A Little Wilder Than Usual Part 2
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A Little Wilder Than Usual Part 2 of 2
By David Rasmussen

Suddenly she felt her hands pushed away, as Keiko moved between her legs and slowly
licked Rachel’s still hard dick, bringing a fresh cry from the cowgirl’s cum smeared lips. “Let
me relieve you.“ she whispered. “Goddess I don’t know what’s possessing me but… I have
to…” Keiko hisses, her breath coming up short as her need grows stronger and stronger,
“…I have to make love to you… hard… unforgiving… goddess I need you so badly it hurts…”
(she swallows hard) “…don’t resist me… let me love you…”

Before she could protest, Keiko swung herself over Rachel, filling her fully with her
womanhood penis deep in as she took a dominating position on top, allowing Rachel to fill
her without either mercy or restraint, taking her hard. Keiko screamed, her hands grabbing
Rachel’s tits as much to squeeze them as to use her weight to keep the girl from bucking
Keiko off. “Don’t resist me!“ she cried, her vision taking in the tears flowing down Rachel’s
face as she felt Keiko raising her back into sexual bliss, face contorted as she wiggled and
writhed beneath her. “What are… you afraid of…“

“I’m not afraid!“ Rachel cried, teeth clamping tight as Keiko forced herself forward while not
relenting the maddening fusion of pussy to cock, locking her gaze with Rachel’s staring into
the smaller woman’s eyes. They were beautiful pools of blue without the slightest hint of
white, gentle and calm blue like jewels set into her head even as her tears flowed, her body
emotion rippling between panic and estascy . They were fused into one now, unable to stop
what they were doing even if they wanted to, the pleasure was too much that they couldn’t
stand it if it stopped now, eyes trying to not look at Keiko as tears flowed down her face along
with sweat from her exertion. “You’re a Comfort Woman, aren’t you. Engineered for sex.”

Keiko yanks Rachel’s body up, kissing the slackjawed woman fiercely before shoving her
back onto the ground, smothering her in her body as Keiko’s hips continue to relentlessly
whip up and down. Rachel finally responding in kind meeting Keiko‘s thrust one upon the
other, holding back over and over again keeping Rachel from cumming. Everytime she tried
to increase her own pace or flip Keiko over to dominate her she kept her pinned tight,
keeping her hovering close but unable to cum until… until…

Rachel, unable to escape Keiko’s gaze, cried out “It was supposed to be a goodwill mission
for our troops!!“ (sobbing cry) “They operated on us… made us into sextoys… sent us to
them and… we couldn‘t stop fucking! We fucked them nonstop for days and days on end!
Horny without end, and no end of men needing to unwind after long engagements in battle…
then women soldiers came and I was later retooled for them… they gave me a cock and I
was their fuckwhore… not worrying about knocking them up because…” (chokes back her
words) “They sterlized me!! I can’t have… children… fuckcunts don’t need children they
said… nobody’d impregnate us even if…“ (screams as she finally shoves Keiko over and

Keiko’s hand hits her hard, her legs wrapping about Rachel as she traps her, forcing her in
and on top, keeping in control, allowing the cowgirl to be on top even if she wasn’t in control

As they reached their pinnacle, Keiko thought for sure Rachel was going to explode from the
effort. She couldn’t stop, couldn’t slow, couldn’t end, only fuck and fuck and fuck… Keiko held
her tight, and hissed “I don’t care! I’m not going to leave you alone, never…“

For a second Rachel wanted to cry, but then her moment hit and she screamed instead.

Suddenly the world seemed to blur as their moment, their heartbeats thudding in their skulls
as their breathes, rapidly inhaling and exhaling, exploded.

Keiko came first, holding tight as her fluids shot again into Keiko’s womb, burying her penis
deep into her as she came for what seemed like forever as her cock is slickened by Keiko‘s
cum in turn. Falling limp into Keiko’s body, her weakening muscles suddenly lurching and
tensing as she cried out again in her lover’s arms, her body suddenly and unexpectedly
orgasming one more time shooting off a few final spats from her hard penis, jerking fluid
hotly into Keiko’s belly in a long endless double pool of rapture that shakes Rachel to her
core for what seems like forever.

