Cabin Paradise
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Cabin Paradise
by Gianni Shamari

"I cannot believe I let you talk me into coming out here." I told Keeley.

"You know you wanted to come out here." Keeley continued. " New York is fun, but it's always good to get out
once in a while. You need a change of scenery!"

Keeley Hazell was my gorgeous English girlfriend with a honey-colored complexion and long dark brown hair.
She had the nicest pair of tits and an ass that can make most women envious. Keeley was a glamour model
and widely traveled. She also had a voracious appetite for sex.

"I know I can use the time away from New York , but I rather spend it lying on a nice beach in Monte Carlo
eating some great food." I said.

"Samantha and Shawn won a week-long vacation for four at a cabin resort in Colorado from a contest and
invited us, and you know we couldn't say no." Keeley continued. "We are going to be up in the mountains in a
cabin and away from people! Come on, it'll be fun!"

"I hate the wintertime! I hate the subzero temperatures and the snow!" I admitted.

"You know I love the snow!" Keeley expressed. "I love the feel of it and how it decorates the city."

"I'm Mar'e, not Iceman." I replied.

It was very cold and the snow was falling down rapidly as Keeley and I were driving to the cabins, deep in the
woods of Denver , Colorado . The fog made it difficult to see the road ahead, but nothing was going to stop us
from getting to our destination. The hip-hop and R&B music blaring from Keeley's white-platinum Lincoln
Navigator helped entertain us during our journey!

As we made our way up the driveway to our destination, we felt so relieve. It was mission accomplished! We
could see the beautiful cherry-red log cabins. The majestic mountains in the background were spectacular!
Smoke was rolling elegantly out of the cabin's chimney, giving it a warm, homely appearance. Keeley was as
excited as we parked in front of our cabin. The soft luminous glow from the windows told us our friends were
already inside.

Keeley and I walked inside, and the cozy warmth of the cabin put us at ease. The aroma of the pinewood
burning steadily in the fireplace and the earth tones of the decor brought out the authenticity of this
experience. We shook the snow off, hung our Marmot coats up, and took off our Ugg boots. I could not wait to
get out of these clothes and relax. Shawn Bradley and Samantha Saint came out of the bedroom and
immediately embraced us with a warm hug.

Shawn Bradley was twenty-nine years old, six feet tall, and blessed with good looks. He strikingly resembled a
young Brad Pitt with his blonde hair and razor-sharp blue eyes. He was a stockbroker and loved the New York
nightlife. Samantha Saint was an attractive Caucasian woman with honey-blonde hair, oversize tits, and perfect
legs. She was twenty-four years old and a very popular pornographic actress.

"Y'all made it! Welcome to Colorado !" Shawn shouted. "I'm glad to see you, bro. How was the drive up here?"

"It was brutal, but we made it." I answered. " New York is in the building!"

"Yes, New York is taking over Colorado for a week!" Keeley replied.

"I'm so happy y'all here." Samantha said excitingly. "We're going to have so much fun here."

After we unpacked, Samantha and Shawn gave us a tour of the cabin. It had two bedrooms, a private outdoor
hot tub, fully equipped kitchen, and a wood burning fireplace. It also had an amazing view of the mountains, as
well as Cable TV and DVD and a picnic table with a BBQ grill and fire pit.

We joined them the living room for a little relaxation and some hot coco. We sat on a red plush rug in front of
the fireplace. Keeley rubbed my back, neck, and shoulders. She did a great job relaxing me. I enjoyed her
touching me and being close to me.

"So, how does it feel to be up here?" Shawn asked. "We're far from the hustle and bustle of New York City and
the infuriating crowd."

"Yes, we have all the seclusion and privacy we could want." Keeley replied. "That's what I've been trying to tell

"Yes, the entire trip." I said. "I like this cabin, but hate the snow."

"Well, you're stuck with us for a week, so get used to this snow." Shawn joked.

Instead of going out to eat because of the weather, Keeley decided to cook something special for us. While
waiting, Shawn and Samantha were playing Batman: Arkham City on PlayStation 3. I was not into video games,
but the graphics of the video game impressed me a lot. I went to check on Keeley in the kitchen. The P.F.
Chang's Firecracker Shrimp with Yakisoba Noodles and fried chicken she was preparing smelled great. Keeley
looked good standing there in her T-shirt and black leggings. I got behind her and licked her neck seductively.
Then I softly squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples, which excited her. Keeley moaned softly. I lowered
my hand and felt her wetness, which made her shake. She turned around with a smile on her face and kissed

"Stop, I don't want the food to burn!" Keeley said. "Dinner should be ready in ten minutes."

"I cannot wait." I replied.

Once we finished eating and drinking, we decided to play a game of dares. Shawn dared Keeley to show her
breasts. Keeley smiled, removed her shirt and bra, and exposed her tits. We cheered, and I could tell that both
Shawn and Samantha liked what they saw. Keeley loves it when people paid attention to her tits. Her boobs
were firm and round and her nipples stuck out invitingly.

"You have nice breasts." Samantha commented Keeley. "I like your large, erect nipples."

