Been too long
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Been too long
By Christy Marlor

"Hey" he almost yelled "Where are you going?" She turned and continued to walk backwards which in
those sinfully high heels was an amazing feat to him but then again nothing she had ever done had really
surprised him thus he was very eagerly following this woman down a street in Savannah, Georgia.
She stopped then and smiled, not just any smile, but one that could light up a whole city block, one that he
liked to think had always been reserved for only him.

   "Have you lost your sense of adventure?" And finally she spoke for the first time and thus shattered any
doubts in his mind that this was not a fantasy or alcohol induced dream.

   Her green eyes twinkled as she stared intently into his blue eyes. "Just for tonight, no questions, no
answers and no mysteries ok, I'm here, you're here and it's been a long time" She said as he came close
enough to reach out and touch her.

   He was not normally a person who walked into a situation with no questions asked, especially given the
circumstances he was under at the moment but something inside told him that his connection with her at
this moment was so tentative he was afraid of scaring her off and so he walked just a few steps behind her
as she led him down the darkened street.

   He followed her a few blocks down the riverfront to what could only be described as an old industrial

   Together they walked up two flights of stairs to a converted loft space. The apartment was nice and
afforded a magnificent view of the Savannah River .

   It was sparsely decorated and looked as if it hadn't been lived in very long.

   "Wanna drink?" She was looking at him again with those cat eyes that saw everything in him.

   "No" He replied and reached out and took her hand and pulled her to him. His lips descended on hers
so swiftly that she was almost surprised, but not really because she knew when she led him here what was
going to happen and she wanted it, she wanted it badly.

   She tasted like cherries, probably from her lip-gloss and something even sweeter that he remembered
as being innately her. She deepened the kiss as he sunk both hands into her hair and pulled her even
closer, impossibly close.

   His tongue inside her mouth was her complete undoing, she had not kissed this man in over eleven
years and suddenly out of the blue here he was in her apartment with his tongue in her mouth and she
wanted more.

   His hands found their way to the bare skin of her back and moved slowly down her spine, feeling every
bump as they descended. His mouth moving from her lips slowly across her jaw to her neck and bit down
lightly, the sound that came from her throat was in his mind the most erotic sound he had ever heard. A
cross between a purr and a moan.

   She felt like she could at any moment erupt into flames. His hands were gripping her ass roughly and
pulling her against his erection in an almost painful way.

His mouth was attached to her neck sucking, nipping and licking in a way that had her hips bucking against
him. Moving his hands to her shoulders he watched her face as he moved the straps of the dress down
her arms.

   The sight of her took his breath; it had been eleven long years since he had seen her like this. He bent
and kissed the scar on her shoulder and licked the raised skin there.

   His hands moved to cover her breasts as she started moving backwards and like a magnet he was
drawn with her across the room and around a wall into what was obviously the bedroom judging from the
king sized bed that occupied the center of the room.

   She, who by now was wearing only a thong slowly slid up onto her bed backwards while unbuttoning his
shirt. Finally having enough she grabbed each side and ripped it open, buttons flying across the floor.
"Well, fair is fair" He said and grabbed the thin strap of her thong and ripped it from her.

   She let out a little squeal of surprise and pushed his shirt over his shoulders and off onto the floor. Her
hands deftly moving to the button of his jeans popping the button and unzipping the zipper so quickly that
he chuckled to himself.

   "I need you so badly" She moaned into his ear as her hand slid into his boxers and grasped his erection.
It was all he could do to remain still and let her stroke his hardened length. He kicked his shoes off and rid
himself of his jeans and boxers and moved onto the bed with her.

   Again their lips fused together as if they were drawing life from the other. Her small hand still wrapped
around his hard cock slowly stroking using his pre-cum as a lubricant. He moaned loudly and stilled her
hand, moving it along with the other above her head and pinned them there while his mouth moved slowly
down her beautiful body.

   "You are still so fucking beautiful” he spoke almost in a whisper as his right hand moved down along her
abdomen and found a scar. He ran his tongue along the ridge of the scar and was rewarded with goose
bumps raised on her skin as her body shuddered while she moaned.

   She watched as his mouth and hand slowly moved down her body. His left hand had released her hands
and was now pressing gently against her stomach as his right hand moved between her legs followed by
his mouth.

   He had her firmly pinned to the mattress as his mouth descended on her clit and slowly sucked her into
his mouth.

