Business Trip
Story Codes:  MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Business Trip
by Kenya Nǚshén

The chrome grille of his car was cold on her thighs and knees as she bent over the
hood. They were parked on a very high level in a parking deck that overlooked the
twinkling skyline of downtown Atlanta. It was a sultry evening, the standing air warm,
and the breeze cool and a bit moist. She had planned this little rendezvous because
she was getting on a flight in the morning but he would be there for three more days.
She stretched longer over the curved hood. He was so excited. His wife was too hot
to be believed. Tonight she had worn an unbelievably soft, black cashmere sweater
under which she had worn no bra to bind her firm breasts.

  The fabric caressing her nipples made them hard. When she’d shown up at his
hotel room door, her nipples jutting out behind the dark cloth, her cleavage served
up superbly to his eyes by the tightness of the sweater, he’d wanted to rip it off of
her. She was also wearing a short, dark gray, pleated skirt, the kind the Catholic
schoolgirls wear. His erection had sprung to life eagerly. She had curled her long
hair and the curls shown in the light, making his hands itch to sink them into it. He
was stuck on how curvy she was in all the right places with a cinnamon brown skin
tone and dark, often mysterious eyes. He was taller than his wife but the skinny
black stiletto heels that she’d worn tonight put her almost at eye level. When he’d
opened his hotel room door to her standing there dressed like that, a total shock to
him because she had been remiss in informing him that she was even coming, his
first thought had been, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of her tonight. He’d started to ask
her all the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions but she summed it all up with one statement.

  “You’ve been gone for so long and I needed to feel you inside me. I’m on a flight in
the morning to make a business meeting. I’ve got one night. Are you going to ask me
questions or do me?” He was going to pull her down on his bed but apparently she’d
thought this through a little further than he’d realized. So here they were, fulfilling
one of her fantasies, with him showing her the answer to her question by slowly
lifting her skirt up over her ass. In contrast to the black and gray theme she had
going, she’d worn a pair of hot pink thongs, the tiny pink triangle at the top resting
comfortably against the top of her cheeks and unerringly pointing the way towards
the line of fabric that disappeared between them.

  “Serena, you about to get it, ma. And you know it too don’t you?”

  “I was hoping,” she said in that incredible, smoky, lawd she-could-sing-the blues
voice she had. Looking over her shoulder she gave him that sensuous come-hither
glance and bit down on her bottom lip. It was on then. Trevon curled his fingers
under the thin line of her panties and prepared to pull them slowly off.

  “If you rip them,” she said, “you can keep them.” He only paused for a second
before gripping the left side of string in his hand and with one hard yank, ripped the
fabric away from her body, leaving a stinging whelp on the other side. He ripped the
tiny slip of fabric he held in his hand apart as well. Serena dropped her head on the
smooth metal hood and groaned. Trevon shoved the wet little slip of fabric into his

  For now he gazed approvingly down the long length of her shapely legs. Her ass
was round; her thighs thick, the backs of her knees indented and smooth, her calves
a firm muscular curve that drove him wild. His ocular perusal traveled all the way to
the end of those four-inch heels and the growling beast of lust inside him simply
wanted to bang her and nothing else. Instead he held her and spread her legs wider
with his foot like a cop might do while arresting a criminal. Then he crouched down
between her legs, turning so that his back was wedged against the bumper. Without
her husband to block it, the cool breeze whispered and slithered salaciously,
seductively over her exposed ass cheeks, down between her thighs and lightly
across the lips of her pussy. It felt so divine, that her fingers splayed on the hood
and she wriggled her hips back and forth in anticipation of what he was about to do.
He wasted no time parting her lips with his thumbs and diving in. He licked and licked
and licked her pussy like he would if he were trying to keep an ice cream from
melting down the cone, long luscious licks from the back of her pussy to her clit. The
harsh, sharp texture of his goatee scratched the inside of her silken lips but it felt
so…..fucking….good! The pleasure was spiking up inside her over and over again
making her legs quiver.

  She began to fuck her husband’s mouth, thrusting her hips back and forth so hard
that his head was pressed permanently against the grille of the car. Trevon held on
to her hips and let her ride his mouth. He knew there was no stopping her now. So
he did what a good husband should do. He kept licking… and licking… and licking
and sucking and sucking and slurping her clit into his hot mouth, even using his
teeth to graze her a bit, until she went over the edge with a high-pitched scream that
echoed throughout the parking deck. She came all over his face, her juices
overflowing out of his mouth and running down his cheeks. Trevon crawled from
between her legs and stood up. He looked down at his wife. She was a simmering,
lump of brown sugar colored putty in his hands now, limp and just coherent enough
for him to do as he pleased and she still understand what was happening to her.

