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This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people
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Angie goes Undercover
by Msboy8©

Deputy Sergeant Applegate pursed her full lips. She had to make a decision. Angie had
been promoted to deputy sergeant from the outstanding work she had done while on
temporary duty. She had been offered sergeant after successful completion of a voluntary
undercover assignment. The job would require temporary duty with the vice squad in Los
Angeles. It wasn't something she had been trained to do, but Lieutenant Frost told her that
she was a natural. Angie was to report to the vice squad division of the L.A.P.D. She had
been advised to report in her normal uniform, two inch heels, silk stockings and no bra. She
had decided to wear black thong panties just to make a good impression.

Angie strode into the L.A.P.D. headquarters building with confidence. This confidence made
her feel that she was ready for anything. It also made her big boobs bounce wildly. She
strutted up to the desk sergeant and smiled at him. The uniformed police sergeant couldn't
keep his eyes off of her tantalizing tit flesh and choked on his donut. He might have died had
not a passing prostitute come to his aid with the 'Breath of Life'. Angie was watching her
technique, about to offer some helpful suggestions.

She was approached by a thin, white dude wearing jeans and a 'Kiss' T-shirt. “You
Applegate? Follow me.” He led her to a door and opened it so she could enter. Angie noticed
that the printed “Vice” on the door was almost faded out. Some joker had painted a picture of
a vice squeezing a hooker below it. Angie was ushered past a gaggle of prostitutes loudly
proclaiming their innocence.

The thin man introduced Angie to the men that were sitting at a table drinking coffee. “Angie
this is Theodore Bear”, an older looking plump man with a bow tie; “Skiff on loan from the
Narcs”, a small nervous looking man that looked like he was about to jump out of his own
skin; “Sonny Barker”, a tall black man who looked out of his permanently silted eyes. Then
there is “California”, who is new to Vice, a blonde surfer looking dude; “Cotton, another plant
for Narcs”, a short black man with a scruffy patch of curly hair and a cheap cigar clamped
between his teeth. “Boys, this is Angie, our latest undercover volunteer. My name is Carl, by
the way.” Some nodded and the greetings of 'Welcome aboard', 'She'll do' and 'No bra, get
used to it honey' were heard. The only one who met her gaze and held out his hand was
'California'. As soon as their hands had met, Carl bustled her off saying, “Gotta see the L.T.
No time to dawdle.”

Carl knocked on a door that was ajar and led Angie in, without waiting for a reply. He sat her
down in a chair and left the small office pulling the door shut behind him. A man was sitting
at the desk reading a report that he held in front of his face. After a couple of uncomfortable
minutes, Angie heard a sigh and saw the man put the report down on his desk. The man
was a tired looking, middle aged Hispanic with graying dark hair and very large hands. The
knuckles on his hands were scarred, as if he had been punching a brick wall. “You must be
Deputy Sergeant Applegate, I'm Lieutenant Hernandez. You'll be working for me as a 'honey
treat' dangled out in public trying to attract the attention of Viktor Rostovitch. He is the leader
of the local contingent of the 'Sevastopol Twelve'. He's the weakest of the twelve Russian
bosses. Your job is to get close to him and find out about his organization. You'll be
monitored, so we will know what you find-out and you'll be guided by vice detectives on what
you should and shouldn't do. They will be in constant communication with you, so just listen
to them. You should appear available, but be unattainable and you should not have to put-
out. You'll be briefed further by vice officers. That'll be all, you can go.”

Angie exited the lieutenant's office and left the door ajar. She was called over by Sonny and
'California'. Sonny briefed Angie, “We have rented an apartment for you near the beach. You'll
move in tomorrow. Your cover story is something you can relate to, you were attending
Saddleback College going for a Criminology degree. The story is that you got kicked out of
college for cheating. Your step-mother, who wants you out of the way, made the most of it
and had you cut off. The apartment belongs to an old friend of the family. The only money that
you have is a few hundred dollars. You don't want to have to go to work, especially with fast
food, which is about all you're qualified for. The only other job would be on your back and you
can't even think about it getting that bad.”