   "Oh, oh God" She moaned and felt fire race down her spine and shoot out of the sensitive nub he was
now gently sucking. He slowly rubbed up and down her pussy lips parting them with his index finger and
sliding into her hot wet body while feeling his cock harden to a point he didn't think he had ever been.

   She spread her legs wider and arched her hips into his hand wanting more, needing more as he slid a
second finger into her and started pumping in and out while licking her clit in an upward motion.

   "Oh please God" "Baby please" She was begging which made him all the more determined for her to
cum in his mouth like she used to all those years ago.

   From someone looking on it would seem that what he was doing to her with his hand was being rough,
almost violent, but he knew her like this and he knew she liked rough. His hand pumped in and out of her
fast and hard.

   "Ahhhhhh" the sound seemingly ripped from her as her whole body arched up off the mattress. he could
feel her inner walls tightening around his finger "YES" "Please don't stop" He wouldn't have even if she
had asked him to this was too good and he had a front row seat to the most erotic sight ever.

   He felt her muscles contract and pull his fingers in deeper and then with one last scream she came and
the feel and sight of the wetness gushing over his hand and onto the bed was almost his undoing. He had
to stop and close his eyes as he listened to her whimpers.

   She had not had something so good in so long she felt like she might actually cry from the intensity of it.
Of course there had been times with him that she did cry as she came but that is just a testament to how
good it always was with them.

   She reached down and pulled him up to her and held his face in both hands as she licked the wetness
off of his chin and tasted herself. She licked his bottom lip and sucked it into her mouth gently, greedily
enjoying him all she could because she wasn't sure where tomorrow might take them.

   He was painfully hard and wasn't sure how long it would last before he exploded. She pushed him back
onto the bed and started down his chest and abdomen moving towards his hard cock.

   "No I won't make it" he roughly said and looked down into her eyes telling her what he needed. She
slowly moved back up his body straddling him with a knee on either side of his thighs. Leaning over him
with her long silky red hair trailing across his chest she moved her body to slowly slide down onto his hard

   Taking him in slowly, she watched him as his eyes closed and mouth opened slightly. His hands moving
up her thighs finally resting on her hips pulling down hard onto his shaft, he sank deeper into the wet heat.

   Opening his eyes, he watched her body up and down him slowly; if he hadn’t felt it he wouldn't have
known she was moving.

   Leaning over as he squeezed her breasts in both hands she took his bottom lip in between her teeth
and nipped gently before moving her tongue into his mouth and tasted his need for her which spurred her
to move more aggressively on him.

   She sat up and pulled him with her, sitting on the bed with her legs wrapped around his waist,
undulating her body around him to the point he wasn't sure where his body stopped and hers began.

   He could feel her hard nipples rubbing his chest as she rode him, her tongue licking at the pulse point in
his neck and he decided right than that he had never had an experience quite like this not even with her.

   "I want you to cum for me again, I want to feel it on my cock" he whispered into her ear and felt her body
tremble as her face turned up and he could see her eyes burning with passion and something else he
couldn't identify.

   "Cum with me" she moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply sucking
his tongue into her mouth, moaning into his mouth as he felt her body spasm around him and suck him
deeper inside of her.

   He felt himself swell even larger if that were possible, he was thrusting up into her so hard now he was
afraid he may hurt her but he knew by the sounds she was making she was enjoying it just as much as he

   “Yes! Yes!" She cried out and she felt as if something inside her broke loose and her orgasm rushed
through her so hot and intense that she was now sobbing.

   He pulled her to him tightly and continued to thrust harder, faster and deeper. He knew she was gone
but he also knew she could cum again if he could just keep going. "Oh God baby please" she cried out the
pleasure so intense now that it almost hurt and she wasn't sure she could survive another orgasm.

   "Let go baby, do it for me again" he choked out, his body shaking uncontrollably now trying so hard to
hold off and watch her cum one more time. He felt her muscles clench his cock so hard he couldn't pull out
anymore and instead felt himself being pulled into a tidal pool as he came inside her so strongly his vision

   "Oh fuck" he shouted as he continued to shoot into her and felt her cunt muscles milking him of
everything he had.

   Leaning back onto the bed he brought her with him, their bodies still merged she drifted off to sleep still
impaled upon him…

Copyright© 2013 Christy Marlor

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