Angry Sex
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist

Angry Sex
by WC Porter

She stood at his door unsure of her next plan of action. It was out of character for
her to do these things; show up announced late in the evening. And she wasn't
even certain he would be home, or if he was, alone. She had always known there
were others. But she liked to think she was number one, the best one. But they'd
not been on good terms lately. He had been pissing her off, overly filling his role
of tactful player. What turned her on from the beginning was now the one and
only thing she wished he put to bed, at least once and awhile. And yet she knew
this was wishful thinking…

She stood like this for quite sometime, her heart pounding in her chest; her fist
ready to knock at any moment. When that moment would be however, she was
again, unsure.

Finally she bit her lip and did it; rapped on the door a half dozen times, her over
sized coast sleeve draped over her knuckles.  After a few minutes she heard
footsteps shuffling to the door, unlocking it and opening. There he stood in all his
foul, asshole glory, sweats baggy and bad ass glare. God that shit turned her on.
She could feel her panties getting wet already.

He stared, she stared. They glared.

"Well," he said, "what can I do for you?"

Only at that moment did she realize she'd been holding her breath the whole
time. She inhaled sharply and looked away. "I have something to tell you" she

He said nothing, but an eyebrow was raised.

For all the things she wanted to say, she knew it was pointless. How did that
sonofabitch say? Ah yes, actions speak louder than words. She had the urge to
slap him across the face just then but thought better of it and instead chose
another plan of action.

"Move" she demanded.


"I said move." She marched in the door and took off her coat, then her shoes; but
did not stop there.

He watched her take off her shirt, her pants, until she stood in her bra and
panties. They were black thongs. Her body was sick, tanned and toned, her
breasts full and firm, and her ass tight as a drum; a body he has seen at least a
dozen times before but never grew tired of watching. She walked over to him then
and began to remove his clothes. She ripped his sweats down and keeled; taking
his hard dick in her hands. Back and forth, up and down she stroked, the entire
time her eyes locked on his.

There was nothing he wanted more at that moment then his dick in her mouth,
but she teased; would move in then away just before her lips touched. It drove
him crazy. But finally she closed her mouth around; it was throbbing now. Her
tongue could do things he had never seen. It was all he could do not to bust a
nut down her throat. She sucked and licked and ran her hands up and down
back forth.

Finally he could take it no longer; he grabber her and pulled her up.

"Turn around" he said.

As she did he unclasped her bra and ripped her panties down her thighs, hot
and juicy wet.

He bent her over his expensive leather couch and pushed his dick inside her. No
girl he had ever fucked had a pussy as good as hers. It was so tight and soft, wet
on command. As always she did not disappoint.

She groaned and grabbed the edge of the couch, her head bent, and her hair
cascading down the pillows. In and out he pounded against her tight ass,
relishing it the clapping with each hit her made against her thighs. Her moans
became louder and faster, her body tense, her succulent breasts slapping
against the back of the couch. He grabbed her shoulder and went deeper and

She felt like she would explode, yes, actions were better than words. Her nails
dug into the leather pillows; she screamed.

"I want to fuck you on top" she gasped. He pulled out of her, his dick dripping wet
from her swollen pussy; it was throbbing. He sat on the couch and she jumped on
top of him and began to ride him as if her life depended on it. In and out she
pumped, rocking back and forth; her hands grabbed the back of his head and
she pulled him into her. He put his mouth on her breast, sucking and biting. This
drove her wild and her heart raced.

Faster and harder she rode him until she was shaking. She could feel it coming
and knew it would be one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. Her
breaths were sharp and quick as she felt it coming closer.

"Oh…Oh, oh my God, I'm…I'm going to……oh fuck, FUCK!  I'm
cooooommmmming!!" She screamed and felt the warm wash over her, as all her
blood rushed down to her throbbing pussy. Nothing had ever felt so good.

He could feel her coming and at that point could hold his own no longer.

"Oh SHIT!" He roared.

They climaxed simultaneously, something so ridiculous he nearly blacked out.
For a minute thereafter she continued to pump and he thrust both of them
panting and shaking, drenched in sweat.  She raked her hands over his chest
and shoulders as the shudders subsided, her eyes locked on his.

She had forgotten what she had been so upset about now and began to giggle
as she could think of nothing else to say; no other man could produce such
emotions of her.

"So, what did you have to tell me?" he asked, still out of breath.

"I decided I prefer angry sex" she said, then paused.

"So you're ready to go again, then?"

She said nothing but rather climbed off and walked into the bathroom and turned
on the shower, looking back at him. He stood and followed her in, shutting the
door behind them both.

© 2008 WC Porter