Sonny held up a locket on a chain and a pair of matching earrings. “Wear these always. The
locket contains a microphone and the left earring has a tiny speaker. The mike and speaker
are always on, you don't have to activate them. For your sake and ours, I hope you don't talk
in your sleep. 'California' and Cotton will be your day-time shadows, Teddy and Skiff at night.
Carl and I will be your 'floating' support, as needed. Teddy has a lot of experience, listen to
him.” He gave her a business card. “Take a bus here from Saddleback College tomorrow
morning. Carry your stuff in a small suitcase. Don't take very much and remember, your
source of ready cash has been cut off.

Rebecca gave Angie a long kiss the next morning and sent her on her way. She had agreed
to back-up Angie's cover story if anyone inquired. Angie got off the bus at the Wind Chime
apartments. The apartments were laid out as an oval of individual bungalows around a
small outdoor park. Angie was wearing a pink halter top, which exposed her flat tummy, and
white short-shorts with two inch open toed sandals. She went to the office and soon had her
own apartment. Angie glanced at her watch as she unpacked her small suitcase; it wasn't
even ten O'clock yet. Angie hummed a pop tune to herself as she finished unpacking and
slipped into a bright orange thong bikini. A gruff male voice yelled in her ear, “Stop humming
that tune; you've got 'California' singing it now. If he keeps singing, you're gonna be left alone
with out back-up until the next crew comes on duty.” Angie wisely stopped humming out loud,
but now she just couldn't get that tune out of her head.

Showtime! Angie walked across the street in her bikini and sandals. She had left her watch
back in her bungalow, but wore the earrings and necklace. Angie was carrying a net-bag with
a beach towel and a bottle of suntan oil. A couple of yahoos or hobos hooted at her bare ass
as she strutted across the street and strolled onto the beach. Angie's two inch sandals were
not the best for walking on sand, so she kicked them off. She carried her sandals in one
hand as she walked, her toes digging into the hot beach sand. She wandered down the
beach until she was near a fenced-in area with some free weights and benches; the
Russian equivalent of 'Muscle Beach'. Angie spread her towel, stolen from the Radisson, on
the sand. I've spent so much time on this all-over tan; it would be a shame to ruin it now.

Standing next to her towel, Angie slid her top off, over her shoulders, freeing her bodacious
boobies. The few men lifting weights didn't seem to notice her stripping, so she slid her
thong down her legs and stepped out of it. Angie then sat down on her towel and spread
suntan oil over her front. She took extra time on her ripe breasts and her womanhood. Angie
stretched out on the towel and let the warm sun wash over her. Once she had spent some
time on her back, Angie decided it was time to flip over and toast the back a little. Angie
needed someone to oil her back, and thought this might be a great way to meet some
Russians, maybe Victor. She walked naked over to the chain link fence. Angie noticed Victor
from a photo that the vice cops had shown her. He was bench pressing an enormous
amount of weight. Wow! Lieutenant Rodriguez had said that Victor was the weakest of the
twelve crime lords. They must really workout a lot if they're stronger than Victor.

Leaning her large, oiled tits over the fence, Angie held up her bottle of suntan oil. “Can
anyone of you muscular studs take a few minutes off and oil my back?” She smiled and
without waiting for an answer walked back to her towel and lay face down. She didn't have
long to wait. A minute later Angie felt a pair of strong hands massaging oil into her back.
“Make sure you get my ass really good stud, I don't want to burn down there.” The hands
dutifully rubbed her buns, and then one finger slipped into her wet cunt and began to play
with it like it was payment for the oiling job. The hands walked away and Angie suntanned in
relative privacy. She flipped over two more times to finish her line-less tan. Angie got
dressed in her orange thong bikini and walked home. The next two days went basically the
same and she wondered if she was making any headway toward meeting Victor. Her nights
were uneventful, but that was about to change.

