Best Friend's Son
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism, Mature

by Lacey Ashley

It was my high school reunion, I did not want to go.  I thought of every reason not to attend and my best
friend told me I could not let her down.  Besides her son was coming home for the same weekend and
she wanted to have a big family get together.  We had been friends since we were little girls.  She had
been my rock when I dealt with my husband getting his student pregnant and then I dealt with the divorce
and the entire town gossiping about me being the poor over weight wife who lost her husband to a sexy
twenty year old.

After the divorce I sold the house I was awarded, loaded my car up and moved to New York City.  I did
not look back, I worked the first year as a assistant in a art gallery.  My boss passed away and surprised
me by leaving me the art gallery.  Now I owned one of the leading art galleries.  After the divorce I was so
angry I started running and the next thing I knew I was a size six and looked damn hot for my age.  No
longer the poor fat ex wife.

I arrived in town, went straight to the hotel and signed in.  I quickly called Maven and told her I was in
town.  She told me to come over for dinner, I told her I would be right there.  Now that I was actually there
I found myself excited about seeing her.  Maybe I did need to tell her about the man I was in love with,
maybe she would not hate me like I imagined she would.  I know she was forty three and I was two years
younger than her but we had always shared everything but how could I tell her I was in love with a
younger man, a man the same age as her son.

I walked in the front door, calling out to them.  I stopped and bought a bottle of wine on my way there.  
Her husband Jim saw me first and stopped dead in his track, "Jordan?"

'Yes Jim, ' I laughed and hugged him playfully.

"Mav get out here and see this sexy woman in our living room,"  he yelled as he took the bottle of wine
from me.  He whistled at me as I turned around laughing at him.

'Oh my you look so damn good, the city agrees with you," Mav hugged me close to her.

'Now I feel frumpy,' she pointed at her husband,' Do not make a crack mister."

'Just going to say you are my favorite frumpy," he lightly kissed her and went to get some glasses.

"Dan is going to die when he sees you, and that little nagging bitch will be green with envy, she had
another baby and she is as big as a house now. And rumor has it he is not happy in this marriage and
already stepping out on her."

'Mom I am home," his voice broke us apart from our hugs.  I turned and felt my heart leap from my
chest.  Blake, Maven's only son.  He was well over six foot now, his light blonde hair was a few shades
darker, but his eyes were still the same deep blue that could steal into your soul.  "Hi there sexy lady," he
hugged me, swinging me around in a circle.  He kissed him mom as he sat me down.

'Blake stop being fresh with her," Mav smacked his hand, "But he is right you are sexy as hell Jordan."

'Come on Dan is putting the steaks on and that wine is getting warm, Blake I thought you were bringing
this new lady of yours here this weekend."

Blake playfully smacked my bottom, 'She chickened out." Thank God no one else noticed, I flashed him
a warning look and he just laughed at me with a wink.

"What did you tell her about us that would cause that?"  Mav handed me a glass of wine, and took the
seat next to me. Several feet away from Jim as he grilled.

"Where is mine? I am old enough to drink you know, " he disappeared back into the kitchen and
returned with two beers, one for him and the other he handed to his dad.

"Nothing, she is afraid you will not like that she is an older woman."

"Oh that is so silly, as long as she makes you happy then I will love her too," Mav smiled at her
handsome son.

'That is what I told her, anyways let's not worry about that now, sooner or later she will see my way of
thinking." He winked at me.

Several glasses of wine later, dinner was done. Laughing and joking I realized I was in no shape to drive
to the hotel.  Mav talked me into staying in the guest room off the kitchen for the night.  Blake returned
with some bedding and a tee shirt, " I think this will work as a nightie, hope you don't mind wearing my
shirt." His eyes locked with mine, I blushed and took the shirt and linen from him.  Slipping quickly into his
tee shirt he brought me.  Had we been home he would not have even given me a chance to put the shirt

Sleep was not coming easy for me that night.  In the dark room, I sat there wondering how I was going to
get through this weekend. It had been a mistaking coming back.  The bedroom door opened and the
figured slipped into the room.  He came to where I sat on the corner of the bed, and pulled me to my
feet.  His mouth was on mine before I could say anything.  His arms wrapped around me and pulled me
close to his chest, his hand cupped my ass as he lifted me upward.

