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Angie goes to college
by  Msboy8©

In her third story, Angie is assigned as a resource for the professor and Law Enforcement
students. What can Angie offer them, she is not the most knowledgeable of deputies, at least in
police procedures?

The phone rang again and again. It wouldn't stop ringing, Angie picked up the phone. “No
Comment!” then slammed the receiver down. The phone began ringing again almost at once.
Angie decided to let it ring for awhile. I'll just let those reporters stew in their own juices. The
phone just kept ringing and ringing. Angie had enough of the shrill noise, She picked up the
phone and screamed, “No Comment!” She was slamming down the phone, when she heard a
familiar booming voice over the line.

“Don't hang up on me again deputy! I've been trying to reach you for almost an hour!” His voice
seemed to lose its stress and had quieted down some. “Listen closely and don't talk. I'll pick
you up tomorrow morning at 0700 in back of your apartment building. I'll be driving a blue
Toyota Camri and I'll have an overcoat. Make sure that you wear a bra and your uniform with the
skirt, under an overcoat. If you understand me, just say 'No Comment' and hang up. Angie did
as she was told and then pulled the phone line out of the wall so she could sleep. It only took
Angie two rings before she pulled the bedroom phone out of the wall as well.

Angie dressed the next day as ordered. Her bra was a demi-bra and her panties were a thong,
both jet-black. She was wearing her two inch patent leather pumps, which she knew weren't the
easiest to get around in, but pumps HAD to be worn with a skirt. What will going back to college
be like? Will it be the same as before? I sure hope not.

Angie remembered the short time she had spent at SO Cal. She had not actually attended any
classes there. Angie remembered that Labor Day weekend, at least part of it. She had checked
in early to get her dorm room all set up. Angie had forgotten her cleaning supplies. Walking to a
nearby 7-11, she was drawn to a house pumping out loud rap-music that had people going in
and out. She tried to ask to borrow some cleaning supplies, but no one could hear her over the
music. Her throat was parched from trying to yell, so she downed a cup of fruit punch that
someone put in her hand.

The rest was a blur. That is until Tuesday morning when Angie woke up naked tied to a donkey
in the main square of the college. That wasn't the worst. It was mid-day and the donkey's lead
was in the hand of the statue of the founder of the college. Once Angie got loose she fled and
was never seen on that college's campus again. I must make sure that nothing like that
happens again, I was so embarrassed. Imagine a 21st century woman like myself seen riding
a donkey!

Angie shook off the ghosts of the past and looked at the large yellow clock in the kitchen. She
threw on her Police overcoat and hat. Angie wanted to be waiting outside when Deputy
Sergeant Cook arrived to pick her up. There was no way she was gonna make him wait on her,
even if he was a little early.

The best laid plans resulted in Angie being surrounded by reporters and cameramen. All they
had to do was see her uniform hat perched on her pretty, blonde head and stay close to her.
Angie really didn't appreciate the attention and kept yelling “No Comment!” and elbowing
anyone who came to close to her.

A speeding car screeched to a halt next to her. The driver hunched over hidden under a dark
grey Macintosh. The passenger door flew open and a large hand reached out to grab her. Angie
avoided the reaching hand, until she heard a familiar voice swearing and telling her to get in the
car. She almost lost a heel as she was jerked into the car. Cooke took several quick turns until
he had lost any pursuit.

“What in the hell did you think you were doing? You were supposed to be inconspicuous, Angie.
You couldn't have done worse, except for inviting them up to your apartment! I'm afraid that you
will not be able to return to your apartment for a while. I've got an idea that might work, but in the
meantime try to come up with a solution.”

Angie tried to defend her actions while Cooke drove to the college. “I was just doing what I was
told, wearing what I was told. Besides I couldn't invite anyone in, my apartment was a mess. I
don't see what the big deal is anyway. I was just doing what I was taught at the Police
Academy.” Deputy Sergeant Cook looked over at Angie like she was crazy and spouting
gibberish. He didn't say anything until they had pulled up at Saddleback College.

