A Shared Fantasy
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A Shared Fantasy
by Cassandra Foster

      We all have that one fantasy that we return to when we're lying alone in the dark, one hand between our
legs and the other gripping the headboard.  We all have that one fantasy that no matter what, pushes us over
the edge and has us gasping for air as we bring ourselves to orgasm.  I'm not any different.  My fantasy may
even be just like yours.  Maybe you're the man I fantasize about.  Maybe you're the guy in the alley that
watches me walk home every night after I get done at work.  Maybe you're the man that follows me to my
apartment, and grabs me as I unlock the door.  Are you him?  Do you push me inside and kick the door
closed behind you, putting your mouth over mine and muffling my surprised scream?  Are these hands that
are tearing my jacket and shirt away yours?  Maybe they are.  But, if they are, you should know that I'm the
woman that you've been fantasizing about.  I'm the woman you see every night and instantly get hard at the
idea of being inside her.  I'm the woman you think about when you stroke yourself at night.  

Part of me is terrified by your strange mouth on mine and your strange hands ripping my shirt away, then my
bra, unbuttoning my pants.  But, most of me is just so fucking excited that you've finally decided that tonight's
the night.  I've watched you in the alley, evening after evening.  I've seen you see me.  I've wanted you just as
much as you've wanted me.  Now, you have me.  I'm down to nothing but panties, and I'm done wasting time
undressing.  I grab your hand and race to my bedroom.  I begin ripping your clothes away from you, but
you're faster than me, and perhaps your need is even stronger. You rip away your jacket and button up shirt,
buttons flying as they pop free.  I unbutton your jeans and slide your zipper down in one fast motion, pulling
your jeans down your thighs and past your ankles as you kick them away.  

I push you back on the bed, and jump on as well.  I straddle your hips and kiss you again, our tongues
dancing together while your hands grip my ass and squeeze almost to the point of pain...but I love it.  I want
everything.  I sit up and turn, knowing exactly how I want you.  You see what I want, and grab the crotch of my
panties and pull them aside.  I lower myself onto your already rock hard, throbbing cock and my entire body
trembles as the head of your dick enters me.  

When I reach the bottom of your shaft, I pause for a second.  After all this time, we're one.  After all the
wanting and needing and late nights spent rubbing my glistening pussy while I thought about you, we're
joined.  After that momentary pause though, I'm ready for action.  Apparently, you are too.  You grab my hips
and help me find the perfect rhythm.  I move up and down your cock, loving how you feel inside me and
knowing that you're loving the way my greedy cunt wraps around you.  I balance myself on your thighs as I
move faster and faster, wanting as much of you inside me as I can get.  Faster and faster, harder and harder,
I'm bouncing on your cock now as your strong hands slam my hips down again and again.  Your thick,
throbbing member fills me and spreads my tight cunt over and over, giving me the kind of fucking that you
only read about in romance novels.  I know I'm going to cum soon, and before I can utter the words, my
orgasm hits me.  I scream in ecstasy as my pussy clenches down around your rock hard cock.  I'm no longer
moving my hips.  You're holding me still as you thrust up into me, forcing your cock inside me as my pussy
becomes tighter and tighter with each wave of my orgasm.  

It becomes too much for you, and with one final upward thrust you bury your cock deep inside me and begin
to cum.  Shot after shot, my body catches it all as my pussy squeezes you one last time.  You drop your
hands, and after a moment I'm able to rise off of you.  I step down from the bed, strip my panties off, and toss
them at you.  I smile, and head into the bathroom to clean up.  When I return to the bedroom, you're gone.  
And so are my panties.  Do you smell them at night before you begin your fantasy?  Do they push you over
the edge?  I hope so.  If you ever need a new pair, you know where to find me.

Cassandra Foster is a full time freelance writer specializing in erotica and fetishes. From working on websites
reviewing intimate toys to writing personalized erotica for clients, Cassandra has dabbled in almost every
aspect of the adult writing world. You can email her at CassandraDusk24@yahoo.com
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