A Pearl Before Swine
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by Valerie Brundage

Lois began to lose the rhythm before Chad was ready. He kept pumping into her but her ass had
stopped rising to meet his thrusts.     
          The fuck. She was tired, her pussy getting dry and Chad just doing the same thing over and
over. It was still working for him - but as he kept fucking it stopped working.   
          "Hold it, let's try something else," Lois said. He kneeled over Lois's limp body and tried to push
his cock in sideways, crooked to get the friction up different, enough to coax his orgasm out...but...he
was losing it...his cock was failing him.
          And Lois lowered her legs flat, although still spread wide. Chad fell to her side.
          "Fuck. I was close."
          "Sorry. I couldn't concentrate."
          "No, don't be," he kissed her wet boob. A rivulet of precum drooled out of him, a spasm
teasing him what could have happened, might still happen.
          Lois toweled herself. "Chad. How do we keep this going?"
          "Maybe we can try something new."
          "New? I've never liked leather. I'll end up giggling."
          Yeah. "I'm very clumsy with whips." He took his fucking very seriously. "Maybe you're just self
          "You're right. When there are strangers around I'm much better at staying on task."
          "Maybe we need a third person."
          Chad looked at her - was she serious? A ménage-a-trois? He'd always fantasized about
having two women in bed at the same time. When he brought it up one drunk night it didn't get any
          Lois saw the look on Chad's face. "You'd probably like that, huh."
          "Well I wouldn't be adverse to trying it, baby."
          She laughed, now embarrassed. But there was that look on her face as well.
          She sat up and put his cock in her hand.
          "It'd have to be someone we knew."
          Chad looked at her. "Sure. No strangers."
          "We got into a rut, haven't we?"
          He shrugged. "A little."
          "If it was the right guy, and you felt comfortable, I'd be interested in getting a little freaky,
          She kissed him deep, to seal the deal, and his cock hardened.
          "Get us back in touch with our girls-gone-wild days."
          The sorority. The pier. Chad first saw Lois at a kegger 2 years ago, right after graduation.
He'd fucked her in the back seat that night with people watching through the window. They had some
times on the weekends.
          "You said - another guy?"
          "Does that bother you now?"
          He had visions of him and some stud doing her from both ends.
          "Is there someone you know who's, you know, into..."
          "How about Lyle?"
          Lois paused. "Yeah, he's cute."
          "You like Lyle."
          Lyle worked in accounting at the home office. She didn’t know he'd talked to Lyle about this in
the gym. A blue-sky conversation.
          He called him. "Hey, Lyle. What you up to?"
          "Nothing. Just drinking beer and jerking off.  Maybe go out later."
          "Cancel any plans you're about to make. I'm here with Lois and she wanted to ask you
something. You remember when we were talking how you never come over and I mentioned how cool
it is when it's not a double-date thing?"
          "Yeah, I guess. The whole who's a better boyfriend pressure."
          "Tonight there's no pressure. You don't have to bring a date."
          "You inviting me to dinner?"
          "Yeah. Me and Lois got talking and it sounds like it might happen tonight."
          "Damn. No shit? But I don't want to just hang out; drink your beer."
          "I got someone can keep you company. Don't worry, it's someone we both know. I'll be there,
it's all cool."
          Chad said, "Whoa. Who you trying to set me up with, buddy?"

