A Valentine's Day
Story Codes: M/F, Consensual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism

A Valentine's Day Surprise
by Katrina O'Brian

As she walked along the snow-covered sidewalk, Katelyn marveled at how different
Massachusetts was from her home state. As many times as she visited here it was always just a
dreamy wish to one day move here but when the job opportunity came along to transfer she
jumped on it. Taking it as a sure sign that it was time to pack her bags and begin a fresh start.

All the possibilities sparkled like bright lights in her head as she fantasized about her new home,
her new job even the possibility of maybe meeting someone to bring some much needed sexual
satisfaction into her otherwise mundane life of bringing out the worn-out toys.

She loved the way the cold wintery breeze rustled against her clothes and how even with how
cold it was here she would still wear her lacy thong panties to get that instant perk of excitement
when the cold air made her pierced nipples hard.

Hmmm, yes she was certain her decision to leave Texas was one for the best. She was loving
the change and was ready to venture out to explore many new avenues.

As she approached the office of her new place of employment, she was giddy with excitement
and couldn't wait to dig her heels into her new position as the assistant to the top salesman,
Sean Duggan. She was told that he was extremely hard to work for cause he didn't leave nor
would he allow you to leave until the day's work was completed according to his expectations.

She smiled upon walking through the main front door and was happy to see this office had
personality. It seemed every desk had cut-outs of Valentine Hearts and what appeared to be
home-made boxes for Valentine Cards.

She giggled thinking she felt like she was back in grade school and noticing she also felt a tinge
of melancholy realizing she was brand new to a new city and would spend Valentine's Day
nighttime alone.

As she approached Mr. Duggan's door to his private office, she noticed that his Valentine box
was covered with black silky boxers with red hearts on them. She couldn't resist reaching out to
feel the smoothness of the material wondering if these were his personal pair.

As she was enjoying the slickness of the silk, Mr. Duggan opened his door and watched her with
piercing hazel eyes as she fondled his boxers. He cleared his throat and she knowing she had
been caught instantly felt flushed yet couldn't take her fingers off his shorts. He winked at her
and inquired if she liked rubbing her fingers along men's crotch seams.

She looked at this tall dark-haired man and felt her insides quiver and her panties moistening
from the horniness that was quickly overcoming her. She giggled and quietly told him it had been
awhile since running her fingers against a man's crotch then realizing what she said began to feel
embarrassed cause she had just admitted that to the very man she would be spending a lot of
time with on a regular basis.

He merely smiled and took her by the shoulder and escorted her inside the privacy of his office.
As they sat down, he informed her that this year since Valentine's Day was on a Friday the office
had decided to throw an after-hours party in the office so that everyone in the building could get
together to celebrate the festivities.

She felt him staring at her and became very self-conscious as he reached over and moved her
hair off her shoulder inquiring if she would be able to make it. She once again felt her pussy react
to his touch and slightly shook as she realized she was turned on by this man. She told him yes
she would definitely want a chance to meet everyone.

He reached over and pulled her chair closer to his and started explaining to her what her duties
as his assistant would entail. Katelyn felt excited as she listened to him speak realizing she was
attracted to her new boss who was also very married. She kept staring at the wedding band he
wore and tried to reason with herself that he was off limits.

Yet she couldn't deny even to herself there was a definite thickness of intensity between the two
of them as they shared the space within inches of each other. There was no mistaking his
glances at her and his accidental brushes against her leg with his hands. As there was no
mistaking her moist crotch that was begging to be touched.

It felt like an eternity of hell sitting so close to him, smelling him, yearning for him and not being
to tell him or touch him. All the while she was picturing his lips grazing against her clit and his long
fingers spreading her lips open so his tongue could dig deep into her opening while making her
squirm all over his desktop. She was extremely turned on and wanted so bad to feel his ass in
her hands as she sucked his cock.

Then she felt his hand on her thigh squeezing it, she jumped laughing nervously thinking of all
the sexual thoughts with him as her partner that had just been tumbling around in her head. He in
return was expressing how he had a feeling their relationship would progress nicely.

