Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionist, Erotic Romance

by Sandra Evens

Maybe it was the calming dim moonlight that engulfed the room, maybe it was the faint
scent of vanilla incense that floated throughout the apartment tickling her nose and
relaxing her very being, but 19 year old Sandy Evens knew that something amazing was
waiting for her. Her eyes felt heavy from a long day in class as she slowly lowered herself
onto the queen-sized bed. Inhaling deeply she laid back and closed her eyes with  sigh
of relief. The down feather pillows felt like soft, delicate clouds beneath her
strawberry-blonde curls and she allowed herself to drift into a blissful dream.

This is where Dan found her, still in jeans and a tee shirt, on top of the blanket. A smile
twitched at the corners of his mouth as he watched her sleep so peacefully, he didn't
want to disturb her but really didn't think that she would mind. First he removed his
shoes, so that he would not soil the bed, and he climbed in next to her. Gently he moved
stray strands of hair from her face. Sandy's face turned towards him at the warmth of his
touch. He reached down and removed her shoes, then her socks. Opening her eyes
slightly at the sudden movement of her own legs she watched him put her socks inside
her shoes and lay them next to the bed.

"Hello love," He whispered after noticing he had woken her.

"Hey," She replied yawing.

Without a word he slid his arm under her neck, cradling her head in the crook of his arm.
With his free hand he tipped her head up so that he could gaze into her beautiful blue
eyes. She pulled forward and their lips brushed slightly. They parted but quickly,
hungrily, they began to kiss, slowly at first, deepening as their hands explored each
other's bodies. Sandy pulled at Dan's shirt, lifting it up and braking the kiss just long
enough to pull it over his head. He pulled her close and kissed her lips passionately,
moving down her cheek towards her neck.  Her head tilted back, granting him full access
to her neck as his lips moved slowly downward. Reaching the neck of her shirt he pulled
away, tugging on the hem at the bottom of the cotton road block. She helped him to
remove her shirt, exposing her pink lace bra. His large hands cupped her breasts, his
blue eyes stared into hers as if asking for permission. He began to gently message her
chest through her bra, bringing his lips down to the exposed top of her right breast.
Gently he nipped at the top of her bra with his teeth, reaching behind her to undo the
clasp in order to remove yet another piece of unwanted clothing. Her bra made only a
very soft thud as it fell to the floor next to the bed, releasing her tender, bossism. Their
eyes met, hers daring him to continue. His eyes wondered down her face, gradually
making their way down to her soft, pink nipples. He lowered his head closing his lips
around her nipple. She felt her chest begin to tingle, the sensation spread quickly as he
continued do suck and lick her breasts. A warmth spread between her legs, a urning to
feel him deep inside of her. She pulled him close with her strong legs, hinting that she
was ready to move forward in this endeavor. He pulled away, off of the bed and removed
his pants and boxers. Sandy's heart beat quickened, she could not pull her eyes away
from his long, thick, erect manhood. She started to remove her jeans slowly but his
hands closed over hers.

 Dan pushed her hands away, her eyes filled with questions. His longing for her had
been building all day long, he could not allow her to take her time removing her pants.
He forcefully, but gently, pulled her jeans away and tossed them across the room. His jaw
dropped slightly when he realized she was not wearing any panties. He positioned
himself on top of her, gazing into  her eyes hungrily. He could feel how much she longed
for him and although he returned the feeling he wanted to make her beg for him to
penetrate her. His arm lips touched hers, she slipped her tongue into his mouth and he
moved slowly away from her mouth, down her next, chest, abdomen, until he reacher her
warm, waiting vagina. He messaged her legs, kissing her inner thighs. A moan escaped
her lips as she tried to pull him closer to her, wanting him to enter. He kissed the warm
pink valley between her legs and she gasped. Gaining confidence he slipped his tongue
in between the lips of her pussy. He moved up and messaged her clitoris, making her
moan and plead for him to take her. He pulled up towards her face and kneeled in
between her legs. After teasing her by running his hard penis up and down her vagina
he entered her in one long, deep, hard thrust. A gleeful yell filled the room as she began
to pull in in deeper and harder with each and every thrust. As the intensity built he longer
to please her in another way, quickly he pulled out of her and grabbed her hips, pulling
her over onto her stomach and up into the position for doggie-style. He pushed himself
into her and she could feel a huge difference. Her entire body felt relieved and pleased
as he thrust deeper, harder and faster until she could do nothing but giggle
uncontrollably. His strong fingers wondered to her bottom. He began to message gently
around her rectum. She moaned his name and he took it as clearance to continue.

"Are you sure?" He whispered into her ear. She did not speak, just nodded. He reached
for the lubricating jelly that they kept by the bed and began to more forcefully massage
her ass, rubbing lube onto her and onto himself. First he worked one finger into her tight
ass, but she immediately begged for more, telling him to forget the fingers and just put
himself into her. He worked his dick into her, she yelped when he had only gotten the
head inside. He stopped for a minute but continues quickly and eventually worked all of
himself into her. After staying still in order to allow her to get use to the fullness she felt
he began to slowly work himself in and out of her, no matter how slow he moved she
reacted joyfully. He pulled her around and facing her he moved faster and faster. She
felt her entire body tingle, her toes curl and she let out a loud scream which turned into a
gleeful giggle. She felt the sudden release of all emotions and could feel the
extreme wetness between her legs but she would not think to have him stop. He
continued to thrust in and out of her, faster and faster until he came inside her ass,
panting and sweating above her. He pulled out and laid his head atop her chest, letting
himself fall into her. he came close to her ear and whispered that he loved her. They
slowly fell into a well earned sleep, peacefully holding each other tight.

Copyright© 2008