A Little Wilder Than Usual Part 1 of 2
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A Little Wilder Than Usual Part 1 of 2
by David Rasmussen

“Red Riding Hood,” Keiko announced, pointing at her with a slightly
uninterested look on her face. “It’s written all over you.”

“Well, there’s no need to be so cheery about it,” Red hissed, hefting a
huge backpack onto the luggage holder above as her companion (a tall
supermodel type with long blonde hair and an overly sympathetic
expression as if she’s all to used to Red’s short temper) smiled her even
tempered smile motioning for Red to sit next to her. “There’s no need to
gawk at us like that, we’re not here to amuse you!!”

“Jolly, isn’t she?” Keiko snipped at her companion as she leaned back
into her seating, her right hand running through her short trim black hair
as she stared listlessly into the ceiling of the train car above her. “Don‘t
tell me, it‘s that time of the month for you, right? All the confectionary
treats in the county can‘t keep you from being snitty whenever you go out
into public, eh?“

“Shove off!” Red hissed, eyes narrowing in rage as she spat at Keiko,
her companion gently trying to distract her attention from the asian
woman sitting opposite of them. “You better not get off at the damn
ranch we’re going to damn you!“

“I think I will, thanks, bite me.” Keiko countered, flipping off the already
irate Red as she continued to stare upwards without stopping.

“I’m doing this not because you’re threatening to write me up or anything.

* * * * * *

The look of evil mischief never once left Jack’s face. “But it would help all
the same if some motivation were to get you out of here, now wouldn‘t it.”

She looked first at her boss Jack, then at her supervisor Grace, eyes
narrowed in disgust as she contemplated the two of them ganging up
against her. Her work ethic and job performance had not lessened one
iota despite the amount of added work dumped on her as of late, but it
seemed these two felt it necessary to exile her to some dude ranch just
because they felt she was becoming too “anti-social” with the “work” she
was assigned.

Grace smiled. “Isn’t it one of my jobs to keep you from tormenting the

“It’s not torment if I’m doing my job, dammit.“ Keiko said, her temper
bleeding through her clenched teeth.

“That only constitutes paperwork for us, and what fun for us THAT is.“
Grace retorted in turn.

Keiko turned back to Jack, imploring with him. “Jack, you can’t be
serious about all this! I mean what the hell am I going to do at some half-
assed horse riding ranch that isn’t even run by real cowboys! You getting
off sticking me with this, aren‘t you!“

“Does it help any to have a Judgment who has no dreams of her own
protecting the dreams of others?“ Jack even-handedly replied without
missing a beat.

* * * * * *

“No dreams, huh.“ Keiko remarked grimly, catching Red chuckling as
she and her tall companion traded an off color joke on their side of the
train cabin. “Hmph.“ she moaned unpleasantly, “At least I don’t have to
stare at them for much longer.“

Red kept her antisocial behavior to a minimum for the whole two hour

“It’s food, alright? Food!” Red said in a huff. “Don’t stare at it and stop
leaning so close to me already! Respect my five feet of private space
and back the hell off!!”

“Go fucking hump a tree and leave me alone, dammit!“

“I think you were dropped on your head as an infant,” Keiko muttered as
they grabbed their stuff to get off the train at the end of the two hours.
“That would explain your maniac aggressive attitude. Either that, or your
having the worst period in female history, and. man, that’s gotta suck big

“Somebody call the cops out so we can be alone! I want a restraining
order if we end up in the same area for the weekend!” Red yelled as
they tumbled onto the train platform (pushing and shoving each other as
the two came out).

At this, Keiko pushed Red aside, grabbing her backpack before she
could put it on, and whistled as she quickly pulled the zipper open. “Yo!
Granny! Grinds! Get your bad self out here and let’s pound down this
stuff…” Keiko quickly looked into the backpack and shut it again as
quickly as she opened it. “Oh, fuck…”

Red stared at Keiko venomously, her hand yanking her backpack away.
“Granny, what bigger than normal tits you have for a little Asian whore.”

