Bed, Bath & WAY Beyond
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Bed, Bath & WAY Beyond
by Julian

It was her day off from class. Tori strolled in, looking for a knife for cooking, a humidifier and some
new candles for her tiny apartment. She entered the electronic doors of her favorite store: Bed, Bath
& Beyond, along with the $200 gift card in her grasp. She smiled, taking in all the glances from the
men past her nineteen years, some noticing the Invader Zim t-shirt, the too-tight, straight-legged
Levi's, or the colorfully printed Converse high-top Chuck Taylors. Some noticing the Victoria's Secret
bunny hoodie, cut snug to her figure, unzipped, and showing her belly, the innie-button peeking at the
top of her jeans, the ears now dangling off the top behind her shoulders. However, most noticed the
jiggle, soft and gentle. A sign of a braless figure walking towards them, even if she didn't notice them
or their hurried glances or outright staring.

A floor salesman suddenly came up to her in the middle of the aisle, her tiny fingers delicately moving
her hair from her eyes, saying, "Welcome to Bed, Bath & Beyond. My name is Julian. Is there
something I can help you with?"

She almost stammered, saying as she stared into his brown eyes, over the big smile of cinnamon skin,
and dark hair, knowing this man is in his early 40's, "Hi Julian. I'm Tori. I need a nice smelling candle."

Professionally, he said, "Follow me miss."

When his large hand swung back, Tori slipped her tiny, softly hued fingers into his palm.
Unprofessionally he smiled, winked and closed his hand leading the petite young girl to the Yankee
Candle display.

As they noticed fewer and fewer customers, Tori smiled, already feeling her nipples rising to hard
peaks on your belly-showing t-shirt, the hoodie open to reveal that smooth stomach and firm, round
breast. Julian saw them standing out against the Invader Zim design, and said, "For the money these
are the best candles. They produce very little smoke, and the aroma lingers for some time. All you
need to do is choose your scent."

She smiled, pulling the long hair off her eyes, shifting her feet in the skinny jeans, nudging the
Converse with the toes, noticing the quiet and his eyes trying not to stare too much at her belly button
or the hard nipples poking past the material of the skimpy t-shirt.

"That's good to know," Tori said softly. "But does the wax burn?"

Julian questions you, saying, "Burn?"

A fast hand reaches into the back of her pants, and as her fingers slip into the denim, Julian sneaks a
glance at the thong string peeking out of the tight jeans. A swing and a lighter revealed itself, coyly
whispering the words, "If someone were to light a candle ... and maybe drip the wax on soft naked
skin, would that skin burn? Maybe just leaving a little freckle where the wax landed?"

Julian gulped for a moment. Then an evil grin spread over his lips, his eyes narrowing into slits,
watching the nipples rise higher and harder than before against the cartoon image. Tori blushed
gently, then smiled again, shy but with mischief on her mind. Her tiny hand reached out, touching his
shirt, caressing the bicep and stroking her way down the arm. Her fingers slipped the Zippo into
Julian's hands. She smiled, removing the lid of the candle, and peeking quickly over her shoulder,
seeing if anyone was coming up the almost-vacant store so early in the morning.

A delicacy came over her body, the flat stomach churning slowly, a small grinding motion in her move,
the swivel of her young hips making Julian lick his predatory lips, aching and already rising thick and
stiff in his jeans. Tori reached out, smiling, then slowly stroking his chest through his long-sleeve polo
shirt, watching him smile, then travelling along his zipper and over his belt, smiling shyly, her eyes
aware of his desire to touch her instead of holding a candle or the Zippo.

Tori's black painted nails slid into her jeans, her other hand lifting the t-shirt exposing the perfect
rounded nipples, her ripe breast like oranges on the tree. They hung round and full, almost juicy
inside the flesh, making Julian glance quickly down the aisle and around before continuing to stare at
her. Somehow, the top button was undone and Julian could see the front of her skimpy fluorescent
pink thong, the super-tiny strings showing against her creamy flesh, the lightest flecks of freckles
showing a little discoloration from maybe too many all-over tans. His brown eyes grew as big as
saucers under his black hair, making him wonder if the cops came to the store, would he lose his job,
or get to see what the mischievous little angel was going to do with him and the candle.

"You gonna masturbate little trouble-maker," he questioned softly, his eyes darting about, wondering
who might come down their aisle and ruin his fun with this uninhibited blonde sprite. "You gonna show
Daddy how you like to cum?"

"Maybe," she said softly. Tori already had her fingers down her pants, the fly open and her wrist
sticking out, showing her fingers planted inside the skimpy thong. Her voice was singsong but cutting
and seductive, despite its high tone: "Do you want to know if I am bald or if my pubes are wispy Mr.