“Our first stop is with the Dean. Just let me do all the talking. I'm going to try and get you
accommodations here.” The two Sheriff's Deputies proceeded into the administration building,
Cook leaving his overcoat in the car. The two were gawked at by most of the students they
came across. The students weren't used to seeing uniformed deputies on campus, let alone a
tall, muscular black man and a rather short, stacked blonde beach bunny.

They were shown into the Dean's office. He greeted them with smiles and handshakes. Angie
thought that the Dean held her hand a little bit longer than necessary, but she might have been
wrong, “I've heard many good things about the two of you, I'm sure that you will both be assets
to our training here at Saddleback. Not only did you come with high recommendations from
Captain Rooney, retied Captain Durocher had kind word also.” The Dean was speaking to the
both of them, but his eyes never strayed far from Angie's buxom form.

Deputy Sergeant Cook cleared his throat breaking the spell. “Thank you for the kind welcome
Dean Stenstrum. I do have a favor to ask. Would it be possible for Deputy Applegate to reside
here near campus, perhaps with a student looking for a roommate? Her apartment is terribly
infested and requires fumigation.

“Oh I'm sure that something can be worked out. I'll see to that today, while you check in with
Professor Bartol. He teaches Criminology and will be your faculty contact. The professor would
have been here, but he has class this morning. You can find him in the Belair Building. He will
see that you both are put to good use. Oh Deputy Applegate, Captain Durocher was saying that
since you're back in an administrative role, you should revert to your uniform dress that you
wore while working for him. He was very serious about this, he kept going on and on, and I
happen to agree.” The Dean's eyes seemed to glitter as he stared through Angie's bountiful
blouse. Angie blushed; she knew what the Dean meant. Deputy Sergeant Cook sighed and
rubbed his eyes; he had an idea of what was in store for the college.

Deputy Applegate and Deputy Sergeant Cook walked toward the Belair Building. They ignored
the looks they got from the students; the students would soon become used to their presence.
The two deputies found Professor Bartol's office; it was empty as he was still in class. They sat
down to wait for their 'boss'. Angie stretched her tired legs out in front of her. Cook watched the
leggy show of flesh from under his eyes. It was most sexy and helped the time to go faster.

A rather short, balding, pudgy man with a dark goatee entered the office without knocking. He
glanced at the tall, black man before his eyes came to rest on the buxom blonde dozing with
her pumps set on the seat of his office chair. The professor pulled the chair out from under her
feet; her patent-leather pumps went flying and her bare feet landed on the floor jolting Angie

“Humph, if this is what the police force has come to, I am going to be very disappointed. I am
Professor Bartol; I assume that you two are the new deputies that will be attached as advisors
to the Criminology Department, of which I am the Head.” At that moment the phone on the desk
rang. Professor Bartol answered it and an animated discussion followed.” The professor hung
up the phone and addressed the waiting officers. “Deputy Sergeant Cook, you are done for the
day. Report here at 0800 tomorrow for duty. Deputy Applegate, a place has been arranged for
you with a female sophomore that lives in walking distance of the college. Report to Dean
Stenstrum; he will see to it that you get a ride over to the girl's apartment. I'm sure that you two
will get along famously. See you here tomorrow at eight in the morning.

Angie walked back over to the administration building after Cook left for home. The Dean was
waiting for her and led her to his chauffeur driven Mercedes. Once Angie was seated next to the
Dean the car started off. Her feet were hurting from all the walking she had done in her heels,
so she leaned back and slipped on of her heels off and began rubbing her foot.

She was starting to feel her foot loosening up and was relaxing until she felt herself being
thrown back onto her back as her other foot was grabbed and her other shoe taken off. The next
thing Angie felt was a pair of skillful hands rubbing her sore foot. “You really should take care of
your beautiful feet, especially if you plan on wearing those heels all the time.” Angie heard the
Dean say as he soothed her aching sole. She was speechless as he took her other foot in his
hands and massaged it as well.

