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A Taste of Submission
by Sherri©

They entered the hotel room, dropped their bags on the floor and wrapped themselves
in each other's arms, their lips and tongues finding what they craved.  His cock
lengthened, hardened with the touch of her lips to his, her tongue to his, her hands on
his back.  As they continued to kiss, she unbuttoned and pulled his shirt free of his
pants, her hands on his chest, his back, his sides, touching, rubbing, scratching his
skin.  She pulled away slightly, kissing his neck, the hollow in his throat, her tongue
lapping at his nipples, her teeth gently biting them, her hand massaging his cock
through his pants.  He reached to pull her dress over her head, but she backed away.

"No" she said firmly as she moved back to him and continued to touch him, teasing him,
making him want her even more.

"Pull out the sofa bed "“ I have something planned for you tonight." She directed.

He did as he was told, going along with her, totally under her control.  The path he
seemed to be on tonight would throw him deep into something unknown; this was a
side of himself he' had only fantasized about.  He always wanted to experiment and
relinquish sexual control.  She'd been sexually aggressive with him before and knew
that if anyone could lead him into submission, it would be her.

"Take off your clothes...slowly..."  She said as she moved to a chair across the room.  He
watched her move and thought of what might or might not be under her dress and how
much he wanted to touch her, to bury his tongue in her.  She pulled the chair from
beneath the desk and hiked up her dress to straddle it easier.  She sat down on the
chair, her legs spread wide, her arms folded on the back of the chair.  Through the slots
in the back of the chair, he could see she had on only her stockings, her naked pussy
begged his eyes to look and he did.  He felt himself grow harder as he looked at her
pussy through the chair rails.

"Take off your clothes." She said, much more firmly this time, as he was not paying
attention to her words, only to the lips between her legs.

He did as he was told.  He did a slow striptease for her, knowing she was wanting him
as much as he was wanting her.  Once he was completely nude, his clothes in a pile,
she motioned for him to come to her.

"Stand before me." She commanded.

He went to her and stopped just short of the chair.  She reached out, taking his hard
cock in her hands, massaging, rubbing, pulling, gently twisting him.  Without taking her
hands off of him, she rose from the chair, stepped in front of it, pushed it back with her
foot and kneeled in front of him.  Her hand guided his cock into her mouth.  Memories of
his cock in her mouth hit him all at once; the feelings so incredible, her tongue licking
the head of his cock, her soft lips around the tender ridge.  Her wet hand sliding up and
down the shaft ; not only was he remembering these things, he was feeling them as she
was doing them.  The pictures in his mind were overwhelming and he felt his knees
begin to weaken. She sucked him, gently massaged his balls, touched a wet finger to
his virgin ass.  His knees grew weaker still.  Suddenly, she stopped.

"Lie face down on the bed and close your eyes." She instructed.  He did.

"Do you trust me?"she asked.

"Yes"  He answered slowly as she placed a velour mask over his eyes, blinding him.

"Don't move." She said.  

She trailed her fingertips on his back side from his ankle over his calf, tracing the crease
on the back of his knee, over his thigh, outlining the curve of his ass as her fingers felt
his skin; onto his back, over his shoulder blade, along the top of his shoulder to the side
of his neck, up to the nape then to the top of his head, her hand gently pulling his hair.  
He knew she could see the goose bumps rise from his skin and he could not help
himself as he moaned from the pleasure he felt.

Her hand left his body and he heard the distinct sound of Velcro being pulled apart.  He
felt the soft band of a restraint around one wrist, then the other, binding him to the frame
of the sofa bed.  He knew his ankles would be next as he heard the Velcro pull apart, her
hands retracing the steps they'd taken on his body earlier.  He could not move, at least
not much, bound to the frame of the bed.  He could see only what was in his mind
because of the blindfold.  He trusted her implicitly, yet, his nervousness was palatable.  
His stomach unsettled, his hands sweating, his fists clenched.    