Julian licked his lips, ignoring the absolute trouble he could land in, the quagmire that would occur
with the clients of the store watching this barely-legal girl playing with herself. Tori's eyes fluttered
once, her breath quickly exhaling, her mouth slack and jaw dropping open, making her body convulse
lightly, the nipples hard and raising the t-shirts' cartoon character off her perfect belly. Her eyes
slightly covered with the bangs of her hair, creeping over her blue-green irises, and her smile filled
with lust as well as pleasure. Julian could see she had the palest stomach and smoothest pelvis,
perhaps devoid of any pubic hair, covered with the thong panel over her knuckles and the hidden
fingers. Never stopping to check around her surroundings, she continued moving her hand around in
her tight jeans, manipulating the clit, watching the salesman keep his composure, waiting to see if he
would ask her to stop or take it to the next level.

By then nothing else mattered but watching hot little Tori willingly wiggling her fingers inside her thong
and making a spectacle of herself. She groaned softly, biting her lower lip, moaning, whimpering, and
showing Julian the absolute thrill of being in public did for her responses. Julian gasped, his eyes
open wider than saucers, watching her discreetly masturbating in public, and focusing her eyes on his
locked gaze. Without looking down, she inched her fingers along the cropped t-shirt, curling the
cartoon figure into a stream of wrinkled cotton, lifting it slowly to expose her perfect, hard nipples to
his brown eyes.

Julian held a medium candle, the lid somehow already removed, the wick high and outside of the rim
of the glass container.

"Light it Daddy." Tori smiled whispered lasciviously, crooning the word 'Daddy' ever so gently,
watching his neck muscles jump in delight, lifting the t-shirt fully, wrapping Invader Zim under her chin,
over the rise of her cleavage, almost topless in the stores' bright white lights. Her bangle wristbands
hung down, a colorful distraction to the amazingly ripe C-cups, small in number but full in weight and
maturity for her young, semi-teen years.

Click! Zssss!

Julian flipped the Zippo, causing a flame to jump up, making her lower lips tremble, then stare hard
and long at the orange and yellow flame coming out of the tip. The tip of the candle caught the cotton
and wax burning calmly, little smoke or odor, nothing to set off the smoke alarms in the store. Julian
took his eyes from the gorgeous, round breast, the perky nipples and flat belly, watching the heat
illuminate the glass, seeing a small pool of melting wax under the end of the wick.

"Bad bad girl." Julian whispered.

"I am," she replied. "And I am worse than you can imagine."

"I can imagine a lot."

"So can I. Maybe when you're done here we can make some of our mutual dreams come true."

All the time they spoke the wrist continued struggling in the confines of the tight jeans, flesh against
the opened zipper, her eyes moving between the pool of melted wax and Julian's stare at her actions
and perfectly perky breast. From time to time, he noticed the ass wiggling off the counter, shaking the
aisle computer terminal, the odd-stroller passing watching a salesman selling a candle to a very
interested young woman. Or at least that's all they could see so long as they didn't walk any closer.

Saliva spittle hung on the tip of her tongue. Her finger seemed to grow longer inside the patch of her
thong, the transparent material tented with her wiggling knuckles, all the pleasures unseen except for
her facial expressions and lewdness seeping out of her eyes.

Tori's eyes glimmered between the puddle of melted wax and the flame, anticipation and lust coursing
through her veins. She gasped audibly, somewhere between a whimper and a whisper. Her lower lip
trembled, eyes glazed with lust and the upcoming peak of her pending orgasm.

Her perfect tits jiggled a little more, making his eyes grow and her lips dry, her tongue in overdrive,
aching to either be told to dress or to feel the heated wax touching her skin.

"Drip it Daddy," she whispered, her tone acidic when she made the emphasis on 'Daddy' to Julian.
Acrimony imbued with lust, eyes flickering, skin tingling, her fingers strumming the unseen clitty faster
than before. "Drip it on my fucking skin. Hurt me ... Daddy."

Julian looked for a shadow, peering above his head, wondering if the rumor of never seeing the
salesfloor with the overhead cameras was true or not. Were the black orbs there to scare the
customers into not stealing, or making the sales staff behave, keeping from activities such as this
one? Or was the rest of the crew watching her nipples in a fisheye lens, seeing their youthful stiffness,
their lips leering in a delight of Tori's exhibitionist desires, masturbating furiously, biting her lip to
restrain the orgasm inches from her.

Her free hand suddenly reached past the perfect nipples, the raised t-shirt, open hoodie, her right
hand still down the partially opened pants, keening like a lost child escaping her teeth.

"Ooooooooohhhh ... p-please? Please Daddy? Do I need to beg you harder for the burning wax?"

