codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

by Matthew Coleman©

Bobby sat at his desk smoking. His dark hair was slicked back as his lips sucked in the fumes that
gently poured from the end of his cigar. He was debonair, and as smooth as marble.

   The door to his office was knocked.

   Bobby looked up. A brilliant smiled flashed upon his face. His mind quivered with expectation. For
she was there, he just knew it, waiting beyond that door that stood in front of him. He took one final
drag from his cigar before extinguishing it.

   “Come on in.”

   The door slowly opened . . .

   In she came, dressed from head to foot exuding lust, a visual walking erection maker. She
stopped in front of the desk. Bobby told her sternly that she could not sit down. He got up and
walked toward her, keeping his eyes on her the entire time. He stopped behind her and ran his
fingers over the bare flesh of her neck. She closed her eyes and felt the soft spiralling of his

   He bent her over the desk and told her to keep still. He told her to put the palms of her hands
face down on the desk and to hold them there. He told her not to move them. He told her to do as
he said when he said it. Once that was said aloud the roles were now distinguished. He was in no
rush. Bobby felt no need to finish this quickly. He ran his hand up and down the side of her body,
feeling the curvature of her form. He wanted to take her roughly, he finally decided to himself. He
felt an urge to control her. To dominate her movements and what she felt at what time.

   His hand went down between her thighs and with one sure and swift movement he hoisted her
skirt up. He sank down to his knees. His fingers pulled aside her panties. She was already damp, he
noticed. His tongue licked between her buttocks whilst his fingers probed the saturated lips of her
sex. His tongue worked the sensitive skin between her anus and her quim, which quivered to the
tweaking of his fingertips every time he squeezed her clitoris. He could feel an animalism building
within him. He lapped away furiously between her buttocks. The animalism was now taking over
Bobby. He was famished and her cunt was his sustenance. Everything ceased to be but the
connection he felt right then and there. Stuck to her cunt with that taste and that smell he felt wild
inside, utterly and completely wild. He slipped in two fingers and began circling the walls inside. He
heard her gasping ahead. The panting noises that she made were interspersed with the sound of
the loose papers on his desk being screwed up as she gripped them tightly in her hands. He
ordered her to let go of the paper. He told her that she was to keep her hands flat down on the
wood and to not move them an inch. She let go of them. Bobby pulled his fingers out and with his
free hand he pulled out his prick. It hung there with an impressive solidity. He moved around to the
other side of the desk and dangled it in front of her lips. She opened her mouth wide like a good
girl. Bobby grabbed her by the back of her hair as he slipped in some of his inches. She slurped
away on his cock. Sucking at it with a sureness, with the certainty of someone who loved doing it.
And a man can tell this, for he knows with straight certainty whether or not the one who is sucking
away likes sucking away, for it makes a hell of a difference. Bobby watched his cock sliding in and
out of her lips. He felt his prick growing even bigger. He felt it throbbing upon her soft moist tongue
and he flashed his brilliant smile to himself.

   Bobby told her that he was going to take her from behind, very gently at first though. For she
had to wait to feel it all fill her. He would do it ever so slowly and not give her more than three
inches. He wanted her to sweat. He told her he wanted her to be on the verge of hysteria, for it was
on that verge, and only on that verge, that he would fuck the hell out of her until she erupted. It
would be the only way. She nodded her head. Seemed they had a deal. He could read it in her
eyes that she would do anything. That she would take what he dished out and that this was why she
was here. Submissively she stayed where she was. Bobby ran his fingertips up the backs of her
thighs. Goosebumps formed from the traces of his touch. He then bit her bottom. She gasped.
Bobby then followed this up by kissing where he just bit. He was a cheeky little bastard. Still, he took
a sense of pride in this, and it helped him get away with a lot in life. Next, he stood up. He didn’t
need to spit on his shaft as she was already like a dripping tap. His hips moved forward taking with
it his wide girth that split her love lips in two. He kept only the tip of his prick in there, holding it still.

   “Don’t even think about moving!” Bobby said with an imperceptible grin.

   He knew this would drive her quim crazy. He knew what she was thinking that she wanted every
inch to pierce deep inside of her and to stretch her sex. She wanted to be completely filled. She
wanted it pushed in there, as deep as it could get, and she wanted to squirm and wriggle upon it.
She wanted this and Bobby knew it and he wasn’t going to give it to her like that too soon. Oh no.
He wanted to drag this out. He wanted to prolong her orgasm, so when it came upon her it would
almost drown her. He thought about this with a perverse and radiant joy within. He gave her an
extra few inches and teased her some more by slowly sliding three inches in and ever so gradually
sliding it back out, in and ever so gradually back out. Her sense of control was magnificent. She
held on tightly and took it everything that he dished out. Her legs were shaking. Bobby then took a
very firm hold of her hips and pulled back leaving just the tip inside. He held it there for a couple of
minutes. He could feel the gash contracting on what she had been given. Bobby gripped her hips a
little tighter and plunged his dense dick deep inside. A monstrous groan ripped out of her mouth.
Bobby held it in there, all the way in, feeling her snatch shivering. Quickly he began fucking her. He
fucked her hard, slamming it all the way inside of her before pulling it quickly back out again and
repeating and repeating and repeating. She was screaming out for God Almighty to have mercy on
her orgasm and on Bobby pummelled her. As she neared the climax Bobby took her hair in his
hands and pulled her head right back. He slapped her bottom hard some. The slaps took her by
surprise and pushed her onwards into a violent barrage that tore an orgasm out of her whole body.

   Bobby dropped the back of her hair and stopped for a few minutes. She thought it was over. Her
bones were shaking from the intense release of what she had just felt. Bobby flashed his brilliant
smile, for he had only just begun . . .

© 2012 Matthew Coleman
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a.k.a. The Enfant Terrible relentlessly soils the internet's holiest lands and heavens with
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-- Vim Cortez, Editor-in-Chief, Paris Bitter Hearts Pit

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