Assistance needed
Story Codes: Threesome - MFF, Consensual, BDSM

Assistance needed
by Ravenheart

Raven could already feel the fluttering in her belly as she hung the phone back
into the cradle. Ms Selena was her boss, and loved to taunt Raven with her
Dominance, often with a slightly sadistic undertone. For months now they had
been crossing lines with teasing, several heated touches, and passionate kisses.
Raven shook off the thoughts in her mind; its work hours, nothing is going to go
any further while we are at work.  She rose, her hands sliding to her skirt last
minute adjustment, a smile tracing her lips as she lifted her fingers to unbutton the
top button of her shirt, just a small tease wouldn’t hurt she mused to herself. Her
nipples hardening as her fingers brushed near them.

Standing outside of the office door making a last minute run of fingers through her
hair, then tapping the door lightly. “Come in” faintly heard. She leaned her hip to
the door her other hand on the knob, entering the unusually dimly lit room.  Her
eyes focusing only upon Ms Selena, her dress an earth tone brown that brought
the flecks in her eyes, which seemed to Raven to have taken on an unusually
mischievous glint today.  Raven could feel the heat radiating between her thighs,
Ms Selena always seemed to have that effect on Raven.  As her eyes began to
wander down from her eyes to her cleavage Ms Selena placed her hands on the
large dark oak desk, stood, and slowly walked from behind the desk, her
fingernails lightly tapping upon the surface.

A rustling noise caused Raven to turn attentions to the shadows in the corner off
the room. At first she could not phantom the possibility, Scot was here? His form
became clearer as he moved close to her. Raven inhaled deeply the scent of him,
melding with her own chemistry. From behind her Scots’ hands moved to her
breasts each hand squeezing then releasing. His left hand un-buttoning 2,3,4
buttons on her shirt, as his hand right hand slid to her left nipple lightly circling
then pinching the nipple hard between his fingers. Raven leaned, sinking deep
into his chest.

Ms Selena’s voice brought her mind back to the office again. Then to her words
itself, “I want to see Scot’s pleasure slut cum for him” surly this was all a dream. A
dark deep voice now in her ear “And you will cum for me slave, won’t you?” barley
able to gather her wits about her, only able to nod in the affirmative to his question.

Feeling Scot’s hands as they had now slid down to her waist, unbuttoning then
unzipping her skirt, hearing a low chuckle as it fell to the floor.  Raven feeling the
fabric dancing down over her thighs.  Ms Selena slipped quietly to the shadows,
her legs crossed, a seductive smile tracing her lips as she chair.

Scot, unhooked Raven’s stocking from her garter and in one fluid motion Scots
hands sliding Ravens panties and garter to the floor as his tongue glided and
flicked along her back and buttocks. He motioned Raven to step from the clothing,
as he unbuttoned the remaining button on her blouse and pulled it off one
shoulder and circled her, one hand on the blouse the other tracing a line from her
ear lobe down her neck, and up again to her earlobe on the opposite side
dropping the blouse atop the pile of clothing. He unsnapped her bra and tossed it
to the floor, gazing upon her breast as they bounced from their confinement.  His
body now pressed tight against her his breath hot his voice so deep and
commanding, her mid began to slip into a blur again.

“Go, thank Ms Selena for her kindness” nodding her head, she walked to Ms
Selena’s chair.  Ms Selena didn’t wait for Raven’s words she snapped her fingers
and pointed to the floor, Raven did not question her orders, she knelt to the
ground, Ms Selena leaned to kissed Ravens neck, as her hands caressed Ravens
calves down to her ankle, then gently removing Ravens shoe. Then moving to her
other side, continuing her adventure kissing her neck, removing her other shoe,
her tongue lavishing her neck. Raven could feel her pulse quicken the veins in
neck throbbing with each flick of Ms Selena’s tongue, completing her exploration
and finding Ravens, full and luscious lips. She nibbled upon her lower lip; biting
just hard enough to cause Raven to jolt and a moan escape her part lips. Raven’s
fingers were digging deep into the flesh of that of Ms Selena’s thighs. Pulling away
from Raven, Ms Selena looking deep into her eyes, “please me, go to Scot and
cum for him, cum for me”.

“Yes Ma’am” spoke softly as she moved towards Scot, who was now moving
towards the desk, with a motion of his finger for Raven to follow.  “Bend over your
hands flat on the desk”. Suddenly realizing her body was shaking as he gently
tapped on her right calf, knowing he wanted her to spread further, which she
complied. Raven never disobeyed Scot’s orders.  Scot moved behind the desk and
opened a drawer sliding something behind his back, then walking back to Raven
his hand’s began to explore her flesh, taking a single fingernail and stroking down
her shoulder blade to her side, Raven fighting the urge to giggle, goose flesh
rising along his trail.