“We'll soon be there Deputy Applegate. If you find you cannot live with this woman, please call
me. Mrs. Stenstrum is away visiting relatives and our children are away at college, so there's
plenty of free space in my bed … erm house. Feel free to call upon me anytime at all, day or
night. Angie smiled with thanks as she pulled her feet back and slipped her heels back on.

The car pulled up at a walled apartment complex. Angie threw open the car door motioning to
Dean Stenstrum to stay seated. “Thank you Dean Stenstrum, for everything. I'm sure that I'll be
fine, don't worry yourself.” Angie closed the door and turned to find a tall, brunette waiting to talk
to her. She held out her hand; “Hello, I'm Deputy Applegate, Angie. And you are…”

The leggy brunette shook Angie's hand saying, “I'm Rebecca, happy to meet you. You can call
me Becky. We're going to have fun as roommates.” She got a semi-serious look in her eyes as
she said, “Well some fun, I'm not a lesbian or anything. This is a clothing optional complex, so
be prepared for that.” She punched a code into a keypad and a gate into the complex opened.
Once they had entered, Rebecca made sure that the gate was closed behind them. “Always
make sure that the gate is closed behind you. People that have no business being in here will
try to get you to let them in; don't do it!” Angie was impressed by what she had been told and
assured her roommate that she understood and would obey the rules.

They reached the door to Rebecca's and now Angie's apartment. Rebecca opened the door
and entered, pulling off her blouse at the same time. “Welcome to your new home away-from-
home. Your bedrooms down the hall to the left.” She noticed Angie looking at her bare upper
torso with her medium sized breasts. “I really hate wearing clothes; they're itchy and scratchy. I
get comfortable as soon as I get home.” Angie didn't know what to say, she just stood there.

Angie's frozen body became active again once Rebecca stepped out of her shorts and panties.
Rebecca gave a shudder that started with her head and traveled down to her toes. Her tits and
ass cheeks danced as Rebecca shook off the oppressive reminder of being dressed. Becky
stepped out on her sun deck and started waving and greeting other naked people that were
visible on their own decks or were gathered around the pool. Angie was just happy that
everyone was so friendly and went to her room to get undressed.

Angie was not shy about stripping in the living room, she just wanted to make sure she hung
up her uniform for tomorrow. I can wear this again tomorrow, it's not too wrinkled, but I need to
go to my apartment for my stuff soon. As Angie walked back to the living room naked, she felt a
chill from the air conditioning in the apartment. Her long nipples became erect, pointing her way
ahead. Angie walked out on the deck where her roommate was lying on a lounger. Becky heard
Angie approach and patted the empty lounger beside her.

When Angie lay beside her, Becky noticed that Angie's boobs and pussy were bone white. She
jumped up and grabbed the bottle of sun tan lotion. Rebecca squirted a glob onto Angie's chest
right between her tan less tits. She began rubbing it all over the mostly white globes saying,
“You must protect your skin against the sun. Peter from across the compound was drinking a
little too much and burned his crotch terribly. He was out of action for almost a month.” Angie's
nipples were growing again as Becky's hands massaged the lotion on them, but Rebecca
didn't seem to notice. Angie didn't care, she knew it wasn't sexual and it felt good anyway.

Becky squeezed another dollop out of the bottle, this time on Angie's pubes. Angie started as
the lotion landed. Rebecca knew her duty to a fellow sun-worshiper and rubbed and coated
everything not tanned down there, paying extra attention to Angie's outer pussy lips. Becky
wiped her hands on a rag and applied suntan oil to Angie's already tanned skin, at least on her
front. She then reclined on her lounger to add to her all-over tan.

Fifteen minutes passed and Rebecca told Angie that it was time to flip over to tan the back. “You
have to oil my back after I do yours.” Angie turned over and Becky started to spread sun tan oil
on her back. “That's a good tan you've got going on. Don't worry; I'll introduce you around to the
group. You're going to be very popular.” Angie felt Becky's hand give her bottom a playful slap.
“OK roomie, it's my turn.” She moaned softly as Angie oiled up her back and bottom.

