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by Hugh O. Smith©

The man sat, concealed in the woods for an hour before he spotted her. She emerged from
the house to walk the dog at eight-thirty like he knew she would. From his vantage point in the
trees opposite her house he watched her walk up the street, pausing here and there to greet
the neighbors. His pulse quickened at the sight of her body, thick and voluptuous inside her
track suit. She turned the corner out of sight, and he hunkered down to wait, kept company by
the vampire mosquitoes and the small furry things whose home he had invaded.

Soon, the jingle of the dog's collar tags announced their return. The dog was anxious to return
home now that his business was complete and he pulled hard on the leash. She half walked,
half ran to keep up, her gait making her big breasts jiggle and jump.

She disappeared into the house and in a few minutes the lights all off downstairs followed
shortly by the illumination of the upper floors.

The light in the bathroom window had come on. The man stood up and brushed the dirt and
leaves from his clothes.

Time to move.

His rubber soled boots made no sound as he made his way carefully across the street, past
her car, over the sad rose bushes then to the side of the house, ducking and weaving past the
heavy leaf-laden branches of the neighbor's trees and into the backyard. A quick scan of the
neighboring windows to make sure he wasn't seen turned up nothing. It was bedtime in
suburbia plus he was almost impossible to see dressed for no good in black boots, jeans
and black pullover. Still there was no sense in being careless.

He snuck up the porch steps, taking care to avoid the creaky middle step and stealthily crept
to the back door and turned the knob.


He ran his hand on the sill above the door and retrieved the spare key he knew was kept there
and moments later stood in the darkened kitchen with the dirty dishes and fading dinner
smells. From directly overhead came the faint sound of running water and fainter still the
sound of her singing.

The thought of her voluptuous body naked but for a layer of Ivory suds excited him. His
manhood throbbed as he moved through the kitchen and living room in the dark, easily
navigating past the furniture in his path.

The dog asleep at the foot of the stairs awoke from his nap at the man's approach, lifting his
shaggy head and thumping his tail twice against the wood floor before he lay his head down

The man stepped over the dog and silently climbed the stairs. The door to the master
bedroom was open and he peered in cautiously. The shower was still going. Heart beating
faster he pulled the black ski mask on and stepped into the bedroom.

Her bed was huge; king sized, turned down and ready to receive her for the night. The room
was far too brightly lit for his liking, he used to dimmer switch on the wall to lower the lights.
The bathroom door stood half-open and from where he stood he could only see the steam-
covered mirror. He moved in for a closer look but stepped back quickly when the sound of
running water abruptly ceased and the shower curtains drew back with the shrill squeal that
only shower curtains make. She stepped from the shower dripping wet her back to him. He
could only see half of her body through the partly open door but that was enough. His heart
pounded hard in his chest, breaths coming in short gasps.

Now was the time!

He exploded through the bathroom door. A hand went over her mouth, an arm round her
waist. She had no chance to react before he was roughly dragging her backwards through the
door. Her body stiffened then she began to struggle. She was strong but he was much
stronger and easily dragged her, wet and naked, out of the bathroom and into the bedroom
and tossed her violently onto the bed.

She landed hard on her stomach and started to turn around but stopped when he
commanded her to. His voice, disguised and muffled by the ski mask, was rough and gravely
and did the trick. She lay where he threw her, the only movement her deep uneven breathing.

"What are…"

"Shut the fuck up!"     

"Please tell me what…."

He moved to the bed, bent over and grabbed a fistful of her long, wet hair and pulled her head
up with a savage yank.

"I..said..shut..up!" He said through clenched teeth. "Do not speak or do anything unless I tell

He felt her body trembling.

"If you understand me, nod your head."

Her head bobbed up and down as best it could despite his vice grip on her hair.

He let go and she buried her head in the sheets. He couldn't help but be even more aroused
at the sight of her helplessness. His erection was huge now and he undid the button on his
jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down. She flinched at the sound of the zipper; she knew
what was coming and started whimpering. He wore no underwear so his dick fell free,
unencumbered at last and at the ready.

