Birthday Girl
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Birthday Girl
by Marcothegod

She answered the door to me wearing the same robe as the previous week, short and low cut leaving no
doubt that she was naked underneath, the outline of her nipple bars clear to see.

"Hi Marco, come in."

"Thank you Mrs Morganite."

"Call me Rose, Marco. After the fucking you gave me last week we should be on first name terms at
least." She giggled.

Only my second appointment and already she was becoming a firm favourite, her sexy giggle, dirty laugh
and the glint in her eye all had a trouser tightening effect on me even before I got to grips with her hot
and willing body.

"Have you had a good rest for the past few days Marco?" She asked "Because I have a special task for
you today."

started to say something but she laughed again "I'm sure you won't let me down Marco."

"Right, leave you clothes down here please and then come up to the bedroom."

This was slightly unusual but I quickly stripped as she gave me a final grin before disappearing up the
stairs. I stripped down to my boxers and went up. The sight when I opened the door will stay with me
forever. Tied to the headboard by her wrists was a woman in her mid 40's She was wearing a blindfold, a
half cup Basque that left her huge nipples exposed and a pair of lace topped hold up stockings. I couldn't
see her pussy because Rose had her head buried between the woman's legs.

I opened my mouth to say something but Rose looked up and put her finger to her lips, meaning to be
quiet and then at the woman's breasts and licked her lips. I quickly got the message and moved quietly
over to the bed. As Rose lent forward and pushed her tongue back into the woman's pussy I sucked as
much of her left breast into my mouth as I could while firmly grasping the right. It was as if an electric
shock went through her as she jumped at the shock of two mouths on her body.


"Shushhh Annie!" said Rose, "I told you I'd get you something special for your birthday didn't I?" before
giving me a wicked grin.

She resumed licking the woman -- Annie -- out and I feasted on those generous breasts, pulling, biting,
sucking and mauling as Rose obviously found the right spot judging from the noise Annie was making.
Her hips were now bucking wildly and I could see that Rose's hand had joined her busy tongue in
betweens the woman's legs. Suddenly Annie's panting became a loud moan as she came, still jerking her
hips into Rose's face.

We both sat up as Annie's breathing started to come back to normal, her orgasm subsiding to the gentle
stroking of Rose's fingers. By now, I was rock hard and hoping I was going to get to fuck both of them. I
have had threesomes before but mainly with another guy, two pussies's seemed like a better idea to me!

Rose crooked her finger towards me and I moved over towards her, slipping my boxers off along the way.
She grasped my cock, rubbing firmly to make sure I was fully hard. She moved off the bed and I quickly
took her place between Annie's legs, kneeling between them gazing down at her neatly trimmed pussy.
She was obviously very excited, the moisture coating the inside of her thighs and soaking her sparse
hair. She seemed smaller than some I have seen so I was looking forward to her being nice and tight. Still
tied and blindfolded she was a very appealing sight and my cock began to leak pre cum and twitch as if
eager to get inside her.

"Now Annie," said Rose "Remember when I stupidly fucked your husband last year, I didn't say it then but
not only was he crap he was also kinda small. Marco here is quite the opposite I'm pleased to say, so I
thought that the best present I could give you would be the best fuck you will get all year."

Bloody hell, with that endorsement ringing in my ears I knew I'd have to give this woman the fucking of her
life! As I leaned forwards, pushing the tip of my cock against her cunt Rose kissed her deeply, twisting
and pulling at her nipples making her arch her back and open up even more. Despite her tightness and
my size I managed to get my swollen knob inside and began inching deeper and deeper into her. She
was gasping and groaning, tossing her head from side to side as I continued my remorseless progress up
her tight cunt. Once I was fully inside I paused before starting to slowly but surely pump her into ecstasy.

Rose had moved off her by now, giving me those heavy tits to hold on to as I ploughed powerfully on and
on. She was now sitting in a chair beside the bed, legs spread over the arms and her fingers buried deep
inside of her. "How does it feel Annie, he's fucking good isn't he, I could barely walk last week after he'd
finished with me, I can't wait for my turn." Annie's first orgasm came quite quickly, closely followed by her
second and I could now feel her juice running down my balls as they slapped against her arse. I twisted
her over to her side and put her leg over my shoulder and redoubled my efforts, running my hands along
those silky thighs, snapping the elastic at the top of those stockings. Rose gasped and I looked over to
see that she had moved onto what looked like a big blue rabbit and was pushing it deeper and deeper
into her luscious pussy. Knowing Rose I didn't doubt there would be more filthy fucking once I'd shagged
her friend so I didn't try and hold back too much and just gave Annie the bed shaking stomach churning
fuck that she needed.