  “You ready baby?” he asked, unsnapping his jeans and letting them drop to his
ankles. He pulled his boxers over his erection and sent them the same way.

  “You ready for some of this dick?” Serena pulled her now damp curls back from
her face as he walked up behind her and pressed his rock hard cock against her

  “All, daddy, give it all to me,” she managed to whisper.

  “You want it all?” he asked taking his dick and spanking her ass with it.

  “Are you sure about that?” He slid his dick up and down between her ass cheeks.
Pleasure detonated under skin all over her body, setting off a rampant barrage of
fiery hot explosions. Serena moaned and moved back against him anxiously.

  “Yessss,” she uttered. Trevon held her still. She had initiated this game, now they
were gonna play his way.

  “Unh uh, don’t move,” he said taking his dick in his hand and directing it slowly
back and forth between her creamy wet pussy lips, teasing her mercilessly. She
squirmed under the pressure building within her.

  “Is this what you want,” he asked softly. Serena thought her nails were going to
strip curly ribbons of paint off of his car. She couldn’t speak.

  “Answer me,” he said grinding his dick between her lips more forcefully.

  “Yes, please,” she moaned.

  “Please?” he repeated.

  “Please…now.” He shoved himself into her before she could finish forming that ‘w’
on her lips. Serena felt like she might choke on her on scream. Her eyes bugged out
and she could hardly draw a breath. The bulb in Trevon’s brain that harnessed his
control blew. He grabbed hold of the waistband of her skirt, using it like reins on a
horse and rammed in and out of her without restraint. Oh she felt so damn good, it
was all his mind could process, all his body could absorb. The climax was rolling in

  “Take it…..take it….. take it,” he demanded pummeling her pussy vehemently. She
pressed herself back solidly against him to make sure she got every ounce of that

there…oooo…right there…oh……yes…Yes…YES!….OH….OHHHHH, SHIIIIT
DADDY!!! Mmmmm….oh………oh…god.” He was hurting that pussy. An ecstatic
frown had transformed her features. It got to the point where all she could emit
where tiny high-noted squeaks, her mouth hanging open where her face was
plastered to the car, a thin sliver of saliva oozing out. Thankfully she couldn’t reach
the windshield wipers or she might have snapped one of them off.

  “Oh Serena…Oh baby.” That signaled to her that he was about to cum. She
managed to reach back and gather her sweater up around the nape of her neck.

  “Cum on my back, baby…please,” she whispered breathlessly, “I’m gonna cum
with you, baby….oooh, yes!”

  “Ooooo,” he moaned

  “Yes baby…don’t stop….don’t stop….don’t….stop.”

  “Oh Serena…here it comes baby….here it CUMS!”

  “DON’T STOP…..UNGGHHHH!!!” Trevon pulled his dick out, aimed as best he
could and cum shot out of him, once, twice, three times hot and stinging across her

  “oooo….oooo…oooo” he moaned slowly in the aftermath. What hadn’t shot out of
him, he massaged out of his dick onto her ass cheek.

  Her cum, on the other hand, ran out of her pussy and onto her thighs.

  “Oh shit, baby…whoo!” he exclaimed holding onto her for a minute for support. He
felt light-headed. His heart was thundering like horse hooves on dry terrain.

  “Aw, man,” he said when he was stable enough to pull up his boxers and jeans.
Serena just lay there, whimpering quietly.

  “Hey,” he said moving up and to the side of where she was and leaning over.

  “Hey, are you okay babe?” She simply nodded. He smiled and smoothed her hair
“That was…that was incredible,” he said with feeling. She nodded again, adding a
smile of her own.

  “Sorry it was so fast.” he said, “but…”

  “I needed it to be fast,” she assured him. “It was perfect.”

  “I love you, woman.”

  “I love you,” she returned. He kissed her damp cheek.

  “Let me look in the car and see if I have something to clean you up with,” he said.

  “That’s okay,” she said halting him. His eyebrows rose. She lifted herself carefully
up off the hood.

  “We’ll see to the cleaning up later,” she stated, pulling the sweater and her skirt

  “But it’s cashmere,” he said surprised.

  “I bought it with the thought of you ruining it in mind,” she said smiling
mischievously. Trevon shook his head and went over to put his arms around her.

  “I love the way you think.”

  “Mmm hmm, and now that we’ve given the city of Atlanta a show, why don’t we go
back to your hotel room and make this a… private movie.”

  “Yes ma’am.”

  They drove back to the hotel, trying not to break any speed limits, where they
made love twice more, then again in the morning before he put her on a plane
home. It saddened him a little but he had to smile when while watching the plane taxi
on the runway, he remembered the souvenir she’d left him. The next three days
might not be so bad after all.

© 2007 - 2010 Kenya Nǚshén

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