It happened on the third day Angie was sunbathing nude. She had just taken off her bikini,
sat down on the towel and oiled most of her legs. A pair of trainers stepped into view at the
edge of her towel; Angie looked up to see Victor standing there shirtless, his muscles
gleaming with sweat. “I'll oil up the rest for you babe. I've been watching you take care of your
sexy body and I want to take over. Angie met his gaze, then lowered her eyes holding out the
bottle of suntan oil to him. She closed her eyes as he pushed her onto her back and then
rubbed the warm oil onto her prone body. Of course, Victor took extra time rubbing Angie's
full breasts and womanly folds. Angie's nipples had not been that hard in a week. “I'll be
back in thirty minutes to do your back. Oh by the way, I'm having you picked up at seven to
bring you to dinner with me. Wear something sexy.”

Waiting for her ride outside her apartment, Angie had already told the day shift about her
date. She stood there and heard the muted sounds of the shift change over her earring.
'California' had assured Angie that Teddy would be listening closely and would tell her any
instructions, as needed by the situation. If he didn't say anything then she had a green light
and should act accordingly. Angie was dressed in a pretty evening gown that was also hot. It
held her full breasts up high, on display for all to see. The tops of her heavy jugs shone in
the moonlight. The gown was slit up to the waist on the left side showing off her stocking
clad legs. A pair of three inch spike heels finished off her outfit. This dress is last year's style,
but it's the best I've got.

Unbeknownst to anyone and especially Angie, things were not as they seemed with the two
detectives on the night shift. Skiff, from narcotics, had a bit of a problem. He couldn't stay
awake during the day, so he had taken stimulants for ten years to stay awake. This required
him to take relaxants to sleep at night. He was clean now having gone through rehab, but
Skiff's sleep cycle was set as if it was in cement. He volunteered for the late shift to try and
break out of this pattern. It may have worked, but the other half of the team, Teddy, had a
similar problem. He was a recent victim of narcolepsy. His regular partner, Carl, knew of it,
but Teddy only had six months to serve until retirement and Carl was covering for him so he
could make it.

A Lincoln Town Car was sitting at the corner near Angie's apartment blowing its horn. The
driver got out and waved her over. “Are you the woman with the orange bikini? If you are get
in, we're late.” The driver was speaking with a thick Russian accent. Angie nodded, confused
that Victor was not there. The driver winked and opened the rear door, then waved her in.
Angie had just enough time to arrange herself on the seat when the car spun out, made an
illegal u-turn and sped off down the road. “I take you to Mr. Rostovitch.” The diver was then
silent as they rushed off to Victor's club. The car made several sharp turns, not slowing down
at all. Angie hung on to the leather seat with a death grip that turned her knuckles white. She
managed to stay on the seat, her ass sliding this way and that. After a wild ride of about
twenty minutes, the car screeched to a halt in front of a non-descript brick building. The driver
hopped out and opened her door. Angie got out of the backseat of the town car and
staggered towards the front door of the building. Man, it's hard to walk on these three inch
heels, never mind the 'roller coaster' ride we had on the way here.

The driver took her elbow and helped Angie up a short set of stairs that led up to frosted
glass double doors. Angie saw a brass plate to the left of the doors that read “Вертеп

The driver opened the door for her with a smile. Inside there was a space of a few feet
between the glass doors and a set of sturdy looking solid wooden doors. A buzz was heard
and the driver pulled one of the wooden doors open for Angie. She moved down a small set
of wooden stairs into a dark, smoke-filled room. Angie's ears were assaulted by very loud
Russian heavy metal music. Note: at this point Teddy, who was on duty, turned down the
volume on the Angie's speaker. To her left were several men and women sitting in front of a
bar on stools. To the right were some tables, half of them empty and the rest with some men
and women sitting at them. All of the men were wearing black leather jackets with jeans and
leather boots. The women were all dressed, or undressed, like whores and sluts. They were
wearing corsets or tube-tops over short skirts or shorts and dark stockings that led to
outrageous fuck-me heels.

