Story Codes: BDSM, MFF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by Michael Daniels

As you read in my last submission, Amy was punished for the first time.. She didn't actually say so, but I
knew she was still a little upset about my friend Allen being able to fuck her with my permission. She
promised me she would pay closer attention to my instructions and try hard to make sure she did every
thing she was told to do. I will have to admit that she did a fantastic job the following week. I had no room
to complain and told her she had been a good slave. I also told her that as a reward, we would go out
Sat. night for a nice romantic dinner. She was excited and pleased.

On Saturday I told her to put on her short sexy little dress, and to be sure to wear panties but no bra.
She looked very sexy and I told her how proud I was of her. We went to a really nice place.. The food
was great, soft music, candles, excellent service. I could not help but notice our waiter paying close
attention to Amy. She noticed it too, and said she enjoyed the attention she got and didn't mind the
stares. The short dress showed off her tanned legs and it was cut low enough for the waiter to be able to
see quite a bit of her tits. I told her I loved to show her body off and I watched her blush. We danced after
dinner and just spent some time talking with each other. I asked her if she regretted becoming my
slave/slut. She said no, she loved being my slave, and wouldn't want to go back to the way she had been.

I asked her if she wanted to stop for a drink before when went home. She said yes and asked if I had any
place in mind. I told her I would find a place and soon saw a small bar a few miles down the road. I pulled
into the parking lot and immediately noticed several motorcycles parked by the front door. There were
also several cars parked along the side and some guys standing around drinking and talking. It didn't
take long to realize how seedy the place was. Amy looked at me and asked if I really wanted to go inside.
I said "Sure, why not". I got out of the car, walked to the other side, opened Amy's door and helped her
out. As she slid out of car, her short dress slid up, and I caught an excellent view of her crotch. She
never fails to turn me on.

When we walked through the door everyone turned and looked. I saw a couple of bikers sitting with
women, who were obviously their girlfriends. Several bikers were sitting at a table by themselves enjoying
a pitcher. There were a couple of guys at the bar and several more seated at one of the tables with
another woman. Another woman, who appeared to be the waitress, was standing at the end of the bar
talking to the bartender. Judging from the bartender's size, I knew he would not have a problem
controlling the bikers if anyone started trouble.

Amy and I chose a table close to the where the bartender and waitress were. In a few minutes the
waitress came over and took our order. I gave Amy a few dollars and told her to choose some songs
from the jute box. I stared at her sexy little ass as she walked across the room and noticed I wasn't the
only guy who was enjoying my girlfriend's butt. All of the guys glanced at her, however the bikers who
were sitting by themselves openly gawked and stared. When she came back she told me she had played
several slow songs and asked me if we could dance to a couple of them later. I told her of course, and
ordered a couple more drinks for us. A slow song we both liked came on and we got up to dance. As we
were dancing, Amy wrapped her arms around my neck. When she did, her short dress rode up, stopping
just short of showing her ass. I glanced at our audience and saw everyone staring at her. The song
ended and we returned to the table.

We finished our drinks and I ordered two more. One of the bikers walked up to our table and asked me if
he could dance with Amy. I looked at her and saw her face redden. I told the guy that it was OK and saw
him take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. Another slow song was on and he pulled her very
close. I watched them dance and it wasn't long before I watched one of his hands find its way to her ass.
Amy brushed it away, only to have it find its way upward to brush against her tit. I glanced over at his
table and saw his friends watching me carefully.. I guess they were watching to see if I would challenge
their friend. The song ended and Amy returned. She didn't say anything, but you could tell she was
shaken by the bikers behavior.

It wasn't long before the three bikers walked over and asked if they could join us. I told them to have a
seat, one of them ordered Amy and me a drink. They told us their names and for a short time we all
talked about nothing at all, just killed some time. The guy who had danced with Amy asked me if I would
get pissed if he told me something. I said no and told him to speak his mind. He said that he thought Amy
had some of the nicest tits he had seen for quite some time. I laughed, told him thanks, and that I
enjoyed hearing it. Without warning he stood up, reached across the table, put his hand down the front
of Amy's dress and squeezed her tit. He looked at me and I didn't flinch. Amy looked at me and I told her
that it was OK.. I told her to allow the other guys to feel her tits if they wanted. The other two bikers each
stood up and took turns with their hands down her dress squeezing her boobs.