*  *  *

          "First things first," Lois said, sitting on the edge of the bed in her plainest panties and bra.
"Don't gang up on me."
          Plain didn't matter. Chad's erection raged in his boxers, and he didn't bother hiding the
tenting it made. "No." Chad was fairly drooling. "We'll do you in order or how you like." To Lyle he
said, "You ready?"
          Lyle still had his clothes on.  "I'm not making the rules here."
          Chad gestured for Lyle to take his shirt off, and helped him pull down his jeans. His cock was
already half-hard, growing before Lois's and Chad's eyes.
          "Shit." His cock was thicker than Chad's, shorter but - fucking big.
          "I've never seen another cock like this," she said. "With my husband around, I mean." She
          "Oh, you wait until I'm gone?" Chad pulled off his shorts, fully naked and went over and kissed
Lois - while Lyle watched, for Lyle.
          "You said you wanted me to just watch?" Lyle asked.
          "Who's first?"
          "Lyle, are we getting you hot?"
          "The question is are you getting hot."
          Lois let Chad kiss her. "I know you talked about this with him."
          "Yes, baby. Every guy fantasizes about having another man in their bed." Chad rubbed his
cock. He would feel so different inside.
          "Do you want him to fuck me?" she asked.
          "While you're fucking me?"
          Chad said, "I want her to grab you."
          Chad reached over and held Lyle in his hand. He began stroking and pulling him closer. "That
going to feel good in my wife?"
          Lyle had less hair than Chad, smooth. He held his cock beside Lyle's, letting her visualize how
the both of them would take her.
          "I'm still not sure of the rules, dude."
          "No rules. Let's just see what you feel comfortable doing." She pulled her panties aside,
began fingering her pink slit. "Let me get ready."
          Chad wondered how it would be watching Lyle do his wife, really if he could handle him taking
her. Then put his own cock in right after, old cock after new, tbe old familiar now with his cum inside
of it. No longer my beautiful wife.
          How would this cock change her, tighten her, tease and inspire her to open wider, turn to the
left instead of the right. Bend and spread, make her say the things they'd never whispered to each
          "Check it out." Lyle displayed his raging erection to Chad. Chad was rock-hard as well,
precum dribbling from the head.
          "Fucking hot, you bitch. Nice cock."
          Chad grabbed Lyle's cock and pushed it against his and rubbed them together, jerking his
cock with Lyle's. Lois sighed at the sight.
          And he kissed him on the lips, tasting sweat, beer, and a hint of basil. Lois fingered her cunt
seriously now, wet fingers deep. "Those cocks are so hot."
          Lyle tried to get a view, but Chad kissed him again. Lois's pussy he thought he'd get a chance
at, if Chad would really let him.
          Chad kneeled down and began blowing him, putting the thick cock in his tight mouth. He
shifted his position so Lois could watch; as he grabbed the shaft at the base with one hand he put
the other one on Lyle's ass, pushing him closer to his face.
          The musky smell of man-cock filled Chad's nostrils, his mouth.
          "He's getting me ready," Lyle grunted to her. "I'm going to fuck you. Like he does, he just has
to show me." But he was now more interested in Chad's tongue.
          "Yeah, love, fuck me like Chad does..." She panted as she started to orgasm. One knee up,
the slick pearl of her clit was slick and pointing out, quivering. She twisted it like a panic button, the
warm fireworks building deep in her womb.
          Her eyes and legs open. "Fuck him for me."
          Chad sucked and loved.
          "How's that cock?"
          He stopped, letting it slide out, stiff and glistening saliva off its red head. Lyle grabbed his
head and pushed it back in.
          And he came into Chad's mouth-hole. Thick sperm shot down his throat and Chad took it all,
never moving his fist from the base of his shaft.
          Chad massaged the rest of Lyle's cum out of his hard cock, licking and eating, and Lyle spent
and shot all he could. Then he Chad back and sucked on his dick.
          Damn, it was longer than his own. Lyle knew just what to do. Chad leaned back on the
bedroom dresser and got the best blowjob of his life.

*  *  *

          Lyle had Chad shoot on his stomach and Lois licked the spunk off and they sent Lyle, spent
and confused, on his way.
          "Maybe we can do this again." Lyle thought that'd be fine, but wondered if pussy would be
          That night, over their last glass of cabernet, Chad said, "I can hardly wait for the next time I
can share you with another guy. I think it's so hot."
          "I know, honey," she said

Valerie Brundage decided to start writing again after the divorce, exploring her repressed fantasies
and putting her desires into words.  Back on the dating scene she sometimes pretends she's still
married to keep out of trouble, but that only encourages some people. Follow her at
@valeriedreaming on twitter.
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