All eyes were on Angie as the driver led her to the back of the club. He was saying something
to her, but the music drowned out what he was saying. He continued leading Angie deeper
into the club. As soon as they passed the speakers, the music volume fell to a dull roar. “…
that's all I have to tell you. Just do as I told 'ya and you'll get along fine.” Angie was about to
tell the driver, who probably had introduced himself, that she hadn't heard a thing. Before she
could, they were at Victor's special table. The driver pulled a chair out for Angie. She sat
down joining Victor as the driver walked to the bar.

Angie smiled at Victor as she sat down, but he wasn't smiling. She was about to ask him
why, but he cut him off. “You're late; don't ever keep me waiting again. I choose you to be my
girl and you must do what I say!” Angie nodded as Victor read her the 'riot-act'. “You are OK,
just be a good girl from now on. Bring the food!” A harried looking waiter wearing a white coat
brought out two plates with a huge steak on each, rare of course, and some buttered
asparagus. Note: Teddy had turned the speaker back up and was able to listen to the pair
chewing and making small talk.

There was vodka after dinner, lots of vodka. Angie didn't, no couldn't, keep up with Victor. She
was three sheets to the wind, while he appeared fresh. “Drink, drink, didn't Ivan talk to you
about being my girl? I like my women to keep up with me,” Victor stared into her blue eyes, in
everything that I do. Do you think you are woman enough to be my woman?” Angie nodded
making large, over-exaggerated head movements. “Good, let us go.” He helped her up and
led her out the back door to the club. Ivan was waiting with the town car.

The car sped back down the same route towards Angie's apartment, but this time slowing
around the curves. The ride would have been much nicer for her, but she was kept very busy
trying to keep Victor's tongue out of her ear and his hands off her body. I hope we get back to
my apartment soon. This guy is too 'hands-on' for me.

Note: It was 11:45 PM, fifteen minutes before Teddy was due to be relieved by Skiff. Teddy
kept looking at his watch, he would wait just five more minutes before he woke Skiff. It was
then that the unfortunate happened; Teddy's narcolepsy reared its ugly head and he went
into 'lala land'.

Angie was glad when Victor's car pulled up in the parking lot next to her apartment. She
jumped out of the car even before the wheels stopped rolling. Victor was right behind her,
taking her arm in his. “Let me walk you to the door, to thank you for your wonderful company.”
Angie gave Victor a quick smile and let him walk her to the door. She didn't know what to do
and instructions were not coming to her.

When they reached the door, Angie thanked Victor for a nice dinner and evening. Victor stood
waiting as Angie unlocked the door. He looked like he was expecting something, so she
asked, “Would you like to come in for a night cap?” Victor didn't answer; he just smiled and
entered her tidy, but small apartment. As Angie shut the door behind her, she was stricken
with the finality of the hollow sound. I feel all alone here. Why aren't they guiding me in what
to do? I remember that if they don't say anything it must be OK.

“I just realized Victor, the only drink I have is some white wine. If you don't want any then I
don't know what to give you.” Angie gasped; the look in Victor's eyes told her just what he
wanted. He moved closer to her, holding his eyes with hers. Angie retreated before Victor
and tried to gain control. “Now Victor, it's late. I really need my beauty sleep. Really Victor,
we've just met each other. Please control yourself.”

“You ask me to control myself, after you have been teasing me with your naked body all
week? You expect me to just go back and go to sleep? After you have teased me all night?”
Victor followed Angie until he had her backed into a corner. “You are my girl, my woman! You
are here to take care of me, your boyfriend, Victor Rostovitch!” He grabbed her shoulders and
looked deep into her blue eyes. His eyes were hard and unrelenting. Angie knew that Victor
would get what he wanted. She let out a sigh, knowing that her future was sealed for the time
she was undercover. Victor heard her sigh and knew it was a signal to go ahead, not that he
needed to wait for one. He spun her around and frog-marched her to the kitchen table. Victor
bent Angie over the table and flipped her dress up. He scowled at her sheer white panties
and ripped them from her body. “Never wear those again. I want you to be always ready for
me!” Victor unzipped his pants and plunged his hard cock deep into Angie's dry hole. She
screamed in pain, but he ignored her and swung his hips, forcibly thrusting in and out of her.

