Broken Plumbing
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

by Aryel Nyght

Being a single woman living in her own house can have its advantages and its dis-advantages.  
Advantages are never having to pick up after anyone but yourself, not having to get out of your pj’s
on a Sunday if you don’t want to, and never having the toilet seat left in a up so in the middle of the
night your ass falls into the water.

On the other hand, it does have its problems when it comes to fixing things around the house. I
have learned to do most of the maintenance myself by going to Home Depot with al lot of questions
and a flirty smile, or watching those TV fix-it shows.

However, sometimes something breaks and it is more than I can figure out. Like last week when the
garbage disposal started to leak all over under the sink.  I tried fixing it and failed.  I was at a loss as
to what to do so I called a girlfriend of mine to see if her husband could help.  She said he knew
very little about plumbing but his friend did odd jobs in his spare time to make extra cash. She
would have her husband call him and see if he could help.  Then she teased me again about dating
men who wore suits instead of jeans saying men that worked with their hands were better in many

I knew she was talking about my sex life again. Since my husband died a few years ago
I have dated off and on but nothing serious.  The couple of men I did have sex with were good,   but
there was something missing.  So we just lost interest in seeing each other again.

We talked for a while and then I thanked her for helping me out, telling her to have her husband’s
friend call me if he could help.

About an hour later the phone rang., I picked it up saying, “hello?”.  On the other end of the line
was a very sexy male voice asking if this was Mrs. Nyght, Kathy’s friend.

“Yes,” I said.

“ This is Greg, I understand you have a plumbing problem?”

“ Yes, my garbage disposal is leaking under my sink.”  

“I can be there in about an hour if that works for you?”

“Oh, that would be great!  Do you know where I live and how to get here?” I asked

“Yes, Kathy gave me your address and directions, so I will see you then.”

“OK, see you then bye.”  I said. As I hung up the phone, I wondered if he looked as good as he

I was finishing cleaning up the mess I made in the kitchen (from trying to fix the disposal myself)
when he knocked on my door.  I went and opened the door and there stood this handsome guy in
jeans, tee shirt with toolbox in hand.  He was about my age dark hair just touching his shoulders
with silver running through it.  Eyes the blue you see in the ocean.  As I scanned down, I saw strong
muscled arms, hard chest, flat stomach and a nice package in those jeans.

I think I was standing there with my mouth open cause he smiled like he knew what I was thinking
and said, “ Hi, Mrs. Nyght, I am Greg. May I come in?”

Feeling like a silly woman and remembering how to speak I said, “ Yes, yes of course please do
come in and call me Aryel.”  Closing the door behind him, I had this terrible erg to run to my
bathroom, comb my hair, and fix my face. Did I remember to brush my teeth today?  GAWD! What is
wrong with me?

Pointing the way to the kitchen he walked ahead of me and I could get a good look at his ass. Nice
one, I thought, and no crack showing either.  
Not that I would mind on him, I thought to myself.

He walked into the kitchen and sat down his toolbox. Going to the sink opening the cabinet under it,
he turned on the water to see where the leak was.  OK, I just cleaned that up, I thought. But it was
too late, water went running down inside again. Quickly he shut off the water and looked at me as if
to say “sorry”.  I handed him a towel to wipe up the water so he could climb under there.

He grabbed his toolbox sitting it on the floor next to the sink. Lying on his back, he moved up under
sink so that all that was showing was his waist and those nice jeans.

As he worked he started with small talk: like; how long have Kathy and I had been friends, which
has been was since we were teenagers. I asked how long he had known Kathy’s husband. Turns
out they worked together at the same plant.  He said he was sorry to hear of my husband’s passing
and said he lost his wife to a heart attack a couple of years ago.  He was just sorry they never had
children cause he loved kids. I told him of my son, grown now with children of his own, and that I
loved being a grandma.

With that he leaned out from under the sink and said, “ No way, you are too young to be a
grandma, let alone have a grown son.”

“That is very sweet of you to say. I don’t think you look your age either.” I said with a sly smile.  
Thinking of those jeans again, I looked away before he read it in my face. We talked some more
about dating and how hard it was to find a nice person to enjoy some laughs and intimate times
with. Seeming to have the same outcome, which was none.