The bikers asked me why Amy didn't get pissed and I explained she was my slave and did as she was
told. They laughed and told me how lucky I was. I saw the waitress coming over to the table. She
whispered in my ear that the bartender wanted to talk to me. I figured I was in trouble and was about to
be thrown out. I walked to the bar and the bartender said he had heard what was said about my lady
being my slave. He said he had seen what I let the bikers do, and depending on what happened next, he
could do one of two things. He could throw the two of us out, or he could lock the door and let everyone
enjoy themselves. I told him I had no desire to get thrown out and asked him what it would take to be able
to stay. He told me he would lock the door and I was to tell Amy to go behind the bar, get on her knees,
and suck him off while he is fixing drinks. He said that as soon as she gets him off, he would let everyone
have all the fun they wanted. I told him that I understood and it wasn't a problem. He then told me to have
her wait until there wasn't anyone sitting at the bar and to watch for his signal.

I walked over to our table and told Amy I needed to talk to her. We walked a few feet away and I told her
what I wanted her to do. She asked me if she had done anything wrong, and I reminded her that I had
told her there would be times when I just wanted to use her for my pleasure. She said "Yes Master, I want
to please you at all times" I told her to go back to the table and I would let her know when. We both went
and sat back down. It wasn't long before I saw the only guy left at the bar get up and walk to the back
where the restroom was. I looked at the bartender and saw him nod his head. I whispered to Amy to go
ahead. She got up and walked to the end of the bar. I watched the waitress pick up a set of keys, walk
over to the door and lock it. Amy had crouched down, and I lost sight of her.

I saw the waitress return to the bar and intently watch what was going on. I walked over to where she was
standing. We stood watching Amy on her knees, sucking the bartender for all she was worth. The
waitress smiled at me and said there weren't many women like Amy. She said she was looking forward to
seeing her in action and I promised her she wouldn't be disappointed. The guy from the bathroom had
returned, sat at the bar and ordered another drink. The bartender did his best to pour the man another
drink, but I saw him try to pick up a glass and promptly drop it. His customer looked at him and just shook
his head. Another attempt was made and again the bartender blew it. I looked at the waitress, and both
of us started laughing. The poor customer had no clue what was going on. I looked at the bartender and
saw him grab the bar. Amy had stepped up her pace, and I saw her cheeks expand. I knew she had just
got a huge load of cum in her mouth. She pulled away from the cock and I saw a trickle of cum run down
her chin. She wiped it off with the back of her hand and stood up. The customer sitting at the bar was
open-mouthed. Amy smiled at him and walked over to me and the waitress. She asked me if she did OK,
and I told her yes, as always. The waitress told her she was looking forward to more and Amy told her it
was up to her Master. The waitress told her she would be willing to trade places with her any time. Amy
told her it was up to her Master. I said I would be willing to have two sluts for the evening, if she was
willing.She nodded her head yes and I warned the waitress she was to address me as Master. When
asked her name, she replied Linda. I took both their hands, and led them to the front of the bar.    

I told Amy that I loved her and that tonight I wanted to show everyone just how good of a slave/slut she
was. I looked at my new slut and told her she would be totally under my control. She smiled at me and
told me she would make me proud. There were still about a half dozen guys in the bar, the bikers and
their girlfriends, and the two single women. I told the bartender to turn the jute box off. He did as I said
and I saw puzzled looks on the customer's faces. I picked the two girls up, one by one, and sat them on
the bar. Everyone in the bar looked up to see what was going on. I introduced myself and told them that
the two ladies sitting on the bar were my sluts and were to serve me in every way I desired. You could
see the looks in the faces as they tried to absorb what I had said. I told them they would be seeing things
they had never seen before and to enjoy themselves and the entertainment. Amy looked at me, smiled
and I saw a very content look on her face. Quietly she asked me if I would start with Linda, and I nodded
yes. Amy told me she wanted to watch for awhile if it was OK.

