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At the Ocean
Antonio Silvano ©

The aroma of French vanilla coffee aroused her from a restful slumber. Stretching, her
eyes fluttered for a moment. The warm breeze of morning invaded the room as she
turned to find that the man she spent the evening with was not there. Slightly
disappointed, she peeled her denuded body from the warm comforter and bed and
stood. She was athletic, firm in all the right places as she massaged her shoulders for
a moment. Her raven hair fell in tumultuous waves to the small of her back; thick with
some curls.

She glided across the room to where the bureau was. A short backless stool sat empty
in front of a mirror. Perfume and cologne lined the top part of the dresser. The scent of
the ocean carried on the morning breeze as the curtains lifted and fell in rhythmic waves
of silk. Her body began waking, becoming aroused as her mind conjured up the
evening before. She ventured a finger along her well-developed chest; her nipples were
already hardened as she closed her eyes and craning her neck to one side. She
recalled his lips pressing softly against the curve of her neck as she allowed her
fingers to caress her smooth skin.

When she opened her eyes, they were half-closed – partly due to her body still waking,
and partly because of the arousal she had not felt in a long time. She reached for the
brush and began brushing out her hair. The scent of French Vanilla was soon mingled
with bacon. All she could do was smile as she pictured him standing over the stove,
fixing up some breakfast for the two of them. She returned the brush to the bureau and
examined her tan body in the mirror. Her breasts were rounded, firm and had not
sagged as most women her age have already experienced. Her figure was a curved as
she turned to examine her plump firm ass. She was attractive and wondered how she
could have been seduced by a man that pleased her in a way most men never knew

Turning from the mirror, she made her way back to the bed and noticed he had laid out
a white cotton button down shirt. Resting on top of it was a handwritten card. His writing
was small and the words were printed neatly: Please wear this for me, it said. She
smiled and shrugged it on. It fit well on her as she buttoned it up only halfway. The
scent of his cologne aroused her more as she pulled the collar to her nostrils, inhaling
his scent deeply. In her mind, she pictured them on the sandy beach, walking hand in
hand and watching the sun setting. When she turned around, he was standing in the
doorway to the bedroom.

“Morning,” He said with a charming smile.

“Morning,” she replied, returning a smile of her own. He carried a tray with a plate of
food and a cup of coffee. A glass of Orange Juice complimented the spread as he
walked over to the bed.

“I’ve always wanted to give a lady breakfast in bed.” He said, setting the chair down. The
scent of bacon, eggs, and hash browns filled the room. “If you are hungry” he turned to
find her standing close to him. Her fingers moved along his shoulders, and trailed
down along his chest. He was not too hairy for her taste, and was slightly heavy, but she
knew he worked out.
“You have?” she asked him, whispering in his ear. She ached for him as his arms
wrapped around her waist. “And what if I just want you for breakfast?” she asked,
kissing along the curve of his neck.

“That could be arranged,” He held her tight against him. She could feel his heart beat
against her, her own heart beating in response to his. When his lips met hers in a soft
brush of a kiss, a moan bubbled from her throat. She could hear him growl low as her
fingers caressed his back.

“You’re growling,” she whispered in her own husky voice. He did not say a word as he
kissed along her neckline, taking his time as sensual chills crawled along her spine.
She melted against him as he pulled the fabric of the shirt to the side; his lips
continued kissing along her shoulders. A short series of moans escaped her half-
parted lips. He was ever so gently in his seduction. Teasing her with his fingers, his
mouth as he explored her and she offered more of herself to him, enjoying his touch as
he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she could feel him harden
under the thin fabric of the flannel pajama bottoms he was wearing. Her arms wrapped
around his neck as she kissed him.

She was becoming drunk with his passion as electricity flowed through her body. She
was alive. Every nerve seemed to be twitching within her, as he knew exactly where to
touch her. He carried her over to the bed; careful not to knock over the tray of food he
had spent time preparing. Laying her back, he left her alone for a moment as she
traced a slender index finger between her thighs, massaging her clit as she watched
him pick up the tray and move it over to the bureau. He was quickly back and kissing
along her right, then left leg. His hands and fingers were massaging her feet as he took
his time.

She was already aching as she touched her clit with long strokes of her index finger.
His breath was warming each spot of her feet, then the back of her calves and then
thigh’s. She ran her fingers through his baby fine mane of hair as she shudder at the
warmth of his breath against her moist mound. It was when his tongue stroked along
her clit that she trembled.

“Oh God!” she cried in pleasure. “How do you…oh god,” she closed her eyes, arching
her back as she held herself back from bucking against his mouth. His tongue was
strong as he continued to use the tip of it to massage her clit in long slow strokes. “Oh
God, don’t stop.” She clenched her fingers and held some of his hair as she arched her
back even more. Her left arm was above her head, reaching to grab hold of something.
His mouth was warming her moist mound of flesh as he continued to pleasure her with
his tongue. “Mmmm…God!!” she grabbed a hold of the pillow as she began to move
her hips against his mouth, but he firmly placed a hand on her stomach, keeping her
pelvic still as he continued to tease her. She could feel her body shudder in waves of
pleasure. Her thoughts recalling the only other time she had someone do this to her,
someone that was her best friend, a girlfriend she knew over the years.

He shifted, his lips kissed along her thigh, dripping with her as he kissed along her
stomach. She felt her firm stomach squirm at his touch, his mustache tickling her as he
continued to move up along her frame, his mouth reaching her mounds of flesh as he
took in her left nipple. She reached her hand down to cover his as both their fingers
moved along her clit with long slow circles. His tongue danced around her hardened
nipples as he sucked it into his mouth. Pinching the hard flesh against his teeth, he
nibbled just enough to send a surge of pleasure throughout her body. She could hear
the waves of the ocean outside meet the beach, crashing against the rocks. Her body
tensed with each wave of pleasure, as she ached all the more for him to take her, as he
had the evening before. She loved how he pleased her the same way last night.