I think the three of us came together, me deeply inside the shaking screaming tied and helpless Annie,
her own orgasm lasting for ages, rolling and peaking as she twitched and shuddered, Rose with that
deep throaty groan of the truly satisfied, the end of the vibrator jammed hard against her arse as her
fingers swirled remorselessly around her clit.

After we got our breath back we untied the now shattered Annie, she seemed exhausted, almost unable
to move until we had stroked and teased her back to life, her shaky grin assuring me that I had given her
the fuck she had been looking for.

Ever the mistress of ceremonies, Rose then arranged us at the head of the bed before making Annie lick
us both clean, her silky tongue soon having me back to my hardest. Rose then straddled me, my cock
slipping easily into her very wet pussy. While she plunged up and down on me she made Annie sit in the
chair and fuck herself with the rabbit, telling her what to do all the time "Deeper, that's it push it all the
way in, now pull it out and use the trust, push the ears against your clit." Until her breathing became too
ragged and she collapsed on top on me, grinding her clit against my pubic bone as she came.

Annie's previously tight looking cunt was now gaping wide from all the action it had been getting as she
was once more told to kneel down between my legs and suck my cock. Rose knelt beside her and worked
three fingers into her, scooping her juice out and smearing it over her ass. "Annie's a dirty little whore you
know Marco." said Rose casually, "She loves it when I do this to her." as she pushed her forefinger into
Annie's now well lubricated ass making her jerk her head up and gasp. "Carry on sucking, I'm going to get
your other present." said Rose before disappearing into the bathroom.

She came out moments later wearing a decent sized black strap on cock!

As I held Annie's head down onto my cock she climbed onto the bed behind Annie and without any
preamble fed the hard black rubber into her cunt. After a couple of false starts she was soon fucking her
friend as powerfully as I would have done. What a sight, Annie with her big tits swaying and rubbing
against my thighs, Rose with hers pierced and tattooed bouncing in time to her thrusting, I had to
concentrate on not shooting down Annie's throat just yet.

Rose then sucked her thumb noisily, coating it with saliva before pushing it against Annie's arse. The girl
left my cock as she felt the tip go in, moaning "No Rose, oh no, not there, it's too big!" in a way that so
obviously meant yes. Soon she had her whole thumb in and was pumping it into the girls ass in time to
her thrusting into her pussy. I think we all knew what was coming next as she withdrew the dildo from
Annie's cunt and pushed it against her arse, gently at first but more firmly as the head slipped deeper
and deeper. Annie was biting my thigh by now as the pressure built up and Rose started to gently fuck
her arse. Not wishing to be left out I twisted round so I was underneath her and began to lick her pussy
and clit. It didn't take long before she was wailing through another orgasm much to Rose's delight. "Oh
Marco, I think she's enjoying her birthday, don't you!" she laughed as she slowed down and pulled out
"But lets give her one last

She moved so she was lying down with the black cock sticking up in the air "Come on Annie, stick it back
up your arse, no face away from me, that's right, all the way in. Now lean back so I can grab your tits.
Spread your legs wider. "Marco, you should be able to stick your cock up her cunt now." I needed no
second bidding and despite the tangle of limbs I was soon buried balls deep into the now very full Annie,
who was gasping and moaning as my cock rubbed along the rubber one buried in her ass. "Ok Marco,
just fuck her hard now, fill her full of spunk for me to lick out, I'm getting thirsty." I wasted no time in doing
just that, the feeling of the rubber cock against mine was unusual in a good way and I was soon pumping
deep within her, Roses busy fingers had by now found Annie's clit and she came at about the same time
as I did.

Once we had untangled ourselves and has a celebratory glass of champagne, I watched as Annie tied
and then fucked Rose in a variety of positions for almost half an hour with the strap-on and rabbit before I
wanked my final load of the day over the pair of them.

As I was leaving Rose asked me if I would be willing to act as her escort to a dinner she had to attend the
following week, "Dinner jacket etc and a five star hotel? Interested?"

I answered by giving her the deepest sexiest kiss I could muster, squeezing her tits through her thin
gown. See you next week Mrs Morganite!

© 2012 Marcothegod

Marcothegod is a middle aged dreamer from the U.K. His stories started as emails between a close friend
and both wondering 'what if' as they talked about the people they knew...this one hasn't happened..yet...

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