I told the customers that the women sitting on the bar were my personal sluts and  that I was sure
everybody thought that both of them had beautiful tits. I heard everyone applaud and cheer. Everybody,
I said, would now find out just how beautiful they were. I turned to Linda and saw a very nervous look on
her face. I began to slowly unbutton her blouse.. I could see her blush, and hoped she would be able to
handle what was going to happen to her tonight. After I unbuttoned it completely, I pulled it apart and
showed everyone she was wearing a bra. I heard whistles and saw everybody seemed to be enjoying
what what was going on, even the women. I pulled her blouse off and handed it to Amy. I kissed Linda,
and reached around in back of her to unsnap her bra. I undid it, and slid it off her. I stepped away, and
everyone cheered at the sight of Linda's bare breasts. Amy looked at her and smiled. I told Amy to touch
them and saw her softly caress Linda's tits Linda shuddered as Amy started to play with her nipples. I
heard one of the biker women shout MORE. I turned to Amy and slid the top of her dress down to her
waist. Everyone went crazy as they looked at two pairs of beautiful tits. I told Linda to begin sucking
Amy's tits and watched as she started sucking a very swollen nipple.

I had Amy get up and stand on the bar. I instructed Linda to finish undressing her. Linda got off the bar
and walked over to her. She reached up and pulled Amy's dress off. Now Amy's panty clad pussy was
even with Linda's mouth. I watched as Linda pulled my sweetheart's panties down, leaving Amy standing
naked on the bar. The cheers were deafening as my beautiful little slave stood proudly displaying her
body. I told Amy to lay on the bar and asked if there was anyone who wanted to finish undressing Linda.
Without answering, one of the female bikers rushed forward. I asked her name and she told me Trisha.
Linda just stared at me, not believing what was about to happen. I told Trisha that Linda enjoyed
humiliation and to take her time stripping Linda, and to cause Linda as much embarrassment as possible.

Trisha got on her knees, unsnapped, and unzipped Linda's jeans. Linda would not look at her, or the
people watching. I saw that she had very beautiful tits and legs. Trisha pushed them down around
Linda's ankles and told her to step out of them. Linda did as she was told and I saw Trisha lightly run her
fingers up the inside of Linda's thighs, stopping short of her pussy. It was obvious that Linda had never
been with another woman, but that was about to change. Trisha reached up and put her fingers inside
the waist of Linda's panties. Very slowly she pulled them down and Linda stepped out of them. She was
now naked and totally humiliated, so she thought. I looked over at Amy and saw her staring. She had a
big grin on her face and seemed to be enjoying the show as much as anyone else. I saw Trisha run her
fingers up Linda's thighs again. This time she didn't stop and caressed Linda's pussy with her fingers.
For a couple of minutes, I thought Linda was going to faint. I thanked Trisha and she went back to her
seat. Linda was standing naked, the crowd whistling and clapping.

I told Linda to get on top of the bar and taste Amy. I saw her hesitate, start to say something, and then
answered "Yes, Master". She got up on the bar, laid between Amy's legs,and kissed her shaved twat.
Amy took Trisha's head and pressed it against her. I saw Linda's tongue as it tentatively explored Amy.
She must have enjoyed it, because she began to lap Amy without any further encouragement. I don't
think I have ever heard anything like the noise coming from the people, they were going nuts. I guess
Linda changed her mind about being with another woman, because I saw her slide up Amy's body and
started sucking and playing with my ladies tits. It wasn't long before I stopped them and told them to get
off the bar. They climbed off, and I looked at two very beautiful women standing naked in front of an
adoring crowd.

I then announced we were going to have a contest. I told the men that any, or all of them could
participate. We were going to have a blow job contest. I instructed the men who wanted to join to come
forward, take their cocks out, and stand at the front of the bar. I was surprised when only one guy didn't
come forward. All of them unzipped and pulled out cocks which were already hard from watching Amy
and Linda. I instructed the girls to start at opposite ends of the line. They were to get on their knees, and
begin sucking the guys one by one. The slut who got the most men to cum would win, and when the men
came, they must cum all over the slaves face. All of the women were gathered around the guys staring at
a line of hard, ready cocks. I told everyone to get ready, instructed Amy and Linda to get on their knees,
and grab their first subject.