He leaned back under the sink and started to bang on the disposal so I figured this was my chance
to sneak to the bathroom and check myself out. I told him I would be right back and rushed to the
bathroom for a comb and a change of clothes.  Returning after my primp session in the bathroom I
chose to change into a nicer pair of shorts and a camp blouse with a couple of buttons left open in
the front on purpose.

He was still under the sink working away. I asked if I could do anything to help. He leaned out again
and started to say no I guess but, stopped and whistled instead.

“ Wow, you look nice. Are you going somewhere?” he asked with a grin.

“ No I just felt like putting on something different. Do you like it.?” I asked in my best coy voice.

“Yes ma’am I sure do,”  he said with a wink. “ Did anyone ever tell you that you have the prettiest
blue eyes and a the sweetest smile?”

“No, no, n not in a long time,” I said, a little breathless.

Crawling back under the sink, he asked if I would come over and turn on the water again in the sink
to see if it was still leaking. I stepped up and had to straddle his waist to reach the faucet. I reached
for the handle, as I did I felt a hand on my leg. I jumped stepping back a little with a start.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, “ I was reaching for the wrench in my toolbox and your leg was in the way. I
am not sorry for the feel of it though..., you have nice soft legs,” he said softly.

“Thank you,.” I said, feeling the tingling running up my leg where he touched it. Liking the feel, it
gave in my groin. I stepped close again reaching for the faucet and turning turned the water on. I
heard a groan and then a couple of cuss words coming from under the sink.

“ Turn it off!” he said in a gruff voice saying a few more choice words too.  I leaned back to look
under the sink and there he was with water dripping all over his face and shirt.

He looked so helpless, like a mad wet rooster. I had to start to giggle, then laugh harder as he tried
to look angry at me with a smile on his face.  “You think it is funny do you, well let’s see how funny it
can be.,” he said and with that he wiped his face with his hands and ran them up my legs getting
them all wet too.  I started to laugh harder and squirm away but his hands caught my legs just
around my ankles. “Stand still and give me the towel,.” he said.

I handed him the towel and he started to wipe off my legs one at a time starting at the ankle and
moving up to the bottom of my shorts. Lingering on my thigh wiping softly from outside to the inside.
Heat was traveling up my inner thigh to my groin as he stroked making me want his fingers there
instead of the towel.  He must have heard my breathing getting deeper and read my thoughts
cause he suddenly dropped the towel and let his fingers do the caressing up my thigh. “ I sure do
like touching your soft legs. If you prefer I stop just say so.” His fingers continued up my inner thigh
until they reached the bottom of my shorts, running his one finger along the opening of the leg he
asked in a husky voice:

“Do you want me to stop now, Aryel?”

I was burning up with every stroke of his fingers on my inner thigh I didn’t want him to stop my
breasts were getting tight and hard, I could feel myself getting wet in between my legs. I had to hold
onto the sink counter for balance.  My throat was suddenly dry so I croaked out, “No, don’t stop I
like it.”  As he started to stoke up higher with his fingers, I looked over my shoulder at his jeans with
those hard muscled legs in them and a very large bulge in the front. I almost moaned out-loud at
the sight of his erection and the feel of his fingers moving under my shorts.

As things were heating up for both of us (, he was working his way up under my shorts), I saw out of
the corner of my eye my cat walking into the kitchen and seeing a lap on the floor just for him. Now
Traveler is not a small cat weighing in at around 20lbs., s so when he lies on your lap you know he
is lying on your lap.

I tried to shoo him away and tell him no but cats have a mind of their own and he was going to lie on
that lap on the floor. Up the jeans, he went stepping on the very hard place in the middle, which got
a “Humph” out of Greg. Up the stomach to Greg’s chest where he laid down facing Greg purring
and bumping Greg’s chin with his head.

Greg had no choice but to drop his hands and start petting Traveler.

I sighed knowing the moment was gone and stepped away so Greg could have more space. I saw
my cat start to jiggle as I heard Greg start to laugh, then I started to laugh thinking to myself maybe
it was a good thing we had to stop.

“ Well, what’s this big boy’s name?” Greg asked in between chuckles.
“ Traveler, my guardian.” I laughed, as my body cooled down.

“He’s a good one alright, I can’t move now at all.,”  “ Up you go boy I need to get up.”  Greg said to
him.  “ Up you go boy, I need to get up.”