"I have been wanting to do that all night," he finally said in a low sexy whisper still holding me.

'You need to go back to your room, your mother will kill us both." I broke away from him. even though my
entire body screamed out for him and his sweet touch.

'If you think I am going to go back to that lonely room and lonely bed when you are here looking sexy as
ever in my shirt, you better think again lady," he tackled me to the bed and we both laughed.

"Blake she is never going to forgive me for this," His mouth covered mine again, and suddenly desire
replaced fear and I forgot about where we were.  All I could think about was this wonderful sexy man
loved me and I loved him.

He removed the tee shirt, his mouth covering my harden nipple, I moaned and arched my back.  Nothing
made sense when he touched me, all I knew was I wanted him in me, taking me and making me cry out
his name.  Tonight he seemed playful, he slide down my body and quickly spread my legs apart, he
moaned as he licked my moist pussy lips.  I moaned as his tongue slide slowly in and out of my pussy
hitting the clit each and every time.  I grabbed the bedspread tightly in both my hands and tried not to cry
out in pleasure as he took my clit into his mouth and sucked it.  

His hands cupped my ass as he lifted me off the bed and lowered me down slowly onto his harden cock.  
He held me there, neither of us moving.  Him deep inside of me, as he kissed me, kissing my neck and
down to my breast and once again taking a nipple into his mouth.  I arched my back as he sucked the
nipple.  He begun to rock us back and forth slowly, teasing my so wet pussy.  

Without pulling out, he pushed me back onto the bed, lifting my legs up onto his shoulders. He teased
me as he worked his sweet harden cock in and out of me.  I felt my pussy tightening around his hard cock
and he moaned from it.  He took his thumb and did small circle movements on my clit as he began to
rammed into me.  A sweet warmth spread over me and I once again grabbed the bedspread and went
with the ride.  His mouth came down on mine as we came together, neither of us screaming out.  He fell
next to me on the bed, his arm dropping across my belly.

"Jordan wake up sleepy head," Mav's voice woke me from a deep happy sleep.  I realized Blake was still
laying next to me totally in the buff.  I bolted from the bed and went to the door, stopped her from
entering by blocking the door, "What are you doing, I have seen you in the buff before." She pushed on
pass me into the room.

'Hi mom, " Blake waved at her, he had managed to cover his lower half or she would have seen him in
the buff as well.

"Ok start explaining and make it fast," Mav eyes turned dark and she glared at me, "HE is my son!"

"Yes I know, I am so sorry I did not want you to find out this way," I stammered.

'Then why did you sleep with him here? " She turned to her son, "Go to your room now."

"Mom calm down I am twenty five not five and I seriously doubt you want me to stand up and get dress
right now,"  he smiled playfully at his mother and pretended like he was going to do just that.

"Blake stop it you are not making this any easier," I cried at him.

"How long, how long have you been fucking my son?" She was now screaming at me.

Blake slipped his jeans on, and stood next to me, his arm went protectively around me as she slapped
me across the face," Mom knock it off, she did not do this to hurt you, she did it because we are in love,
Jez " he moved my hand away from where she had slapped me.  My eyes filled with tears, as she slapped
me again.

Blake grabbed her arm, "Stop hitting her," his voice was lined with anger.

"Get out of my house you bitch," she snapped at me and turned.  Storming out of the room slamming the
door behind her.

I crumbled down on the bed and cried. My cheek burning, turning a deep red.  Blake tried to calm me
down, 'It is over, I can't handle her hating me, it was a mistake, I am sorry Blake it is over," I grabbed my
clothes and went into the adjoining bathroom and shut the door locking it.