Note: At this time another part of Teddy's narcolepsy kicked in, the hallucinations. Teddy
thought he was at the Kentucky Derby. The race had just started; Teddy could hear the
pounding as the horses struggled around the track. Then the scene changed. It was a pair of
horses in a field, a mare and a stallion. The stallion was servicing the mare. Teddy could
hear the sounds of raw sex, moaning and whinnying.

The pace of Victor's thrusts steadied until the sounds of his balls slapping Angie's ass-
cheeks was a constant sexual rhythm. She was becoming excited now that her juices had
trickled into her cunt making her experience less painful. By the time Victor was just reaching
her stride, Angie was starting to hump back. “I knew you would like it; I always please my
women.” Angie could feel Victor start to swell in her raw pussy. He slammed his rod forward
and held it deep within her while it delivered his hot spooge. Victor seemed to be cumming
and cumming. Spurt after spurt filled her tight cunt until the excess slid down her torso to
coat her rubbery, little pink nub and from there to drip down her shaking leg.

Victor pulled his softening dick from her sopping folds and sprayed a couple of spurts from a
small, plastic atomizer into his open mouth. His hands gripped her shoulders tightly,
spinning her around and forcing her onto her knees. “Quick, take me into your mouth and
suck me hard again. I am not done pleasing you.”

Angie took his slightly larger than average cock into her mouth and began sucking. To her
amazement he began to grow harder immediately. Victor was probably in his mid thirties, he
was displaying an amazing recovery time. Well, he didn't get me off yet, but he doesn't waste
any time getting back into action.

His clutching hands pulled her back to her feet once he was fully hard again. Victor spun
Angie around once again and bent her over the table. His dick was coated with her slimy
saliva, which was good because he plunged it into her small asshole and rocketed it all the
way in. Angie screamed in pain and Victor began fucking her hard. He was pulling his cock
almost all the way out and then slamming it back into her so hard that her tits shook! Victor
had already climaxed once, so his cock was in no hurry to spew. Angie's stretched butt-hole
finally adjusted to Victor's rampaging cock and she was starting to enjoy the cyclic action of
his hard meat violating her cute little ass. Victor fucked her ass until she came, her cum
spilling out from her cunt and lubricating his thrusting rod. They both came together, enjoying
his trip up the 'Hershey Highway'.

Once Victor was done spurting his seed into Angie's barren ass, he pulled out. He looked at
his shrinking dick with disgust. Besides his spooge, it had streaks of fecal matter spread on
his shaft. “Clean this off and make sure you are clean inside and out when you are to be with
me. No, stay clean all of the time, you never know when I'll get that urge.” Angie grabbed a
kitchen towel and wet it in the sink. She cleaned his dick and then dried his cock with a clean
towel. Angie tucked Victor's dry meat away and received a quick kiss on the forehead as he
hurried to leave. “I'll pick you up before lunch tomorrow and take you out shopping. Сука
доброй ночи маленькая (good night little bitch).

Angie stumbled to her bed, too tired and worn out to even change her clothes. She collapsed
onto her bed, her last conscious thought being, I'll shower tomorrow. Luckily Victor had
slammed her door, she passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow and her apartment
wasn't in the best of neighborhoods.

A sore Angie awoke the next morning. She stumbled into the shower. No hot water! Angie
was awake after her cold shower, but still sore. She pulled on a summer dress and walked
next door to the 7-11. Girding herself will a large coffee and a pastry, she walked back home
to wait for Victor. Angie remembered Victor's instructions from the night before and headed to
the bathroom for a thorough douche and enema. She barely had enough time to thrown on
some garish makeup before his car pulled up with a screech. Angie skipped out the door
and slipped into the backseat with Victor. His tongue ravaged her open mouth; his breath
stale and strange tasting. Ivan hit the gas and they were off, hurtling to the mall.

The day shift was back on duty. 'California' scanned the log of last night's events. He couldn't
believe that Victor didn't try to put moves on the delicious Angie, but the night shift had only
reported dinner and drinks at Victor's club. 'California' knew that being invited to the club
meant that Angie was making progress in the investigation. He heard some strange
sloshing noises and made a note to ask her about them.