He gently pushed the cat off him and crawled out from under the sink. Standing up I saw that his
shirt and hair was soaked.  I handed him the towel and smiled saying, .

“I am so sorry about that but I guess it was for the best anyway.”

Wiping his face with the towel he said, “Yea, I think we were getting way a head of   ourselves a little
too fast and heated. ”  “ I didn’t come over here to seduce you really I didn’t. There was just
something that happened when I touched you that turned me on,” he said with a shake of his head.

“ I felt it too, I didn’t want you to stop either. We are both adults. Life is too short to wonder what if,.”
I said. “But, you are right. We did kind of move a little fast.”

“Well, there is not much more I can do here. You need a new disposal. So I thought I could come by
later maybe take you out to dinner, then we could go get a new one and I can put it in for you.” He
said with a lopsided grin.

“That would be nice and we can kind of start over.,” I said, with a smile that let him know what I was
thinking. He gathered his toolbox and I walked him to the door telling him to call when he was on his
way. I stood there smiling hoping maybe I would get a chance to kiss that sexy mouth of his and
sure enough, he leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips.  I heard the thunk of the toolbox hitting
the floor as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer deepening the kiss. I put my
arms around his neck and could feel the hardness of his chest through his wet tee shirt.  He broke
the kiss and stepped away knowing he had to leave now or not at all.

I smiled as I closed the door thinking that maybe my girlfriend was right: men in jeans are better at a
lot of things. Looking down at my now wet shirt, I hurried to shower and change.

A little later, I was showered, hair and makeup done just right, pink lace bra and pink lace panties.   
Having a fairly good shape still for my age, I chose a rather clingy hot pink sun dress to wear. I was
getting my white sandals out when he called to say he was on the way. Now I am was getting
nervous again, having time to remember this that afternoon and his hands on my thighs, wanting
more of his kisses too.

There was a knock at the door and my stomach did a couple of flip-flops so I took a deep breath
and opened the door.  He had changed his clothes to dark denim jeans, boots and a white shirt
open down the front to the middle of his chest. The white of his shirt showed off his copper brown
skin and made his blue eyes darker. His hair was pulled back with a rubber band at the nape of his
neck. He looked like a cowboy, a hot cowboy.

For some dumb reason, that the saying popped into my head about  “Save a Horse Ride a
Cowboy.”  OMG I am shameful.

I think I must have blushed because he grinned at me as if he knew what I was thinking.
“You look very hot in that pink dress,” he said with a low whistle.

“ Thanks, you look pretty hot yourself. I am ready if you are I just need to grab my purse.” I said,. “I’
m hungry, are you?” as I walked out the door in front of him.

He stepped out and closed the door stepping a side so I could lock it. As I did he leaned in close to
my ear and whispered, “ Yes I am very hungry but not for food.”

That made my toes curl up as he kissed my ear.  I looked over my shoulder with a sexy smile, “
Food first to keep up your strength.”

We walked out to his car a white convertible with tan bucket seats. He opened the door for me and
waited while I was seated. Leaning down he said, “And I bet you thought it would be a truck.” With a
wink he closed the door and I had to laugh cause I did think it would be a truck.  He walked around
and got in pushing the button to put the top up.

I looked at him as if to say, why?

“I wouldn’t want to mess up that pretty blonde hair of yours. Besides it is getting chilly.”
He stated as he started the car.

We went to a nice place in town for dinner.  We parked and not being used to men opening the car
door for me, I started to get out. He stopped me and told me to wait as he would get it for me. He
walked around to my side of the car and opened the door holding out his hand so he could help me
out. I took his hand and stepped out. I must have had a look of puzzlement on my face cause he
shrugged and replied, “ I am old fashioned that way,, I like treating a lady like a lady.”

That made my heart flutter a little and I giggled. Now feeling like a teenager on my first date.

We went inside, again him opening the door for me. Got seated, he asked if I would like a drink, yes
I would, I replied. I ordered a chocolate martini. He just ordered a coke.  We ordered our food. I had
steak and shrimp. He said that sounded good and ordered the same. Saying Said it was good to
meet a woman that ate “food” instead of salad. We both laughed at that.

