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Black Lace
by Malana T

“Take off your clothes.”

Lana silently followed the demands of her wife and obediently began to undress. Khara,
sitting opposite her on their bed, looked on with concentrated interest.

“Stop,” Khara commanded after Lana unbuttoned her blouse. Lana looked at her

“I’ll do the rest,” Khara said, a devious grin on her face. She leaned toward Lana and
pushed the lavender silk blouse around her lover’s shoulders. As she removed the
raiment Khara took in Lana’s push-up bra, making her size C breasts as ample as
Khara’s own double D’s. Lana had worn Khara’s favorite lingerie, a black brassiere
made of embroidered Chantilly lace; Khara hoped she had on the skimpy black lace
panties to match. In addition to the sheer sexiness of it, the lingerie had an emotional
significance. It was the ensemble Lana had worn on the couple’s first sexual excursion.

When the two women first started dating, both sensed that something special existed
between them; there was not only an intense physical attraction, but also a heightened
spiritual bond. As their fondness for each other grew, they made a covenant: they would
not explore each other’s bodies before fully realizing each other’s essence. Hence, they
focused their energy on the rhapsodic joy of simply falling in love with each other’s
minds and spirits; fulfilling each other’s dreams; learning their individual pasts and
merging together their futures. Two years went by without physical consummation, but
their chastity was not in vain. Soon Khara and Lana were more than just a couple; they
existed inside one another’s soul. Their hearts spoke to one another in every rapturous
moment they were together, and in the agonizing instances they were not; in every
hushed word they exchanged, in the open silences they often shared. It was no wonder
then, that on the evening Khara asked Lana to be her wife, Lana responded with a
planned proposal of her own, and revealed the specially selected black lace lingerie
hidden beneath her clothes. It was at that moment that the two women realized the true
depth of their loving bond, for although it had never been spoken between them, it had
somehow always been understood that their sexual intimacy would mark the beginning
of their spiritual matrimony. That momentous night had been eight years ago. Ever
since, whenever Khara was feeling, in the midst of her blatant horniness, a bit
sentimental, she requested the black lace. Lana never objected. Now Khara was glad
more than ever to see the first half of the sexy set, and was in no hurry to rush the
moment. She wanted to take in the sight of the busty treasure she thought she’d lost
long ago.

Khara leaned close to Lana’s neck, inhaling her light perfume. How Khara missed that
fragrance! As if on cue, Lana tilted her head to the side. Khara followed her gesture and
fulfilled Lana’s quiet desire. She kissed her neck ever so lightly, moving lower towards
her shoulders. Khara could feel Lana begin to quiver with expectancy. She couldn’t help
but smile to herself. She knew what Lana wanted, and couldn’t wait to give it to her.

Still sitting up, Lana wrapped her legs around her sexual instigator. Khara continued to
kiss her lover, making her way towards her breasts. They both loved the black lace bra
for the same reasons. Not only did the bra’s front clasp allow for easier access in times
of “great need”, but also, despite its firmness, one could feel everything through the thin
material, from an erect nipple to a moist pair of lips. After much anticipation and
patience on Lana’s end, she finally felt Khara’s lips on her left breast. Gently at first,
barely enough to be noticed through the fabric, and then with such force that Lana
leaned her head back and let out a breathy moan. Khara continued around Lana’s
entire breast in a spiral motion, closing in on her firm nipple in the center. The bulge it
made in Lana’s cup made it easy to procure between her lips, and exhilarating to
massage with the tip of her tongue.

Lana let out another moan, indicating her growing level of sensual excitement. Khara
loved the miniature orgasms that fondling her chest gave her partner. She began to
palm her other breast while still working the nipple with her tongue. By now the fabric
was becoming damp, but neither woman noticed, nor cared. Khara pumped Lana’s
right breast with her palm in a rhythmic motion, causing Lana’s waist to gently thrust in
unison against Khara’s midsection. The movement of Lana’s pelvic area sent a sudden
sensation through Khara’s body. In primal response she began to suck Lana’s nipple
harder and harder, with Lana breathing faster and faster.