“I want you.” She spoke in a raspy whisper. His reply to her was only silence as her
short moans crested into an enduring long moan. “Oh, God,” she cried out as she
clenched his hand tightly, he had slid a finger inside her while at the same time bit her
flesh at the curve of her neck with a loving nibble. His lips and teeth worked on her ear
lobe when he finally whispered.

“You want me?” He asked. His voice was a husky growl that made her twitch as she
continued to clutch his hand in hers, his finger worked in shorter circles along her clit.

“Oh God, yes,” she said, rocking against his hand, he was quickly between her legs
again, his tongue working her clit in short circular strokes, his finger gliding in and out,
matching the movement of his tongue. “Oh God, I’m going to…” She could not finish as
an orgasmic wave moved through her body. Her breathing was fast as she moaned
louder; she wanted to cry as emotions wracked her body. He was doing something she
had never experienced. He was taking her to a sensual place of intimacy no one ever
had. Her body was jerking as he continued his delicate and methodical pleasure.
Instead of slowing his massaging tongue and thrusting index finger, he was increasing
as her orgasm subsided to only be replaced with another rising wave of orgasm. Tears
were streaming from her eyes as her back was almost arched, her breasts rising and
falling as she breathed in short shallow breaths. Her hand clenched against the back of
his head, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling as he continued. He now replaced is
finger as his tongue darted in and out of her already dripping mound. She could not
take anymore as she pulled his head from between her thighs. “God, stop, stop…Oh
God!” she spoke in broken breaths as the waves of orgasm continued to wrack through
her entire body.

Sheen of sweat was already covering her body when he leaned back. With a fluid
motion, he stood and peeled off the plaid flannel bottoms and moved over her body. His
lips bruised hers in a deep long kiss. She tasted her own juices on his lips and tongue
as she drank him in. Wrapping her arms around him, he placed one hand at the small
of her back, and another at the base of her neck and rolled so she was atop his stocky

She reached a hand between them, her fingers wrapping around his harden shaft as
she stroked him. He was not well endowed as most men. Only five inches, but he was
thick as it throbbed between her silky fingers. She stroked him as he laid back, his eyes
closed, as he offered no sound of pleasure. Their first time together, she was bothered
by his lack of moaning, but it wasn’t until he had his own orgasm that he would growl,
holding her body tight against his and burying his face in the curve of her neck, nipping
and growling. This had caused her to orgasm more. She wanted to hear him growl
again as she continued to stroke him. She kissed along his chest, over his stomach as
she moved down to where she was now squatting in front of him. She then licked the tip
of his shaft, her tongue gliding underneath the mushroom part of him. She then sucked
him into her mouth, her lips wrapping around him as she took him fully in, grateful he
was not endowed. Somehow, he was the perfect length for her to tease him with her
lips. He throbbed in her mouth as she continued her own pleasuring of him. She loved
how he filled her mouth, not moving but allowing her to work as she massaged his
scrotum with her silky hand, her fingers caressing him. She would continue, alternating
from stroking him to sucking on him. She wanted him inside her. She wanted to feel
him move in her, bringing her more pleasure.

Releasing his shaft from her mouth, she straddled him, her fingers holding him in
position as she glided onto him; her moist flesh enveloping his shaft as she sheathed
him inside. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding her own
body against him as his arms wrapped around her. His right arm around her waist, his
left around her upper back. He began to thrust up inside her. She knew what was about
to happen and wanted it more than anything in the world as she whispered in his ear.

“Take me, oh God, take me” She spoke as he began to thrust up inside her, finding a
steady pace as she could feel her own body aching, releasing more pleasure as she
shuddered against him. She felt deeper emotions rising within her own depth, within
her own spirit as she became lightheaded. She wanted to cry, wanted to laugh as she
buried her face in the curve of his neck. She was back on the waves of one orgasm after
another. They melted into one as she cried in moans of pleasure. Her breathing
becoming short as he continued to please her, his shaft driving inside her as she
tightened her vaginal walls against him. “Ooooohhhhh, God, yes….” She could feel him,
feel his own orgasm rising as he continued. “Uh – huh, God, I want you!” She bit at his
flesh, nibbling on his ear as he moved his hands up underneath her arms, his fingers
pressing against her shoulders as he shoved deep into her as he could and he arched
his back. She sat up, bracing her hands against his chest as he gave a couple long
deep thrusts and held her down onto him.

He growled. Low at first, but soon it grew louder as he pulled her against him, burying
his face in the curve of her neck. His orgasm splashing within her as she gave into her
own orgasm, both moaned and growled as their bodies shuddered in pleasure. She
had never experienced this type of pleasure with someone. She relaxed against him; he
was still hard within her as she kissed his lips, her eyes half-closed.

“Why would any lady leave you?” She whispered in his ear as he held her in his arms
“Why would any woman give this up?” she felt him go soft and she moved from off him,
resting her head on his chest. “A man who could bring that type of passion to bed is
something I would never give up.” She kissed him as he smiled at her.

“I love you too,” he said. Her fingers grazed his skin as he began to purr in soft moans
of pleasure. She knew he would be ready again later on that night, but for now, she was
content to be with him, to be held in his arms. She did not want this weekend to end.

© 2006 Antonio Silvano

Antonio,is a  Washington State resident and has an upcoming novel debuting the end
of October 2006. Currently resides in Seattle, Washington and is working on other
writing projects, one of which includes a second novel. He enjoys reading
Suspense/Mystery, Supernatural/Psychological Thrillers, Mainstream Fiction, Fantasy,
Dark Fantasy, and enjoys crafting such works of fiction.
At the Ocean