A Visit to the Doctor
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A Visit to the Doctor
by Mathieu Francis©

Shauna had always had a doctor fantasy.  She would tell me about
it in bed on nights after we made love and it was too hot to sleep.   I
always found it a bit too cliché, such a textbook scenario, but even
the smallest mention of it would get her mind racing and she'd start
to touch herself.

"Don't look," she'd say, and turn on her stomach.  I would lie there,
feeling the bed shake, thinking about her fingers rolling across her
clit, and trying to imagine which part of the fantasy she was in at
that moment.  Sometimes I would grab her thighs at the last minute
and she'd scream in delight as she came, drooling on the pillow.  
She'd look at me, a little embarrassed, say, "I told you not to look,"
and cover herself up with the blankets.   But after an orgasm like
that she couldn't be too upset and she'd snuggle up to me and fall

This happened so often that I came to know the fantasy by heart.

The waiting room is full of women; we sit quietly looking
anonymous.  No one looks at anyone else.  I leaf through
magazines about cooking and decorating.   I realize that I'm
nervous.  Suddenly the nurse appears in front of me, tall and
austere.  She calls my name sombrely and doesn't wait for me to
get up.  I follow her into a little room in the back and she tells me to
take off my clothes.   I look around for a changing room, but there
isn't one.  I try to be professional about it: I don't ask, I just turn my
back to her and start to unbutton my blouse.  She's taking notes in
the file.   She starts asking me questions in her cold, Nordic accent.

"Are you having sexual intercourse?"


"How many times a week?"

"It depends."

"On average."

"Two, three."

"How many partners do you have?"


"Is it a man or a woman?"

"A man."

"Does he come inside you?"

I stop what I'm doing and look at her.  "What do you mean?"

"Does he ejaculate inside you?  Does his sperm ever enter your
vaginal area?"

I never understand why people need to know these things.   "Yes," I
say, shyly.

"Don't stop undressing, we haven't got all day."

I pull off my blouse and fold it on the table.  Before I unclip my bra I
look around to see if she is watching me.   I think I catch her staring,
but she pulls her glance away.

"Do you swallow his semen?"

Why does she need to know this?  "Do I have to answer these
questions?" I ask.

"If you don't want to have good sexual hygiene you don't have to do

I sigh and lay my bra on top of my blouse.

"I have once or twice."  I can tell that I'm blushing.

"How would you describe your sexual relationship?  Happy,
satisfactory or needs improvement?"

"Happy," I say, easing my skirt down my waist.

"Are you sure?"


"Because everyone says 'happy' at first, but most of them are
lying.   Are you lying?"

"I have a very satisfactory and happy sexual relationship!"

"Good then," she is staring right at me.  "Take off your panties, the
doctor will be here in a moment."

I slide them down my legs and take my socks off with them.  I lie
down on the examining table and stare up at the ceiling.  They've
put up one of those impressionist paintings of a flower that looks
like a vagina.

"I will give you inspection before he comes."   She puts down the
file and approaches me.  I try not to look at her towering over me.   
She takes my pulse and my blood pressure, the stethoscope cold
on my breast.  She makes some notes and comes back over to
me, taking one of my breasts in her skilled hand.   

"Hm," she says and fondles the other in the same, cold manner and
then says something strange: "The doctor will be pleased with your

I decide to ignore this comment, as she's already onto something
else.  She slides the palm of her hand down my chest to my

"Hm," she says again.  "I will have to give you closer inspection.  
Please can you sit forward?"

She gets up and stands in front of my legs, putting on a pair of
plastic gloves.  I ease my body closer to her.   "Please open them
wide, don't be shy."

I close my eyes and obey.  I feel her hands travel softly up my calves
and my thighs.   I've always hated this.  I wait for the uncomfortable
moment when she'll finally touch me.  I feel her finger on my lips.

"Ah, you are wet," she says, amused.  I feel her long fingers slowly
slide into me.  I squeeze my eyes shut and try not to make a sound,
but a tiny moan escapes.  This makes her laugh quietly.

"Let me see your clit."  Her fingers search around and pull back the
hood over my clit.  I feel something wet and warm on it.

"I must prepare you for the doctor, he will be giving you a more full

My body is warmed by the touches she is giving me, even though I
should be embarrassed that a nurse, a female nurse is providing
me with this pleasure.   I let myself relax and feel my pelvis rising in
time to the movements.  It feels like my pussy is being licked and
I'm being fucked at the same time.  My cheeks start to flush and I
clutch my breasts.   Suddenly the door opens.

"Is the patient ready?" comes the doctor's cold voice.  I open my
eyes, a little shocked to be reminded where I am, and pull myself
away from the nurse.

"She has been very cooperative," says the nurse.  

"We have some very important tests today," he says, putting down
his file and approaching me.  "Breasts?" he asks.

"Firm, 32 or 34 C," says the nurse.

He lays his hand on my left breast in the same way as the nurse.   
"How does that feel?" he asks.

"Okay."  He squeezes harder.  

"How about that?"

I let out a small moan, then embarrassed I say, "That's okay too."

He chuckles to himself and walks over to the nurse.

"What about the rest.  Clitoris?"

"Good response to all stimulation."


"Quick lubrication, deep penetration produced a strong reaction.  
Vagina had a good tightness.  Patient responded well to all stimuli."

"Could you raise her legs for me?  I want to have a good look."

The doctor winks at me as the nurse takes my thighs and parts
them, raising my legs in the air.  I look back to the ceiling, self-
conscious of the close attention I'm receiving.   He seems to be
sniffing at me.

