Cabin Fever
Story Codes: MF

Cabin Fever
by Angel

We are in a bedroom in a cabin your parent's let you use when they moved
out of the country. I'm wearing that sexy red bra with matching lace panties
you like. What? I'm not going to be trapped in a cabin without a little game of
pussy and doggie. You are wearing blue jeans and a sweater and you don't
notice I am there almost naked. It is snowing outside and the heater has
stopped working. I figured all we have is a bed and out body heat. I'm a little
frustrated that you didn't notice me in my sexy underwear, so I clear my
throat. You look at me and were going to tell me something about the heater,
but you are so taken by my body that you decided you didn't care about the
heater. All you want is me. You call my name. I look up and see the look in
your eyes. Sex is on the brain and my plan worked.

You walk over to me play with my vagina and left breast through my panties.
Then you unhook my bra and take it off. Then you back me into the wall. I
shivered with the cold walls against my back. The cold wall made my nipples
erect. You look at my breast, cup them into your strong hands and start
sucking my nipples. I moan loudly and my hands slide up and down the walls. I
don't notice the cold wall anymore. Then you kiss my stomach and lick my
navel. You thrust your tongue into my navel and lick around it like you are
eating me out. I grab onto my breast and start rubbing my nipple. You stand
up and pull your boxers down. Then you pull my panties so you could hear
me moan. You pull down my panties and go to my vagina but you see the
empty bed and you pick me up and throw me on the bed.

We make out like two horny teenagers. We are grabbing every part of our
bodies imaginable. Then you go down kissing my body as you are going down
until you wind up at my vagina. I could feel your hands opening up my pussy
and fingering me. I clutch my hands to the comforter. I could feel my vagina
getting wetter and wetter by the minute. You take your finger out and put your
tongue inside of me and start thrusting in and out. I exhale noisily as you put
your finger back in me and finger me. You stop and start jerking your penis. I
open my legs knowing what's going to happen next. You insert your penis into
me and start thrusting. I moan and groan as you start saying dirty things to
me. Then you take your penis out and I pull you in to kiss you.

You whispered in my ear, ever so sensually "Suck my dick."

I whispered back, "let's do the number position."

We put ourselves in the sixty-nine position and start kissing your penis as you
are licking my vagina. I start sucking your dick and could feel your pre cum on
my tongue. I sucked your testicles and played with them as you spanked my
ass. I almost bit your balls but I controlled myself. I shivered a little bit as you
spit into my vagina. I retaliated by spitting onto your dick.

"You're a dirty girl." You told me.

"Let me show you how dirty I can be." I said.

I asked you if you could put your penis between my breasts. I wasn't surprised
that you did it after calling me a dirty girl. You slid it up and down and my
breasts are bouncing like they never bounced before. My hand slipped down
to my pussy and I started to rub it but you went down there first and I couldn't
handle myself. I came all over your hand. You took your penis from my breast,
got a napkin and wiped your hand. When you finished you came to me and
kiss me.

"The whole point of a tit fuck is for me to cum on you." You told me.

We laughed.

"Just for that I'm going to do you from behind." You said.

I got into the doggie position and you put your penis into my asshole. We
rocked together. You ask me if you want to cum in me. I said yes. You let out
a loud groan and grabbed my breast. I felt your warmness inside of me. You
took your penis out and leaned over and kissed my back.

Then we got under the covers and you played with my breast. You tell me
how wonderful it is that we fucked. You tell me how sexy I am. I confess to you
that I messed with the heater just to get you in bed with me. You said it was
okay because you realized that the problem was fixable and that sex was the
best punishment for breaking the heater…well maybe not. I tell you that you
took one look at my body and wanted to jump all over me. You confess that
that was part of the reason and you also say that you don't want this moment
to end.

I said back to you as I grabbed your penis, "It doesn't have to." We giggled,
pulling the blanket over us.

© 2008 Angel

Angel is a small town girl with big dreams. She currently goes to college in Philadelphia to
study Communication with concentrations in Narrative and Documentary Film. Writing
erotica and other stories are a hobby for her. One day she hopes to write a short story of
erotica, produce successful erotic and non-erotic films, and make documentaries on a
variety of subjects.

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