After they had spent an hour sunbathing they came back into the apartment. The AC was still
on, so the women nippled up fast. Angie almost gasped, Becky's gleaming body looked very
sexy, even if Angie wasn't a lesbian. Becky was walking down the hall toward the shared
bathroom, when she looked over her shoulder and said, “The only bad thing about these
apartments is that they have a small water heater. Join me in washing this oil off our bodies?”
Angie could see the logic in conserving the hot water and nodded, following her down the hall
and into the bathroom.

Angie was surprised to see that the bathroom was large and had an oversized shower stall.
Once the water had warmed up, Becky led Angie into the steaming shower. They took turns
getting wet. “It'll be faster if we wash each other Ang.” She lathered Angie's body up and handed
her the body wash. Their hands moved over all of their bodies, washing and massaging the
soft skin clean. Angie could swear that Rebecca had pinched her nipple and she seemed to be
taking extra time washing her boobs.

“I must be imaging things. Yeah, it's just because my tits are bigger than hers. Angie felt the
water losing some of its heat and hurried to rinse off. Becky also felt the water getting cooler.
She crowded with Angie under the spraying water, each trying to get the body wash off before
the hot water ran out.

Angie grabbed a large towel from Becky and they dried each other off. I could swear Becky's
drying my breasts and sex more than she has too. I think I'll just go to bed and sleep on it. I
don't want to make her feel that I don't like her.

Once the women were dry, they tossed the towels in the hamper. They looked magnificent
naked, more so as the A.C. caused their nipples to stand up. Angie noticed this and blushed.
Becky noticed this and said, “You better get to bed and get covered up.” She took Angie by the
elbow and led her into Angie's bedroom. After Becky tucked her in Angie asked Becky of she
could borrow some stockings and panties for the next day because she still needed to get her
clothes from her apartment. Becky agreed to leave them out for her.

Angie awoke early the next day surprisingly refreshed. She remembered not to wear a bra and
walked into the living room naked to get the underwear that she was borrowing. Angie didn't
think that Becky would be awake, so she was startled when a naked Becky said, “Good
Morning.” from a kitchen stool. She muttered something back and grabbed the stockings and
panties from the couch and retreated to her room.

It was a uniformed Angie that came back into the cool living room. Her nipples were once again
erect, she didn't know if it was from the air conditioning or seeing Becky naked. She marched
out of the apartment, determined not to be late. Angie's stride made her free-hanging
mammaries perform an arousing dance under her uniform blouse. I'm looking forward to
starting work at the college, but should I be sweating this much. Perhaps I am just over excited.

Walking across the main street, with the lights, Angie kept up her quick pace. She was walking
at a good rate, but she didn't pass anyone. Several students were walking abreast of Angie.
They never turned off and as a matter of fact seemed to be edging in closer. Another male
student joined those walking to the side of her. Angie felt a bit embarrassed and looked over
her right shoulder. A pack of college students were following her, apparently trying to catch-up.
Most were male, but there were a few young women also. Angie faced forward and quickened
her walk. Her high heels were rapping out a cadence, almost like the song the Pied Piper must
have played.

Angie could not walk any faster in her heels and the students were closer to her. Good fortune
came her way as she spotted the Belair Building right ahead of her. Angie ducked into the
building and sprinted up the stairs. She lost a heel, but she ducked into Professor Bartol's
office just ahead of a posse of students. John saw her enter the room in a hurry, wearing only
one heel and breathing hard. He paused a moment to watch Angie's heaving breasts, then
went out to the hallway. All he saw was student's retreating backs. John stepped into the
stairwell to see a guy picking up a patent leather high heel and try to hide it behind his back.
John cleared his throat, holding out his hand. The student placed the high heel in Cook's hand
and beat a hasty retreat down the stairs. Joe walked back into Professor Bartol's office flipping
the heel in the air. Angie saw her missing shoe and blushed. Joe held it out to her and said, “If
you didn't undress on the way to work, the students probably wouldn't chase you.” Angie
blushed again, but took the shoe and slipped it onto her stocking clad foot.

