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By Simon Xavier Templar©

The heat wave has been raging for weeks on the southern Korean
city of Busan, this Sunday morning was no exception. At around the
time people were coming out of the churches, the sun had climbed to
center sky and was pouring its rays on to us. Walking through the
crowd you could see hundredths, if not thousands, of women
dressed in silk; it was necessary to wear silk to cope with this heat.
Finally, like by magic, the sea of people separated in front of me;
revealing her.

You could see by what she was wearing that she was used to the
heat, wearing only a white silk dress she was walking without a care
in the world.

She was walking towards Haeundae beach; hypnotized by her
beauty I followed her. Walking behind her for a few minutes -she was
so pretty that it could have been hours and I would not have noticed
time- you could see she was enjoying herself; the ocean wind was
gently blowing on her, slightly lifting her dress and revealing her
thighs. Her long black hair was floating in the wind; revealing her
shoulders and back. With every caress of the wind she
smiled, as it cooled her down.

Walking towards the sun, the beams shining through her dress, I
could see her profile, her perfectly shaped body. In a moment of
shyness, trying to hold her dress from blowing in the wind, she
looked around to see the faces of the onlookers, but there was no
one there, except me. And like I was the first foreigner she’s ever
seen; she stops, looks at me with innocent school
girl eyes, smiles then lets go of her dress and kept on walking.

She led me to the boardwalk, at which point the wind was blowing on
her with full strength. Every now and then, it was strong enough to lift
her dress high enough to reveal her underwear, a pure white thong.

Every time this would happen she would turn to smile at me,
stopping ever so briefly, letting me catch up to her.

Within minutes I was a few steps behind her; her fragrance carried
by the wind surrounded me. We reached the end of the boardwalk,
where the beach transforms into a forest. Suddenly she stops, and
turns towards me, closing the gap that was separating us until we
were face to face.

As she started speaking in Korean, in a bold move, she placed her
hand on my penis, slightly massaging it. The look on her face was
telling me that she never felt this way before; it was also telling me
that she was enjoying it.

She led me on to the beach; making our way through small bushes
where we reached an isolated area where no one could see us.

There was no noise other than the wind through the leaves and the
crashing of the surf. She knew that I did not understand what she was
telling me, with effort she uttered the words “first time”, then she
smiled and took my hands, placing them on her waist.

As I started caressing her body you could hear her breathing getting
deeper and deeper. Her body was firm, young and untouched her
breasts were hard, and her nipples were getting harder and harder.
With her in my arms, her body pressed against mine; she undid my
belt and my trousers making them both fall to the ground. Taking my
shirt off, she started caressing my chest, shoulders and back; she
was amazed.

She then stepped back and took off her dress, letting me see her for
the first time. She had golden skin, eyes as black as the night, her
long black hair falling on her shoulders slightly covering her breasts.

Her breasts stood up, nipples pointing at me, her body was thin and
firm, her virgin thighs were rounded and welcoming and her legs
were long and flexible.

Coming towards me, she slips her hands in my underwear feeling
my penis with her bare hands for the first time. As my underwear slip
off, we could see that her hands could barely hold my penis, as if it
was too big for her. She falls to her knees in amazement and looks
closer; touching it, feeling it and caressing it. To her surprise, it grew
harder. Not knowing what to do, holding my cock with both hands,
she started kissing it. As if she enjoyed the taste, she started licking
and rubbing harder and harder. Like in a trance she puts it in her
mouth, I could feel her warm lips and tongue going up and down; with
one hand she started feeling my balls and my ass. She
loved it, she wanted more.

I gently put my hands on her head, pushing myself completely into
her; eyes opened, she looked up, she was on a mission, a mission
to pleasure me. Throwing her self to the ground, taking me along, I
started caressing her body, she smelled of flowers. Slowly working
my hands down, taking off her underwear on the way. Her legs
slightly spread I could see her clean shaven virgin pussy glistening,
ready to become woman.

I throw her on to her back and started kissing her in the neck, then on
the shoulders. I started sucking on her nipples, she started moaning,
she was loving it; she spreads her legs, as if she was inviting me in.
my head between her thighs, I starting opening her, licking her pussy,
tasting her.

She was wet, she was horny. With her hands on my head, she pulls
me up; quickly, I slip my cock deep inside her. It was tight, very tight,
warm and extremely wet.  Immediately, in shock, her eyes open, and
screams of joys came out of her. Her arms were wrapped around
me as I started to pound her. Oh, she was good, She was the

She puts her legs on my shoulders, asking me, in a way, to pound
her even deeper and harder. She could barely hold on, she was on
the brink of cuming.

I knew she liked it, and I knew she wanted more. She turns me over,
climbing on top of me, riding me like a horse. With my hands on her
waist I was pushing her back and forth, up and down. She was
rubbing her breasts and screaming out of passion. She was almost
there, hands on my chest, her body started stiffening up, she started
moving faster and faster, until she screams out of joy, nails digging in
to my chest she collapsed onto me, into my arms.  It was her first
time, her first orgasm.

She was in paradise.

Looking at her lying on top of me, I could see she wanted something
else, something more. She seemed willing to do anything, to go
anywhere. I then turned her around and put her on four legs, I wanted
to show her what it felt to be taken from behind.

Looking down on her I could see her perfectly shaped ass, it was
waiting for me. You could see it was still wet from before, rubbing my
dick on her only made her even more horny and willing. With one
hand on each of her thighs I pull her back, I pulled her onto my cock,
making it go where no other cock as gone before.

She did not know what to feel or think, rocking her ass back and forth
I started spanking her ever so gently, she liked that. She was going
at it, faster and faster, harder and harder. I placed a hand on her
shoulder ferociously pulling her back, giving her the pounding of a
life-time. I was about to cum, she felt it, she liked it… she wanted to
see it.

She then turns around and slip herself between my legs in such that
my dick is between her firm breasts. Squeezing them onto my cock, I
start moving back and forth. You could see the excitement in her
eyes, as she looked at it, so big in her hands. I reach behind, rubbing
her clit with my fingers; she started stroking with all her strength. My
fingers inside her I could feel her getting wetter, getting restless. And
like a bolt of lightning, I exploded onto her, spraying her, covering
her. She liked the taste, as she was trying to get more and more into
her mouth.

She pushes me onto my back, and started sucking me, she was
hungry, hungry for cock. After minutes of vigorous tongue action, I
came once more, to her surprise, she took it all in, savoring it feeling
my cum on her lips.

I’ve never seen someone so happy, so content. We were both
drained, her of energy and me of cum. Resting on the sand,
looking at the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, holding her in my arms,
my cock in her hands; she kept on stroking.

© 2006 Simon Xavier Templar