Finally Khara could stand it no longer; she yearned for Lana’s naked flesh. With a
sexual fervor she could no longer contain, she ripped open Lana’s bra at the clasp. Still
closed, the clasp tore on both ends from the lacey fabric, and dangled from one side by
a single thread. Khara hardly noticed. She tossed the bra to the floor and enveloped
Lana’s entire breast with her mouth. The pressure from Khara’s advance forced Lana
flat on her back. Khara’s mouth went back and forth from one nipple to the other,
sucking fiercely, as though Lana’s body would disappear if she were to stop. Her hands
moved up and down her back and stomach, with Lana violently humping against her
waist. Regaining some of her rational sense, Khara realized she had yet to remove
Lana’s pants. An error in need of hasty correction, Khara moved her hands toward the
waistline of Lana’s trousers. With the ease and expertise of a master, Khara loosened
Lana’s fastenings and pulled off her pants and remaining undergarments. Khara no
longer cared whether or not Lana had donned the lace panties; at this point they’d only
be in the way. Without yet moving her mouth from her breasts, Khara slid her hand into
Lana’s womanness and massaged the inside, slowly at first, but soon intensified her
efforts. She found her enlarged clit, and rolled her middle finger around and around it
until she felt it throb against her fingertip. She added another of her maven digits to
increase the sensation and continued. By now Lana had gone from soft moans to
ecstatic cries of a long-awaited pleasure finally being fulfilled. She thrust more and
more violently against Khara’s inserted hand. Next, Khara’s mouth moved away from
Lana’s now-sore breasts and progressed toward Lana’s pubic area, leaving a trail of
ferociously passionate kisses in its wake. Reaching her destination, Khara spread
Lana’s legs further apart. She removed her hand, only for it to be replaced with her agile
tongue. She wrapped the nimble muscle around the clitoral jewel, and with the tip
pressed it lightly. She could feel the shudders circulating through Lana’s body. Moving
in for the kill, she placed her lips between Lana’s and softly sucked her clit. Lana let out
a shriek, which only encouraged Khara’s escapade. She continued, relishing every drop
of her lover’s sapidity. She then brought her hand back to the wet feminine cavern, and
thrust it deep inside Lana, the motions matching the rhythm of her mouth on her clit. It
was all Lana could do not to break Khara’s neck! Gripping the bed sheets, she bucked
about uncontrollably, as if trying to escape from the inconceivably phenomenal
sensations about to rip her body apart. Khara, seemingly oblivious to Lana’s state, did
not let up. In fact, it wasn’t until Lana nearly knocked herself unconscious against the
headboard that Khara began to relent.

After a long while Lana was finally able to calm herself. Khara looked on with obvious
satisfaction of having pleasured her wife in such a manner. Pleasuring Lana was more
orgasmic for Khara than being pleasured herself. It’d been so long since she and Lana
had been together, and she was pleased to have had one last opportunity. She gazed at
her beloved with quiet adoration.

“Are you ok now?” she teased. Lana was silent.

“Still too tired, huh?” Khara crawled next to her exhausted wife. “Come, lay on your
favorite spot.” The weakened woman inched toward her lover and laid her head on her
chest. Khara wrapped her arms around Lana and kissed her head. It wasn’t long before
Lana was fast asleep.

“Good night, my darling,” Khara whispered to a softly snoring Lana. As she lay next to
her, Khara replayed their final love encounter, which had been redolent of their first
hallowed experience, and thought of their past years. She listened restfully to Lana’s
heart beat against her own, her delicate breath tickling against Khara’s pillowed breast,
until Khara too joined her in slumber.

Khara awoke to birds chirping outside her window. In the past she’d never been a fan of
Nature’s creatures, as it had always been soft-hearted Lana who’d kept her from
dousing water on the noisy chicks. Now Khara lay in bed and listened with sorrow to the
jubilant songbirds. Their harmony was like melodious accolades to the woman who
had spared them in their infancy, a woman who was no longer there to enjoy the song
of her tribute.

It had been three months since Lana’s death. They had gotten her the best treatment,
taken her to all kinds of doctors, but there was nothing anyone could do to stop or to
even slow the spread of the cancer throughout her body. Lana had been resilient the
entire struggle, never giving in to what they both came to realize was inevitable. Khara
made sure that Lana’s last few months alive were truly worth living. Using the funds
saved for their retirement, they traveled to the exotic islands that Lana had always
dreamed of visiting. In those final days she was still as vigorous as when she wasn’t ill;
she made it so easy for them to forget about the cancer destroying her from the inside.
Khara knew that Lana was being strong for her, and she in turn had to be strong for her
wife. She never let it show how much it was killing her heart to know that, in a time far
too soon, she was little by little losing the love of her life.

One evening, as sincere as on their ceremonial day of union, Khara renewed her vows
to her love under the witness of the full moon’s gaze and a star-filled sky. If Lana was
going to leave her, Khara wanted her to go with full assurance of her eternal love. The
rest of the evening the two reminisced on their years together, sad at the coming end,
but grateful for having been given the chance at true love. That night, without a sound or
rustle, Lana drifted away, and Khara awoke to her empty body.

Now Khara was slowly adapting to life alone without her mate. Lana’s spirit was still
with her, this she knew. Why else would the birds sing in such a brilliant manner?
Khara lay listening for a few minutes more as she pondered over her dream. It had felt
so real! It was almost as if she could still feel Lana asleep in her arms after a night of
amorous lovemaking. Was it her imagination, or did the sheets even carry Lana’s
aroma? Khara sighed at the ludicrous thought of her lost love come back for a sex
romp. She got out of bed to begin her day, picking up the clothes she’d shed the night
before. She was gathering them in her arms when she came across something that
stopped her in her tracks. Khara stared at the floor, bewildered by what she saw. There,
by the foot of the bed, was Lana’s black lace bra. Khara frantically searched her
thoughts as to how the bra got from the dresser to the floor, and calmed herself with the
assumption that she’d fallen asleep fondling the garment and thinking of Lana. That
would, after all, explain her dream. But when Khara picked up the brassiere, she nearly

The front clasp, still closed, had been ripped from the fabric, and was dangling from the
black lace by a single thread...
©2006 by Malana T
All Rights Reserved
Black Lace