She moved, so he gave her a hard slap on the ass with his huge, calloused hand.

"Ass up, face down!" He barked.

She was slow to comply and he slapped her once again, much harder this time.


She promptly positioned her backside in the air and kept her face buried in the sheets.

He ran his hands over the soft skin of her ass, used his thumb to trace circles around her
asshole, still wet from the shower and caressed between her legs lightly. Her clean shaved
pussy was moist, the lips plump and protruding. He ran his hand over them lightly once,
twice. Her body trembled and he did it again, her moistness increasing as her body
responded to his touch.

He parted the lips and one, then two and three fingers were inside her, gliding easily into her
well-lubricated opening. Once in, he became rough, forcefully plunging into her again and
again, taking her hole. She moaned and her hands became claws, grabbing great handfuls of

He removed the fingers from her pussy, grabbed her again by the hair, pulling her face up off
the sheets, and jammed his wet fingers into her mouth, forcing her to suck and lick all of her
off of him. When she had licked every drop he let go of her hair, forcing her head back down
into the bed.

His dick was even harder now, veins standing prominently all along his thick nine inches, a
glistening bead of pre-cum crowning the tip. He used it to slap her on the ass again and
again, the weight of the blows causing her to flinch each time.

"Do you feel that?" He growled.

No answer.

His hand landed on her ass with a resounding whack.

"Don't let me ask you again!"

"Yes..yes I feel it." Her voice was soft and low.

He leaned over, took a grip under her chin and viciously plunged the entire length of his dick
into her.

Her eyes went wide with surprise and shock and she moaned loudly.

"Do you like that bitch?"

No reply.













The man punctuated each word with a ferocious slap on her ass, while all the time stroking
her pussy.

Her only response was a guttural moaning. The sensation of the spanking combined with the
rough brutal fucking made her almost senseless.

He continued to fuck her, hard, as if taking out all his anger, fears and frustrations on her tight
helpless pussy.

Soon he felt it, that familiar tightening sensation in his balls. He withdrew from her and
ordered her to turn and face him.

She did as she was told.

He put his dick in her face and slapped her with it, each point of impact leaving a smear of her
juices on her face.

"Now," he began "You're going to suck my dick. You're going to put it ALL in your mouth."

Her eyes went wide.

"But, I'm not sure…"

"Be quiet," he ordered, silencing her with a cock-slap to the mouth.

"Now, tell me what you're going to do!"

She took a deep breath.

"I'm going to suck it," She said, her voice timid.


"And I'm going to take it all in my mouth."

"Very good. Now do as you're told."

Her hands were small, just able to encircle his girth. She lifted him to her lips and gave the tip
a tentative lick. She looked up at him to find him glaring down at her, eyes like coals glowing
inside the ski mask. She went back to her task, putting the head in her mouth, lightly sucking.
She licked along his length, making him slick with her saliva, then sucked on his big, heavy

"Put my dick back in your mouth." He commanded.

She performed as ordered, taking it all in, inch by inch, her throat opening ever wider to
accommodate his length. His cock was drenched in her saliva and she stopped sucking and
licked the shaft, swirling her tongue along the very tip.

She brought him to the brink again and again before finally taking him all back in her mouth
again, sucking, fondling his balls as she sucked. She found the perfect rhythm and it's not
long before he cums, wave after wave of hot cum flooding down her throat.

He was silent after he came; only speaking to order her to lie face down on the bed before
disappearing down the stairs and into the night.

Twenty minutes later she heard her husband's footsteps coming up the stairs and into the

"Hi baby." She greeted him.

"Hello honey." He bent over and kissed her, running his strong calloused hands over her
naked body.

"How was poker with the fellas? Did you win?" She asked as he undressed.

"I took it all tonight, I had a great time."

She fell asleep smiling, his strong arms wrapped around her.

© 2006 Hugh O. Smith

As a child Hugh was privy to a rich Jamaican storytelling tradition which he credits as his
inspiration. He enjoys writing and reading avidly across all genres and is currently working on
other writing projects, among them a novel, a book of short stories and several children's
picture books.  Please visit his site at