As he lay on his stomach, he could hear her movement in the room, the sounds
becoming more intense.  He strained to hear what he could not see.  His mind started
wandering, recalling the things they'd talked about doing together and those they'd do
together with others involved.  She'd told him nothing about what was going to happen

He heard the click of the CD player, the music filtering through the stillness, slow,
steady, sensual.  

He smelled her perfume as she moved closer, then away, leaving the heady aroma of
vanilla and cinnamon in the air near him.  Did she have on more of the fragrance or was
it just that his senses were beginning to intensify?  He remembered the last time he'd
smelled her so close, the memories of that night still clear.  As he thought of her tongue
on his neck that night and the shivers it caused, his cock hardened again, his pulse
raced, his skin flushed.

"If at any point you want me to stop, tell me.  Since you may tell me to stop and not really
mean it, don't say stop, say blue.  Is that understood?" she asked.

"Yes." He replied, his voice low and husky.  He began to feel as though this would be a
night he'd never forget, a night that proved, once again, that being with her only got more
incredible every time they were together.  

He felt the air stir as she moved closer to him, her fragrance stronger as she leaned
over him, her tongue touching his earlobe quickly, gently.  She trailed her warm, wet
tongue from his earlobe down the side of his neck, across the back of his neck, onto his
shoulder, back across his neck, behind his ear, her lips taking his earlobe completely
into her mouth.  He shivered and moaned as he felt his cock hardening again, growing,
wanting to be touched, hoping that she'd soon have his cock in her warm mouth.

As she leaned over him he felt the softness of the material of her dress, the firmness of
her breasts beneath the fabric, her nipples hard.  He again felt her tongue on the back of
his neck, licking from the base of his neck into his hair and down again, her hand
rubbing his back as she licked him.  Her tongue soon followed the trail of her hand,
tracing his spine, her other hand caressing his neck, the fabric of her dress touching the
skin on his side, grazing against his hip as she moved further down his body, her
tongue sliding gently between his ass cheeks.  Ever so slowly, she caressed his ass
with her hands, positioning herself now on the bed, kneeled between his legs, her
hands spreading him further apart, her tongue touching him where none have ventured.  
He felt her wet finger probe the edges of his anus and he found this an unbelievable
pleasure and hoped she would continue.  Her tongue, hot and wet, probed inside of
him, wetting him, allowing her to slowly, gently, place the tip of her finger inside him,
gently pushing, going further into him, the sexual pleasure surprising him.  Soon he
knew she had her entire finger inside of him, massaging him, the feeling intense.  As
had become the norm with her, he could not help but moan with the pleasure he felt.  
She withdrew her finger, only to put it in again, this time a little quicker, a little harder and
he could not believe how incredible it felt.  

She continued to move her finger in and out of his ass, quicker, harder, the pleasure
becoming more and more intense.  He felt her tongue on his balls, licking, sucking; he'd
not felt anything like this before and found his breathing was becoming heavier, more
rapid, the moans increasing in volume.  Her tongue was back inside of him quickly,
darting in and out.  Suddenly he felt the skin from her finger touching him, but this time
she pushed two of her fingers inside of him.  For a moment he felt as though he would
rip apart but that was overcome quickly by the incredible pleasure he felt at being filled
by her.  She pushed and pulled her fingers in and out of him quickly, building up speed
and depth.  He felt the familiar feel of an orgasm coming on and moaned loudly.

"You are not allowed to cum yet." She said sternly as she continued to massage him
from the inside.  God, what could he think of, what could he do to avoid cumming?  
Baseball scores, basketball, anything, just don't cum.

Thankfully she stopped soon after and left him panting.  

"Very good.  Are you thirsty?" she asked.

"Yes." He replied.

He felt her move off of the bed and heard her walk quietly across the carpet to the
bathroom where he heard water running first over her hands then, shortly afterwards,
into a glass.  He hadn't realized he'd been breathing so heavily, his mouth was
completely dry.  He heard her come back to the bed, smelled her coming closer, felt her
sit on the bed next to him, the fabric of her dress grazing his skin, setting him on fire
once again with the memory of what had just happened.

