Art Class
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Art Class

By Dan Hawkins

     The drawing class instructor had cancelled class at the last minute and
had apparently called everyone except Gina and me.  Gina had missed
several class sessions over the course of the semester, so I offered to stay
and model for her so that she could catch up.  She had seemed very
appreciative of the offer and had taken me up on it.

     I stood there naked while Gina turned to a clean sheet of newsprint, and
found a suitable charcoal stick.  Even with charcoal smudges on her nose
and cheek, Gina still looked rather stunning.  She had short blonde hair and
brilliant blue eyes that could make any guy stop in his tracks.  I had been
modeling for art classes for years, but in all that time, I had never done a one-
on-one drawing session.  This was a little more intimate that I was used to,
and despite my best mental efforts, my cock began to grow.  It hadn’t quite
reached full mast by the time Gina got ready and looked up at me, but it was
much fuller than normal.  She smiled, and I swear she batted her eyelashes at
me.  I felt myself stiffen even more.

     “You ready?” I asked her, my voice a little shaky.

     “Yep,” she said.  “Can you stand like that for ten minutes?”

     “Sure,” I said, checking the clock on the wall.

     I could still feel my cock throbbing as Gina started to draw me.  Since she
was on the floor with her drawing pad, I could see every mark she was
making.  I watched her do a quick gesture of my entire figure, then go back
and start filling out the details.  She just left a circle for me head, and started
drawing in the contours of my chest and arms.  Watching her work began to
relax me, and I felt my cock start to shrink.

     I was finally starting to feel relaxed when I saw Gina begin drawing my
cock on her paper.  She put a few marks and looked up at me, studying
intently for what seemed like a full minute.  I could feel my pulse quicken,
each heartbeat sending more and more blood to my dick.  Gina finally looked
down and started drawing my cock.  She looked up a couple of times just
very briefly as she drew.  When she finished, she looked at my swollen
member, then back to her drawing.  My cock had returned to its full flaccid
size.  Gina grabbed an eraser, rubbed out the picture of my cock, and started
drawing it bigger than before.  I think I felt my heart skip a beat, and my dick
expanded even further to a full, throbbing erection.

     “Sorry,” I said to her.

     “It’s OK,” Gina said.  “I like it.”

     “I guess it’s just being in here alone with you and not in front of a whole

     “Don’t worry about it.  I’m kind of flattered actually.”

     She smiled, and then took a long look at my eight inch throbbing cock

     “You could be in porno with thing,” she said.

     I must have blushed as I said, “Thank you.”

     “OK, I think I’m done,” she announced after a few more minutes.

     I wanted to get a good look at her drawing, so I stepped off the platform
and grabbed my robe.

     “You don’t need to wear that on my account,” Gina said with a wicked grin.

     I smiled back at her and dropped the robe on the platform.  I walked over
to her, my cock bobbing up and down with each step, and stood beside her,
looking down at her drawing.

     “What do you think?” she asked.

     “I like it.”

     She jumped to her feet, and her hand brushed against my dick.

     “Sorry,” she said, putting her hand on my shoulder.

     “Believe me, that’s OK,” I said.

     We both stood there looking at her drawing for an awkward minute before
we both started speaking at the same time.

     “Do you want to do another one?” I asked.

     “How did you get into modeling?” she asked me simultaneously.

     We both laughed.

     “The first time I did it to impress a girl,” I said.

     “Well, if she saw what I just saw, I’ll bet she was impressed.”

     As Gina said this, her hand brushed against my dick again.

     Gina’s hip bumped against mine.

     “So, did you want to do another drawing, or did you have something else
in mind?” I asked.  My voice was shakier than I would have liked.

     Gina’s hand went around my hardening cock and held it.  My knees
almost buckled.

     “Like what?” she said.

     “We could switch,” I said.  “You could model, and I could draw.”

     “I don’t know.  I’ve never modeled before.”

     “I could show you how,” I said.

     Gina smiled, and said, “OK.”

     We walked to the modeling stand, Gina in the lead, still holding my cock.  
She was leading me around with it like it was a leash.

     “What do I do now,” she asked.

     “Well, if you’re going to model for a figure drawing class, you need to be

     Gina looked down at my dick in her hand.  “I’ll have to let go of that to take
my shirt off.”

     “Yeah,” I agreed.

     “How do I know you won’t go away when I let go of it?”

     “Why would I go anywhere?”

     “I don’t know,” she said.  “But I think I know how to make sure you stay.”

     Gina crouched in front of me and took my cock in her mouth.  Once it was
all wet with her saliva, she gently ran her tongue all along the under side of my
dick, looking up at me as she did so.  My knees got weak, and I almost fell
over.  I moved one of my feet away from the other so that I could better
maintain my balance.  Gina dropped to her knees and took my entire cock
into her mouth.  She held it for a second, almost gagged, then took it out with
a pop.

     “Wow, I’ve never had one this big,” she said.

     She licked it some more, running her tongue around the head.  The
sensation was almost too much to bear.  I put my hands on her head and ran
my fingers through her hair.  She took me in her mouth again, moving her
head back and forth, fucking me with her mouth.  I reached down, grabbed
the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it over her head.  Gina detached herself
from my dick long enough to get the shirt off.  She then sucked my dick like a
lollipop as I unlatched the back of her bra and let it fall off her shoulders to the

     “Shit,” she said when she finally stopped and stood up.

     Her breasts were perfectly round with perky, erect nipples.  I cupped one
breast with my hand as she stepped out of her shoes and unsnapped her
jeans.  She bent over to push the jeans and panties down, and stepped out of
them.  I watched her pull her socks off.  She stood up when she was done.

