Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

By Blair Erotica

She moved closer to him in a flowing motion, coming close enough for him to feel the heat of her
body. She stretched her arm toward him and put her hand between his legs. Her hand opened and
her slender fingers touched him gently. With a wicked smile she ran her fingernails over the growing
bulge in his crotch tracing its outline.

    “I just love things that are renewable,” she murmured as his cock grew hard under her fingers.  “I
think that, in this consumer age, in this throwaway culture, it is important to look for pleasures that
we can enjoy over and over again without any fear they will permanently depleted.”

    He slid his hand up under her skirt, let it roman, running up her soft thigh. She opened her legs
to give his hand room between them and sighed as his fingers slid up under the leg of her panties
and began to fondle her, delicately searching for the most sensitive spots, the zones of maximum

    “I agree,” he said as she pressed her cunt against him and his fingers entered her.  “And I think
that make making a significant effort to recycle and by using durable resources, such as fingers
and tongues, we can turn our desire for pleasure into a sustainable lifestyle that wastes nothing.”

    She moaned and put her wet tongue in his ear as his mouth captured one of her erect and
swollen nipples and his teeth nipped it playfully, tasting her without damaging the natural resources.

    Then he put her on her back next to him and stroked her before moving between her legs and
lifting them apart. She raised her head and smiled at the sight of his cock moving toward her.

    “I am glad to see that you have a definite target in mind,” she said as he lifted her hips from the

    “It wouldn't do to waste our efforts,” he said and then his body moved over hers, his hips
between her thighs.

    She felt a tingle as his cock brushed against her. He stopped, kneeling there as she reached
down to wrap the fingers of one hand around his prick. Her other hand took a condom from the
nightstand and held it over the tip, the rolled it over the swollen shaft. “It pays to ensure that there is
no unintended damage to the environment,” she said.

    “I do love your penetrating insights,” he said as she guided his sheathed cock between the lips
of her cunt, and he drove his hard cock into her

    She moaned and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him tight against her as his cock filled
her. His hands gripped her ass as he began thrusting into her. A soft moan of pleasure escaped
her lips as she arched her back and worked her hips to meet his.

    It was all madness. It was an excess of passion, of lust. And yet, a wonderfully ecological affair.

© 2013 Blair Erotica

Blair Erotica lives  a life off the beaten path, encountering strange and wonderful people. Staying
on the move (currently in Asia) has some drawbacks, but it certainly provides material for stories as
well. Blair's stories have been included in anthologies published by XCite Books and House of
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