Back Door Lovers
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Back Door Lovers
by Onyx Gemstones

After my first marriage ended, I decided I would never be without a lover
again. I kept one like a safety net for sex. Towards the end of my marriage,
she was busy creeping while I tried to make a go of the vows we made
while on vacation. I was working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week only, to
come home and fix my own dinner and stroke my own flesh for satisfaction.
I left most morning around 6:30 am and didn't return home until after 7. That
left her plenty of time to get her freak on. I was naive enough to believe she
was being faithful. That was until her friend came on to me, when we had a
party and she let me know why my wife was no longer interested in sex with
me. She was banging damn near everyone in the apartment complex. Once
the cat was out of the bag, I started my own quest. I was tired of the bullshit.
I was the only one working and I couldn't get a meal or a hand job from her.

I was bowling twice a week, one night with the wife. Other than that I had no
social life. It was during my Wednesday night league that my life became
bearable again. This guy on another team had this woman come every
week and hang out with him. She was bad looking, but far from turning
heads. Knotty was a married man and this woman was his mistress. They
used to live together and even had a child, but he was a dawg in the worst
way and was caught cheating. Sissy had caught him with her best friend, a
fellow co-worker fucking in their bed. She threw him out the house and he
moved in with the cheating bitch. But alas she loved the SOB and didn't
want to go without sex. She didn't want to go without till she met me.

When he was bowling we would flirt with one another. And eventually, he
went to the restroom and she flat out told me, that she would rock my world.
I had to think fast. Was his friendship worth losing to have a new lover? She
decided for me, the following week. She came to the alley and he didn't.
She asked if I would follow her home after bowling was over. It was one of
the many time the little head thought for the big head. Not to 'cause
suspicion, after bowling was over, I met her down the street at a bar. We
had a few drinks and lots of foreplay. She was all over me, and I didn't stop
it. I loved the attention she was giving me. Before long we were kissing in
public like long time lovers. Her tongue swirled in my mouth and tasted like
cinnamon Her hazel eyes were hypnotic and putting me under her spell.
Before long, we left the bar and I followed her home. Outside her door, she
kissed me again.

“Wait here a second and let me see where the kids are.”

After what seemed like an eternity, she opened the door. I walked into a
dark house. The only light came from the television set in the living room.
One of her daughters and one of her sons was still up watching MTV. After
locking the front door, she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom.
There was one single candle lit on her dresser. I turned to kiss her.

She pulled away from me, and said “So what's up ?”

I looked into the eyes, and answer softly,”You know my deal, what do you
want ?”

“I'll be right back.” She left me, and went to a closed door. She flicked on a
light when she opened it. It was her own private bathroom. I waited as I
heard water running. I walked over to her bookshelf stereo and hit play on
the cd. The smooth sounds of Kenny G began through the stereo. I turned
around and found myself looking at an angel.

She stood in front of the candle. Her silhouette made my mouth water. She
was wearing a white negligee Her body shown through the skimpy clothing..
Her pear shape body was enticing, thin upper body rolling down to extra
wise hips. Her huge nipples stood erect beneath the flimsy material. Her
nipples looked like cherries on top of two scoops of ice cream. I walked to
her. I kissed her neck and nibbled ever so slightly. I licked and nibbled my
way from one side of her neck to the other. When I tried to latch onto her
lips again, she pushed me down onto her bed. She then attacked my jeans.
She pulled at my belt and opened my pants. Her actions were like a starved
animal. She dragged my pants and underwear in one move down to my
ankles. She kissed her way from my knee, up my thigh. When she reached
my cock, she pushed it against my stomach and continued her assault to
my other leg. After she had tasted me from one thigh to the other, she rose
up and took my member with both hands. She smiled up at me as I peered
down at her. She engulfed my member. She worked her tongue around my
cock, as she slowly, teasingly lower her mouth. When she had reached my
pubic bone and had my entire member in my mouth, she moaned.