Keiko turned back to Red, eyes narrowed, but Red continued to ignore
her talking in her sarcastic way even as ranchhands pried the two apart
and lead the angry twosome to the ranch vans (one for each of them).
“Only relatively, of course, and certainly attractive in its own way as

“You know something, Red?” Keiko called out as she was shoved in,
“Rape is far too good for you!”

* * * * * *

As it was already late when they arrived, everyone ate dinner in the huge
quaint country dining hall and then fell asleep in the ranch’s huge hotel
section, the room’s abit rustic in appearance though they also came with
huge soft beds, giant vidscreens and commlink services. As “morning”
came, and Terra rotated about towards the “light” of Elsespace Keiko
found herself staring listlessly at the ceiling of her room, slowly stirring to

This was the part she dreaded. The part she had to get out into the “wild”
and learn something… “relaxing“.

Keiko’s short black hair seemed to waver slightly as a small breeze
blows across the main compound of the ranch as Keiko walked from the
hotel to the dining hall (no in-room food service for the guests). Her
strong features were tinted lightly with a bit of a blush on her cheeks, but
this was moreso from her remembering again what was in Red‘s
backpack yesterday than any genuine excitement over horse riding.

Several strap ons, vibrators, dildoes, and the like. Whatever kind of
“riding“ she had in mind with her tall sexual plaything of a companion it
wasn‘t going to be horses from Keiko‘s point of view. “Or maybe it will
be, she looks like a beastality lover to me.” Keiko muttered during
breakfast, poking her food as she ate the large plate of scrambled eggs
and meat. “Rice must be in short supply in the mild west.”

The sight of Red and her lover on the opposite end of the room, feeding
each other lovingly their food, made Keiko’s appetite take a sharp
nosedive. “All right, all right, I‘m a loser. Big deal” she hissed in
discontent. “Let’s get this over with already. Hope she’s trampled by a
stampede, the little red haired slut.“

* * * * * *

The sight of the ride leader made Keiko stop.

She was a bit shorter than Keiko, a caucasian short fuse with short
rowdy brown hair, the promise of a nice looking strong body beneath her
dusty torn cowboy dudes, and a fair shot of attitude to match her short
stack of mean that she brought to the group. Her eyes were hidden by
shades, but no doubt they were as hard as her as she looked like the
kind of woman you’d see at the head of a rape gang in a female prison
(the leader who owned the new girls and made them her bitches).
Strangely enough the thought of that alone kind of excited Keiko, if only
in a bit of a lecherous way.

The horses were another thing, it only took abit of coaxing (and abit of
scolding from the hot looking female, named Rachel) to get Keiko finally
onboard and riding fairly well. “Your method’s a mess.“ she growled from
behind Keiko, watching her like a hawk. “Don’t make Bessie fall over or

“Don’t make me ride Bessie if you’re worried I’ll break her.“ Keiko

“Don’t forget to keep your trash off the ground! Pack out what you pack
in, keep the litter off the ground, don’t…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Keiko grumbled, “I saw “Arjuna” just like everyone else.
Get over it alr--”

“You have a problem with me?“ Rachel suddenly remarked, riding over
next to Keiko as if singling her out. “Am I boring you?”

At that Keiko blushed unexpectedly, feeling herself become quite
aggitated for no reason. Just her being this close seemed to affect her,
her eyes not even daring to glance directly at her or her face. “Sorry,
sorry, won’t happen again. Sorry.“

Her eyes continued to hold Keiko in her sight, not wavering for a second.
A few beads of sweat dripped down her face as she hunched down,
trying to make herself smaller if only to escape the little spitfire‘s boring
gaze. “Maybe you need a few private lessons.“ Rachel remarked.

Keiko retorted “Maybe I don’t.”

