story codes: MFM

by  Perry Reis

The woman next door was a doctoral candidate at the university I'd
graduated from two years earlier. One of my windows showed the
courtyard of the apartment complex, and I'd see her sometimes, leaving
in the morning or returning in the late afternoon. I didn't know her much,
enough to chat a little if we passed in the courtyard. She was Ann, plain
and pretty in spots. Her boyfriend was a big Sioux Indian with lots of
scars from knife-fights on the reservation. The cops had show up at her
unit a couple times. It wasn't my business, not even when I went over to
borrow a bread pan one afternoon in the summer.

I knocked on the screen door and a moment later I heard her voice calling
out, asking who was there?   I said, "Perry." After a moment's hesitation
she called out again, telling me to come in.  I stepped inside and looked
around. The door closed noisily behind me on a spring.

"I'm in the bathroom," she yelled.

It was a smallish apartment. The bathroom was to the right of the kitchen
and the bedroom on the left. I saw the bathroom door was partly open,
and I stood there for a moment thinking, what the hell is this?

"Are you still there," she called.

"Yes," I said.

"I'm in the bathroom," she repeated.

I hesitated again, then stuck my head past the door thinking, OK.

"Hello, Perry." she said. "Are you just going to stand there?"

I stepped inside the bathroom and sat on the toilet lid. She was laying in
the tub, of course. The water was about halfway up and had the remnants
of a bubble bath. It was weird because she wasn't smiling; instead she
had a diabolic expression on her face, as if measuring my thoughts.  My
first thoughts were that she was either crazy or simply one of the
uninhibited types.

"Close the door," she said.  I pushed it shut with my foot.

"Do you like me?" she asked.

"What's not to like?" I said, "You're pretty."

She pushed her hips out of the water. "Is this pretty?" she asked.

"Yeah," I said, "it's pretty."

She relaxed back in the water, then reached out with a bar of soap.

"Show me how pretty."  she said.

I took the soap from her hand, kind of mechanically, and she pushed her
hips back up.

"Do it nice," she said, "not too rough."

She was bold and I didn't mind following her instructions, so I started
rubbing the soap along her crotch. She slapped my forearm. "Nice!" she
said. At that point, her business was completely lathered and she sunk
back in the water. She grabbed my wrist and shook it and I dropped the

"My boyfriend is coming over in twenty minutes," she said. "We're going
to see a movie, so I suggest you get the hell out of here."

"Fine by me," I said, getting up and starting to dry my hands on a towel.
Just then I heard the spring on the screen door, and I didn't figure it for
anyone but the Indian. She might have been lying about his show-up time;
he might be early. Either way, the situation was changed. I'd just washed
his girlfriends business, and he'd probably be coming through the door
while I still had the soap on my hands.

I'd run into him maybe a week earlier. He'd been sitting in the courtyard,
sucking down a forty ounce beer and he'd caught hold of my arm as I
walked by and pulled me down next to him. He wanted to share so I took
a couple slugs off the bottle, then sat around listening to him ramble. The
topper came when a kitten wandered by and he scooped it up, sticking
its head in his mouth. I was dumbstruck and worried until he spat it out
unharmed, its head matted with saliva.

"The kitten is my brother," he said, "I share my air with him."

I told, Lea, I had to be on my way and started for town, knowing I wouldn't
soon forget what I'd just witnessed.

He came towering and staggering into the bathroom and I sat reflexively
back on the toilet lid. The air picked up a boozy odor as he stood
swaying in the tiny room, looking blearily from Ann to me, and then back
to Ann with a bemused expression. He shifted his position, stood over
me while unbuckling his Levis and looking over at Ann.

"Is this your new man for stroking your ass?" He said.

He pulled his cock out, and I turned my face away, feeling it brush my
cheek. I started to stand, but he grabbed my shoulders with his
meat-hooks and shoved me back down.

"Knock it off," said Ann, looking bored.

"No--no," said Lea, "This is the man who wants to stroke my woman's
ass. You wanna do that, little man, stroke her ass, suck on her a little?"

"Man," I said, "all I want is to get out of here."

"Knock it off, Lea!" Yelled Ann.

"I'll knock you off." He said, turning toward her with his half-hard cock
hanging out.

Ann gazed at him for a couple seconds, then stretched herself out over
the edge of the tub saying, "Want me to suck it?"

Lea looked around the bathroom, seemingly defused. Then he pointed at

"You get off that fucking seat and I'll cut your face open.  Yeah, lover, you
can suck it," he said, moving up to get his dick in her face. She got it in
her mouth, but spit it out a minute later.

"Man, you can't even get it up," she said, disgustedly. "I wanna do him."
she said, motioning toward me with a flip of her head.

"Yeah?" he said, "OK, lover."

Meanwhile, he was dragging me off the toilet and pushing me toward her
from behind. I could feel his weight and the muscle of his chest against
the back of my neck. He reached around me and started pulling my pants
open and fumbling for my cock.  It was hard from watching her suck. He
pulled it out and started jerking me off in her face.

"There's your cock, lover," he said. "Nice fat cock.  Suck it, lover."

She started plunging her mouth over the head while he jerked me faster.

"Give it to me!" she yelled, with the head of my cock between her teeth.
"Gimme some cum!"

She slapped the Indian's hand away, sucked half my cock into her mouth
and started mushing her tongue. I felt a tingle run up the back of my legs
and started squirting.

© 2007 Perry Reis