I watched Linda kneel in front of the man at one end of the line, and Amy did the same on the opposite
end. I told them to begin. Linda guided her first cock into her mouth. She began to suck, taking all of it
down to the guys balls. I looked at Amy and saw the guy, hands on her head, fucking her mouth. Amy
was giving it her best, as was Linda. The man in Linda's mouth only took a few minutes, pulled out, and
soon cum was spurting all over her face. I watched as she crawled to the next guy and immediately
swallowed his prick. Amy was beginning her 3rd, and strings of cum were running down her face. Linda
was doing a fantastic job, but I knew my baby was the best. Linda finished another, but Amy had just put
the last prick into her mouth. Everyone cheered for Linda even though she had lost the contest. Amy
was in the process of taking another load onto her face and the crowd showed their appreciation of her

I told Linda that that as the loser of the contest, she must first clean all cum from Linda. Everyone
watched as she went to Amy and began to lap the cum off Amy's face. I heard some of the women
commenting on how Linda looked like a real cum slut. Linda heard her as well, and looked up at me. I
shrugged and told her to show everyone just how good of a cum slut she was. Linda smiled and
continued. After she finished with Amy I told her that Amy was going to gang bang the customers. I
explained that because she had lost the contest, her job would be to suck any of the men who wanted to
fuck Amy and get them good and hard. I told her that if she did a good job keeping the men hard for
Amy, I would fuck her later. Linda grinned at me and told me she couldn't wait to fuck her Master.

A couple of guys led Amy to the corner of the bar where someone had put an air mattress. After they laid
her down, I led Linda over and she got on her knees beside Amy's head. I wanted her to be able to see
Linda getting the guys hard before they fucked her. The cum on Linda's face had dried and crusted, she
looked like hell. One of the bikers walked over to Linda and she took his cock into her mouth and started
sucking. The guy was looking at Amy naked while Linda sucked. It didn't take long for him to get hard. He
pulled out, and got between Amy's legs. I saw him plunge his cock into her pussy, and saw Amy's legs
wrap around his waist. While she was fucking the biker, she glanced over and began to watch Linda suck
the next guy who would be fucking her. I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw the
beautiful naked body of Trisha. She smiled, fell to her knees, unzipped me, and took out my cock. She
began to suck, proving herself very capable of giving a blow job. I looked down and saw Amy watching
intently. While she fucked another one of the bikers, she watched me get sucked. After seeing all of the
action around me, it didn't take long for me to blow. Trisha took my load and swallowed all of it. I looked
around and saw the other female biker and the women who had been sitting with two of the other male
customers naked, fucking for all they were worth.

I put my dick back in my pants and watched Amy take care of the last few guys who wanted to fuck her. I
had lost count a long time ago of how many orgasms Amy had experienced. She was laying on the
mattress, resting, when Linda crawled over to me. She smiled and took out my cock. She started to suck
me and it didn't take long before I was hard again. She looked up and smiled. Very softly she asked me if
I would please fuck her. I told her she had been a good little slut for me, so yes I would. She laid next to
Amy and I slid my cock into her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we fucked like there
was no tomorrow. I looked at Amy and saw she was transfixed by what she saw. This was the first time
she had seen me fuck someone else. In fact, since Amy and I have been together there has not been
any other woman. She seemed to be OK with she was seeing.

Linda finished a long line of orgasms. She looked over at Amy and smiled. I heard her tell Amy that if she
ever wanted to let another woman join us again, let her know. Amy smiled and said she would. I dressed
my baby, and we went out to the car. We sat there for a few moments, enjoying the peace and quiet. I
told Amy she had been perfect tonight and she told me she was beginning to enjoy our new life more
and more each day. When we got home, I ran a bath and gently cleaned the cum off Amy. After I carried
her to bed, I lit several candles. The two of us laid in bed, holding each other through what was left of the

Copyright© 2009 Michael Daniels