Rachel’s gaze pivoted away for a few seconds, but only to allow her to
change positions and come up to Keiko’s other side, once again
catching her gaze as Keiko shifted position to turn away from the other
woman one more time. “Why are you carrying on like a nervous
schoolgirl on a first date? Do I make you horny?”

That bit into Keiko, her gaze swung back as she took in the vision of the
lovely creature next to her knowing full well she could only do this at this
range because she was about to start spitting venom. “Fuck off! I was
playing with pussies long before you mounted that horse! I’d like to see
you make me horny you litt…“ (mistake) “…fuck you.“

“If I made you horny you’d die from it.“ she slowly drawled, leading her
horse away from Keiko as if tempting her, “Probably nothing such a
worldly pussy toucher like you’d…“

Keiko jerked her reins, moving her horse after the retreating Rachel, “If
you’re so dead set on giving me a lesson, fine! Let’s see just how good
your pussy is in a pinch, slut.“

At the devilish expression Rachel suddenly adopted upon hearing those
words Keiko looked as if she just declared herself dinner (in a meal to
be later called “Keiko Helper”, which helps your Keiko help you make a
great “meal).

“Alright, fine, tease me mock me and do whatever frat girl Revenge of
the Nerds slash Porky’s humiliation trick you’re going to pull so you’ll feel
like a big girl and get it over with…” (Keiko sighs) “…I don’t care.”

“You asked for it.“

* * * * * *

The moment they seperated from the rest of the group should have been
the first warning. In fact it was, but Keiko couldn’t help herself. She had
to see just how far this little spunky cowgirl was going to go with her
“intention” to dominate Keiko. She didn’t have to wait long to see what
Rachel had in mind for her.

The spot was a secluded oasis hidden within a huge tower of rock,
complete with it’s own water source and fake moss covering a huge
“bed” area that looked as if it was laid just to be that (a bed). To one
side there was a outdoor refrigerator, lighting spheres, and several
storage containers and cabinets clearly pointing out that this was her
private “den” for taking rowdy girls up here to “punish” them.

And that was all Keiko had time to ponder before something tapped the
back of her neck, and the hiss of a hypogun rocked her into
“unconsciousness” (or at least an immobile condition so she could be
tied up).

She woke up slowly, her senses kicking in as Rachel pulled up into a
partial sitting position so she could kiss her, a large splash of a sweet
liquid sliding from Rachel’s lips into Keiko’s dry mouth, swallowed
quickly to keep her from choking as she was mouth fed liquid to refresh
her. She was lying naked in Rachel’s arms, on top of the soft bed of
moss that dominated the center of the clearing. As Rachel laid Keiko
onto her side in order to retrieve something from one of the cabinets
Keiko noticed that her hands were bound behind her back, while her
legs were free of any restraints.

“All the better to take you in all due time.” she called from one of the
huge sturdy outdoor rubber cabinets, as if anticipating Keiko’s question
before it even came.

As Keiko’s mind focused, the sight of the spunky cowgirl’s mostly nude
body (except for a small loose fitting pair of shorts) caused her heart to
beat harder. She almost could imagine how refined her body was
beneath her cowgirl dudes, but now in the flesh staring as her perfect
athlethic form topped with generously endowed breasts was enough to
arouse Keiko into full awareness. Every curve was fine but not painfully
thin, with a realistic proportion of weight and sculpting for form a real
woman with real curves that was getting her hot just looking. But she
wouldn’t have to look for long, she anticipated, she was being
“punished” after all. Kneeling before her, offering a generous view of her
body from still covered pussy to face, she pulled Keiko back into her half
raised position offering one of her breasts to the bound woman.

“Does my little baby want her treat?” she quietly asked, struggling for
control as she offered her pert breasts up to her bound captive. The
response from Keiko was more pleading than words, Keiko nearly
whining in need as she struggled just to get a firmer grip on the
tantalizing nipple just out of reach.