     I took her in my arms and kissed her mouth.  I gently but firmly moved her
to the model stand.  She sat down on the edge, and I laid her down on it.  I
licked and sucked each nipple, using my tongue to roll them along the edge
of my teeth.  Gina squirmed beneath me, and I kneeled on the floor in front of

     I put my hands on her knees and moved her legs apart.  Her pussy was
spread open in front of me, and I took just a moment to look at it.  Gina
looked up and saw me looking.  Our eyes locked as my face moved toward
her pussy.  My tongue touched her outer lips, and we were still looking at
each other.  Her eyes closed as my tongue brushed against her clitoris, and
she leaned her head back.  I took a deep breath, savoring the sweet aroma
of her pussy.  My tongue made another pass up each outer labium before I
used my fingers to spread her even further open.  I licked her inner lips and
sucked on her clit, rolling it in my mouth.  I place my hands on her belly, and
using my thumbs, I spread her pussy open as far as it would go.  Her clitoris
was fully exposed, and I moved my tongue over it as rapidly as possible.  
Gina squirmed beneath me as I kept licking her.  I moved one hand down,
and put my index finger inside her.  She was already wet inside, and I slipped
my middle finger in too.  I kept up the frantic licking as she squirmed,
moaning heavily and loudly.

     “Oh fuck!” she screamed, as the orgasm hit her.  “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!”

     Gina’s ass rose from the platform, her pussy pressing against my face.  
Her orgasms seemed to be coming in waves.

     “Oh God!” she screamed before pushing my face away.

     Her gorgeous body was covered with sweat, and her cheeks were flush.

     “Fuck me,” she said between breaths.

     I pulled my fingers from her pussy and let her watch me lick her juices off
them as I moved into position over her.  She took my cock and guided it into

     “Oooh, yeah,” she said as it slid in.

     Her pussy felt so good.  I propped myself up with my arms and watched
my cock slowly slide back and forth in her pussy.  I started slow, then built up
to faster and faster fucking.  She came again, grabbing my arms and holding
on tightly as she screamed.  I could feel myself getting closer to eruption, so I
stopped pumping for a minute.  I didn’t want to come yet.  I wanted this to
last.  I wanted Gina to have orgasm after orgasm.  I wanted to get her to the
point where she just couldn’t take any more.  I stayed still for a moment, my
cock thrust all the way up into her pussy.

     Gina looked at me, breathless, and said, “Are you OK?”

     “Never better,” I said.  “How are you?”

     “Oh shit,” was all she could manage to say.

     I leaned down and sucked on one of her nipples.  When I came back up, I
was ready to start pumping again.

     “Do you want me to turn over?” Gina asked.


     I pulled out of her, feeling sudden sadness that I wasn’t inside her
beautiful pussy anymore.  I wanted to stay inside her forever.  Gina turned
over and got on all fours on the edge of the platform.  She presented me with
the most beautiful ass I had ever seen.  I stood on the floor beside the
platform and put my cock back inside her pussy, relishing the wonderfully wet

     For just an instant, I looked around and realized that we were fucking in
the middle of the art studio.  If anyone happened in, I would never model at
this school again.  Then I looked down at Gina, with my cock buried in her
wondrous, luscious, delicious pussy, and I didn’t care.  I started pumping
again, my hands caressing her ass.  I gave her a gentle pat.

     “Harder,” she said.

     I pumped harder, but she said, “Spank me.”

     I gave her another pat, not much harder than the last one.


     I spanked her again, and the pop echoed throughout the studio.

     “Fuck yeah!” she said.  “I’m such a naughty girl!”

     I spanked the other side as I fucked her faster and faster.

     “God, yes!”

     I was just about to explode now, but I didn’t want to stop again.

     “I’m about to cum,” I said.

     “Oh yeah.  Cum inside me,” she begged.

     I spanked her again, then grabbed onto both sides of her ass.  I pumped
her harder than ever before and exploded inside her.  My entire body
spasmed as all my force rocketed into Gina.

     “Oh my God,” she said.

     Gina put her head down and seemed to relax, but I didn’t want to pull my
cock out of her.  I kept slowly pumping even after my orgasm ended,
gradually getting faster and faster.

     “Holy shit,” Gina said, lifting back into her four point stance.

     I pumped harder and harder, knowing that it would take a lot to make me
cum again.

     “Do you like that?” I asked her.

     “Oh yeah,” she said.

     I spanked her ass several times as we fucked, until both cheeks were
red.  Her pussy was much wetter than before with all of my semen inside.  I
went faster and faster and listened Gina’s sounds as orgasm after orgasm
racked her body.  I finally came again in a burst that was not as powerful as
the first one, but still very satisfying.

     My legs hurt, and I felt like I was going to fall down.  I could feel my dick
shrinking inside Gina, and yet I still didn’t want to pull it out.  Gina moved
forward, and my cock slipped out.  She lay on the stand, breathing hard, and I
lay down beside her and put my arms around her.

     It took several minutes for both of us to catch our breath.  She finally
looked over at me and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that all semester.”

     “Yeah, me too,” I replied.

© 2007 Dan Hawkins

Dan has worked as a nude model for college art classes for over twenty
years.  Regis Philbin took an interest in Dan's part time job during an
appearance as a contestant on ABC's gameshow "Who Wants to Be a
Millionaire."  Unfortunately, Dan didn't win the million, but he did take home
$32,000.  When he's not writing or modeling naked, he works as an IT
technician.  Dan lives in Fort Worth with his wife and two sons.