Julian lifted the burning candle higher over his head, leveled, not spilling, watching with a devilish grin
on his lips, seeing her ass churning on the counter, shaking the computer's keyboard gently. She
continued masturbating furiously, riding the delight of spinning the clitty soaked with her juices into the
skin-tight jeans, moaning, gasping, eyes fluttering. Tori was a flurry of action, assorted and erotic.

And they loved it.

Damn the consequences! Fuck the world!

One last glimpse around, and Julian moved forward. He could feel the cock in his slacks pulsing,
aching, hurting to be released from its' zippered restraints. The cock tip spit out bits of precum into his
boxers, making him shake, wondering if the stain would appear on his khaki trousers. He moved
closer deliberately, seeing her reclining against the computer, now shaking the monitor as well as the
rest of the candle display.

Tori smiled lewdly, her Mp3 player bouncing out Rob Zombie's "Girl on Fire", a little poetic irony as
Julian closed the space, his hand gripping the warming glass. The aroma of honeysuckle and their
rapid breathing filled the air in the bright white lights and the open span of the enormous store. They
could hear the crackle of the flame, the wax making a bigger pool in the glass container, the orange
flame bouncing a little curve of light on the inner ring of the jar, the scent of the fragrance making
their nostrils flare as much as the lingering sense of her masturbating publicly, awaiting the hot wax.

A moment later, the top tipped, dripping slow, long strands of colorful wax down between them, the air
swimming with the jasmine and other floral scents, the honeysuckle overrode by the natural juices
pouring out of her fingers and into the skimpy thong. Tori moaned softly, gasping, awaiting it.

Aching, hoping for it. For the touch. For her skin to tingle and the nerves to enflame and pulse like a
rollercoaster, frantic and kinetic. All she could do was watch.


The wax landed on her collarbone. Her chin flecked slightly with the smallest of pink, her tongue
slipping out, lolling in the corners, aching to touch the heat and at the same time, savoring the toxic
candle material, loving it, needing it in her as well as on her. Another dribbling from the salesman,
more wax falling in a streaming pink streak, touching her unblemished skin, making her body jump.

The odor overpowered her immediately!

Tori squealed softly, "Oh damnshit-hellfuck," punctuating the words with little growls and moans,
shaking and shivering as if the room had gone cold despite her profuse sweating and swearing.

She tried moving, but the furious masturbation and her own reactions to the flushed heat prickling her
skin, her toes turned on one another, her tight jeans holding her in place, made it impossible. Tori's
mouth allowed a whimper, then a gasp, and Julian continued dripping more wax onto her skin. Her
nipples changed color, splattered with the pink wax, the brightness contrasting her skin.

Splash! More radiant pink coated her pale skin, the blonde hair shaking wildly from side to side.

"Oh baby girl," he whispered softly. "That's so goddamned hot."

She keened again, not fighting the sensations coating her body, the wax immediately hardening, the
fingers still inside her jeans, her eyes rolling back. Tori shook like a possessed creature at a revival,
unable to speak words, just moaning, the spirit of delight covering her from head to toe with pleasure
and a million watts of delight and joy, pleasure her epicenter. Her hair hung back, eyes recovering
their light, and smiling at Julian from the haze of public lust and exhibitionism.

Julian slowed his breathing, watching Tori shake, spasming, barely able to control the intensity of her
orgasms. Her body imploded, her fingers fucking the pussy faster, rubbing the already-sensitive clit
harder, faster, never taking them from her jeans, or exposing herself to the salesman more than she
cared to or possibly could with the tightness of the denim encasing her legs. She could feel the thrill
escaping through every pore of her skin, her belly button wanting to turn inside out with the delicious
explosion contained in her petite but curvy body.

As she panted recovering her delighted senses, Julian saw her iPhone sticking out of her hoodie. He
leaned in, kissing her forehead, stroking her cheek, the cock jarred against the zipper, poking lewdly
at the tiny sexy girl, now slowly bringing her shirt back down. The pale flush on her skin receded, and
her eyes became innocent again. Julian began dialing a number on the phone, and Tori slowly zipped
up her jeans, now blushing, the candle on the desk behind her flickering, the only sign of their delight
and connection.

They both heard a faint buzzing, and Julian looked down at his pants. Tori quickly suppressed her
giggle, stifling the obvious glee she had in raising his cock the way she did with her masturbation.
Then she noticed his fingers moving down, unleashing the cell phone at his hip. He looked at it,
smiled, and touched it once.


"Now," he said tenderly, handing back her phone, "if you want to help Daddy later today, I leave here
in three hours. Call me then if you wish ..."

Uncertainty crossed her eyes even though she'd just shared an intimate moment with an obvious
stranger. Should Tori take this any further or run away, calling it a cheap thrill and being grateful no
one (so far) hadn't come to them or arrested her for indecency?

"And I'll bring you a new candle."

Tori smiled at Julian, who smiled back at her. They'd found each other.

© 2013 Julian

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