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This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people
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Angie goes on Patrol
by Msboy8

Angie’s tale continues with the assignment of a new boss to take the place of the retired
Captain Durocher.  Needless to say, Angie’s days as a human breathalyzer are over.  What
will she do know?

Ordered to report to Lieutenant Frost, Angie was nervous.  She had heard stories about the
up-and-coming leader and was not looking forward to working under her.  As Angie walked
through the parking lot on her way to see her new boss, she shrugged.  Oh well, I’ve got to
give her a chance.  It’s the least I can do.  

Angie’s careless shrug sent her unencumbered boobs bouncing under her uniform blouse.  
She didn’t remember why Captain Durocher had insisted that she not wear a bra.  The usual
thing happened in the parking lot: Several minor, unreportable accidents, an old woman
made a complaint with the duty sergeant and a universal sprouting of boners of the viewing
male population.  

Lieutenant Frost was not very happy to have Deputy Angie Applegate working for her.  
Besides the far reaching DWI fiasco, they were still trying to find out who had supervised her
training at the Police Academy and there was the fact that the lieutenant was responsible for
the repairs to the squad cars and she was way over budget.  The standing orders not to drive
while Angie was in the parking lot were doing little to help.  

“I’ve got new orders for you Deputy Applegate.  Until the smoke clears from this regrettable
incident between the Mayor’s office and the Force, you’ll be detached to another division in
the O.C. and be assigned to a squad car.  Angie was overjoyed to be going back into the field
and cleared out her work locker to move her stuff to her new assignment.  

Angie was pondering her new assignment.  O.C. that must be the Orange Coast like on that
TV show.  Angie spent her day off at the library trying to find the Orange Coast on a map.  She
was confused and frustrated when she left the library.  The only map with California colored
orange was a map of the entire United States and it did not mention the ‘Orange Coast’.  
Luckily Lieutenant Frost gave her the address to report to.  

Not wanting to be late on her first day, Angie arrived a full hour before she was due to arrive.  
She was wearing her civvies which was a tank-top and a pair of short-shorts.  As a result of
her crossing the parking lot at her new duty station, not wearing a bra as usual, there were no
accidents. The only incidents involved a flock of wild birds, which spontaneously started
mating and the night duty sergeant spilling his coffee.  No birds were harmed during this
incident and the sergeant is expected to make a full recovery and should be back on duty
soon, after making a full recovery from his 3rd degree burns.

Deputy Applegate entered the station through the side entrance which was left ajar by the
scalded duty sergeant as he hurried to get to a First Aid kit.  Angie had never been here
before and didn’t realize that the locker room was used only by the men, women never having
been assigned to this station.  She stowed her gear in an empty locker, she donned her
uniform including her utility belt with out a pistol and waited outside Captain Rooney’s office.  
When he arrived, Angie leapt to attention, trying to impress her new boss.  She succeeded!  
Luckily his coffee was in a travel mug, which minimized the spillage.  He told her to sit down
and relax.  Captain Rooney then disappeared into his office.  When he came out ten minutes
later, his shoes were shined, his hair combed and he was wearing a big smile.  He ushered
his new deputy into his office then read her personnel jacket.  He was pleasantly surprised to
see that her Police Academy photo had been replaced with a full body nude photo of her.  He
was committing her photo to memory when he mumbled, “I see where we have to issue you
a firearm, but with the pair of big guns you’ve got, I don’t see why.”  Angie did not know what
her new boss meant.  She just sighed thinking it was a compliment.  The captain cleared his
throat and got down to business.  “You’ll be paired with Sergeant Cook.  He’s a good man, a
hard one, but a good one.  I’m sure that you’ll work together well.  You’ll find him waiting for
you in the Ready Room.  Just give him all you’ve got and he won’t find you lacking.”  He shook
her hand and dismissed her while seated at his desk.  I would stand, but I don’t want to
scare her with my hard-on.  

Angie walked into the Ready Room looking for Sergeant Cook.  Both deputies watched her
as she entered.  They weren’t used to seeing female deputies, much less one as fine as
Angie.  The only other occupant was a tall, black sergeant reading dispatches.  Angie walked
over to him, the deputies heads bobbing as she did.  The sergeant looked with distain at the
antics of the two deputies and growled at them.  They both dropped their heads in
embarrassment.  The sergeant returned to reading the dispatch, Angie tip-toed the rest of the
way to the sergeant.  “Sergeant Cook? I’m Deputy Applegate; I’m supposed to report to you
for duty.”  The sergeant finished reading the dispatch and turned to look down at her.  Angie
couldn’t hold his gaze and instead looked down at his shiny boots.  

The sergeant looked Angie up and down, from her long, blonde hair to her patent-leather two
inch pumps.  “Well, you’ll have to do. I understand that you graduated from the Police
Academy and your first assignment did not require you to have a weapon?”  Angie mutely
nodded yes.  “Come on, we’re wasting time.  Follow me to the armory.”  The sergeant took
long strides as he led the way.  This forced Angie to rush to keep up with him.  Needless to
say, the bouncing was first rate.  

