Being a Good Neighbor...
Story Codes: FF, MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Being a Good Neighbor...
by M.R. Hahn

Attempting to release the boredom from her restless body, Manquella pushes a long, loud
sigh from her mouth. She pushes her long, black hair out of her brown, weary eyes and walks
over to her kitchen sink. Fetching herself a cold glass of water, Manquella notices a tall, tan
female escorting furniture into the empty cottage next door.

The lonely, middle-aged housewife longingly gazes at the beautiful blond, staring at her
with admiration and a secret longing to swap lives and be as young, carefree, gorgeous, and freespirited
as her bubbly, busty neighbor. As another sigh escapes from her lips, a thought pops into
Manny’s head.

Why don’t I just go introduce myself to her? What could be the harm? Be a good
neighbor and such…

She intently watches the perky blond bounce out of her new home and walk out onto her
front lawn. Shading her eyes with her hand, the young female scans the row of houses perfectly
aligned, one after the other. Turning to the right, the tall, yet curvy woman notices Manquella
peering at her through her kitchen window.

Manquella quickly slips her hand in her purse and pulls out her favorite shade of lipstick.
Reapplying a rich red to her plump lips in the toaster’s reflection, the neighbor girl waves at
Manny and catches her attention. Flashing a friendly smile at her new neighbor, Manquella
thinks to herself.

Now’s my chance!

She tosses her fiery red tube back in her purse and makes her way out the door. Baring an
ear-to-ear grin, Manquella walks up to the young, blond female, sticks out her hand and
introduces herself.

“Hello, my name is Manquella, but my friend’s call me Manny.” Slowly letting her eyes
wander up and down Manquella’s voluptuous, yet tight frame, the neighbor clears her throat.

“Hi! I’m Rebecca. I’m your new neighbor…as you can tell.” Rebecca shyly smiles and lets out a soft giggle. “I
just have to say… your house is immaculate! I could never afford something like that.” Willingly accepting her
kindness, Manny thanks Rebecca for the compliment and turns toward her house, basking in its glory.

“It took us many years to build.” Manny sighs and smiles to herself.

“Your house is custom-built?” Rebecca’s young, eager eyes light up like a glowing full moon. Manny
immediately nods. Glancing over at Manny, Rebecca slightly smirks, then softly and shyly whispers,
“Gosh, you’re gorgeous.” Surprised by the sudden stroke in her ego, Manny reacts without thought and
awkwardly erupts with laughter. Rebecca tosses her neighbor a look of complete confusion.

“I’m so sorry, honey. I didn’t mean…” Manny lets out a sigh of frustration and gently places her hand on
Rebecca’s shoulder.

“Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?” Rebecca smiles and politely accepts her offer with a slight nod.
* * *
Manny places a steamy mug in front of Rebecca and sits down next to her new acquaintance.

“Look… I apologize for earlier. My own husband doesn’t even say things like that to me anymore.” Manny says,
peering over her coffee cup.

“And, I apologize for not mentioning this earlier. The women on this block are quite the chatty Kathy’s, if you
know what I mean.” Manny winks at Rebecca, then flashes her a warm, friendly smile.

“So, keep my personal life to myself?” Rebecca winks back at Manny and giggles. As their eyes meet, they
both gasp and grasp their chest. Enticed by the explosive burst of emotions erupting in the pits of her stomach,
Rebecca uncontrollably confesses her attraction to her new neighbor.

“I apologize if this offends you, but I am entirely attracted to you.” Manny instantly raises her eyebrow at
Rebecca. “Please don’t be upset! This is strange for me too because I’m very much attracted to men. I like the
sausage! You know what I mean?” Both girls look at each other and begin laughing, nodding in agreement.
Manny flashes a sexy, alluring smile at Rebecca.

“And I to you.” Rebecca gently places her hand over Manny’s. Manny instantly lifts up her other hand and
caresses the side of Rebecca’s cheek. Letting her hand drop down to Rebecca’s shoulder, then down her arm,
Manny gently scoops up Rebecca’s hand and leads her upstairs.
* * *
Sitting on the edge of Manny’s bed, Rebecca looks around her room.

“Make yourself at home.” Manny bares an ear-to-ear grin. Rebecca instantly stretches across the California
king bed and lets her head fall back on the plush pillows. Manny instantly climbs on her bed and straddles
Rebecca. Leaning her face in closer to Rebecca’s, Manny whispers, “What would you do if I kissed you?”
Without hesitation, Rebecca replies, “This!” The young blond places her hands on the side of Manny’s cheeks,
pulls her face in closer to hers, and plants her lips on Manny’s. The voluptuous housewife instantly pulls away
and looks up at the young blond.

Noticing the sadness in Rebecca’s eyes from the instant rejection, Manny instantly places her lips on top of
Rebecca’s and slowly glides her tongue in her mouth. The lonely housewife slowly swirls the tip of her tongue
on top of Rebecca’s in little circles.

Enticed by her neighbor’s skill level, Rebecca slides her hand up Manny’s shirt and grabs her full, round
breasts. Cupping them in her hands, Rebecca gently squeezes down and massages Manny’s little pink buds
with her thumbs. Manny instantly gasps.

Manny uncontrollably presses her pelvis against Rebecca’s. Aroused, Rebecca pushes back. Suddenly, both
women begin aggressively grinding each other. Manny slides her tongue back inside Rebecca’s mouth as
Rebecca grabs Manny’s large, round ass and pushes her body closer to hers.

Without warning, Manny grabs Rebecca’s mound. Sliding her hand up her skirt, the horny housewife slides the
blond’s panties to the side and inserts her index and middle finger inside of her pussy. Rebecca’s mouth
sporadically erupts with sensual, feminine moans.

Enticed by her neighbor’s soft, sexy sounds of pleasure, Manny pulls her fingers out of Rebecca’s tight, wet
hole and buries her face in-between her thighs. Long, loud moans escape from young female’s moist lips.
Manny’s sticks her tongue up inside Rebecca’s slit and rapidly flicks her tongue. All of a sudden, the bedroom
door flies open.

“What the hell is going on here?!” A deep, masculine voice bellows out. Manny instantly pops up, recognizing
the sound of her husband’s voice. Manny scowls at her husband’s lack of attentiveness to her needs and
barks, “I just wanted some attention!” Lost deep in his own nasty thoughts of the two girls sprawled on his bed.
David rubs his beard and says,“You just wanted some attention, eh?” Casting a sly look, David walks up
behind his wife and spins her back around toward Rebecca. Slowly pushing her head down with his large,
rugged hand, Manny willingly begins consuming Rebecca’s pussy again.

Watching his wife devour a beautiful, blond female, David’s manshaft instantly becomes erect. He hikes Manny’
s dress up over her large, round ass, spreads her pussy lips apart, and slides his hard rod inside of her wet
pussy. Manny instantly bellows out in pleasure.

Rapidly pounding his throbbing cock in and out of his wife, David slowly feels an eruption in the pits of his ball
rise up his long shaft. All of a sudden, a thick stream of milky liquid explodes out of his blowhole.

“I’m coming!” Manny instantly arches her back, begging her husband to plow into her with his long, fat shaft.
Slamming the base of his pulsating penis inside of her, Manny moans uncontrollably. Lifting her head up from
in-between her neighbor’s thighs, Manny screams, “I’m going to cum!” Suddenly, Manny’s deprived pussy hole
instantly starts to attract and retract around his firm flesh. David quickly tightens his grip around his wife’s hips
and piledrives her, sending her pussy squirting.
* * *

Copyright© 2015 M.R. Hahn
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