The black Lincoln Town Car sped toward the Beverly Center. Once they had arrived, Ivan
dropped Victor and Angie off then went to park the car. They took the elevator to the seventh
floor and walked towards the middle of the mall. Angie marveled at the stylish mall. It was
Southern California's premier trendsetting marketplace, featuring over one hundred fifty
distinctive specialty boutiques and restaurants. Victor put his hand under her chin and shut
her astounded mouth. Angie had heard of this mall, many stars frequented it, but had never
been here.

Victor steered Angie past Divine Boutique, Lacosta, several empty shops and DKNY. She
admired the ladies fashions as she passed those shops, then he stopped in front of
Victoria's Secret. “Find yourself some exciting clothes to wear, remember that you will have
no need for panties. The more exotic the clothes the better. I have to pick a few business
items up here.” Angie tried to watch Victor as she found some clothes for herself. She had
made several trips to the checkout counter, dropping off things, when she ran into him in the
lingerie area. It looked like he was trying to corner the market. Victor was grabbing swaths of
baby dolls, nighties, short-short silk robes, etc. He was keeping two attendants busy carting
his choices to the checkout counters. Victor noticed Angie and said, “I'm just shopping for my
girls; help yourself before they are all gone.”

Angie picked out a few lingerie items and thought about what Victor had said. His girls,
hmmm. I might be onto something. Angie walked up to the checkout and marveled at the
many clothes he was going to buy. Victor didn't bat an eye, he just handed a clerk his
American Express card and told her to have everything sent to the pick-up area. He then led
his girlfriend next door to Victoria's Secret Beauty. Angie picked out some fragrances and
beauty items she wanted and brought them to the counter. Victor at first tried to mimic her
then finally shook his head. He went up to the counter and told the woman there to just add
twenty of every item to his purchases. Victor watched while the clerk tried to come to grips
with what he had said, apparently she was new. Victor told her that all items were to go to the
pick-up area and that they had his American Express card next door.

Victor then brought Angie down to Macy's and had her pick out some dresses, skirts and
blouses that showed off her luscious body. Once the shopping was done he called the
driver, who was waiting in the garage, and told him to pick them up. All of their purchases
barely fit in the trunk. Victor then told Ivan where to drive next in Russian, Дом курицы в
Lynwood (The Hen House in Lynwood). After some city driving Angie noticed that they had
pulled into the parking lot of a local motel.

As Victor led Angie to the main room in the motel she could hear women yelling Victor's
name along with some words in Russian. They walked into the main room where the
women were congregating. They were all wearing bits of sexy underwear and clothes that
allowed easy access to their young bodies. Some of them were even naked or top-less.
None of the women appeared older than twenty years old. Victor kept shooing them away as
they would try to get close to him. Finally Ivan and some other men carried the bags in and
let the women go through them.

Victor turned to Angie and handed her a small box containing a specially crafted chocolate.
“Enjoy this tasty morsel, all of my women love my specialty Russian candies. After you eat
this you'll never want anything else.” Angie unwrapped the box and held the chocolate to her
open mouth. A couple of women started fighting over a nightie, which distracted Victor. He
strode over and hit both women on the head. He ripped the nightie in half and gave each of
the two women a piece. At the same time, Angie bit into the chocolate. It was frosted with
some purple icing that tasted terrible. Seeing that Victor was distracted Angie threw it away,
not wanting to anger him, but also not wanting the yucky candy.

Victor turned to see Angie licking her lips. She had eaten the tainted candy! In a few minutes
she will be ready for me to program her thoughts to what I want them to be. Victor led Angie
over to a threadbare couch and sat her down. Angie's eyes were beginning to dilate due to
the small bit of the drug that she had ingested. Victor waited a few minutes, then stared into
her wide open eyes and began to speak to her. “You are now mine and will do everything I
tell you to do. If you are good, when I tire of you, I will get you a room here so you can service
my clients like these other whores I fly in from Russia promising them a new life. They do get
a new life and a new job, working in one of my brothels once they have eaten my chocolate
and been programmed like you. Do you understand?”

