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by M. Earl Smith

It was rare, seeing you this angry. Fact is, I don't ever recall seeing you as pissed off as you were at that
moment. I was sitting in my office, a small rented space that a publishing house in Cincy had provided me
over the summer. I was supposed to be scouting out new talent. But the pickings were slim. The job was, in
fact, an excuse to get out of Philadelphia for the summer, and to be close to you again.

As you paced around my office, raving like I could never imagine you doing, I have to admit, I was kind of
turned on. I was used to quiet, reserved, happy Angel, but this? Perhaps this was all of the craziness my
friends had warned me about. As you went on and on, it occurred to me that I was rock hard, and I soon
tuned out your shouting to stare holes into what you were wearing. No, that was not completely true. I was
imagining it on my office floor.

You must have noticed my daydreaming because, out of nowhere, you slapped me, hard, across the face.  
I looked up, too startled to even feel my face, and growled a little. You started talking about your problem
again, and I decided to end all discussion. As you talked, I went over and pulled the blinds shut, and then
locked the door. You didn't notice. I punched a button to hold my calls, and then tossed my cell phone in a
drawer. You still didn't notice. I, however, was going to have your attention soon enough.

With a growl, I kissed you, practically shoving my tongue in your mouth. You seemed surprised, yet the
kiss was returned, with, perhaps, just as much anger as you had just shown. After this went on for a few
minutes, you pushed me away. You started ranting again! Your eyes, however, were on me, and who
could blame you? I was standing there, in a black suit, complete with a black tie and gold cuff links, links
which I slowly undid and tossed on my desk. My tie followed, and your voice trailed off as I slowly,
deliberately unknotted it and tossed it onto a lamp.

I took a couple of deliberate steps towards you, grabbing your wrists up in mine. I walked you back slowly,
one agonizing step at a time, until I had you pinned against the wall. I kissed you again, this time in much
the same manner, before pulling back, biting your lip as I did so. You in one of the more aggressive moves
I could remember, reach forward and grabbed my cock, squeezing my package for a second before you
started working it in rough strokes. The fact that you had pulled away from my grip was amazing enough,
but I took the moment to use my free hand to take your ponytail, pulling your head back so that I could
attack your neck. You growled in frustration, and pulled your other hand free, to pull me closer and dig
your nails into my back.

It's been often said that there is a fine line between violence and sex, and it was not a place I desired to go
to. That being said, angry sex is often quite fun, and this time would be no exception. As I attacked your
neck, you worked your hands free and unbuckled my belt before trying to unbutton my pants. When they
did not give to your wishes right away, you snarled, and pulled them open with a yank that popped both
the button and the zipper. As they fell, I sneered and clasped both of your ass cheeks in my hands, lifting
you up and pinning you against the wall. Your shorts and panties soon hit the floor, and your foot snaked
around to pull my boxers down.

Supporting you with one arm, I took your hand in my face, forcing you to look me in the eyes. We were
both pissed off, we were both frustrated, and we both wanted to watch the world burn. Instead of getting
the matches, however, I lowered your wet, throbbing pussy onto my hardened dick. As I held your gaze to
mine, I attacked with rough, frenzied strokes, making sure to fuck you in a way that expressed how
frustrated I was without actually being rough with you.

You seemed receptive to this, as you locked your lips on mine and pressed your palms flat to the wall,
working yourself up and down on my shaft. You started dripping, and I could feel myself swell in you, but
you decided the fun wasn't over yet. You pushed off of the wall, off of my cock, and found your feet.
Pacing angrily over to my desk, you removed everything off of its surface with a sweep of your arm. As I
licked my lips and watched with glee, you pulled my tie from the lamp and wrapped it around my neck,
pulling me over to my desk. With a grin, you shoved me down on it and climbed on, using a hand to press
into my chest as you inserted my cock back inside of you.

I inclined my head and bit softly at your nipples (your shirt had come off at some point) as you rode my
cock like there was no tomorrow. Your pumping and thrusting grew frenzied, and I knew you would soon
come. A loud, primal shriek escaped your lips as you emptied yourself all over my cock, and it was only
then that I reached up, gathering your ass in my hands to frantically work your hips far down onto my cock.
With a shout of my own, I emptied myself into you, shaking for several moments as you fell forward onto
my chest, sated and content.

We lay there in a sweating, heaving, tangled mess for several moments before I chuckled and bit your ear.
"What were you so pissed about?"
You laughed. "I have no idea."