Back Room Pleasure
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Back Room Pleasure
by Gianni Shamari

It was a fine Saturday afternoon. I roamed around Mercer Street in lower Manhattan and eventually lingered
at a small shop called Gizelle's, which was new in the neighborhood. On the windows, innovative Christmas
designs were displayed that had caught my attention. The store looked deserted so I decided to step inside
and buy gifts to wish my girlfriend a happy holiday.

Hence, I entered the air-conditioned store and found a variety of skirts, halter-tops, tank tops, thigh-highs,
and thongs. A sexy brown-haired woman stood behind the counter, reading an Allure magazine. Her long
wavy hair was shoulder-length, and she wore a white tube top that left her flat stomach bare. She seemed
to be the only worker that day.

Perceiving my presence, she looked up and asked amiably, "May I help you, Sir?"

Her accent seemed Spanish.

"I'm looking for lingerie."

"Sure," she said, smiling broadly. "Please follow me!"

"Cool," I said.

She left the counter. Her height was a bit short, and the Denim jeans she wore accentuated her juicy
bottom. She led me to the middle of the store. I could not keep my eyes off her bouncing booty; a knowing
smile on her face suggested that she was aware of my furtive glances.

"I saw you." She murmured.


"You know what." She continued with a smile. "This Cancun-Blue push-up bra and matching cheeky hipkini
just came in. Do you like it?"

"Yes, I do, it's nice!" I answered. "What is your name? I love your accent! You are so hot!"

"Thanks! My name is Gizelle Hennessy. I'm Brazilian!"

"Oh, okay, that explains your Spanish accent." I told her. "I am Mar'e."

"You mean Mar'e as in the Maury Show?"

"Somewhat." I quipped. "You're funny. What are your ambitions?" I asked her.

"To be the sexiest doll and let everyone know that." Gizelle answered with a giggle.

I laughed at her answer. It was suggestive. Then I asked her, "What are your turn-ons?"

"My turn-ons are handsome black men with a New York accent."

"I like that." I replied.

We walked back to the counter and Gizelle rung the items up. When she gave me my change back, we
accidentally kiss. I gave her a puzzled look.

"Oh, don't be shy, handsome." Gizelle said. "I know you want me!"

After that, she hanged an Out For Lunch sign on the door; I followed her to a small room in the back of the
store. It had a long black desk in the middle of the room and mirrors.

"It looks like a cozy corner to keep things-confidential."

"Yeah, just name it the occult room." Gizelle said, winking. "You can see, it's not often that crowded and I
can give my attention to a handsome customer."

"Oh, is it like that?" I said, grinning broadly. "You're a bad girl, aren't you?"

"I know," Gizelle said, puckering her lips, "and lucky for you, I haven't been fucked for ages. Do you want to
fill me up, Mar'e?"

"Hell yeah, baby girl!"

She leaned in and we kissed. Our tongues intertwined rhythmically as if they were dancing in harmony. I
liked how Gizelle bit and sucked on my bottom lip. Therefore, I licked and sucked hard on her neck. She let
out a soft moan and tried gripping the bulge in my jeans.

"You have a big dick!" Gizelle murmured. "My pussy is dripping already. I can't wait to feel your cock
penetrating inside my pussy!"

Gizelle pulled away and lifted her tube top. She had no bra on and her green eyes were ablaze with fiery
lust! She pulled down my pants, engulfed my erect cock, and soaked it with her warm mouth. I liked how she
worked on my dick with her wet tongue. Then she deep-throated me that made me soar up to the ceiling.
The sight of her head, bobbing up and down on my dick was awesome!

"Do you have a condom, Mar'e?" Gizelle asked. "I want this dick so bad, but I don't want to get pregnant."
"Sure I do."

I took off my shirt and pulled out a Trojan Magnum Ecstasy condom from my pocket. When I unwrapped it
and rolled it down on my dick, Gizelle sat on the edge of the desk with her right hand rubbing her bald
pussy. I was aroused instantly, and kicked off my Nike ACG boots and pants.

