself. And then she began to pinch my nipples and suck
on them so hard I thought I was going to explode right then and there. All those months of
fantasizing about Alex, wanting her, wanting her to want to notice me back and now, here she
was, licking and kissing and sucking and pinching my tits; unbelievable!

To Be Continued...

© 2012 B. Mickey G