She got up to leave and was sure she was leaving behind a wet stain on his chair and definitely
releasing the scent of her juices that had begun to flow freely inside her. As she walked out to
her new area that was to become her home away from home, right outside his door she took a
few minutes to calm down and hoped no one could tell how flustered she was from being so near
her boss.

As the next couple of days passed and Valentine's Day was quickly approaching, she was
becoming more and more excited about the after-hours party that was planned especially since
Sean kept bragging how he wanted to show off his new assistant.

She was yearning for some time with him even if just in her mind only. However, she did catch
him staring at her when he thought she wasn't aware of him doing so and he would still touch her
every chance he got to get her attention when speaking to her.

Her skin would burn from his touch and at night she would masturbate thinking of him and how
she craved to be more than just an office assistant handling paperwork. She wanted to be the
assistant that handled ALL his needs and that included his cock. At work she would merely smirk
to herself rethinking her childish thoughts of lust.

Finally Valentine's Day had arrived, as Katelyn got dressed she wanted to look good for Sean
when he showed her off to the other salesmen that seemed to run that floor. She picked out a
matching red lacy bra and thong set with a black garter belt and stockings and black pumps that
would definitely show off the shape of her legs.

Even though no one would know what was under her very short black mini-skirt and button up
red silky top; she knew that she was aware what was underneath and in these items she felt sexy.
Sexy was what she wanted to give off hoping that maybe one day Sean would think so too.

All day it seemed everyone in the office was receiving flowers from the flower shops in the
neighborhood and that made Katelyn feel a bit sad yet knew she had no reason to feel that way.
After lunch there laid on her desk a single yellow rose with a note attached to it saying, " Happy
Valentine's Day to a Texas girl that has become the yellow rose in my office, SD." She sniffed the
rose and proudly displayed it on her desk.

Everyone was excited about the party that was shortly going to start. As soon as the work day
was officially over, they brought out the booze and began to just relax and chatter amongst

Sean took Katelyn around and did proudly show off his new assistant to the jealousy of the other
men on how he managed to get someone with such a cute accent. Sean laughed and said he
had some business he needed to close up before he left for the evening and would be back in a
while. Katelyn quickly excused herself and followed him towards his office.

As she approached behind him he turned around and had this look on his face that was full of
desire and he appeared a bit flushed. He opened his office door and allowed her inside. She was
jittery and wondering if she was imagining what she thought she just saw flash across his face.

Yet at that moment he stepped up behind her and ran his hands along her breast and down to
her stomach working his way down to her most sacred spot that for days had been craving his
touch. He began to nuzzle her neck and flick his tongue along her skin.

She was glad that they had been drinking cause apparently the freedom that was overcoming
them was also helping them to do what apparently had been on each other's mind for days. She
turned around and with one hand held the back of his head while teasing his lips with her tongue
and with her other hand raced it down to his pants and rubbed on that hard bulge that was
starting to grow underneath the restraint of his pants.

He picked her up and placed her ass on the edge of the very desk not too long ago she pictured
being eaten on. How hot her swollen lips were becoming and the aching deep in her cunt was
starting to quiver from the moisture that was building up with the anticipation of being touched.

He took his hands and opened up her legs, while keeping his eyes on her face the whole time as
he worked his way down between her legs and groaned when he saw the garter belt and
stockings and the red lacy thong that awaited his fingers to rub across.

She could feel his tongue teasing her lips from on top of the thong, how she wanted him to move
it over yet knew this teasing he was doing felt so right to the final outcome. He licked the sides of
her swollen lips gently teasing her working his fingers in there to tease her more. She was
moaning deep in her throat while he was taking his fingers and poking inside her wet pussy and
using his tongue to send her over the edge.

How talented that tongue was as she realized she was wiggling on his desktop while there stood
her boss between her legs making her cream all over his tongue. He tugged at her clit with his
tongue and lips while stroking her cunt deep inside with his fingers.

She was grabbing at his head feeling all he had to give her but she wanted more. She needed to
feel his cock and be spread by it. She had already came with him three times while he
finger-fucked her and ate that sweet snatch of hers.