"Stick that monster in my cunt, chulo." Gizelle told me. "I want that big dick of yours right now."

I eased my dick in slowly. Gizelle's pussy was wet and welcoming. She opened her mouth and gasped as my
dick glided into her pussy. She laid on the desk and wrapped her toned legs around my waist. My hands
squeezed her firm breasts and I began pounding her pussy harder.

"Yes, fuck me with that big dick!" Gizelle yelled. "Show me no mercy!"

"Yeah, you love this dick! Take it!" I groaned.

I shoved my dick into her love canal. Gizelle's pussy continually oozed love juices and she screamed in
delirium. Her yelps turned into soft whimpers. She enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her and I knew she was
about to cum any minute. Gizelle's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she panted, undergoing a
shaking climax. I ejaculated in the condom and the effect dazed me for a moment.

"That was so good!" Gizelle acknowledged. "Now, I want you to go down on me!"

"I love that nasty shit, baby girl!"

I always craved to have a box lunch. Nothing is as delicious as a wet, quivering pussy! I knelt down, holding
her thighs apart. Inhaling the aromatic wafts oozing from a recently used pussy, I darted my tongue out and
teased her moist pink flesh. She grabbed my head and pushed it against her juicy crotch. The trembling
feel of her body turned me on. I sucked her clit and fingered her pussy. Gizelle's moans turned into dirty
words. Her quivering voice provoked me to keep up the good work, and continue eating her sweet and tart

"Yes, suck me! Ah ... lick my cunt ... mmm..." Gizelle chanted. "Don't stop; mmm ... don't stop, huh ... huh..."

"I won't stop until you let me drink your honey," I thought.

I nibbled, fingered, and licked her clit. She writhed with pleasure and squealed in delight. Her sexual juices
coated my fingers as I stuck them into her lubed cunt. Poking her G-spot, I closed my lips on her throbbing
morsel. She pulled my hair, strained her torso, and climaxed into my mouth. Some pussy juice trickled down
her ass cheeks and spilled on the table.

"Oh my God ... huh ... you ate me ... huh ... so good..."

"Get down on all fours and stick that fat ass in the air!" I told her.

Even after losing her energy, she gave in to my command. I spanked her and shoved my dick into her
asshole. Gizelle groaned as I began pounding her ass like a specialist. I seized her long hair and fucked her
ass harder and faster. With each thrust, Gizelle pushed her ass to take me in. She was as wild as a cat! My
dick was already wet with her pussy juices and I felt like unloading my jizz into her rectum. Then I pumped
deeper into her love tunnel and saw my cum oozing out of her pussy.

"Wow, that was amazing, Sexy!" I said, pulling out. "I love Brazilian women!"

"You really know how to fuck!" Gizelle sighed. "I lost count on how many times I released my cum. I'm glad I
was able to keep up with you."

Minutes later, we got dressed and left the room. Luckily, no customer entered the store while we fucked.
Gizelle immediately put the Open Sign back on the door and handed me my bags.

"Can I have your number, sexy? I want to take you somewhere nice before the year ends."

"Sure." Gizelle smiled, as she told me her number. "I might want you to come back later this evening so we
can go out to eat. I don't think I'm going to take a lunch break."

"What is your favorite food?"

"I love Italian."

"Me too, baby, I'll see you later."

As I was leaving, several women walked inside the store. Gizelle waived goodbye to me and I blew her a
kiss. I felt like a Hollywood star in an erotic holiday movie, telling myself inwardly, 'A new pleasure fest is
going to ensue!'

Copyright© 2013 Gianni Shamari

I was born and raised in New York City . I am a freelance writer. I always had a passion for writing since
Elementary School. I enjoy expressing myself freely on paper and sharing my ideas with the world. Writing is
just a big part of my life. Most of my erotic fiction can be found on my blog One day I hope to get a book of my erotic stories

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