“Deputy Sergeant Cook told me some incredible things about you, Angie.” Angie gave John a
dirty look, which he ignored. “Apparently you are an expert when it comes to Drunk Driving and
the BAC. He says that you have a special Field Sobriety Test. As it turns out, we are now
learning about Drunk Driving and BAC. I would like you to talk to my classes. You know give
them some stories from the field, as it were.” Angie tried to beg-off, but Professor Bartol was

That is how Angie found herself in front of a class full of Criminology 101 students. He had
already introduced Deputy Sergeant Cook and Deputy Applegate to the class. She tells the
students to call her Angie and starts in about BAC. Angie is quickly is interrupted by a student,
who says that they have went over all that and would like to hear about her personal
experiences. The professor adds his voice to the students, “Angie tell them about your specialty
BAC training at the Police Academy.” The students call for Angie to tell, so with a helpless shrug
she gives into them.

“I received Special High Intensity Training at the Academy. It took almost two months before I
could read a man's BAC from analyzing his ejaculate.” Angie was interrupted by a quizzical
male student asking how she obtained the sample and what she then used to analyze it. Angie
blushed as she answered his questions. “Well, to get the sample I had to orally excite the man,
catching his ejaculate in my mouth then analyze it with my taste buds.” Angie was again
interrupted, this time by an angry feminist who told her that she was lying and added that the
police wouldn't stand for that much less offer training on it.

Angie professed her innocence, telling them about the many students and faculty she had
practiced on. “You see it took me two weeks until I could detect alcohol and I also had to detect
it in men of different races, ages, etc.” The class once revulsion and amazement.

“I hear a lot of disbelief coming from the class. I think the only thing that would convince them
would be a practical demonstration.” Angie started to object, but the professor went on. “Luckily
I have prepared for this. Over the past two hours, I have been drinking some wine, so that you
can determine my BAC. Then Deputy Sergeant Cook can test me with a Breathalyzer. We can
then compare the results.”

Professor Bartol brought his chair around the desk so that it was in plain view of the students.
He looked at Angie's borrowed black stockings with the line running up the back and said, “Tisk-
tisk.”. Professor Bartol tossed a cushion down in front of his chair and sat down in the chair.
Angie shrugged in resolution to her fate, causing a bouncy distraction, and then knelt on the
cushion staring at the rather prominent bulge in the professor's trousers. He unzipped his fly
and freed his semi-erect cock. Angie's mouth dropped open and formed a perfect 'O'. Her
hands reached and grasped the professor's 'Penile Probe'.

Angie fed the fleshy tools into her mouth and began stimulating it with her tongue and lips.
Students were amazed by seeing a uniform woman deputy perform fellatio on their teacher as
part of the lesson. It was apparent to all that Angie was a professional cock-sucker; she'd,
without question, done this before. Angie had sucked the professor's ample dick fully erect and
was milking it to obtain a sample. She kept the head clear of pre-cum, which tasted good but
was not a useful indicator of the professor's BAC. Angie moved one hand to cup and lightly
squeeze his large, hairy balls. This and the continued stroking on his shaft with one hand were
part of the techniques she had learned at the Police Academy. I hope he cums soon so I can
prove what I said is true. This is so embarrassing! I never had an audience before.

The oral deputy was soon rewarded with streams of hot cum accompanied by the professor's
guttural moans. She kept the cum in her mouth, swished it around her mouth, looked thoughtful
and then swallowed. Angie licked Professor Bartol's cock as clean as she could and put his
shrinking manhood away. Deputy Sergeant Cook came forward with his Breathalyzer , which
the professor blew into. Deputy Sergeant Cook then read the meter and showed the results to
several of the students. Meanwhile Angie stood up and smoothed her skirt. Well, that's done.
Now to find out if I'm the heroine or just a cop slut.