Sergeant Cook reached the steel shuttered window of the armory a few paces ahead of
Angie.  Both the armory officer and the sergeant were watching as Angie bounced up to the
armory.  Sergeant Cook shook his head in disregard.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like big
bouncing boobies, he just believed that everything had it’s time and place, this was not
either.  The armory officer just stood and stared, his mouth wide open.  “You’d better close
that before something flies out.  We’re here to get this deputy a weapon.  Get moving!” The
armory officer shook his head like he was waking up from a trance.  He shut his mouth and
got her a .357 caliber pistol from the rack.  His hands were shaking as he handed her the
pistol and seventeen bullets.  Sergeant Cook said, “I’ll replace any rounds used, if the need
arises.”  The tone in which the sergeant spoke, told Angie that there better be a good reason
for any of her rounds to need replacing.  She almost dropped her pistol while putting it into
her new looking holster.  “You have handled a weapon before deputy?”

Angie thought back to her issued shotgun at C.A.M.P. and replied “Yes sergeant. I won’t need
to use it much, will I sergeant?”  Angie’s concern was evident in her voice.  Sergeant Cook
was happy that she wasn’t a gun-happy type of deputy.  Duty at their station took restraint and
understanding.  Sergeant Cook and Deputy Applegate went back to the Ready Room.

“I’m glad to hear that you ask deputy.  A gun is not something to take for granted.  I’ve never
had to draw my weapon the five years I’ve been stationed here, but I’ve always got it ready.  
Speaking of which, you better load your pistol, with five rounds keeping the chamber under
the firing pin empty, and put the other twelve rounds in the loops on your utility belt.  “As Angie
forced the rounds into her belt loops, the sergeant told her that she needed to get some
saddle soap and condition her belt.  “It’s too stiff.  The utility belt should hang tight on your
hips, like a second skin.”  Her partner pictured what he was saying and quickly changed the
subject.  “OK now, hit the john, so we don’t have to stop somewhere.  Cook knew that his
new partner would not be able to use a convenient bush while on patrol.  Angie started to
walk to the locker room which was on the other side of the station.  He pointed to the ladies
room, which was in the opposite direction.  Angie saw that it was closer and went there
instead.  The sergeant just assumed that she was lost and needed to get used to the

With the sergeant driving, they were finally on patrol.  Angie was so excited, watching the
palm trees and beautiful houses going by, actually being on patrol with a loaded weapon.  
She was even more excited when a call came over the radio about possible shots being fired
on Lookout Point, and Sergeant Cook responding saying that their unit would handle the
situation.  What she didn’t hear was the sergeant saying under his breath that the incident
was just probably some kids with fire crackers.  Angie coed, “Ooohh I love the Orange Coast.  

Sergeant Cook looked over Angie in disbelief.  Nobody could be that clueless.  “That’s
Orange County, Deputy Applegate!  They pulled into the parking lot at Lookout Point. Sergeant
Cook spotted what looked like the residue of firecrackers and got out of the car.  It was
firecrackers.  He called Angie over to look at the burnt paper residue, not noticing that she
warily had her hand on her pistol.  At the same time a couple of delinquents set off a couple
of M-40s (super firecrackers) behind them.  Angie spun around drawing her gun and firing a
shot over the kid’s heads.

Three things then happened in rapid succession: The delinquents yelled and peddled off on
their bikes, Sergeant Cook dived for cover and pulled his weapon and Angie dropped her
revolver and kept repeating, “It just went off, it just went off.”

Sergeant Cook finally scrambled over to where Angie was.  He heard what she was saying
and bristled.  “You fired that shot?  You made me think that we were under fire?”  Sergeant
Cook walked to the car and radioed, “Code Four, it was just some kids with fire crackers.”  
The station acknowledged and he walked back to Angie.  She was slumped over, so
Sergeant Cook pulled Angie upright and held her until she could stand on her own.  He
picked up her weapon and emptied the chamber putting the rounds into his pocket.  
Sergeant Cook holstered Angie’s now empty weapon in her holster and guided her back to
the patrol car.

Sergeant Cook stared her straight in the eye and read her the riot act.  “I have been in this
garden spot for five years, it took me ten years to get here and I want to retire from here.  My
dreams are not going to be side tracked by anyone, anyone!  Do you understand what I’m
saying?” Angie nodded her head signifying yes.  “There will be some changes you are going
to ensure happen.  You will make sure that your revolver is kept in a safe or a lock box when
you are not carrying it.  You will never load your weapon, unless I tell you to do so.  If I tell you
to load it, you will make sure that I am not drunk and in my right mind.”  

“You will wear your working shoes while on duty.  How did you expect to run in those heels?  
You will also wear a bra under your uniform blouse.  You are distracting enough with out any
help.  One last thing, you will wear a Kevlar vest at all times.  Never let me see you with out it.  
Any questions deputy?