"Thank you, baby," Keeley replied. "I love showing them."

I dared Samantha to fake an orgasm, which she did so well that her moaning and screaming aroused me.
Keeley dared Shawn to strip down his boxers. Shawn stood up, and shed his clothes off. Keeley's eyes feasted
on every inch of Shawn's athletic physique. I do not think she expected Shawn to have a well-defined six-pack
abs and muscular shoulders. Shawn looked as if he did not have an ounce of fat on him. He also had an
erection, and from the size of his bulge, he made Keeley's mouth drop.

"Wow, I'm impressed Shawn! I did not think you were hiding all that. I know Samantha feels good to wake up
next to you every morning." Keeley teased him.

It was my turn and Samantha said with a giggle, "Mar'e, I dare you to show us your big black cock."

"I knew you were going to say that." I chuckled.

I stood up, unzipped my pants, and unleashed my dick. Samantha looked shocked at first how big my dick was.
She blushed, which made me laugh. Samantha slowly reached out and placed both hands on my dick, feeling
it, trying to take its measure.

"Oh, my God, Mar'e, you really are a monster." Samantha gushed.

"The better to satisfy Keeley, she loves to have sex eleven times a day." I chuckled jokingly.

Keeley smacked me on the ass and said, "Shut up."

"Let's have a party!" Samantha suggested. "Let's have some fun!"

Samantha turned on some rap music and we started dancing. We danced innocently at first, but it became
freaky and sexy. I danced with Keeley who I knew could swing her hips. I admired her shapely ass. I caught
Shawn running his hands up and down Samantha's ass, which was turning her on. She swung her head and
honey-blonde hair all around wildly.

After dancing to a few songs, the women wanted to get into the outdoor hot tub, and they began to strip out of
their clothes. It was a sight to see them climbed inside the hot tub and splashed the water. A hot tub with two
hot girls can make any man's day.

Keeley stood up naked and yelled out, "Come on in, the water's fine."

"Look at those tits!" Shawn hissed.

I laughed and said, "You're a funny dude. Come on; let's not keep the ladies waiting any longer."

I lowered myself into the warm, soothing water. This was the first time that I was in an outdoor hot tub while it
was snowing. I have to admit, it was spectacular! It was as if we were real-life action figures in a Christmas
water globe. We were sipping on Moët and Cristal and had hip-hop music blaring. Samantha and Keeley
decided to put on a show for Shawn and me as they started kissing, licking, and touching. Samantha grabbed
hold of Keeley's firm ass cheeks, and devoured her pussy in front of us. It was shocking to me that Samantha
was the aggressive one out of the two. Samantha sucked harder on Keeley's clit, drawing it between her moist
lips and working them over it in the deepest and most intense sort of kisses.

"Yeah, eat it, eat it, and eat it!" Shawn shouted.

Keeley legs began trembling and she screamed with release. It was so sexy! Keeley looked radiant and
satisfied. She and Samantha shared a hot French kiss. Then she walked to my direction with a big smile on her

"Do you feel nice and clean?" I asked her.

"Oh, very clean," Keeley sighed. "Now, I'm ready to clean you."

Keeley lowered herself and licked my balls, which sent me over the edge. Then she took my dick into her
mouth and started hungrily sucking on it, with her head moving up and down. I could not help but to move my
hand to Keeley's bobbing head. I ran my fingers through her moist head, then fondled her tits, and pinched her
nipples. I looked over and saw Samantha performing fellatio on Shawn. We gave each other a thumps up and
peace sign. We were definitely in paradise!

The four of us, horny and wet, continued our love session in the bedrooms. Keeley crawled on top of me like a
cat. Cowgirl is her favorite sexual position, and she started bouncing up and down, squeezing my dick with her
pussy muscles. The sight of Keeley's tits swinging with her movements and the sensation of her wet pussy
sliding up and down on my dick was incredible! She rode me quicker, and screamed that she was cumming.
Slowly, her hips stopped rocking and she closed her eyes as she climaxed.

Samantha was a howler when she became excited. We heard her say, "Oh, my God, I don't believe this! Are
you kidding me? Are you kidding me?!"

Listening to them had us laughing. We could not believe how hilarious they sounded as they fuck. It was almost
as though all four of us were in the same bedroom. Keeley and I did our best to outdo them. I made her scream
and moan with each stroke of my dick. My dick sank further and farther into her wet secret depths. When we
climaxed, we cried out like a couple of alto and tenor soul singers.

We spent the rest of the night in ecstasy, fondling, kissing, and licking. I gave Keeley the best cunnilingus ever,
which made her black out.

The next morning, Keeley awakened me. She told me to follow her to the bathroom. As we quietly walked in, we
saw Shawn and Samantha having sex in the shower. I could not believe they were getting it on this early. I
stood behind Keeley, wrapped my arms around her waist, and kissed her neck. Keeley was giggling as we
watched. Surprised, that they did not see us standing there. My hands strayed up to Keeley's soft breasts and I
felt her nipples harden through the fabric of her long T-shirt. I knew the action in the shower and I rubbing
Keeley's tits turned her on as she pushed her ass against my dick.