Suddenly Rachel snapped, lurching back in order to strike Keiko down
with her open hand, batting her back down onto her side in a huff. Hurt
and confused, Keiko looked up dazed as Rachel stood up in a huff. “You’
ll be rewarded when I say so.”

She quickly grabbed her last piece of clothes, her lower teeth biting into
her upper lip as her face became despaired, finally yanking it away
bringing a slight gasp from Keiko. “Suck me until I say otherwise.”

Quietly submitting to the request Keiko adjusted herself so she laid
comfortably on her back (as comfortable as possible while bound), her
view of the sky quickly shrouded as Rachel mounted Keiko’s face
positioning herself over her prisoner’s waiting lips, her hard erection just
inches from her face.

“Yes…” Rachel muttered, knowing Keiko had a full view of both her
pussy and hard dick at the same time, “I’m a freak. Happy?” (she hissed
as she lowered herself into Keiko’s mouth), “No matter what happens
you just keep sucking me like a good little whore until I come.”

Keiko was unprepared for this, opening her mouth to swallow this
unexpected tool she begin ministrating her, suckling and sucking on the
veiny rod in her mouth automatically. In response Rachel forced her rear
down harder on Keiko smothering her, forcing her to deep throat her as
she continued sucking and sucking the rapidly thickening dick in her
mouth. Rachel wasted no time in burying her own face between Keiko's
legs, eating her out as she began to slowly gyrate her hips back and
forth forcing her “womanhood” into Keiko’s mouth nearly choking her.

“Don’t you fucking choke to death on me slut!“ Rachel screamed
between hard licks, “Suck harder! Make me cum in your mouth!“

Keiko struggles to breath, her nose flaring as she works to suck hard
while she breathed through her… she suddenly stopped breathing and
realized something. ‘Wait.‘ she thought, ‘It’s not like I’m going to
suffocate or anything, I’m already dead!‘ And with that she focused only
on sucking the thick pole of flesh between her lips alone.

Rachel didn’t spare Keiko stimulation in turn for her hard work, using her
fingers and tongue to manipulate her to the point that she couldn’t stay
still, sheer force of will keeping her mouth from clamping down on the
penis in her mouth as it muffled her cries.

Dimly Keiko reasoned her bonds were suddenly loosened as Rachel
buries her face into her “prisoner’s” cunt. Struggling beneath her, she
pulls her arms free and grabbed Rachel’s butt as her fingers from one
hand dimly rubs her female passage while the other grips her dick and
helps work the little cowgirl‘s “cock”.

For a brief moment fear was in Keiko, but she quickly felt her own
moments rising upwards the second she plyed more technique on her
“captor”, using both of her own hand as Rachel did in ministrating to her
as she was treated in like, both women giving themselves up to this
insufferable desire to come without end. Eyes shut, mouth sucking
voraciously, hands rubbing in a frenzy, lost in their bliss.

Suddenly Rachel screamed into Keiko’s slit, her voice drained out as
the pussy in her mouth muffled her cry. She was coming. Goddess she
was coming. Keiko wasn’t far behind her.

Both of their bodies body goes stiff as the moment hits, Keiko gagging
as the rod in her mouth unexpectidely began to ejaculate in unison with
Rachel’s pussy, splattering love passion onto her upper face as she
gagged and forcefully swallowed the shots drained down her throat. Her
own passion filled Rachel’s mouth, forcing her to swallow hard likewise
to keep from choking. Rachel’s senses abandon her, her still stiff penis
falling free of Keiko’s mouth, still flipping about as she falls onto her
back gasping hard.

“Aiighhh!!” Rachel screams, covering her face with her hands as she
rolls onto her side sobbing, “Shit! Shit! Shit!!” she cried angrily, hand
gripping her penis, “I‘m so horny… god I‘m still hard… I came but…
damn damn damn…” (sobs loudly) “…why can’t I be normal…”

To Be Concluded

© 2007 David Rasmussen

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