Boss Called Me Good Girl (Part 2)
Story Codes: MF, Consensual, Exhibitionism

Boss Called Me Good Girl (Part 2)
by Rathna

“Your punishment is that you will have to get a belly button ring. When you do that, it will hurt
you. That's the punishment I give you. You definitely surprised me when you dressed up in a
sari today. So I'll give you a gift voucher to buy a beautiful sari.”

I laughed with big relief.

That weekend, I had to find a piercing body jeweler. Fortunately, there was a place close to
my compartment. That particular place did tattoos, body painting and piercing. A lady who
worked there did the piercing for me efficiently by fixing a very beautiful blue tassel on the
upper side of my naval. It really hurt when she pulled my skin for the piercing. I was very
impressed with the beautiful studded tassel hanging from my belly button. It took two to three
days to heal and for the pain to go away.

The following Monday morning, he came to work very happy because of a good business deal
he had. He called me to his desk to ask about related projects. I did every thing as he wanted.
He appreciated my hard work and gave me a present that he had brought from Bangkok. I
thanked him for the present as well as the gift voucher.

While he was out of the office, I looked in the parcel to look at the gift. It was a very expensive
perfume and a box with beautiful studded earrings with tassels. I loved his admiration of me.
He came back to office that evening to fax and e-mail. While I was helping him fax and email
his work,  he called my name.


“Yes Sir?"

“Do you like the present that I gave you?”

“Yes sure, It is great, Thanks Sir.”

“I'd like it if you wear the tassels now...”

I was surprised with his request. I planned to wear them the next day. I wondered why he was
in such a hurry. I went back to my cubicle when he answered the phone. I opened the drawer
and took the box out. To my surprise, I saw  very detailed instructions in the box. It was not
mere tussles wear for earrings. They were nipple tussles to wear on my breast! Oh, my god!!!

I went to the wash room carrying the box in my hands and hurried to take a closer look at this
amazing gift. I removed my white color blouse, opening the front buttons and released my
breast from my black bra. M nipples had harden, I was feeling very turned on. I fondled my
nipples with my fingers and continued to tug on them until they were fully erected. I took the
tassels which had an adjustable loop and pushed my nipple through the ring and tightened
the loops. It was fixed tightly on both nipples. This costume turned me into a very sexy image
in the mirror. My feelings was especially turned on because the tassels touched my breast.  It
was really amazing looking at the contrast of the tassels on my fair skin. It proved that he had
good taste, especially when it came to how a woman should look.

Involuntary, my hands strolled back to find the zipper on the back of my skirt. It fell down on
the floor revealing my red G-string panties. My nipples remained hard and stiffened perhaps it
was due to the tightness of the loops. I was sure my boss would be turned on by seeing me
this way. I waited for a while in front of the mirror to admire myself before going out to please
my boss.

As  I walked,  the tussles jiggled in accord to my jogging breast. And my pussy was  saturated
with hot sweet juices upon reaching my desk. Before I sat in the seat, his voice rose and I felt
shy because of this unusual costume.

“Oh come on, come on and come here good girl.”

I was etching with coy in front of him.

“My selection was perfect for you. I think, I am the luckiest boss in the business world.”

He took his luxurious mobile phone and took a few photographs of me in several angles. A
smile remained on his face until he left the office for the day. I too really enjoyed that day. I
remembered I did masturbate till I got several orgasms in my bed that night.

A few weeks had past, and they were just ordinary days. Our company came to land mark the
acquiring of another leading competitor in the field after great effort. Signing the agreement
was a new venture, my boss (the director) came to work with enormous pleasure. When he
was entering into the room he called me to inform me of the news of merging with the other
company and told me to arrange a press release.

“My congratulation Sir,” I shook his hand with wishes.

“Thank you good girl. But not only that, today you are going to help me feel even better!!!”

I nodded my head with a smile. I was puzzled with his request. I had no idea to act upon his
desire. But I wanted to do something before he left the office on that remarkable day. I was
looking at the city through the vertical blinds of the window as it  was getting dark. I didn’t know
that my boss was also standing behind me.

“Nelu what are you thinking? Come have  coffee with me.” I followed him up to his table. He
took the cups and saucers from the side return of the table and filled coffee into the cups. I sat
on the chair facing him at his huge beautiful table.

“Nelu you know today is big day for me. I have been anticipating reaching this situation. So I
like to see you standing on my table.” His voice was husky. He pushed back into a comfortable
posture in his chair. I realized what he was expecting. I got up on to the table using the chair
that I was seated in.

I just felt a little bit proud that I was on the table of the most powerful person in the company.
My dress was dark navy blue coat with white collar shirt. I had the same colour mini blue tight
skirt with black strapped high heel shoes. He was gazing at me from his seat. He could see my
panties through the skirt easily.

He selected a music file on his desk top computer which was beside him. It was a romantic
music song with good quality low sound. I moved my body side to side according to the beat of
the music. While I was dancing, I opened two buttons on the coat as I continued to sway my
body rhythmically and finally removed the coat and threw it on to the floor. Next, I pulled up the
white long sleeves shirt from the waist band of the skirt. I continued dancing slowly, teasing
very slowly to keep his attention and interest. His eyes were brightened with hidden desire in
his mind. I unfastened my shirt buttons and opened it to expose my breast. He was delighted
by seeing my breast covered with a white bra. I put my hands through the opening of the shirt
and squeezed my nipples casually. He was looking at me without blinking his eyelids.