Screams subside, turns into sobs and then regret as she lies devastated in Keiko’s arms
crying like a baby.

Long shuddering rasps filled the space about them, the only sound to be heard as Keiko
cradled the little cowgirl in her arms. Her juices seeping from Keiko’s womanhood down her
rear as her finally spent penis fell loose from her, as no doubt Keiko’s pussy had pumped
her passions all over her tool and down her inner thighs in turn. For long seconds neither
could move, trembling as they slide down the slope of their peak, breaths ragged and

Keiko held tight, “I’m not leaving you.” she whispered, “You did your thing… in me…“ (rasp
rasp) “…now you better… do right by me… and make me an… honest woman… and be my
lover… forever…“

"Goddess." Rachel rasped painfully, “I’m a… monster… a dickgirl slut… a used up whore…
I…“ (sobs) “…why do you care…“ Keiko took a long gulp of air, and said in one sentence “I
care because now I have someone to dream about, and I‘m not going to let you go.“ (gasp
for breath)

Nothing more needed to be said. Rachel didn’t understand what she meant by that, and that
was OK. She would have plenty of time to explain later. She simply allowed the two of them
to drift off into an exhausted sleep in each others arms, and now in each other’s lives.

* * * * * *

The sound of sobbing woke Keiko. As she turned herself over, she saw Rachel collapsed at
the edge of the hidden area’s water feature, tears flowing down her reddened face as she

“What’s wrong?” Keiko asked wearily, pulling herself up into a sitting position as she spoke,
“Why are you crying?”

Rachel, shellshocked, only sat there staring for a few seconds, until the words began to
tumble out of her. “I don’t know… I don’t know…” (lowers her head, biting her lower lip)
“Maybe you’re the only one who didn’t run off while I was sleeping, racing back to the ranch to
pack up her bags before the evil dickgirl got back. Maybe you’re the only one who…
goddess… makes me think all that pillow talk you fed me was actually real feelings and not
just coddling to get me to fuck you some more.”

“Uh, are you sure you’re OK?” Keiko remarked with a slight smirk on her face, “You seem
overtly bitter all of a sudden for someone who was so dominating earlier.”

“Yeah, sure, nothing wrong with me.” Rachel weakly countered as she allowed Keiko (now
crawling towards her) to lead her back towards the bed slowly, “It’s not everyday I find
someone who doesn’t mind the godawful big dicked girl humping her in bed, that’s all.
Nothing too shocking in that, is there.”

“That’s other girls, Rachel, not me.” she assured her as they laid back down into bed, “I don’t
want this feeling in my heart to stop, and dammit if it’s just horny lust then it feels damn right
somehow! As if I should always have felt this way and never let myself for some godawful
reason.“ (Keiko takes Rachels hands and holds them tight as they lie together) “I don’t care
if this is abit quick or whatnot, being around you makes me feel good… maybe it’ll wear off
and maybe it won’t, but as long as I feel like this I don’t care what I have to do to keep you
near me so this feeling will never go away…“ (frowns) “Oh goddammit I’m beginning to
babble like a lovesick virgin… and you’ve already taken care of me in that respect even if I
was virgin pussy before we met so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, but still…“ (pushes
Rachel once) “Dammit forget about it! Let’s just admit we want this to never end and be done
with it!“

“Hey, if you’re done with the long speeches…” (Keiko frowns at the accusation) “…mind if I
ask you something?”

“No I’m not a sentient blow-up doll, even if I have lots of gas for talking and farting.”

Keiko - “That’s not it…” (-_-) “…where the hell did the farting part come from…” (sighs)
“…never mind. Are you drunk or something, or do you always get this excited when you find
someone who doesn’t run away from you post sex?”