Angie said, “Yes” not understanding exactly everything he had said. Why would I need my
own room, I already have my own apartment? Sometimes men are so confusing. Luckily
'California' got everything on tape, later he would run by and check on Angie. He hoped no
permanent harm had been done to her. 'California' listened while Victor continued to speak
low to Angie, almost like he was talking to himself.

“You are a nice lay; I probably won't get tired of you soon. It's a shame that I only smuggle
things into the US, you would be good in the role. I am so clever to think of the way I get the
heroin and diamonds in with my new Russian bitches. Who else would have thought to hide
them in the tampons of menstruating women? I am too clever!” 'California' wrote the
information down, as Victor kept babbling about how smart and strong he was. Victor had
Ivan carry Angie to the car. She'll probably sleep until tomorrow, so I'll have to resort to some
of my sluts to get me through the night. Angie was dropped off in her apartment by Victor,
who then hung out at his club.

'California' drove out to Angie's place after work. It was against procedure, but he had to
check on her. Angie was asleep when 'California' knocked on her door. He was coddling her
like a mother hen, once she let him in. 'California' was finally satisfied that Angie was not
harmed or brain washed. After his 'caring interrogation', she could not get back to sleep.
Angie was hungry, so she ordered a pizza to be delivered. They shared the pizza and
conversation until the wee hours of the morning and got to know each other better. By the
time 'California' left, he had a crush on the undercover blonde bombshell.

Angie showed up at the beach the next morning at her usual time to get her tan worked on.
Victor wasn't there, but she got lots of help putting on suntan oil from the Russian body
builders. Angie went home after sunbathing, just in time to answer a phone call from Victor.
He was taking her out to dinner that night, so he wanted her to wear one of her sexy new
outfits and be ready by eight PM.

She waited outside her apartment tapping her right heel. Where was he, he said eight PM
and I've was out here fifteen minutes early. Now it's ten after and still no word. Angie spun
around in a tight circle making her little black dress making the hem fluff up into the air
displaying her shaved pussy to the world. She realized what she was doing and flushed,
smoothing her dress down.

Just then Victor's Town Car appeared beside her, slamming to a halt. The rear door swung
open and Victor dragged her into the car. It started back up with squealing tires and jumped
back onto the street headed in the opposite direction. They narrowly missed be broad sided
by a mini-van and hurtled through a red light. “Take it easy Ivan, I don't want to be late, but I
don't want to die either!” Angie didn't say anything while she sat there, 'California' had
explained that Victor would expect her to be brainwashed. I don't want to ruin the undercover
work I've done this far.

The Town Car pulled up at Spago, a famous restaurant in LA. Attendants opened the doors
and helped Victor and Angie out of the car. They were then escorted by a hostess to a group
of men sitting at a private table. Victor sat down with Angie next to him. He greeted the other
men, Angie kept her head down, acting her role as a submissive slave, and so she didn't
really see the men. She could; however, hear the uproar at her presence. “What do you
mean bring this skirt to our meeting?” “Yeah, the agreement was us alone.” “I suppose that
you're packing some heat, something else we agreed not to do!”

Victor appeared nonplussed, “Gentlemen, gentlemen. I am not breaking our agreement. She
is no longer a person, just a brainless slut that I brought for entertainment.” He turned to
address Angie. “Angie, get under the table and please these gentlemen. Show them your
oral talents.” Angie was still undercover, so she just played along and slipped under the

The first man started a bit as Angie unzipped him. She gasped as his black cock slipped out
of his fly. Soon sounds of oral pleasure wafted out from under the table. The meeting went
on as Angie gave the hoods each a fantastic blow-job; however, she couldn't hear the details
of the meeting. She hoped that the mike was picking something useful up.

Angie finally scooted out from under the table and took her seat. Victor looked over at her.
“Good job… тупоумная сука (stupid bitch), wipe your face. You think I want to be seen with
some messy cum slut?” Angie wiped the cum off her face, then saw that the men had eaten
while she was busy under the table. I guess Victor thought that since I was swallowing their
spooge, I didn't need anything else to eat.