Keeley turned around and said, "That feels nice baby, but there will be enough time for that later. Let's have
breakfast and get ready for today."

It was early in the afternoon, and we decided to go skiing. I never skied before, but I was anxious to learn. As
soon as I hit the slopes, I began my lesson. I learned how to ski fast, and was able to handle the tasks my cute
Ebony instructor with the short pixie hairstyle assigned me. I never expected to have so much fun in the snow
with my friends. We embarrassed ourselves a few times and entertained all the skiers closed by. Most of them
stopped skiing and watched us fall on our asses. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Later that evening, after a nice pasta meal at a nice Italian restaurant, we went to a nightclub. The place was
dark, somewhat packed with young people, and energetic. The deejay was spinning classic hip-hop, R&B, and
reggae records. We found a table and ordered so many drinks. We must have had ten bottles sitting on our

After consuming so much alcohol, we hit the dance floor, where things instantly heated up. There was a
definite air of sexual tension. Keeley and me were talking dirty and dancing closely. Keeley turned me on with
her seductive dancing that I clutched her ass firmly. She squirmed and grinned up at me. We

kissed and our hands ran up and down each other's body. I looked over and saw Shawn and Samantha
kissing, and their hands were exploring each other's body. Samantha was massaging Shawn's cock through his
pants. Shawn slid his hand under Samantha's dress and found her pussy. As he fingered her pussy and
sucked her tits, Samantha let out soft moans in his ear.

Shawn and me lifted our women up by their buttocks and sat them on the table. We kneeled between their
open legs and pulled down their skirts. They had no panties on and their wet pussies glistened in the dimmed
lights. At the same time, we devoured their pussies with our tongues and mouths. Samantha and Keeley
reclined as they moaned and screamed in heat. Hence, they hit the bottles accidentally, making them crashed
down to the floor, but we did not give a fuck! People closed by stop dancing and started watching our
cunnilingus show. Once the girls climaxed in our mouths, the onlookers cheered, and applause us as if we won
a championship. It was crazy!

Over the next three hours, the four of us drank, danced, and joked. When we returned to the cabin, we fell
asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace. What a night!

After four days of nonstop partying and outdoor activities, Samantha and I were exhausted. We opted to stay in
the cabin whiled Keeley and Shawn hit the town to do some shopping. I was in the living room eating a sausage
pizza pie and watching New Jack City . Samantha came out the bathroom clad in Shawn's white Calvin Klein
modal tank and briefs. I felt myself getting aroused. Samantha looked at me, smiled, and sat next to me.

"Hey, what's up? Can I have some of that?" She asked.

"Sure, come on, baby girl." I answered.

For an half an hour, we sat in the living room eating pizza and watching the movie. Then we started flirting and
touching. It was clear we wanted to fuck before our vacation ended. After we French-kissed, Samantha
stripped down and grabbed my hand. We retired to the bedroom. Samantha lay down on the bed and spread
her luscious thighs to expose her moist shaved pussy.

I stared at Samantha's pussy and said, "Very nice, and it looks delicious!"

"I am delicious, hon!" She replied, as she licked her lips.

I got between her thighs and licked every ounce of wetness that she was dripping for me. As I sucked, fingered,
and nibbled on her pussy, Samantha wrapped her legs around my head and scream. Then I climbed on top of
her and started pounding her pussy hard.

"Your wet pussy feels so good!" I told her.

"Oh, my God, you are tearing my pussy up! It feels like you have the whole thing inside me!" Samantha

"I have 11 inches inside of you, baby girl!" I sighed.

"I love how big you are! Push harder, Mar'e! I want more!"

"You got it, baby girl!"

"Yes, that's what I want! You're stretching my fucking womb!" Samantha shrieked. "I love your big cock!"

I pierced her pussy faster and harder. The feeling of my shaved balls slapping against Samantha's pussy lips
was unbelievable. Once Samantha had one intense orgasm, I finally released. Warm golden cum spurted from
my dick for a lengthy, satisfying time. Samantha smiled, and rubbed it all over her body.

We were surprise to see Shawn and Jennifer standing there smiling. They stripped out of their clothes and we
began a four-way fuckfest. Samantha and I continued where we left off, and Shawn was fucking Keeley.
Sucking sounds, passionate moaning, and grunting filled the room. We fucked in every conceivable matter until
we climaxed at the same time. We lay there in happy amazement over what had just happened. Our friendship
just became more exciting and interesting.

Our last night in Colorado, we spent it hanging out in front of the cabin, drinking hot coco, and enjoying the
view of the stars and the snow covered mountains. The cold air felt so pleasurable on my face. I could not
believe how fast the week flew. After talking about all the crazy things we did in the cabin, and taking one last
picture, we raised our mugs and shouted, "What happens in the cabin stays in the cabin."

Copyright© 2013 Gianni Shamari

I was born and raised in New York City . I am a freelance writer. I always had a passion for writing since
Elementary School. I enjoy expressing myself freely on paper and sharing my ideas with the world. Writing is
just a big part of my life. Most of my erotic fiction can be found on my blog One day I hope to get a book of my erotic stories

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