Our drinks came and we started to talk. We talked about where we grew up he said he was born
here but his family moved to N. Carolina when he was a kid. Moved back here after he got out of
school took a job with a man that owned a plumbing business, worked with him until he sold the
business and retired. Didn’t like the new owners so he found a job at the plant he is was at now.
Met his wife on one of his visits back home, got married and was happy until she passed away. That
was two years ago and he just had not thought about getting serious with anyone.

I told him how sorry I was and that I knew what it was like to lose someone you loved.

I said that my husband died of cancer going on three years now.  And that I had dated on and off
but hadn’t found anyone interesting enough yet.

I started thinking to myself how nice it was to be able to have a conversation with a man again. It
has been along time since I felt at ease enough to talk like this. With that, I smiled at him and he
smiled back, as if he knew what I was thinking.  We decided to lighten things up so we started
talking about music and movies we liked. Found out we liked allot of the same in both areas.

We finished our dinner and almost missed getting to Home Depot before it closed.

Driving back to my place, we didn’t talk much so I let my mind wander.  I kept taking small glances at
him when he wasn’t looking, making up this fantasy in my head of how I would like tonight to go. We
were both mature adults, single and….ok….horny.

Let’s just hope he was thinking the same. At least I think he was by the way he was staring at my
breasts at dinner, it made me feel wanted and sexy.

We got back to my place and went inside. He headed for the kitchen with my new disposal and his
toolbox. Following him, there I watched with eager eyes as he started to remove his shirt saying he
didn’t want to get anything on it.  Smiling in a sensual way he removed his shirt and climbed under
the sink so I had this great view of a sexy hard chest lightly dusted with dark hair running down to
the top of his jeans. Trying now to stare at the jeans with a very nice package in the front of them, I
started to chat about silly things like what is his favorite song or something like that. I don’t really
remember his answer cause my mind was on the package and how big it was getting.  

After about an hour he climbed out from under the sink grabbing a towel as me to come over and
try out my new disposal. I walked over to the sink and looked at the drain thinking that at least it won’
t leak anymore. Greg stepped in close behind me placing his body so close I could feel his erection
rubbing my behind.

“Here,” he said close to my ear, “try turning it on,” reaching his arms around me to turn on the
faucet and flipping the switch on the wall.

The disposal started up like a charm and I turned to say thank you,. Instead I was met by his mouth
on mine kissing the thank you away. I turned so I was facing him as the kiss got deeper, wrapping
my arms around his neck he placed his hands on my behind and pulled me close, so close I could
feel his very hard erection against my belly.

As our tongues found each other and started a little dance, I could feel his hands pulling my dress
up higher and higher until it was around my waist and his hands were massaging my ass cheeks. I
must have moaned because he bent his knees a little so he could rub his cock in between my legs
pulling me closer. I heard him moan then and I was instantly wet between my legs wanting his cock
inside me.  He bent me backwards long enough to turn the faucet and disposal off.  Breaking the
kiss and breathing heavy, he whispered in my ear, “Shall we take this to the bedroom I want to get
you naked and under me.”

Breathing heavy myself I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom closing the door to keep big
cats out.  Once there and facing each other he slowly pulled my dress over my head, dropping it to
the floor he bent his head placing his warm lips on the tops of my breasts, kissing them as he
reached around and unhooked my bra. Dropping that on top of my dress his hands now cupped
under my breasts so he could place his lips on my nipple, sucking gently first one then the other.
My body was on fire now burning up with each flick of his tongue on my nipple. My moaning was
getting louder as he worked my nipples to stand firm and hard for him, I placed my hand on his
head to pull him closer.

Slowly he backed me to the bed and gently laid me down, standing over me he looked at my body
and whispered, “ You are so sexy; your breasts are large and perfect, your skin is so soft I don’t
want to stop touching you.”

I was so hot now I wanted to see all of him without the jeans. “Take off your jeans please,” I
begged., “ I want to see your body and how much you want me.”

With that, he unzipped his jeans and pushed them to his boots removing them at the same time.  
When he stood, again I looked at this man with his hair loose touching his shoulders, hard chest,
muscled arms, small waist and an erection jutting from dark hair that would make any woman
swoon.  I must have groaned cause it made him chuckle.

He reached for my underwear leaning and placing kisses down my belly as he pulled them down.
Reaching the top of my mound, he kissed just to the top of the lips down there;, blowing gently on
me and making me squirm with desire.