"Turn your head towards me." She said.

He turned his head and a straw was placed in his mouth.  He drank from the straw as if
he'd not had anything to drink for days.

"That's enough." She proclaimed.  "Now, I'm going to unstrap you from the bed frame,
but will not remove your mask.  Once you're released, I want you to roll over onto your
back.  Do not touch me unless you are told to do so.  Do you understand?" she asked.

"Yes." He replied.

She went about unstrapping him and removed the restraints from his ankles and
wrists.  After she removed a wrist cuff, she rubbed lotion into the area that had been
covered by the cuff, massaging it deeply.   She rubbed the palm of his hand as well,
massaging gently then firmly, rolling his fingers between hers, massaging the webs
between his fingers, then she took each finger into her mouth, sliding it in and out of the
wetness, her tongue wrapping around the tip of his finger as it had wrapped around the
tip of his cock earlier.  She licked and kissed the palm of his hand, his wrist, his forearm,
the crease of his elbow and up to his shoulder.  She kissed the hollow of his throat
again, teasing him with tiny licks at the base of his neck, above his collarbone, under his
jaw, to his ear.  He moaned soft and low at these kisses and licks she was placing on

He felt her lean into him, her mouth covering his, her lips warm and wet, her tongue
pushing his lips apart, venturing into his mouth, touching his tongue hungrily, taking his
tongue to hers.  She took his head in her hands, her fingers under his jaw, gently
rubbing, reaching back behind his ears, pulling him further into her, devouring him.  

She continued to kiss him deeply, moving a hand away from his face, putting it on his
chest, rubbing the skin and hair there.  He felt her hand continue down over his
stomach, on to his hip, her soft fingertips making their way to the crease between his
thigh and cock.  She lightly stroked this very sensitive skin, almost tickling him.  She
grasped his balls in her hand, massaging them gently, his cock rising higher and
higher, getting harder and harder.  

She broke away from the kiss, her lips trailing after her hand, leaving wet kisses along
his chest, down over his belly, her tongue slipping into his bellybutton, the skin of her
neck grazing his cock and she moved further down his body, finally taking his cock into
her hot mouth.  She brought him out of her mouth and into her wet hand, the head of his
cock disappearing into her cupped hand, then back out on the way back to her wet and
waiting mouth, her tongue wrapped around the head, teasing him inside of her mouth,
suddenly taking all of him into her mouth, the head of his cock touching the back of her
throat.  She brought his cock in and out of her mouth many more times, each stroke just
a bit different than the last, driving him to feelings he'd only dreamed about.

He reached out to touch her hair, wanting to caress her.

"No.  Don't touch me unless you're told to do so." She stated firmly as she moved away
from his cock.

He felt her move off the bed, heard the soft rustling of fabric and smelled her perfume
once again as she threw her dress onto his head.  He grabbed her dress, inhaling the
scent of her.

She moved back onto the bed, kneeling between his legs, taking his cock into her wet
hands then back into her mouth again.  She sucked his cock, teased it with her tongue
and her teeth, taking into the back of her throat again, bringing him closer and closer to
the edge of sanity.  He moaned again and again as it felt so incredible.

He felt her move away again, only to feel her thigh against his hip as she straddled him,
his swollen cock guided to the inside of her tight pussy.  They both moaned as she
impaled herself on him and began to rock on him.  As she rocked back and forth on his
cock, he felt her hand gently tugging on his balls, her finger touching his anus, pushing
inside him as she rocked and rocked.

"Throw the dress on the floor.  Give me your hands." She instructed.

