Beautiful Dreamer
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Voyuerism

Beautiful Dreamer
by Duke Parrish

I am writing to you my dear friend because I think I am loosing my mind. Since I just moved to
Portsmouth a few months I do not have a close friend, like you, that I can confide in. So hear me
out, then tell me if I am crazy or what!

It all started just after I moved into the old mayor's house. Here in Port Norfolk it is considered
the center piece of the community. You know me, I enjoy fixing up and this place was really a
fixer upper! Well, one evening I was working in the upstairs back bedroom. It faces the old
Simmons place but it has a great view of the river too! I was scrapping the window, trying to get
the old paint off so I could repaint it. You know that I am no fucking peeping tom but as I was
working on the window I saw a woman in the window at the Simmons place.

I really did not notice much at first, then I realized that she was looking off toward the river and
not even noticing me. My god she was beautiful! She had long brown hair, and I mean
was over her shoulders long. Her face was perfect in every detail. Our windows were only 20 or
30 feet apart so I could see perfectly. She was wearing a long cream colored nightgown. It went
from her neck down and it had long sleeves with lace around the neck and wrists. I am telling
you I could see the detail clear as day!

I really wanted to turn away, but I couldn't. I wanted to drink in all her beauty! Then, I am
embarrassed to say, I watched as she slowly unbuttoned the nightgown and then let it slowly
drop to the floor. These windows are long so I could see all the way down to her knees! Man,
she had nothing on under the nightgown! Her breast were, I don't know, 36C or bigger. But they
stood straight out! I wanted to touch them, kiss and suck on them so bad! Then I looked down
and all I could see was the beautiful shape, a flat stomach, and this little patch of soft brown fur.
From the side I could see the gentle slope of her back and waist and then her firm round ass!

Buddy, I was about to cum in my pants right there! Suddenly I heard a BANG coming from
downstairs and I turned to look at the door to the bedroom. When I looked back the window was
dark and she was gone. So far not so crazy right? Well it goes that way quickly.

The next night when I got home from work I went back up to finish cleaning and priming the
window for painting. I had just started when suddenly I noticed her there again! She did
everything the same way! I took it all in and man it was great! This time she slowly ran her hands
down her chest and across her stomach. Then she picked up a brush and just stood there
brushing her hair. I did not try to hide or anything, I just stood there watching. Finally, she turned
and seemed not to notice me. Just then I thought I saw something move in her yard, below her
window. I looked down and saw an old man walking into the backyard. When I looked back to her
window she was gone again!

My friend this went on every night for weeks. I even stopped pretending I was working on the
window and I would just be there, waiting and watching. Always something would distract me and
when I would look back she was gone! I got to know ever inch of her body that I could see! I
would stare intently at her and I would notice things. She has a little mole on her left breast and
another one on the left hip. She looks in my direction, but she never seems to notice I am there
though. Oh, I have waved to her, I even opened the window one night and called to her. But she
never seems to notice.

Finally, I could not stand it anymore so the other day I skipped going to work and I walked
around the block to her house. The place has seen better days, that is for sure. But is was neat
and clean and the yard was maintained. I knocked on the door several times when finally an
elderly man answered. He seemed to be in his eighties and he looked frail and tired. He had on
a white shirt and brown slacks with brown tie shoes. He was well groomed, I would have to say
that for him. Then I realized that I would have to admit my perverted crime of peeping in his
daughters window.

I stammered and cleared my voice then I spoke "Good morning sir, I do hate to bother you. But I
was wondering if I could be so forward as to ask if I may meet the young lady that lives
upstairs?" He looked and me with a puzzled look, then a smile came to his face as he said "Oh,
you must mean my Elaine! Come in son, come in" he offered. I came into his house and it was
like stepping back into the 1950's. Nothing seemed to have changed, like time had stopped. He
lead me into the living room and motioned for me to sit down.

Then he sat down in a big winged back chair and he said "So my Elaine has been entertaining
you?" "Well, I do not blame her sir, I am at fault, I was watching her. Quite by accident in the
beginning" I offered "But then I guess I let it go to far! It is entirely my fault, I assure you! I would
just like to get to meet her and apologize to her for my brash behavior" I offered. He just nodded
and smiled and he slowly got up and said "Come, walk with me!"

I got up and followed him upstairs to the back bedroom, her bedroom, where I watched her for
so many nights! My heart was racing, I was going to meet this vision, this woman that I had come
too...yes, come to love! As he openned the door he stood aside so I could see into the room.
Everything was neat and clean and very much in order. Laying on the bed was her nightgown
and over on the dressing table was the brush I had seem her use on her hair. Damn, I could
even smell her perfume in the air! I looked back at him and I said "I must have just missed her?
When will she be home? I really do want to get to know her?"

His eyes got real sad and I think I saw a tear form in his eye! "I am sorry son, but you can never
meet her" he said. It looked down at the nightgown on the bed. Then he spoke again "Nobody
can ever met her or touch her again! She is dead, son! She has been dead since 1953!" He
continued as if to offer his condolences to me "She was my one true love too! We had been
married for seven years when we moved here. This was her room, she did want to sleep in the
same room with me because she thought I had cheated on her. I swear I didn't but she believed
that I had." I could hear him stifle a sob as he continued "So to punish me for what she thought I
did, she would stand in front of that window and get undressed. Then she would brush her hair
and look out over the river. There were no houses here then, where yours is now. So nobody
saw her! It was just to punish me for what she thought I had done." Then he looked am me and
said "One night I was gone on a business trip and she was here alone. She was standing in front
of that window, naked, brushing her hair. The police said that an intruder had broken in through
the basement and came upstairs. They think he must have seen her at the window? We do not
know what happened next except he shot her, and she died there on the floor by the window.
The police caught the man later, he confessed to killing her, and then he hung himself while in
jail" Then he looked at me with such sad, lonely eyes and and said "I never get to see her, like
you do. I just hear her sometimes walking in this room. But every once in awhile a young man,
like you will come by to meet the lady in the window. My Elaine!"

© 2014 Duke Parrish

Duke has been a writer for the past 10 years.  He's written technical articles for his main
profession and write adult stories for fun.  Duke came from a law enforcement career with
experience in both local law enforcement and drug enforcement on a national level.  The stories
He writes come from real life experiences that either he have had or his close friends.  He does
not see any need to "make up" stories when real life is much more interesting.  The last few
years Duke has written for several adult websites and has developed a pretty good fan base of
dedicated readers.  Duke still answer all his own emails from his fans as well.  The greatest
compliment he can get is when a fan tells him that they really felt that his story came alive to

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