Angie thought for a moment then asked, “If I don’t have any bullets in my gun then why do I
need a bullet proof vest?”  The sergeant just stared at her until she answered.  “Just in case I
get out of hand and you decide to shoot me right?”  Sergeant Cook sagely nodded his head

They stopped by the station to get Angie a vest.  The rest of the patrol was uneventful.  
Sergeant Cook dropped her off at her car at the end of their shift.  “See you tomorrow at roll
call.  That’s at 0730, if no one told you.”

- - - - -

Angie dressed in a different tank top and shorts to go to work the next day.  As she was
wearing her Kevlar vest over the tank top she didn’t cause much of a ruckus as she walked
across the parking lot.  Her uniform was on a hanger, just back from the dry cleaner.  She
also carried her work shoes, utility belt and demi-bra in a tote bag.

She went through the side door and stepped into the locker room, intending to change and
stow her civvies in her locker.  This time the room was full, full of men who were in various
staged of undress, including her sergeant naked and sporting a semi hard-on.  Angie fled
from a series of cat calls from the locker room, dropping her dry cleaning on the floor.  

Sergeant Cook, now fully dressed in his uniform, found an embarrassed Angie in the break
room.  “I suppose no one told you of the ladies locker room in the back of the ladies room.  
Get dressed and into the Ready Room by 0730, in five minutes.  And you don’t have to wear
your Kevlar vest with your civvies.”  

Angie entered the Ready Room and received a standing ovation.  She flushed red with
embarrassment.  Sergeant Cook finally quieted the crowd down.  Captain Rooney entered
the room and gave the assembled police men a briefing on the current wants and warrants.
He dismissed them and headed back to his office.  

Sergeant Cook and Deputy Applegate were on patrol when a call came on the radio about a
shoplifting at a 7-11 near them.  They responded to the call.  Sergeant Cook told Angie to stay
in the car and listen to the radio.  He suspected that it was just some delinquent rich kids.  
The sergeant would make them pay for the merchandise and smooth everything out.  

Angie was alone in the squad car when somebody ran a red light and crashed into a lamp
pole in front of her.  She called the incident in and requested an ambulance and a tow truck.  
Angie left the squad car and went to check the occupant(s) of the wrecked car.  She found
only a male driver in the car.  She thought she recognized him.  He looked like the current
‘bad-boy’ of Hollywood.  Angie also saw empty liquor bottles on the passenger side floor.  
The driver looked OK, except for a cut above his left eye, and was mumbling about some girl.  
“Do I have your permission to check your Blood Alcohol Level sir?”  The obviously intoxicated
man nodded yes to her question.  Angie checked her Utility belt for her BAL testing device.  
Damn, it’s missing.  Oh well, there’s always the way I was taught.  

Angie knelt down in front of the driver.  She unzipped his pants and found that he was ‘going
commando’.  “Just relax sir; I’m going to determine your BAL from your ejaculate.”  Angie
fished out his cock and gently took it into her mouth.  She closed her eyes as she began
sucking and running her tongue along the bottom of his dick.  That is why she didn’t see the
paparazzi taking pictures of her handiwork.

Sergeant Cook came running up having handled the shop lifting incident at the 7-11.  The
paparazzi quickly fled the scene and the sergeant was unable to catch him.  Angie received
the suspects cum and pronounced “.18” before she swallowed and opened her eyes to see
a crying Sergeant Cook and an ambulance arriving.  The EMTs quickly spirited away the
injured driver to the local hospital.  

“Get in the squad car.” were Sergeant Cook’s only words to Angie.  The ride back to the
station was very quiet.  The sergeant told Angie to stay in the car and went in to brief the
lieutenant before the pictures hit the news.  After a while Angie saw Sergeant Cook walking
back to the squad car.  She checked to make sure that she had her Kevlar vest on properly.  
The sergeant entered the squad car and sat in the driver’s seat for a long while.

He finally spoke to Angie in an emotionless, dead voice.  “Go home and don’t answer the
telephone.  We are not to talk to any reporters.  I’ll pick you up at your apartment tomorrow
and we’ll proceed to our new assignment.”  The sergeant started to sob as he said the next
words.  “We’ve been assigned as ‘experts’ on police procedure at Saddleback College and I’
ve been reduced to a Deputy Sergeant.  

Lieutenant Frost put down the newspaper with the article of the fellatio incident. She could
clearly recognize the back of Deputy Applegate’s head as she bent over the movie stars lap.  I
knew that girl was trouble; I must remember to send Captain Rooney a condolence card.  

Msboy8 is a 44 year old disability retired from the US Navy and lives in Western
Massachusetts, in the 'Hill Towns'. He writes both erotic poetry and stories. He plans to keep
his amateur status and write to share with others; doing it for money would just take all the
fun out of it for him.

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