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This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people is
merely a coincidence.  This story may not be used for wrapping fish or any other commercial
endeavor without the author’s expressed permission.

Angie goes to C.A.M.P.
by Msboy8

“Oh no, not another one.” Angie moaned.  Her boss, Captain Durocher had just stuck his head into
her office.  Ever since she had expressed an interest in getting more involved in her work at the
police department, Deputy Angie Applegate had regretted it.  True, she did more than just office work,
but it’s not something to brag about or even talk about.  It’s not like I can say, “I know what you mean,
I find the ability to determine a guys Blood Alcohol Level by giving him a blow job, very satisfying.

It was not an empty boast either.  Angie had spent many weeks tasting cum in order to become
almost better than the breathalyzer.  True, they still had to verify the results with the approved
laboratory tests, but she was very skilled at her job.  No wonder they call me the blow-job queen of
the academy.  I have sucked so many dicks that it can be very boring.

It was Captain Durocher that had come up with the plan that kept Angie busy at work.  Men would be
‘suspected’ of D.U.I. and would be tested by Angie.  Actually they were johns who paid Captain
Durocher or city officials that he owed a favor to.  He made sure that Angie only had to do a few each
day and had the men act the proper role.  Above all, she had to be always shown respect and never
treated like a slut or a whore.  Captain Durocher did not want any of the men ruining his set-up.  

He motioned Angie to follow him to the DUI testing room.  A man was already sitting in the Formica
desk/chair used normally for drawing blood.  Annie knelt in front of the man and unzipped his pants,
then pulled his cock out.  It was already semi-erect, twitching as Angie held it.  She could already tell
that he had been drinking; she smelled it on his breath.  Angie resigned herself to the task, not
always disagreeable, and took his cock in her mouth.  To her surprise, his cock was reasonably
clean, and she undertook her assigned task with relish.  Angie’s tongue massaged the underside of
the fat dick in her mouth.  The man moaned as her experienced mouth worked its magic on his
throbbing organ.

The man’s dick finally spat its tasty spooge into Angie’s mouth.  She swished the cum in her mouth.
Angie swallowed and pronounced one point eight.  “You can verify that with a blood test, but I’m sure
that I’m right.”  Angie left the lab stopping by the bathroom to flush her mouth with mouth wash.  
Captain Durocher took the folded bills from the man and ushered him out, another satisfied

The captain sat at his desk pondering the problems that Angie had with her ‘police career’.  She
becoming disillusioned with the impact she thought she was making on the ‘criminal stain’ that
blemished her beloved California.  He shuffled through some papers on his desk.  One of the
papers caught his attention, “C.A.M.P. – Come North to fight the scourge of drugs.”  What followed
was a detailed description of the Campaign Against Marijuana Program.  That might do it.  It’ll get us
out of the heat and provide Angie with a different experience.

Captain Durocher called Angie into his office.  “I’ve just made arrangements for us to go up to C.A.M.
P. in a month’s time for a week.  You should enjoy doing something different as a police officer.  Get
you out in the field, so to speak.  So, what do you think? It’s not active patrol work, but it’s the next
best thing.”

Angie thought for a moment and then clicked her tongue.  “I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline sir.  
As important as it is providing security and guidance to children away from home, that’s not what I
joined the Sheriff’s Department for.  

The captain looked puzzled for a moment.  No, not camp, C.A.M.P. the Campaign Against Marijuana
Program.  Raiding fields and processing plants of marijuana.  You know recreational, but illegal,
drugs.  We help the C.A.M.P. officers make sure that people only get their escapes from reality from
approved legal means.  We will be going up to Humboldt County in Northern California, the
marijuana growing capital of the United States.  We will get to help confiscate the prepared product,
arrest people and even set some fields on fire.  
Before you ask, yes, you’ll get a gun.

