A Night To Remember
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

A Night To Remember
Written by Ami

Daniel ordered another bottle of drink as he admire this beautiful,black and busty lady who was sitting all
alone two seats away from him in the bar. He is single, white and handsome with an height of 6'0". He
frequents this bar most evenings on his way back from work.

He walked over to her seat and sat facing her. She was busy smiling and staring at the LCD of her mobile
phone. "Hi, I'm Daniel, but you can call me Dan," he whisper to her. "Hey, I'm Shirley, it's a pleasure to meet
you," she replied. Shirley is single, black, beautiful and busty with an height of 5'4". She is at the bar for a date
but her date failed to show up.

As they get to know themselves, she seems to be interested in him. She has just recently move to the area
and she has never had any encounter with a white male before. He decided to give her a ride home as they
leave the bar because she didn't drive a car to the bar.

The parking lot look so dark as they walk towards his car. He was constantly staring at her breasts on her
chest. He hop inside his car and open the passenger door for her so she can get inside. He put on his seat
belt and ask her to put on her seat belt as well.

The shape of her breast which was divided by the seat belt caught his attention as he was about to switch on
the ignition. "Damn!!! you've got some nice breasts" he said jokingly. She laugh and ask him if he want some
of it. "I don't mind" he replied. Oh well, come get it then she said. He smiled widely and took off his seat belt so
he can have full access to explore her breasts.

He bent over to her seat, palmed her left breast with his left hand. He felt himself start to get an erection. He
shifted the blouse she was wearing and his left hand of her bra down her left shoulder with his left hand. Her
big well rounded left breast with a pointy brown nipple bulges out. He grab it with his left hand, massage and
squeeze it as he pinched her nipple.

She jerks and trembles to his actions. She responded by moving her right hand towards his thigh. She reach
for his trousers belt, unlock it and unbutton his trousers. She roll down his zipper and bring out his already
erected penis with her right hand. She grab his penis and began to stroke it up and down.

He placed his mouth on her left nipple, circle his tongue around it and bite it gently. She screams with a low
voice as she stroke his penis up and down very fast. He move his head towards her face, plant his mouth on
her lip and pushes his tongue inside her mouth.

They start kissing with their tongues fighting against each other. He called himself to order, stop kissing her
and whisper in her ear "I live nearby, lets go to my place". She nodded her head and adjusted her clothing
while he zipped his trouser, button and lock his belt.

He started the ignition of the car and they drove off. They arrived at his apartment within a few minutes. He
lead the way, open the entrance door and Shirley who is still very horny knelt in front of him. He unlock his belt
again, roll down his trousers and boxer shorts then grab his penis with her right hand.

"I want us to continue from where we stopped" she said as she stroke his penis, it start getting erected. She
lick around his penis which is now erected, placed its tip inside her mouth and swallow all full length of it. He
hurriedly remove his shirt and help her undress by removing her blouse and unlocking her bra.

She stood up, unlock her trousers and roll it down along with her panties. She got on her knees and continue
licking his penis. Her big breasts dances around her chest. He rub his right hand around her back. He grab his
penis with his right hand and sat on the couch which is behind them.

She rested her back on the couch and spread her legs wide open. He moved closer with his hand still
grabbing his penis, he wipes his penis on the entrance of her pussy a few times before inserting it into her
pussy which is already very wet. He push his penis in and out of her pussy while he raise her left leg up with
his right hand.

"Aww! Aww!! Aww!!!" she screams with a low voice. She directs her left hand towards her pussy and rub on its
entrance. She rub her clit with a finger as he fuck her slowly. Her big breast continue dancing on her chest. He
directs his left hand towards her left breast, palm on it and squeeze it very hard.

"Fuck me harder" she screams as he increased the speed rate at which his penis goes in and out of her
pussy. He circled his left hand around her left breast. She rubs her clit very fast with her left hand finger. He
removes his penis from her pussy, wipe it on her pussy entrance a few times then inserts it inside again.

She screams heavily, her body jerks uncontrollably. She felt helpless and increases the speed at which his
finger rub her clit. He grab her breast again with his left hand, pressed her nipple then squeeze her left breast
very hard. Her pussy makes some splashing sound as his penis moves in and out of it very fast. His penis pull
off from her pussy, she uses her left hand to inserts it in again. They stop fucking.

She come down from the couch, knelt on the carpet floor. She held her breasts together with both hands,
moved closer to his penis which was still erected. He rested his back on the edge of the couch; she directed
his penis into the middle of her breast. She push and pull her breast from his penis which is still in the middle
of her breasts.

She motioned up and down. He cums without her notice, spilling his sperm all over her face. She moved her
face towards his mouth and start kissing him and laughing at the same time. He start laughing as well. They
both hug each other very tightly.
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