Deputy Sergeant Cook nodded to Angie after he had shown the results of the Breathalyzer to
the student witnesses. Angie then announced the findings in an authoritative voice. “Professor
Bartol's BAC is .07. As she made this announcement the class went crazy; half the class was
congratulating her and half accused her of cheating. Deputy Sergeant Cook showed Angie the
display reading .072 BAC and shook her hand. Several students came up and shook Angie's
hand as well. It was a sure sign that she was accepted by the students. The other two classes
that day went pretty much the same way. By the end of the day Angie was getting slapped on the
butt in the hallway, even more a sign of acceptance, as well as familiarity.

Angie told Deputy Sergeant Cook all about her adventures this morning and her need to go by
her old apartment. He explained to her that it was better to keep Rebecca out of Angie's
problems and that he would drive her to and from class; probably preventing a gang-rape in the

One month passes

Set in her new life and job, Angie was much more comfortable with Becky and nudity in general.
Angie and Becky were always naked around the apartment complex. Casual, and even sexual
touching between them was now commonplace. Deputy Sergeant Cook told Angie to call him
John in private. As John and Angie tended to their new responsibilities, the media fervor began
to die down.

John watched Angie walk to his car from the apartment complex egress. Her braless titties
bounced in an eye-catching, sexy rhythmic motion. Angie's stocking clad legs also provided
John with a sight to help his cock harden. God another day with Angie, who doesn't realize what
her body does to us who are with her every day. Angie entered the car one leg at a time, giving
John a healthy flash of thigh. John looked Angie straight in the eye until he had her undivided
attention. “Angie we have been working together for over a month and I just can't resist your
charms anymore. We need to expand our roles as partners. You and I are going to have to
support each other in all ways. That will be providing sexual relief. Angie was listening closely
and when John said 'sexual relief' her eyes went to the bulge in John's slacks. She nodded her
head, she knew just what John needed. John stopped speaking while Angie unzipped his
pants and fished his hard cock out. She leaned down at the waist and took John's dick into her
hot mouth. He started speaking again as she tongued and sucked his excited member,
working as fast as she could to provide John the relief he needed.

“I have talked with Professor Bartol about what he wants to have done for this coming chapter,
Search and Seizure. Mmmmmmmm, that feels good honey. Today we will, oh Angie, display
the proper way of patting a suspect down. Knowing these students, we are in for a wild ride, but
not as wild as this blow-job. Watch out, here I cum! Angie felt John's cock swell and pump wad
after wad of spooge into her sucking mouth. She tasted his cum before swallowing it down and
cleaning off his deflating cock. Angie then put John's meat back where it belonged and zipped
him back up.

“OK John, you can drive us to work now. You have a 0.0 BAC.” Angie said smiling and licking
her lips. John smiled back and drove the car onto campus. They parked the car and walked at a
steady pace to Professor Bartol's office. Joyn liked walked beside the stacked deputy, enjoying
the antics of her free moving mammaries. Some male students also watched, but kept their
distance, cowed by the imposing figure of Deputy Sergeant Cook.

Professor Bartol briefed the deputies in his office before they all went into the classroom. The
professor lectured for about half the class time. He then had the deputies give a demonstration
on how to frisk a subject. John frisked Angie and then she frisked him. They each pointed out
methods that were not proper as well. They then 'assumed the position' against a wall, so the
students could try hands-on. Unfortunately, some of the students put their hands on areas that
they weren't supposed to touch. Deputy Sergeant Cook had his ass and package felt up, but
Angie got the worst of it. The male students especially took their time frisking her body. By the
time the second student was finished with Angie, her nipples were poking through her uniform
blouse, her cunt was dripping wet and she was breathing hard. The class over, Angie dragged
John to the professor's office and started ripping her uniform off. John bent her over the desk
and slammed his aroused dick into her steaming snatch until they were both satisfied. The rest
of the day went about the same; the only difference being the professor ending his last class
early then helping John to bring-off a super-excited Angie.

It was a pair of tired, but very satisfied deputies that left the campus that day. John began
explaining the next day's to Angie. Her jaw dropped open in a moment of desperate surprise,
but she nodded her head in total resignation. The preparations for the next day took John and
Angie the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening. Angie took extra care climbing into her
bed; she had never felt this sore.