I turned my body to show my back and removed the shirt off. Then I came to the skirt zipper to
pull down. I slowly pushed down the tight skirt according to the music rhythm and showed
round my fleshy ass and milky thighs to meet his aspiration. Only white lace panties was
remained hugging the cleavage of booty cheeks. I bent over widening my legs to see my
projected booty well. He was able to see my hanging breast and the tassel of my belly button
through the open space between my legs.

I turned again facing him and gave him the most vulgarity position that he ever never seen
before on his office table. I raised my hands over my head and rearranged my hair style. He
admired my well-shaved armpits and I noticed his eyes watching my every move with such

Next, my fingers ran back to find the hook for my white bra. I was fumbled with the hook due to
an aggregating excitement inside me. Although, I loosened the bra, I didn’t remove the cups
from my melons. Holding my cups over my breast, I insisted that I act shy to show them to him.
His eyes were widened with this sexy panorama. I just slipped off the bra and covered my
breast shyly with my palm. He was delighted with my every move. Without exposing my melons,
I turned again facing him.

Finally, my fingers reached on the waist band of my panties and pulled it down little by little
exposing my stark nudity. I took the damped panties with my sweetness in my hand and
covered my pussy trying to keep it on. My body turned to give a perfect view of me as he
anticipated. My trimmed pussy and firm breast made his dick over charged in his trouser. The
bulged of his dick in his pants was visible. I was happy about all the dirty things that I did to
please him.

My clothes were laying every where on the floor. I uncovered my pussy then put my panties on
his lap. He took the wet panties and started to inhale the sweetness from it. His face showed
the admiration of the greatness from the aroma that belonged to a woman. Meanwhile, I was
fondling and playing with my breast making my nipples erect to the max.

“Oh you are good girl and great!!!” His breaths were high and voice sounded stammering.

I lowered my body down and squatted, keeping my thighs together. He could get a close up
view of my features as well as my nudity. I opened one thigh in jiffy and closed it. He was
etching on the seat with unbearable feelings. Again, I slowly opened my thighs to show him
how my pussy had got wet with seductive passion. I sat on the table and my toes stopped on
his crotch. He liked how the heels of my shoes pushed on him even though they were hard
enough to hurt him.

He couldn’t stay calm further.  Both his hands wrapped around me and he let me reach on to
his lap. I kept my legs over the armrest of king size high back chair. He was crazy about my
breast. He took my nipples into his mouth and sucked. My feelings were like electric shock ran  
deep inside me. While he was suckling, his hands squeezed my ass very delicately. He heard
my groaning and gasping with utmost pleasure.

He kept me on the table again with care and started to tease my smooth thighs with his lips
tenderly. He opened my legs to the maximum angle while my toes were resting at the edge of
the table. He sat on the chair to taste the soup before the supper. He ran his tongue along the
folds of pussy cleavage. It was a great feeling and I was filled with lust. I squirmed and tossed
my head side to side to bear this wondrous bliss.

Sounds of smacking and slurping played over the music because he was really enjoying
eating my soaked pussy. From time to time he probed my pussy hole with his tongue. A loud
cry of pleasure ran across the room.

“Ohhhhh…my …..god..ahahahahhh….ohhhhhhhhhh...”

My clit was close to burst. I was breathing deepened like no point to turn back. He increased
the intensity of his oral strokes and it hit me unmercifully. Simultaneously, he put his middle
finger in my ass hole to make me wild. I arched in  response to him. I felt utter happiness and
feelings indescribable in words.

He stopped for a moment and stood to remove his clothes. I was anxious to see his tool. I just
raised my head. His chest was filled with body hair and I ran my  eyes to his crotch area. Oh, it
was a huge tool with perfect erection. He had begun to brush the head of his dick against my
pussy lips and clit. His red head got lubricated with gushing nectar from my pussy hole.
Finally, it reached to the entrance of my tight passage.

He delicately push to let me feel the hotness of his rod. It went and went inside finding finally
its destination. The wetness of my walls welcomed his tool and I felt my pussy muscles
wrapped around his shaft.

His thrust made me groan loudly. His hands gripped my thighs not to move. It was pure

My voice screamed “ yes…yes..yes…oh…yes..” He was encouraged to continue. The music
had stopped, the only sounds were our groaning and heavy breathing. He stopped and took
out his tool for a while. But I was fondling my breasts to keep the warmness of love play. He
reached me coming around the table and pulled me back trying to get his dick into my mouth.
It was really good, his hot rod applied with my own sweetness. I dried off the wetness with my
tongue and gave him a blowjob till he replied, “good girl” from his lips.

He came to his final encounter entering me again. He became wild as I wished. It was really
perfect intercourse. He accelerated his speed. I cried with pleasure. “Oh my god….kill
me…oooooohhhhhh…yes….yes…I ‘m coming….Sir…OHHHHHH”

He took out his dick with a bigger groan and exploded his load splashing all over my body. “Oh
..Oh...good girl…” He discharged even last drop of his happiness. Still my pussy muscles were
pulsing with great flow of pussy juice spreading over the luxury table of my boss. I applied all
his cream over my boobs and tummy. Finally I tasted the sweetness, licking it from fingers.

“You are a really a good girl. But I violated the agreement by touching you. You know, you can
punish me now”.

I smiled at him for appreciation.

© 2012 Rathna

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