As if he could read her thoughts, the next sensation pulled her to reality the reality
of who she had chosen to become, “his” and his to “use”.  WHACK… the wisp of
the leather flogger danced across her bare ass, small streaks of pink could be
detected along the bottom of her buttocks. Again and again he pulled his arm back
you could hear the bones in his wrist crack as he snapped off another and another
slap of the flogger along the flesh of her sweet spot.  Raven was sure she had
heard Ms Selena gasp, the scent of lust and desire hung heavy in the air.

For Raven it seemed hours, but only a few seconds had gone by as Scot tossed
the flogger to his side, the sound of it hitting the carpet whoosh as it slid and clank
as it struck a nearby chair.  Her body aching to stretch Raven trying to pull up from
the table was stopped by an abrupt slap on her ass. “No, not until I move you”,
Scot spoke in a low voice. Raven heart the click of metal and felt the cold hard
steel as he cuffed her hands together in the front, turning her around to face him.
She glanced up to see Ms Selena sitting in the chair in a red-laced bra and
panties with matching garter, Her eyes like dancing flames starring upon Raven

Scot gently stroked Raven’s face. His fingers clasped around her mouth pulling
her close kissed her deeply.  He pressed close into her body; her flesh was hard
against the desk. She felt his aroused cock , Raven moaned deep in her throat,
Scot moving his hands to her throat and squeezed tightly until her moans were
suppressed, then releasing his grasp, pulled back from her gently lowered Raven
to a kneeling position, his voice again low and commanding, as he unbuttoned
pants, “Unzip my pants using only your mouth and teeth”. She looked up and
smiled at Scot and tilted her head to the side and grabbed the zipper with her
teeth, keeping it tight she slowly tiled her head back up and began to lower her
head and body, hearing the each notch as it was freed from it duty to bind. When
she reached the bottom she nuzzled her face between the pants to feel the warmth
of his cotton boxers against her skin, her tongue digging into the boxer opening
and lashing through his thick sex hair working her tongue, probing downward to his

Scot pulled away, and looked down to her, “very well done my slave”.

Raven rocked back and sat on her heels awaiting Scots wishes.  Scot finished
taking his pants down to his ankles and grabbed Raven’s hair and pulled her face
to his cock, her mouth open to receive his cock gift.  Shoving her head back and
forth along his shaft, she sucked his now fully engorged cock into her mouth, her
tongue curved to form a cradle her lips conforming to each ridge, for the back
strokes her tongue could flick around his cock head her throat feeling his head
when he shoved her deep against him, she could smell his hairs her face
embedded into him.  Raven was glancing often in the direction of Ms Selena
watching as she put her fingers deep inside her pussy, then she would lay a finger
on either side of her clit and rub long hard strokes, then slide them back into her
sex. Until she saw her gasp, her body arched deep against her own fingers.

A faint whisper from Scot “cum for me slut, cum” as his strokes became more
erratic, needful his hips grinding. His hands shoving, his cock throbbing, feeling
juices pumping along the inside walls, Ravens own juices dripping down her thighs
her sex contracting in rhythm with Scot’s grinding, until Scot Shoved one last time,
keeping her face deep into him his body jerking violently against her, Ravens
spasms uncontrollable. Scots cock shooting cum deep down her throat.

Scot smiled down at Raven as she licked a single last drop of cum from his cock.
Un-cuffing her. Ms Selena quietly dressing as Scot pulled Raven to standing and
whispered softly for her to dress. Scot dressed as well. Ms Selena kissing Raven
gently, thanking her for her “assistance” today. She brushed her fingers through
her hair. And winked at Scot. “She is quite the special cum slut”. Scot winking in
return, “yes she is”.

Copyright© 2014 Ravenheart

Ravenheart  is a 48 year old woman living in the Midwest. She is married to a man
she met on the Internet. He became her Master and soon he moved from the
northeast to live with her, and were married soon after. Ravenheart gave herself to
her husband in submission in a contract.

Ravenheart has  worked in law enforcement for 18 years. She went through the
police academy and became a commissioned police officer for a short time, before
settling as a dispatcher.

Writing has been a passion and hobby for her the past 10 years, mostly erotic
stories and poems.

Ravenheart was blessed with a beautiful daughter for 24 years, before she
succumbed to cancer 4 years ago. Her daughter is her inspiration for writing.
Ravenheart's daughter always told her that she could do whatever i wanted and to
believe in myself. She was an extremely special soul that lives in my heart now