Cabin Fever
Story Codes: MF, Consensual,  Exhibitionism

Cabin Fever
by Deidre Lynn

Day 3 of Nell's vacation at the Coast and she woke to rain.   This vacation was all about the
"new" Nell.  She was going to exercise every day, give herself facials and manicures, eat
healthy and emerge from her one room beach cabin a new woman.  But today, it was
raining.  "Oh, well" she thought, "I'm not going to get skinny sitting on my ass."  She built a
fire so when she returned it would be warm, put on her jacket and headed to the beach.

An hour later, she was soaked to the bone as she headed back up the trail to the cabin.  
She could smell the woodsmoke.  Seeing the smoke coming out of the chimney actually
cheered her.  She'd woken to rain and still kept her vow to herself to exercise daily.  Nearing
the cabin, she saw a form sitting in one of the chairs on the porch.  No one knew she was
here, she'd left her cell phone at home.  The kids were with her ex and for 2 weeks HE could
deal with their problems.

She walked up on to the porch pissed.  She was not here to be interrupted.  A cheerful,
younger man stood up and smiled.  "Hi, I'm in the cabin down that trail."  He pointed to a trail
she hadn't even noticed.  "My name's Toby, I thought I was the only one out here this late in
the year so when I saw the smoke I thought I'd be neighborly and say hello."

"Hello"  Nell was trying to convey a "leave me alone" attitude but she was actually glad to see
this stranger.  The idea of spending 2 weeks alone and the actual act were 2 very different

"Can I come in?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, um, of course"  Nell opened the door, walked through it and left it open for him.  "I
need to get out of these wet clothes, why don't you have a seat by the fire."

"Didn't you bring a raincoat?" he asked.

"No, I didnt' think about it." she responded.

"It's September on the Oregon coast, everyone has a raincoat." he wasn't being mean, his
tone was actually one of consternation.

"Look, I need to change, then I can probably find some tea, can you sit patiently by the fire."

"Sure.  You know, this cabin is even smaller than mine.  I have some board games if you'd
like to visit me.  I'm going to be staying all winter.  I'm a game designer so I can work just
about anywhere that I can get internet, you know."

Nell heaved a sigh, could this kid just shut up.  She grabbed a pair of sweats and a sweathirt
out of her suitcase and headed behind the screen separating the room.  Her shirt was
soaked all the way to her skin so it took a minute to peel it off.  After she flung it over the
screen to hang dry she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, flinging it over her shirt.  
As she shimmied out of her soaking wet pants she caught a glance in the mirror.  The mirror
that was giving Toby a full view of her undressing behind the screen.  He was wide eyed.  
For one brief moment, all she could think about was the 30 pounds she had gained and not
lost when her kids were born.  But only for one brief moment.  Then she smiled.

Her pants hit the floor and she stepped out of them.  Careful to stay in full view of the mirror
and her staring neighbor.  Her fingers hooked into her panties and slid them down her legs.  
Then her hands cupped her breast, she smiled at Toby as his eyes widen just a bit further.  
Then his eyes met hers and they both smiled.  He stayed seated as one hand stayed on her
breast and one slid down her belly.  She widened her stance so her legs were parted.  Her
hand continued down her belly until the tip of her finger found her clit.  Slowly, she began
moving her finger in circles.  Her eyes never left his.  She moved her hand down farther,
running her fingers across her pussy, wetting them with her natural lubricant.  Her fingers
moved back up, back into the rythm that would bring her to climax.  The finger on her breast
pinched her nipple, kneading the brown skin.  She slid her fingers back and forth between
her legs, creating her own heat.  It was getting harder and harder to stay standing, at the
same time, she was getting hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter.  One hand continued to
play with her nipple, while one hand rubbed her clit.  She heard heavy breathing but didn't
know if it was her or him.  It took only moments before she felt the explosion come.  Her eyes
finally left the mirror as they closed while she moaned.

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