Angie yelled and hugged her captain.  “Thank you, thank you so much Captain, I won’t let you down!”  
Angie was bouncing up and down while she hugged Captain Durocher.  He tried to untangle himself
from her ‘Happy Dance’.  He was afraid she would give him a black eye or worse with her
ponderous, bouncing melons.

Three weeks passed, Angie didn’t complain even when her duties increased two-fold.  Captain
Durocher approached, his face looking strange, disappointed, yet some how elated.  “I’ve got some
bad news.”  Angie’s face fell; she knew that this was too good to be true.  “Don’t worry, we’re still
going.  But the budget is over stretched; we’ll have to share a motel room.  And, by the way, I sleep

Angie thought about it, well, there’s nothing I can do about that and I do so want to go.  Looks like I
won’t be able to sleep the way I usually do hehehe.  At least we’ll have separate beds and I know the
captain wouldn’t take advantage of a situation he had no control over.  Angie’s face brightened up.  “I’
m sure that we can be professional about this sir.”

- - - - -

The day of their departure arrived.  Unfortunately the department could only afford to rent an economy
size car and a standard at that.  Since Angie couldn’t drive a stick, the captain was at the wheel.  That
wouldn’t have been bad except he kept missing the stick and grabbing Angie’s thigh instead.  
Needless to say she was hot and bothered by the time they reached the motel in Eureka.  

Captain Durocher went to get the room key while Angie waited in the car.  The captain seemed to be
in an upbeat mood, despite the long drive they had undergone.  He opened the door while she
unpacked the car.  Angie was carrying both suitcases into the rather small room when she saw the
single bed.  It can’t be!  He sleeps naked!  Angie was so stricken at the sight that she dropped the
cases and they both popped open, spreading and mixing the contents on the floor.

It was a major screw-up, at least to Angie.  Her thongs were mixed with his boxers, her stockings
with his socks.  She was blushing bright red as she struggled to sort it out.  Worst of all, she came
across an anal vibrator and a vibrating egg!  Angie was sure that she had left them at home, but
stashed them in her suitcase before she had to make an explanation to her boss.  Captain Durocher
look on very amused as Angie sorted out the spillage.  He noticed that she had put the egg in her
bag, but he still had the control in his suit pocket.  More fun possibilities for later.  

They went to a local seafood restaurant for dinner.  The captain ordered a lot of oysters for them both,
explaining to Angie that they would need the energy for the time ahead.  The sun was just going
down as they pulled back into the motel parking lot.  Captain Durocher just sat there looking at the
setting sun, a tear trickling down his face.  Angie noticed he wasn’t getting out of the car and asked
him what was wrong.  “Sorry Angie, that sunset reminded me of my dear departed wife and the joy
we had together.  I’ll try not to go to pieces on you.”  Angie told him that it was alright and helped him
make his way into the room, his sobbing face pressed firmly into her comforting chest.  For her part,
Angie was aghast.  She hadn’t even known that her boss was married, never mind widowed!

Angie helped her captain to lie on the bed then went into the small bathroom to freshen up.  When
she came out of the bathroom, Angie found the lights off and Captain Durocher already under the
covers.  “I’m all broken up thinking of Dorine, my dearly departed wife *sob*, so I think that I’ll just try
to get to sleep.  Angie shrugged her shoulders and got her baby doll nightie from her suitcase.  She
went into the bathroom to change, being ever respectable.  When Angie emerged from the bathroom,
she left the light on and the door open a crack.  Captain Durocher’s eyes popped out when he saw
her sultry form.

As Angie slid under the covers, it was obvious that her boss was naked.  She tried not to touch him,
lying on her back almost off her side of the single bed.  Captain Durocher, who apparently didn’t
realize he was lying in the center of the bed, tossed and turned, apparently unable to get to sleep.  
“Angie, I have a favor to ask.  You have awakened memories of my Dorine in my soul.  We always
slept together naked and I fear I will be unable to sleep, and thus make a poor addition to the C.A.M.
P. team, unless you also sleep in the nude.”