"That's a good scent you've got there, very healthy."  I feel his finger
enter me.   I hold my breath.  He reaches deep inside me; I feel his
finger pushing at my stomach from inside.  "Nice lubrication," he
says.  "All right, you can relax now."   The nurse puts my legs back
down on the table.

"How did the quiz go?"

"Vaginal copulation two to three times a week, infrequent oral
copulation including occasional fluid ingestion."

"Good.  We're going to do some tests on that, okay?  Just close
your eyes and relax, okay?  Good."  She puts a blindfold over my
eyes.   "Is that comfortable"" I hear her ask.  I nod.  The doctor and
the nurse walk around to the other end of the table.  She takes off
his jacket for him.

"This test is known as firmness adjustment," says the nurse.  
"We're going to be simulating oral copulation to test your reflexes.   
Now if you can just open your mouth."

Keeping my eyes closed I allow my mouth to open.  I hear the
sound of buckle and a zipper being undone, then I feel the nurse's
hand feeding something into my mouth.

It feels like a flaccid penis.   But that would be impossible.

"Now what you're going to do is pretend this is your partner's
member and you have to make it hard for him.   Can you show us
how you would do that?"

I reach my hand up to the 'penis' and pull back the foreskin.  I give it
a little lick around the base and at the head.  I can already feel it
growing in my hand.  

"Good, that's very good," says the nurse, stroking my hair.  I give
the cock a series of quick licks on the underside of its head.

The cock is becoming quite hard, and soon it's grown much larger
than I imagined it would.  I take the whole thing into my mouth.  I can
hear heavy breathing and a hand on the back of my neck guiding
my head.   I follow its rhythm, bobbing the cock in and out of my
mouth, slurping at its head every time it crosses my lips.  Eager to
pass the test, I start to get carried away, as if I were alone in bed
with my boyfriend.   I take it into one side of my mouth, the next time
into the other.  I hear panting.  

"Don't stop!" says the doctor.

"You're doing very well," says the nurse.  "Now get on your hands
and knees."

I do as she says, reaching out with my right hand to cup the base of
the cock in front of me.   The nurse moves behind me and I feel her
inspecting my pussy again.  I let out a moan, uncertain how I can
continue with the deep thrusts her fingers are giving me below.  I
take a breath and return to the cock.   The nurse's hands is on my
ass and my back.  Somehow nothing seems wrong anymore, I'm
just fucking, I'm just giving and receiving pleasure, I'm just doing
what I'm told.

"Show me how you tit-fuck," commands the doctor.   I sit up and rub
the cock between my breasts, squeezing them around it.  It's at this
moment that he pulls off the blindfold and I'm back where I was on
the examining table, the doctor's real cock between my tits; the
nurses hand in my tits.   I can tell that I look out of place.

"Is her cunt ready?" the doctor asks the nurse, pulling away from

"Ready for entry," she replies.  I wonder what they are planning.  

The nurse reaches her hand out and guides me over to the corner.  
I walk there slowly and put my hands down on the desk.   The nurse
approaches with a pen and paper.  "Please can you sign this?" she
asks, pushing the pen into my hand.  Before I know what is
happening my signature is scrawled on the paper and the blindfold
is put back in place.   The nurse pulls my arms over the table, tying
my hands to the drawers on the other side with leather straps.  The
doctor is behind me.  I feel his hands attempting to part my
buttocks.   I cannot move.  I cannot stop him.  Suddenly I realize this
is crazy, my doctor is trying to fuck me and the nurse is complicit.  
He pushes himself in and I let out a sudden moan.  The nurse
reacts by shoving a cloth into my mouth.  "Good girl, you're a good
girl," comes her voice.   The doctor's thrusts are deep.  His one
hand pushes down on my back, the other holds my struggling waist
and guides him in.  I shake my head.  I want it to stop; I want to get
away.   He grips my waist tighter and pushes in and out.  "Shhh,"
comes the nurses voice.  She starts to hum a lullaby I've never
heard.  Still the doctor is pounding into me, faster and harder.   Will
he come inside me?  Does he do this to other women?  He's
grunting loudly, he can't hold himself back.  I try to move and the
nurse holds my head roughly on the table.  The doctor grasps my
shoulder, pushing himself as deep as he can inside me.  Even I'm
grunting with each thrust.  This massive, swelling penis inside me.  
I've never been used this way before.   I decide to stop struggling
and wait for it to end.  

And that's when he hits the spot.  The spot that only my first lover,
Michael, has ever been able to find.  I whine in pleasure, surprising
myself.  The nurse takes the cloth out of my mouth.  I realize I'm
drooling.   The doctor continues to hammer away behind me; I arch
my back, I push my ass towards him, anything to keep this feeling
going.  I realize I'm panting and moaning.  I reach my hand behind
and propel his ass into me.  I'm going to come before he does, I
feel the orgasm rising and rising…

I don't hear myself scream.  But when I stop I realize the nurse is
covering my mouth with her hand.  The doctor pulls out but I remain
tied up and blindfolded, trying to determine if he came inside me.   
For a moment I don't feel anything, then suddenly a warm stickiness
slides down my thigh.  The nurse wipes it with a cloth, perhaps the
one that was in my mouth.  I hear the sound of a belt being done up
and a door opening.

"We'll be seeing you again next month I assume," he says, trying to
maintain his composure through his panting.  The door closes.  The
nurse unties my hands and follows him out.  I'm left alone in the
room.  I take off my blindfold and look around, not sure if this really

I wipe myself clean and get dressed.  On the way out the
receptionist asks if I want to make an appointment for next month.

"Do you have anything next week?" I ask.

© 2006 Mathieu Francis