“You never give up do you about the whole running away thing post sex.” Rachel muttered,
thinking about it for a second. “I’m not drunk, I‘m just bitter that‘s all… and there‘s a ton of
wardrugs in me that keeps me sober even if I wanted to be stinking drunk. Saves me from
getting into a lot of shitfaced situations, sure, but whatever.” (smiles) “Well what the fuck, I’m
not ashamed to admit it. The minute you rode close to me and touched me I got all hot and
bothered, the minute we started slamming down here was when you bought yourself a
fuckpartner for life, like me or not.”

Keiko frowned, “Nice. Do you always talk to your lovers like you’re stuck in a bad porn flick?”

Rachel - “Shut up, newcomer girl, I’m way too sober to listen to you bad mouth me.”

Keiko shook her head, “I don’t regret the fact I want to be in your bed tonight, and tomorrow,
and goddamn forever… what, is it so bad just to grab what you want even if it doesn’t make
the damnest bit of sense?”

“YOU are so drunk.” Rachel sighed, “And you accuse me of being juiced. Guess forcing you
to down shots of hard liqueor during sex wasn’t one of my brightest ideas but… well…” (licks
lips) “…I figured loosening your morals would get you more into being dicked by a girlthing
like me than just making you horny.”

“I always thought I needed morals before I could have them loosened.” Keiko retorted. “Just
ask my bosses, they’re certain I have zero point zero moral integrity in me.”

Silence reigned for a minute before Rachel spoke again, “I can’t believe it. This is something
I’ve only dreamed about…”

Keiko - “Getting shitfucked by a supposedly drunk nasty rude asian whore with a bad attitude
problem? By the way, I’m sober too. Spellcraft keeps me sober… maybe…” (sighs) “I don’t
think my Grimmlands spellcrafter ever added hard whiskey onto his list of protections in his
anti-drunkeness spell. Yeah, I always wanted me to fuck myself too, lots of people always
scream at me that I should fuck myself (usually while I‘m kicking the crap out of them).”

“Shut up.” (Rachel) “I can’t believe I’d actually find someone who could actually love me…”
(reaches up to touch Keiko’s face softly) “…and somebody I could totally fall in love with
myself.” (smiles) “Since I had my fun with you, why don’t you tell me what you want me to do
to get you off? Anything you want I’ll do it, anything at all.”

“Not like I didn’t already get off but…” (Keiko returns the smile with her own) “…oh what the
hell, I know we’re both going to be happy with this so I have no qualms over it. Let’s do it.
Now…” (she looks up and down at Rachel) “…what can I do to you. I got it.” (rolls away from
Rachel to watch her) “I want you to jerk off in front of me. I want to see that big dick of yours
cum for me…” (smirks) “…unless I get too horny, then I might help myself to your meat.”

To spur her on, Keiko leaned over and licked at Rachel’s one nipple, reaching over to play
with the other as she watched Rachel grasp her penis, slowly jerking it into full erection right
before Keiko’s eyes. “Goddess I’m going to fucking love you for the rest of my life.” she

“Well that’s going to be forever isn’t… OUCH!!” (Rachel) “No teeth!”

“Then less sass and more meat handling, lover, I want to see some action between those
legs of yours.”

“(Now whose sounding like something out of a bad porn flick)” Rachel muttered, focusing
her attention back on slowly but surely stroking her womanhood into full erection, Keiko’s
breath increasing in pace as she excitedly watched Rachel masturbate before her hungry
eyes. Keiko kept up her work, licking and playing with Rachel’s nipples as she kept her
focus on her handiwork, drooling over her lover’s chest as she watched her work. “You’re
drooling on me.” she rasped, feeling the tension rise slowly as she worked.

Suddenly Keiko moved off from her, positioning herself in a sixty nine position, her face close
to the action as she shoved her wet pussy into her lover’s face. “Now suck on me! Lick me,
eat me, just…” (sighs) “…don’t forget to keep working.”