Well, seeing it’s for our honor and I usually sleep in the nude anyway, why not?  “OK captain, I’ll do it.  
Don’t peek now.”  Angie slid out of bed and removed her nightie and thong with her back to the bed.  
Of course, Captain Durocher, being the red-blooded American male, watched her every movement.  
Angie slid under the covers trying to maintain her precarious position on the edge of the bed.  Her
boss gave a contented sigh and started breathing like he was going to sleep.  

Angie was almost asleep when her boss mumbled in his sleep and rolled over, his left arm draping
over her voluptuous naked body.  Angie froze caught between disbelief and terror.  Captain Durocher
just lay there with his arm wrapped around her.  He must be dreaming of his dead wife.  

After a few minutes, Angie once again became relaxed and was about to drop off to sleep when her
naked boss mumbled and shifted again.  This time he rolled onto his side and Angie was pulled
onto her side and tight against his crotch.  His dick was hard and thrust between her legs and under
her shaved pussy.  My, the captain is certainly well endowed.  I hope his subconscious mind doesn’t
get any ideas.  If he does have sex with me while thinking about his dead wife is that necrophilia?  I
hope not, I’m a good girl.

The captain’s hand wandered up to her chest and started fondling her impressive boobs.  Angie
could not resist, she was beginning to get wet.  Her last thought before Captain Durocher plunged
his hard cock into her lubricated pussy was, Oh god, the things I do for the Force.  Angie’s captain
rode her sexy ass into the wee hours of the morning until they passed out, sexually sated.

Angie woke up early.  Ewwww, a wet spot. I hate sleeping in the wet spot.  Then Angie realized why
there was a wet spot.  Will the captain remember what happened last night?  I’d better assume that
he won’t remember, unless he says something.  I better get cleaned up before he wakes up.  Angie
took a quick shower and got dressed.  She was sitting at the small table when Captain Durocher
yawned and sat up with a smile on his face.  “Wow I had the strangest dreams.”  He swung his feet
to the floor. Angie knew what was next and muttered something about going to get coffee.  She got
up and made for the door, but she was too late.  She’d already been flashed.  Captain Durocher was
in fine form, sporting a piss hard-on.

When Angie returned with coffee and donuts her boss already had his pants on.  Angie breathed a
sigh of relief.  He obviously doesn’t remember last night.  He does have a buff chest though; it’s nice
to see it in daylight.  Captain Durocher put on his uniform shirt and smiled.  He had seen Angie
admiring his physique.  He smiled and grabbed a cup of coffee and a doughnut.  

They waited outside the hotel room for their ride.  This trip is going nicely. I should be able to have
sex all week.  They were picked by the C.A.M.P. team and Angie did get her weapon, a 12 gauge shot
gun.  They drove to the first search area and Angie managed to keep the shot gun for about five
minutes, it was taken away without prejudice after she almost blew the team leaders head off.  

The rest of the week passed without incident, if you don’t count all the sex that the pair had.  Angie
was going to bed naked and even starting the intimacy and by the end of the week she was calling
him Larry.  The entire trip back he kept his hand on her thigh, and he didn’t even have to fake missing
the gear shift.

Everything would have been great, including a record haul on pot, except for the fact that while they
were gone a drunken mayoral aide caused a ruckus in the police station by demanding a
breathalyzer test.  A test conducted by Deputy Angie, as a matter of fact.  Further investigation
revealed the scam by Captain Durocher, who was quietly retired.  Hearing that Mrs. Durocher was
going to be there, Angie wisely decided not to attend.  She did; however, send a get well card to
Captain Durocher wishing him good luck with his delusional problem.

Msboy8 is a 44 year old disability retired from the US Navy and lives in Western Massachusetts, in
the 'Hill Towns'. He writes both erotic poetry and stories. He plans to keep his amateur status and
write to share with others; doing it for money would just take all the fun out of it for

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Angie Goes To C.A.M.P.
©2006 by Msboy8
All Rights Reserved