The meeting was soon over. Handshakes were exchanged between the men and several of
the strangers patted Angie on the head, like she was some sort of pet. To Victor and his
friends I AM a pet. One to be used and then rewarded with a kind word or a kind stroke on my
fur, erm hair. I just hope he doesn't decide I need a flea bath.

Victor called Ivan on his cell phone, ordering the car to be brought to the entrance. The
meeting apparently worked, nobody tried to gun Victor down outside the restaurant. As they
rode back towards Angie's apartment, Victor ran his fingers through her hair as he spoke to
her. “You did real good tonight pet. I needed to have a settlement with these other crime
bosses and your servicing them under the table helped to seal the deal, and I promise there
will be many more times when you will need to help. Don't worry yourself about that; just
know that we're going back to your place so I can reward you.

Ivan dropped them off at Angie's door then went to park the car and wait for Victor. Ivan
sighed; all he ever seemed to do was drive and wait. Victor practically ripped the dress off of
Angie as they entered her apartment. He was so horny after the meeting, between the
possible danger of meeting with his rivals and the thought of his pet sucking all of them to
orgasm, he was rock hard. Victor started to bend Angie over the kitchen table, but she
danced out of his reach and headed to the bathroom. “Be right with you, I need to pee.” Once
in there with the door closed Angie did pee, but she also put lubricant in her pussy and ass-
hole. I'll be ready for his tricks tonight.

Angie strutted up to Victor, ran a slender finger under his chin and bent herself over the table.
“Be right with you pet, I've got your reward right here.” Victor took the atomizer out of his
pocket and shot a couple of out spurts into his mouth. He put the atomizer away and
unzipped his fly. Angie tensed as she her Victor's fly open. She felt the head of his dick
rubbing against her full pussy lips. Victor grabbed Angie's hips and thrust his hard shaft fully
into Angie's naturally dry, but lubricated cunt. He wasted no time, but began fucking her right

She gasped as he acted true to form and didn't allow her to get wet before he pounded her
sex. I'm glad I prepared for his brutal rutting. Angie was just getting used to Victor's constant
pummeling when he suddenly jerked upright and slammed his dick deep into her cunt. She
at first thought he was cumming, but there was no rush of spooge and as a matter of fact his
cock felt like it was loosing its hardness. Victor fell on top of Angie. Her breath rushed out of
her as his entire weight fell on her pressing her flat against the table.

Angie turned her head and saw Victor's lifeless eyes staring at her. She screamed and tried
to lift his dead body off of her. Angie screamed again, louder this time when she realized she
was trapped under the dead Russian mobster. Ivan was the first one that burst into Angie's
apartment. He took one look and then cursed in Russian. Ivan pried Victor's body from Angie
then gently set him on the floor. “I knew this spray Viagra would end up killing him.” It was
then that the uniformed cops from the patrol car burst through the door.

- - - - -

Swirling the cum around in her mouth a couple of times, Angie swallowed then pronounced,
“.15, still not ready Jack. Have a seat and another cup of coffee.” Angie turned to 'California'
who was standing behind the bar. “He's not ready yet, hold onto his keys.” John, the big
black retired sergeant, nodded his understanding and took up a position in front of the
decorative key rack.

Soon after Angie's undercover assignment was abruptly terminated, Angie and 'California'
left the police force and joined with John, a newly retired sergeant, and opened up a strip
club near the beach. The dancers were some of the Russian women that Victor had brain
washed. They had been cured and went to work as strippers for Angie and her partners. The
club was called 'BAC' and Angie tested all the men's Blood Alcohol Content before they got
their keys back. Angie tested the male customers the way she had been trained.

© 2006 msboy8

Msboy8 is a 44 year old disability retired from the US Navy and lives in Western
Massachusetts, in the 'Hill Towns'. He writes both erotic poetry and stories. He plans to keep
his amateur status and write to share with others; doing it for money would just take all the
fun out of it for him.

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