"What do you mean it is over, I love you, damn it Jordan open the door."

Once I was dressed I opened the door, "I heading home, I will move out before you get back."  I ran from
the room threw the house and to my car without looking back.

I heard his last words echoing in my brain," Damn it Jordan I am not letting you do this to us."  

I was packing my suitcase when he came into my hotel room, I turned and looked at him.  "Why did you
come here?"

Without a single word he grabbed me and kissed me. and once again my mind closed out everything but
him kissing me.  My body turned against me, as he begun to remove my clothing.  The passion raced
through my veins.  Nothing else mattered, my body wanted him.  In the beginning he was a little rough
which helped turn me on even more.  He pinned me to the bed as he kissed me, bit my nipples and
spread my legs with his knee.  The hurt, the anger built inside of us both along with the desire and
passion.  As he pumped in and out of me, my nails bit into his back, nothing else mattered but him being
inside of me, fucking me.

This time I cried out when I exploded all over his cock deep inside of me.  A few strokes later he too was
crying out as he empties his load into me.  He fell on top of me with his cock still inside of me.  'Now tell
me to go?" he smiled and kissed me.  I knew at that very moment I could not walk away from him, I knew I
loved him even if he was my Best Friend's son.

The knock on the door brought us both back to the present.  Blake jumped up, grabbing his jeans.  As
he dressed I grabbed my clothing and ran to the bathroom closing the door behind me.  I knew who it was
before Blake even opened the door.

I came out of the bathroom, looking directly at Maven.  She smiled at me, she seemed to be almost shy
about being there.  "I came to say I am sorry and please do not leave."

Both Blake and I was shocked to the point neither of us could speak.  Blake finally broke the silence that
was between the three of them, "Are you accepting me loving Jordan and her loving me?"

"I am now since your father told me that I was not being fair, before I knew it was Jordan I had no
problem with you being in love with an older woman, then that woman turned out to be Jordan."

"And now?" Blake asked not trusting it was that simple.  His hand closed around mine.

'Now I think I was hurt neither of you told me, I felt like it was some ugly secret you both were ashamed to
tell me."  Maven moved closer to us, I could see the tears in her eyes and see how hurt she was.  "Blake
you are my only son and my heartbeat all I want is for you to be happy."  Turning to face me, she took my
free hand into hers," Jordan you are my best friend and I know you deserve to be happy, and I see how
much you love him as well, and I know you would never hurt anyone."

"So Mom does it mean you are accepting this and know if I have it my way stand by with your blessings
when I get Jordan to marry me."  Blake gently squeezed my hand.

"Yes I will, because I love you both and again I am sorry for hitting you Jordan."

At that I burst into tears, I am not sure who moved first me or Maven but it did not matter she was holding
me and I was holding and both of us we crying.  Blake laughed and hugged us both.  After several
minutes we broke apart.

"Jordan I need you to promise no more details about how great he is in the bed, it would feel weird
hearing how many times my son can make you cum."  Maven spoke as a smile appeared.

"You told my mom about sex with me?  Blake looked sideways at me and both Maven and I laughed

"Of course, she is my best friend and I always tell her everything, and I owe her an apology for not telling
her it was you."  I smiled at Maven and hugged her tight, "I do love him with all my heart, please forgive
me for not telling you."

"Forgive me for slapping you, "  Maven was interrupted when there was another knock on the door.

Blake opened the door to see his father was standing there.  'Come in and join the party."

"This room is kind of small for a party let's move it to the house," Jim laughed as he held the door open
to leave.

"I have to stop at the front desk and tell them I am staying after all." I quickly gather up my purse as I
slide my feet into sandals.

"No let's get everything and come stay at the house with us and with your sweetheart Blake, we can plan
your wedding." Maven hugged me tight to her.  "I promise I will never be a bitch like I was this morning."  

© 2011 Lacey Ashley

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