Angie gingerly made her way down the hallway to the professor's office. He was very cheerful,
seeming to be amused by Angie's predicament and apparent tenderness. They walked to the
classroom that morning and Professor Bartol continued his lecture on Search and Seizure.
While the professor spoke, Deputy Sergeant Cook laid out the materials for the demonstration;
boxes of rubber gloves, lubricant and a single box of industrial grade tissues.

Professor Bartol called for student volunteers for the demonstration. The first volunteer he
chose was a Freshman male student. Angie assumed the position for a body cavity search.
Following the approved procedures that had just been taught, the student put a rubber glove on
his hand and lubed the first two fingers of the gloved hand. He stepped behind Angie and told
her to bend at the waist. The student lifted up Angie's short skirt and gasped, she was not
wearing any panties. Her cute brown pucker peeked out from between her plush ass-cheeks.
The student pulled apart Angie's firm pillows and pushed a lubed finger up her ass-hole. Angie
moaned as one finger and then two violated her rectum and probed for foreign objects. Finding
none, he removed his searching fingers from her tight ass-hole. Angie felt a twinge of
annoyance as her butt was suddenly empty, but dutifully turned around and spread her legs so
the examination could continue.

The second student chosen was also a young man. He donned his rubber gloves and felt
around Angie's moist vagina. Seeing a tampon, he removed it putting it aside for later
examination. The student inserted three fingers into Angie's snatch and then performed a finger
sweep. He found nothing but an abundance of her ripe, natural juices. The student popped his
fingers out of Angie and replaced her tampon with a new one. He seemed proud of himself as
he removed his gloves and signaled that she was clear to go.

The student was dismissed and Deputy Sergeant Cook stepped forward. “The student was
correct in replacing the suspect's tampon. Plastic explosives or contraband may have been
hidden in there. Qualified personnel will then examine the tampon. Usually we have women
inspect the women suspects for obvious reasons, observe.” John then selected a female
student. Her eyes got wide as he whispered in her ear.

The female student pulled on a pair of rubber gloves while John had Angie sit in a chair, her
legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. The female student, a mere wisp of a girl, slid two
gloved fingers into Angie's wet cunt. Two became three then four, Angie moaning as her cunt
was stretched. The student wiggled her fingers and diddled Angie's exposed clit until she
screamed in orgasm. The tone and duration of Angie's scream as the female student plunged
her entire hand deep within her stretched out vagina. The student's immersed fingers then felt
around inside Angie's most private place with two results. One, Angie's orgasm went on and
on. Two, something went 'Clack' from deep inside her nether regions. Angie's excited moans
turned into painful groans. The class sat in stunned silence as first one, then a second pool
ball was forced past Angie's ravaged cunt lips. The pool balls, a cue ball and the eight ball,
rolled along the floor leaving a trail of sticky, woman's nectar. For her part, Angie passed out
and hung limp in the chair. John carried her down the hallway to rest in the couch in Professor
Bartol's office. Angie was out of commission for the entire day. Professor Bartol had anticipated
this and had video taped the whole demonstration.

This was as far as Angie and John's assistance to the college went. The media attention has
dried up and blown away. John was reinstated to sergeant and Angie was sent back to her
division with honors and thanks for a job well done. Professor Bartol's office was broken into
and shortly soon after a pirated instructional/porno video was being sold all over the campus.

Lieutenant Frost hung up the phone and swore under her breath. Her bad penny, Deputy Angie
Applegate, was coming home to roost. Lieutenant Frost held her head in her hands and tried to
think of a non-violent solution to her problem. After a few moments she raised her head and
smiled wickedly. The vice squad in L.A. was always looking for female law enforcement
personnel to go under cover. I think Deputy Applegate will make a first class whore.

Msboy8 is a 44 year old disability retired from the US Navy and lives in Western Massachusetts,
in the 'Hill Towns'. He writes both erotic poetry and stories. He plans to keep his amateur status
and write to share with others; doing it for money would just take all the fun out of it for him.

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