Alex…Andria (part two)
Story Codes: FF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Alex…Andria (part two)
by B. Mickey G

As the pace of our passion grew and we became intertwined in an entanglement of groping,
kissing, squeezing, sucking hot mess of extremities, Alexandria suddenly broke free, took two
steps back and put her hand up as if to say, ‘Stay there, don’t move.” What actually came out
of her mouth was, “Wait for it, wait for it…” as she seductively began to pull down her panties
off of her beautiful ass and over those curvaceous hips. Stopping only to tease me once and
then a second time to prolong the torture, Alex saved the final unveiling until she had turned
her back to me and then, in one instantaneous action, pulled her panties down to her feet and
bent over in half to slip them under her feet and off of her body altogether.

    I was wet with exhilaration. There, not three feet out of my reach was the perfect ass
surrounding the most amazing pussy I had ever dreamed of, let alone seen. I couldn’t hold
back any longer and as I raised up to get out of the chair, Alex playfully, laughingly ran into the
bedroom with me chasing her in hot pursuit. She jumped through the air, landing on her back
and then put up both hands out in front of her to stop me in my tracks just as I, too, was about
to leap onto her.

    “Slowly, slowly,”, she ordered, “now you strip for me.”

    It took everything within me to slow myself down and regroup into a seductress instead of
the seduced. Swaying to a rhythm only I could hear in my head, I began to ever-so-slowly twist
and turn out of my skirt, and then my panties. Alex was alternately opening and closing her
eyes and moving her head to and fro with anticipation. Somewhere in the slowed down process
she had started to twist her own nipple and then spread her legs slowly apart. By the time I was
slipping off my heels so that I could remove my panties altogether, I looked back up and Alex
was touching her self gently and groaning in fits and spurts.

    It was impossible now to contain my desire any longer and I lunged forward, fell on my
knees at the side of the bed, spread her legs even wider and began to kiss and lick the inside
of her thighs up to her moist, waiting pussy. At the precise moment my tongue was about to
enter Alex, she took both her hands and spread her lips apart for me, opening the way for what
seemed to be an hour of orgasmic filled licking and sucking and touching and kissing her
extraordinary Virginia.

    “I need you,” she moaned, “I need your pussy in my mouth.” I gladly acquiesced and in an
instant we were folded up together in the sixty-nine position, both tongues and lips pleasuring
each other right up to the point where…

    “And what do we have here?” the tall, dark, muscle-bound man said with his hands on his

    I screamed and if not for Alexandria holding my hips tightly, I would have jumped straight up
out of that bed and probably hit the ceiling. There I was, my pussy still hovering over Alex’s
face, my tits hanging there over her pussy, looking straight into the face of a man who was
looking straight into the pussy of my new found lover. By the absence of reaction from Alex, I
assumed this was her boyfriend and not some mad, killer stranger but still…

    “Honey, your home early,” and incredibly calm and sedate Alex responded.  “This is Andria.
Andria, this is Jack.”

    “Hi,” is all I could manage to say in my position.

    “Well, it is certainly nice to meet you; especially under these conditions,” he replied.

to be continued

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© 2012 B. Mickey G

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