A Very Special Reunion
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A Very Special Reunion
by M.R. Hahn

Damon chuckles as his old, high school coach pats him on the back. Hoisting his champagne glass to his lips,
he glances over the rim and notices an alluring, oddly-familiar woman, with long, honey-hued hair and soft,
cream-colored skin, smirking at him. A devious grin slowly spreads across his face. Damon grabs another
glass of golden liquid and strolls across the lobby toward the beautiful, busty blonde.

Sarah stands in the corner of the room, staring in shock at her former flings’ transformation. Her wide, hazel
eyes aimlessly wander down his thick, muscular torso and travel up his big, bulging biceps. As their eyes meet,
an exotic, electrical explosion erupts in the pits of her stomach, forcing thousands of tiny, round bumps to rise
on her pale, milky skin.

Approaching the golden-maned goddess, Damon stretches his hand out in front of him and offers her the
glass of champagne. Sarah smiles softly and nods at his gentlemanlike generosity. She willingly accepts the
sweet, bubbly liquid and slowly parts her crimson-colored lips, “Damon Banks?” An ear-to-ear grin sprawls
across Damon’s face as he slyly raises his eyebrow.

“Why yes, that’s me.” Damon gently grabs Sarah’s small, dainty hand and draws it closer to his lips. As he
glances up at her, he whispers, “And you, of course, are Sarah Pellicane.” A rapid rush of chills shoots up her
spine as his moist lips press against the top of her hand. Sarah quickly clears her throat and says,
“Yes, that’s me.” Seduced by the dark, glistening rings circling his enlarged pupils, Sarah quickly shifts her
eyes away from his and fixates them on her champagne glass.

“You wanna get outta here?” Without hesitation, Sarah looks back up at him and nods. Damon swoops his
thick, muscular arm around her petite waist and leads her outside into the crisp, cool air.
* * *

As Damon twists the doorknob, Sarah tackles him inside his apartment and plants her scarlet-stained lips on
his. Damon quickly slips his tongue in her mouth and swirls his trip around in soft circles. Sarah instantly purrs
with pure enchantment.

Damon quickly slides his hand up Sarah’s black, skin-tight dress, ravishing her flat, firm stomach. He cups his
hand over her plump, round breast and sinks his fingertips into her soft, delicate skin. His eyes longingly gaze
up and down her luscious, curvy lines.

Tantalized by his masculinity slowly rising in-between his thighs, Sarah nibbles on his bottom lip and pushes
her pelvis into his growing bulge. A long, slow groan pours from Damon’s mouth. Freeing his hand, from
underneath her dress, Damon glides his thumbs in-between her hips and the thin straps of her G-string.
“I want you, Sarah.” The sound of his deep, jagged voice forces her to suddenly shudder. Sarah sinks her
teeth into her bottom lip and looks up at Damon with her enchanting eyes. Damon slowly pulls her midnight
black panties down her thick thighs and grins deviously at the sight of her soft, hairless mound.

“How do you want me?” Sarah says slyly, seducing him with her hips. She swirls her tight, curvy body in small
circles as she slithers her hands up his burly chest.

“Turn around.” The moment Sarah spins around and places her hands on the back of the couch, Damon hikes
up her dress up and firmly plants his large, masculine hands on her fat, round ass.

Suddenly, Sarah feels Damon’s hand dominate her back, pushing all of his weight down on her arch. Damon
quickly grabs the base of his throbbing cock and rubs his head up and down her moist slit. Sarah instantly
spreads her legs apart and perks her ass up, begging for Damon to penetrate her pussy.

Without warning, Damon pulls her juicy pussy lips apart and skillfully slams his long, horse-sized shaft in her
slick snatch. A loud, deep grunt moans releases from Damon’s lips. Sarah swiftly stretches her arms behind
her and grabs the back of his legs.

As she pushes him closer, his pulsating penis plummets deeper inside of her swelling pussy. Deep cries of
intense pleasure escape from Sarah’s mouth. Suddenly, her legs start to violently shake.

“I’m… I’m going to cum!” Sarah stammers. As she bites down on her bottom lip, her cunt starts to quiver,
sending a flowing stream of hot, sweet juices down his bouncing, bulging balls.

All of a sudden, long, thick shots of creamy cum shoot up inside Sarah’s sopping wet snatch. Loud grunts roar
from Damon’s mouth as he piledrives her pussy harder, releasing every last drop of his warm, milky liquid from
his plump, pulsating sack. Sarah rapidly bounces up and down on his squirting shaft, forcing Damon’s knees to
buckle. As he topples on top of her, they hear the door slowly start to open.

“Shit! My roommate is home!” Damon quickly unplugs her pussy and pulls his pants up. Grabbing Sarah by the
hand, he looks at her and whispers, “Shall we continue this in my bedroom?” Sarah flashes him a teeth-baring
smile and runs down the hallway. Damon chases after her and quickly closes his bedroom door.
* * *

© 2015 M.R. Hahn