Slowly he knelt and pulled my panties all the way off, sliding his hands under me to grab onto my
butt cheeks he pulled me to the edge of the bed, spreading my legs and burying his tongue in
between my pussy lips to find my very hard wet clit. I almost came right then but he backed off a
little and worked on my clit more teasingly, running his tongue back and forth with a small gentle nip
here and there. I could feel my body getting tense, feel the muscles in my pussy tighten as he slide
one the two fingers in there and started to pump in and out while his tongue flicked my clit. Just as
his fingers reached up and touched my g spot I exploded into the most powerful orgasm I have ever
had. I must have cried out-loud because when he finished sucking my clit dry he raised his head up
and just smiled a wicked smile, licking his lips. Once my body cam down from its high I sat up
wanting to return the favor. Taking his hard cock in my hand I started to stroke it from his balls to
the tip watching as pre-cum leaked from it, bending my head I caught it on my tongue and ran it
around the tip, hearing him moan with pleasure. Taking my hand down his shaft to his balls I
squeezed lightly as I placed my mouth onto him, sliding my mouth all the way down his huge shaft to
meet my hand. He hissed with pleasure as I worked my hand and mouth up and down him. He
suddenly pulled away saying he wanted to feel his cock inside my tight pussy, couldn't’t wait any
longer. He pushed me back on the bed and raised my leg to inner me with ease. For a moment, he
just stood there feeling my pussy caress his cock as it took all of him in. Closing his eyes and
leaning back, he started to move his cock in and out of me feeling my pussy stroke his growing
shaft.  I was starting to feel my muscles tighten again, building for another orgasm. I heard him hiss
“yes” as he started to move faster inside me the friction building setting me on fire. I started to
whisper yes, yes, through gritted teeth as the movements got faster and his balls slapped my ass.

“Come for me baby.,” he growled,. “Come all over my cock!”  

I couldn’t stop myself I came all over him as he pushed his cock all the way in as far as it would go,
giving me a sharp SLAP on my ass as I came.  The slap was a little bit of a shock, never had
anyone do that before, it felt so right and good.

He slowed his pumping and looked down at me asking me if I was ready to ride his cock like the
“cowgirl” he knows knew I was.

I laughed and said, “Yes”, feeling younger than I had in years.

He pulled out and climbed onto the bed lying down on his back. He looked over at me with a sexy
smile holding his cock straight up from his body, “Saddle Up.”

I eagerly climbed on top of him sliding his cock inside me I started to rock back and forth feeling his
cock sliding in and out. He reached up and started to pinch my nipples sending shock waves
through me.  I closed my eyes starting to move faster on his wonderful hard erection riding him for
all that it was worth. Hearing him moan I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was.  I could feel his
cock getting harder and he was breathing heavy now, which was turning me on more with each
moan I heard from him.

“You ready for me to come baby?” he asked panting. “ I want us to come together.”

With that, he placed his finger on my clit and started to rub, grabbing my hip and helping me pump
his cock. We exploded together with an “OH YES!” from both of us.

I fell onto his chest, he wrapped his arms around me, and we just lay there trying to catch our

After a few minutes, he rolled me off him and pulled me close to his side. We fell asleep in each
other’s arms spent and happy.

The next morning he was up and dressed before me. Had made the coffee and was waving it under
my nose to wake me. When I finally sat up and took the cup he told me he had to go, work was
calling someone called off sick. I was disappointed but told him I understood.  He told me to go back
to sleep if I wanted and that he would call me later. I said I would like that hoping this was not just a
one-night stand.

He must have seen my thoughts on my face cause he said he did not want this to be a one-time
thing and would really like to see me again if I wanted to see him.

“Yes, yes I would like that very much,”  I said to him with a shy smile.

He leaned down and kissed me pulling me close. When he let go my lips wanted more.

He smiled and told me he had to go now cause if I kept looking at him with those blue eyes of mine
he would not be able to leave.  With another peck on the lips he was out the door and gone.

I got up and headed for the kitchen to drink my coffee. I walked over to the sink and looked down at
the new disposal thinking to myself thank you “powers that be” for the Broken Plumbing.

Copyright© 2014 Aryel Nyght
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