Allison loves San
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Allison loves San
by Ethan Pond

She lay on the concrete feeling nothing.  Almost no light.  She couldn’t move, but knew there were
no bonds on her hands or feet.  The air was dense and difficult to ingest, but that may have been
because her lungs were failing.   Hard to tell.

She could move her eyes.  That was it.  Saw her clothes spread next to her.  They left her panties
on.  Kind of them.  How was it that she couldn’t move?  Was she paralyzed?  She didn’t remember
the attack.  She was walking home from school, heading to her apartment after teaching
kindergarten all day.  She was at peace.  That was the last thing she remembered.  That feeling of

The eyes manifested in the black, dark and long.  She wanted to shriek, cry out, fight, something,
but couldn’t.  The eyes were motionless.  Creepy how they stared at her.  It inched closer to her
and she could make out a face with long, raven hair.    Like a girl folded on top of her legs,
hugging her knees.  It just watched.

Well, fucking say something, she thought.  

Nothing.  Just that piercing glare from that face that seemed like a girl’s face but wasn’t, had a few
wrinkles.  Those eyes closer now, long across its face, its skin was brown, but looked green.  It
hunched up into a squat, very close to her now.

She was helpless and lost and frozen and would have cried if her tear ducts worked and was ready
for despair when she heard her name.  Allison.  She stopped and looked at the squatting girl
whose skin was green and hair turned silver with crimson lips that never moved.

Allison.  I’m San.

Allison realized she didn’t hear it.  She thought it.  But the thought wasn’t hers.  It belonged to the
squatting it/girl next to her.

Allison.  I’m San.  I’ve watched you.

Can you hear me?  Allison said in her mind.

Yes.  I’ve watched you.  I’ve been with you.

Allison focused on her.  Skin was back to brown.  Hair black.  A girl again.

I don’t understand.  You watched me?  Allison said.

Yes.  We picked you out and then we watched.  That’s how we do it.  I’ve loved watching you.

You picked me?  Who’s ‘we’? Allison said.

San’s face went cold and she dropped into her folded up position, hands on her knees, chin
outstretched to the floor.

Hamlin is here.  He’ll be feeding soon, San said.

Where am I?  Allison said.

We watched you together, but he doesn’t love you.  We waited until no one loved you.  Until that
boy, Nathan, left you.  Left you alone.

Memories of Nathan coursed through Allison’s brain, the time at FAO Schwarz when they played
on the big piano.  The trip to Philadelphia where they never left the hotel room.  That day on the
Staten Island ferry when he told her he loved her.  Then he was gone.  She swore she’d never do
that again, never waste her time like that on someone else only to lose him in the end.  She didn’t
need the sadness.

How did you know about Nathan? Allison said.

I told you.  I’ve watched you.  I saw how sad you were when he left.  But Hamlin didn’t care about
that.  Hamlin said you were ready, so we took you.  Hamlin will soon feed, but don’t worry, you won’
t feel it.

Fear shredded Allison’s gut.

San, I don’t want to die, Allison said.

San turned her head and smiled, and Allison watched her become the impish, little girl again.

You’re so pretty, Allison.  I wish I was pretty like you.  But Hamlin doesn’t care.  He doesn’t love you
and doesn’t think you can love anymore.  But I know better.

Yes.  That’s right, San.  So you can help me get out of here.  Get me away from Hamlin.

San lowered her face.

Hamlin wants to feed.  He thinks you’re perfect because you rejected all love, rejected pain.  So
you won’t feel anything.  But I’ll help you feel, Allison.  

San grazed Allison’s shoulder with her finger, and cool tingling erupted on Allison’s flesh.

You’ll feel me here, Allison.  I’ve watched you and I’ve loved watching you, Allison.  And I love you.

Allison felt electric panic and saw San hunch up into a squat with a radiant smile and perfect
breasts tipped with pointed nipples.  She watched as San licked her lips and ran her hands across
her breasts and down to her thighs.

I watched you make love to Nathan, Allison.  I watched you come many times.  I was there with
you.  I think when you come it feels the way I feel when I feed, only in reverse.  It starts in my head
and travels between my legs.  I wanted to come with you.  I wanted to be Nathan.

Allison was hypnotized by San’s eyes and felt her fear mix with arousal as she watched San run
her hands all over her own body.

Allison felt a new presence in the room and saw San disappear into the shadows in a blink.  It was
a male and all Allison could make out was greasy, long hair and tight muscle ropes laced across
his abdomen.  The figure circled her and she sensed her legs go up and her panties peel off.  
Allison’s mind shuddered and she strained her eyes to see his face press between her thighs and
dig into her.  San was right.  There was no pain.  She felt mounted, and her energy drained to her

San appeared at her shoulder, her eyes sorrowful.  She flashed her teeth and wrapped them
around Allison’s shoulder.  Allison felt the sharpness, like rows of needles gripping her skin.  She
watched San pierce her shoulder like a piece of fruit, the excruciating pain forming a live wire to
her head.

Allison watched San’s eyes roll yellow, her ears point upward, blood smearing her face.  She felt
Hamlin in her entrails and struggled to grip her last bit of life energy.  She caught San’s eyes and
told her she always sensed that she was with her, always knew that she was watching her.  She
told San that she loved her, too.  

And that when you’re being fed upon, it also starts in your head.

Copyright© 2012 Ethan Pond