The sensation was overwhelming, I moaned loudly. She held her mouth at
the bottom and stared into my eyes. When I moaned, she started bobbing
up and down like the piston in an engine. She worked like there was no
tomorrow. The feeling was incredible I had never had a woman deep throat
me, must less enjoy doing it. I watched as she worked her magic and I
noticed her hand pulling at her breasts, then her hand went below. I assume
she was stroking herself while she was sucking me. When this pleasant
torture became unbearable, I warned her. She never stopped until the first
hit the back of her mouth. She pulled away and continued jerking my cock
off. My cum shot straight into the air and landed on my stomach. When I
stopped cumming, She licked her way up my body, drinking in my life given
fluids that was sparsely on me. She reached my nipples and began to
nibble and suck on them as well. She went from one nipple to the other and
then to my neck. When she reached my chin, she licked up to my mouth and
nibbled on my bottom lip. When she released my lip, I returned the favor.
We went into a passionate French kiss. My hard on had returned. I pulled
the bottom hem of her nightie up over her hips. I grabbed her hips and
pulled her onto of my hard on. As I tried to enter her without using my hands,
she continued to kiss me and rubbed her lips on my renew hard member.
Every stroke that was entering her, she would pull away. It was a sweet
torture. She licked my ear lobe and whispered in my ear.

“Not yet big boy, you gotta lick it before you stick it.”

After stating her demand, she wiggled up my upper body until her v was
over my lips. She held onto the headboard as I stuck out my tongue and
licked at her lips. When moaned loudly as she lower herself onto my mouth.
I swirled my tongue around her lips. I plunged into her depths and she
arched her back as her nectar dripped from her center. Before she could
react, I latched onto her clit and sucked it into my mouth and gently bite on
it. She wailed at the sensations. She rotated her hips as I desperately tried
to hold onto her nub. I looked up to her face, and watched the anguished
look came across her face. She grabbed both of her breasts, and roughly
pawed at them until she reached her nipples and pulled them between her
thumb and forefinger. I licked her clit until I heard her satisfaction in her
voice. She shrilled at the top of her lungs as her second orgasm hit. I felt her
legs quiver and shake as her body spasmed. I drank in her liquid, she
tasted like strawberries, sweet and tart. My mouth and chin were covered
with her juices. She eased her way down my body until her mouth could lick
up the remains of her juices on my face. She licked my face clean of her
juices like a child with a ice cream cone. She rolled off of me and exhaled.

“That was incredible.” she said in between gasping to catch her breath.

“Not so bad yourself, but we aren't finished yet.”, I replied.

She raised up onto her elbow, and looked puzzled. As I began to kiss her, I
rolled back on top of her. As I wrestled tongues with her, I separated her
legs with my knee. I pulled her thin nightgown up. Although she was not
fighting me, I used the wispy material to restrict her arms. I savagely
attacked her nipples. In the candle light, her breast looked delectable. I
seized her right nipple and bite it ever so lightly. I licked my way to her left
nipple and again bite ever so lightly. I pushed my knee into her crotch. She
immediately humped against my leg. The harder I bit on her nipples, the
more she humped my legs. I was enjoying torturing her. Suddenly she
stretched her arms, ripping her gown. She looked at me with an angry face
and pleading eyes.

“Please stop teasing me...ooh.... and fuck me.”

With that request I plunge my manhood into her folds. Her hips moved with
perfect rhythm with my own movements. She raised her legs until they
locked behind me on the top of my lower back. I watched her expressions
changing with every stroke. Her eyes were closed and I knew she was
dreaming of him, and that only spurn me on to make it good for her. She
unclenched her legs and raised them one at a time onto each of my
shoulders. She grabbed me behind my neck and pulled my mouth to hers.
As I stroked her deeper than ever, she spoke barely audible, “Thank you.”

Copyright© 2007 Onyx Gemstones