He did and she placed both his hands on her breasts.  He could feel her nipples hard
and straining against the fabric of her bra.  She held his hands in place as she
continued to rock back and forth on his cock.  Although he was still masked, he
remembered her body so well that he could see her in his mind, her hair wild by now,
damp with sweat, her eyes wide with that look she always got that made him melt, the
tops of her breasts moving with the rhythm of what her hips were doing.  He felt the
fabric of her bra give way as she removed it and tossed it to the floor, her bare breasts
now in his hands, the nipples hard against his flesh.

"Do you want my nipples in your mouth?  Do you want to suck my nipples and make
them even harder?" she asked.

"Yes." He replied.

He felt her move off of his cock, the wetness from her now leaving his cock cold.  He felt
her move up his body, her pussy leaving a wet trail up his chest.  She leaned over him,
her mouth covering his, her breasts crushing on his chest, her mouth soon replaced
with a breast.

He sucked her nipple, biting it lightly then firmer as she moved back, stretching her
nipple, but keeping it between his teeth, not letting go.  His hands wrapped around her
breast, holding her to him, he continued to suck her nipple into his mouth as she
moaned at the pleasure he was giving her.  He pushed her out of his mouth, taking the
other breast in turn, biting the nipple gently, rolling his tongue around it.  He continued to
do this as he took his other hand and grasped the other nipple between his thumb and
finger, rolling it, pinching it, feeling it grow larger and harder with each touch.  She
seemed to be enjoying the firmer, harder touches and pinches so he continued biting
harder and pinching harder as she continued to moan louder.

"Enough." She said as she backed away.  

He felt her move further up his body, he could smell the scent of her pussy closer and
closer until he was sure she had it right over his mouth.

Her thumb touched his lips and he licked it, finding her juices on his lips and her
thumb.  He sucked her thumb into his mouth, his tongue teasing it inside his mouth,
pushing it back out, sucking it back in, wrapping his tongue around her thumb, biting her

"Now," she started, "suck this." She said as she lowered her pussy onto his lips.  She
used her hands to hold her lips apart, opening her pussy wide, her swollen clit easy to
find with his tongue.  He licked and sucked her clit, he fucked her with his tongue as she
moaned and gyrated her hips, moving her pussy around his mouth, his lips, his tongue.  
Her breathing was heavy, her smell intoxicating, her clit swollen and sensitive like never
before.  He still could not see, but he knew how she looked, her skin flushed, her
nipples hard, he could feel her thighs shake and he knew she was close to an orgasm.  
He moved his hand between them, putting two fingers into her wet hole, pushing them
in and out of her, further in each time, feeling for the spongy place at the front of her wall,
then gently massaging it as he continued to suck and lick her clit, gently biting it now and
again, her moans let him know how incredible this was for her.  He felt her muscles
contract around his fingers, her breathing stopped as she was engulfed in her orgasm.  
Quickly her breathing started and her muscles relaxed briefly as he removed his fingers
from her.

She moved away from him again, leaving the bed.  He listened intently to see what was
going on.  She got a drink of water for herself then gave him one as well.

"Thank you." He said as she removed the straw from his mouth.

He felt her move away again then heard the click of the CD player opening, the changing
of CDs, the click of the player closing then music coming through the air again.  This
music was softer, jazzier, lively.

He heard a zipper, but didn't know what it might have been to.  The rustling of some
fabric or paper, he couldn't quite make out the sounds.  A metallic clinking?  Then he
heard the sound of the door opening and closing.  What in the world was she doing
now?  He was SO tempted to lift the mask, to see what was going on, to get the hell out
of there!  But he stayed exactly where he was; trusting her, wanting her, needing her.

The door opened and closed again and he heard her walk across the carpet into the
other room, set something down, and come back to him.

"Sit up.  Swing your legs over to the side and stand." She said.

He did and when he stood, she put his hand on her shoulder and led him away from the
sofa bed and into the room where the king size bed was.  She guided him down onto the
bed, positioned him with his legs spread apart.  It was cooler in this room and he was
grateful for that as he'd thought he would melt the next time she touched him.