She gently nudged him back and unzipped his pants and there to her surprise was the thickest
dick that had to be at least 8.5 inches of hard stiff cock sticking straight out begging for her to
touch it. She started to stroke it and tease it with the moisture from her pussy lips.

As she jacked him off against her cunt, he began to unbutton her top and once again she heard
him sigh with admiration for the choice of undergarments she had chosen. He ran his fingers
along the curves of the bra and she watched as he took his lips and pressed them against her
smooth skin and tossed her head back as she just let the event take a course of its own.

He raised up and grabbed her mouth with his own and gave her this amazingly deep passionate
kiss and as he fucked her mouth with his tongue he found the rhythm to fuck her cunt with his
erection that sent her quivering from that thick dick spreading her pussy to extremes of which she
was definitely liking.

He fucked her pussy so deep and hard that she would feel her wetness leaking out onto the
desk cause her ass cheeks were moist where they rubbed on the desktop. She grabbed onto his
ass as he fucked her pussy and she allowed him to ride her as fast as he could go while
wrapping her legs around his waist to take his full thrusting effort.

With his teeth he yanked her bra strap down and when her tits were exposed as he selfishly
sucked up a nipple and flicked his tongue against the ring that hung from her tit. He flicked his
tongue over and over that ring and continued to fuck her so damn deep inside her she was
creaming all over his cock over and over.

As he continued to fuck her harder and faster, there was a knock on his door and they both
froze. He quickly pulled out of her and grabbed her arm and pushed her under his desk as he sat
down on his chair hiding his erection and the fact that his pants were hanging around his ankles.

She giggled as she sat on her legs and waited quietly while he answered the person at the door;
however, it wasn't that easy. One of the salesman that worked with Sean came in and sat down.

Not wanting to lose the hardness that Sean was still showing, Katelyn leaned into his lap and
began to stroke his cock and use her tongue to tease his shaft. He reached down to knock her
hands away and push her head back but she kept a tight hold and looked up at him and winked
while taking his cock into her mouth and sucking on his hard-on.

He was having a hard time trying to hide his enjoyment of her talented lips. It had been so long
since he had received a blow job that the very idea that her lips were pleasuring him like this was
increasing his thickness and she was loving the way he gave in and placed one hand underneath
the desk to guide her head to match the rhythm of her mouth that he wanted her to give him.

She twirled her tongue around the tip of his cock as he muster all the strength he had not to
moan out loud from the pleasure he was experiencing. She sucked him with such strength in her
up and down movements that his pre-cum was moistening her lips.

It seemed like the guy would never leave but as the door closed behind him, Sean looked down
at Katelyn and grabbed her head and fucked her mouth with an intensity that she had been
craving to feel from him. She sucked that cock and fingered his ass while rubbing his balls with
the palm of her hand.

She could feel his cock pulsating on her tongue as she used it to stroke his cock while moving
her mouth on it. He was moaning her name and grabbing at her hair while fucking her face. She
was loving every minute of his huge cock choking her throat and worked her tongue the best she
knew how cause she wanted to taste his sweetness he held in those massive balls.

As she felt his build-up inside his balls about to explode out, he grabbed her by the hair in front
and pushed her mouth off his cock while grabbing his member with the other hand and stroked
that cock hard and fast spraying his cum all over her face and tits.

He then took the tip of his dick and rubbed it around on his freshly warm cum that covered her
skin. She watched his cock rub her and wanted to taste his cum. She reached down with her
mouth to his cock and sucked his head clean. As she sucked him again, he scooped up some of
his cum on his fingers and ran his fingers along her lips and watched as she started sucking on
his fingers cleaning them with her tongue.

He gently pulled her up from underneath the desk to her feet and once again scooped up some
of his cum still oozing down her chest and placed his fingers in her mouth watching her full lips
sucking his fingers made his dick twitch again. As she worked on sucking on his cum coated
fingers, he hungrily kissed her mouth sharing the taste of his cum with her as he kissed her
deeply. He looked into her eyes and told her that if she was this kind of assistant then he planned
to take her all the way to the top with him. She smiled sweetly at him and told him...."count me in."

Copyright© 2009 Katrina O'Brian