‘Not likely.’ Rachel dimly thought, reaching her free arm up to pull Keiko closer, savoring her
scent before lashing her tongue up and down her sensitive spot, working her skillfully as
she continued her actions on herself before her “captive” audience.

“Now I want you to work me with your hand, finger me!” Keiko hissed, to which Rachel
grumbled “Going to need both hands to do… ahh!”

Keiko pushes away Rachel’s hand, taking over the stroking as she leaned forward, licking
her rod as she did the handwork herself. Freeing her second hand she repositioned Keiko’s
rear, taking her hand and giving Keiko exactly what she wanted as she pleasured Rachel in

Keiko’s breath was becoming ragged, her own limits being tested by the fiery cowgirl
beneath her, “Shove your fingers in, slam me! Make me love it!”

No sooner was the words clear of her lips did it happen, as if Rachel was already
anticipating the request. She quickly pushed herself forward, choking down Rachel’s dick to
silence her scream. At first this new position seemed so alien to Keiko, since she had never
really had a lover with a penis before… but that quickly passed as she began to do what
seemed only natural, drawing forth her awakening skill to bring the writhing cowgirl to a mind
crashing orgasm. Suddenly she released her grip, pushing away from Rachel’s fingers
crying out “Fuck me! Fuck me! Goddess fuck me!!”

Rachel, stunned from the mind numbing pleasure she was getting from Keiko, barely
registered the frantic request before her body, hungry for more, rolled her over and into
position on top of the panting Keiko. All thought of gentleness wiped from her mind she
numbly gripped onto Keiko’s body and slammed into her, bringing a dual scream from both
women as they began to buck and grind hard. Keiko, consumed, could only scream “FUCK!
FUCK!” over and over again frantically, their sex driving them over the edge as they slammed
harder and harder. Pushing their faces into each other’s shoulders they gritted their teeth,
and came in unison, their bodies crashing endlessly together until at long last they fall into a
exhausted pile on the bed, panting and moaning as they slowly fall apart and next to each

Keiko, weary, finally manages to drag herself into Rachel’s arms where she lies still,
catching her breath.

“I think I’m going to love being yours.”

“Yeah…” Rachel sighed, “…agreed.”

* * * * * *

And so the commlink back to her boss completely surprised him.

“You’re staying? And you want a transfer?” he asked, confused.

Keiko - “What can I say? I’m suddenly in love with the great outdoors and it’s cool. That and I
totally fell in love with this wild ranchhand girl with a big fat dick and thought I‘d live my life
with her. Cool, huh?”

Jack - “That is way too much information for me, thanks. (Didn’t need to know about the dick


Jack - “Fine. Whatever. It’s your sex life. Enjoy.”

* * * * * *

And so Rachel and Keiko saw the guests off, one of the other female ranch hands smiling
abit as she pointed out the obvious couple that Keiko remembers from the train. “Red and
her supermodel girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend is being abit generalized about it.” the female ranchhand said, “But they seemed
to have been as much bed bunnies as you and Rachy.” (smirks) “Yeah, she told us you and
her got engaged. That means you’re going to be hanging around here more? Good, we
could use somebody to help keep an eye on things. Rowdy punks sometimes come around
and we could use a good strong hand to beat them up.”

Keiko - “You’re reading too much into this…” (she muttered) “…but I guess a little hand
beating of jerks can be as fun as hand beating Rachel’s…” (sighs) “Anyway, what’s your
interest in Red and her lover? You got to do a threesome with them? Totally kinky pussy
slamming the dysfunctional brat and her tall drink of blonde pussy there.”

“No, no, but that’s cool. I can totally dig the love between a woman and her mother and…”
(blinks) “…Keiko? You turned a really freaky green color all of a sudden… you’re not going to
throw up, are you? You look like a blowfish now… what the… did you eat the Special? Never
eat the Special.”


Please Read A Little Wilder Than Usual Part 1

© 2007 David Rasmussen

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