He felt her back on the bed, between his legs, her hair touching his legs as she moved
her head around and around, her hand cupping his balls, gently teasing them, her
tongue playing with his cock, waking it up once again.  He felt her other hand move away
and come back, heard something he couldn't place, but realized what it was
immediately when the first drop of cold water hit his leg.  She had a piece of ice in her
hand and was letting it drip onto him!

"God that's cold" he said.

"Yes, it is." She replied as she continued to let the cold water drip on him, leaving a cold
trail across his thigh, a few drops trickled onto the area just above his cock, and more
dripped onto the top of his other thigh.  

The drip stopped and he heard the unmistakable sound of ice being chewed.  Her cold
tongue touched the tip of his cock, making him jump.  Her hand was cold as well and it
held his cock firmly in place, her mouth over the head of his cock, warming as the ice
disappeared from her mouth.  She continued to suck his cock as she'd done before, her
tongue wrapped around the head, her teeth nibbling at him, her hand wet, his swollen
cock sliding in and out of her mouth and hand, faster and faster, then slowing, the
speeding up once again.  He felt his cock come out of her mouth, but stay in her hand,
the pad of her thumb massaging the sensitive area just on the underside of his cock
head, her tongue now lapping at his balls, quickly probing his anus.  She moved his
cock back to her now very warm mouth and sucked him gently.  Her hand played with his
balls, her fingers teasing his ass, his hips rising to let her play with that oh so sensitive
area again.

He felt her other hand move away then come back to him.  Something cold, but not ice,
touched his skin.  It felt like a clip or a small chain, he couldn't figure this one out.

Her mouth moved away from his cock briefly, then was back on him again, licking,
nipping, sucking, making him harder and harder.  He felt cool, wet metal on his anus.  It
was smooth and small, and pressed on him gently, slipping inside of his ass with no
trouble at all, he felt it go into him just a couple of inches, then slide back out, then slide
back in.  The feeling this was giving him was amazing.

She continued sucking his cock and fucking his ass with whatever it was she had in her
hand.  She sucked his cock and fucked his ass faster and harder.  Suddenly he felt the
vibrations in his ass;  he realized that it was the small vibrator she'd shown him that
night at the bar!  The pleasure was intense, he couldn't concentrate on anything now but
what was going on in her mouth and in his ass.  She continued harder and faster,
harder and faster.  His hands gripped the sheets on the bed, the pleasure too much.  He
let go of the bed, grabbed one of the pillows, put it over his face, his arms holding it in
place, his moans louder and louder and louder.  She was going to kill him yet!

It was on him before he knew it, wave after wave of the most incredible orgasm he'd had
in his life.  He screamed into the pillow, his cock shooting its load into her mouth.  She
swallowed it as the juices came again and again and again, his ass and cock vibrating
as never before.  Slowly, she removed the bullet from his ass and his cock from her
mouth, licking him when another drop of cum would appear.  

He felt her move from between his legs, up the side of his body, her hand resting on his
chest for a moment.  She removed the mask he'd had on and he blinked several times
to clear his vision.  Then he saw what he didn't need vision to see;  he'd looked upon it
so often before.  The sparkling blue eyes, the freckles, the swollen lips, the smile on
those lips, the "look".   She got up to get them the bottle of water they'd been drinking
from during the evening.

"So," she began, "you enjoyed yourself?" as she took a sip of water, handing the bottle to

"Wow." He said as he drained the remaining water from the bottle.  "That's about all
you're going to get out of me right now; you'll have to give me some time for anything
more coherent." He said, smiling broadly, setting the empty bottle on the table next to the

She settled down with her head on his chest, her hand resting on his thigh, his arm
around her shoulder.  She pulled the covers over them and they listened to the music in
the air as they enjoyed the feel of being next to one another, easily drifting off to sleep

© 2006 Sherri

Sherri is a 40-something divorced mom in St. Louis, Missouri who writes erotica as an
indulgence to her creative side.  To find out more about Sherri and read other stories
she has written, please visit her blog located a
A Taste of Submission